I’ve been learning to smoke! Part 2 – The RevSo late last night my hubby sent me a quick text from the airport to let me know he’d landed and would be home in about 45 mins, I sent one back to say I couldn’t wait to see him, I’d really missed him. Then a few minutes later I sent “To be completely honest, it’s your cock I’ve missed most, I hope you’re not tired because I’m gonna need to feel it in all my holes tonight!” Followed by “I’ll be upstairs waiting, be naked and ready for some fun when you come up”I got a quick thumbs up text back so I went up and got ready, chose some dark makeup to accentuate the roll I planned to play, got naked and laid down to wait. After watching TV for awhile and mindlessly playing with myself, I got a text saying he was about 5 mins away, so I turned off the television and got in position. I slid a dildo into my pussy and lit a cigarette, fucking myself for a few minutes until a small orgasm hit, intensified by the smoking. Just as I came down from it, I heard the door open downstairs so I quickly grabbed a couple squirts of breath spray (I didn’t want him to catch on just yet), lit a fresh cigarette, laid back with my legs spread wide open and tuzla escort slid my fingers into my sopping wet pussy while I held my other hand up and out to the side.He came up the stairs after just a minute, I heard him ask “Why does it smell like smoke?” just before he walked in to find me. He said “OH!” and I saw his eyes light up, his cock instantly went from semi to rock hard! He climbed up over me, telling me how fucking hot it is that I lit it and to stay just like that, then he dived into my pussy, lapping up all my juices, his tongue buried in me but his eyes always looking up at me. I held the cigarette closer to my face while he licked me out, I know it was driving him crazy, and then as he watched me cum I held it almost to my lips!Finally he moved up over me, sliding lithely in between my legs. I reached over and tapped off the ashes into the ashtray next to us. He ravaged me for a time, my neck, my tits, my nipples, before moving up to look deep into my eyes and kiss me. As he kissed me passionately, I reached down and grasped his insanely hard and hot cock, gently stroking it. We finally broke away from each other, I loved the hungry look in his eyes, I know it was tuzla escort bayan part that the fetish had him going but also that we hadn’t had sex in almost a week. Sure, we’d both fucked others while apart, but it’s always like this with us, always so amazing. Anyway, I released his cock and he sat up, holding my legs out around his waist. I said to him “I need you to fuck me, I need your cock in my pussy so badly, I need you to pound me like the huge slut I am!” and just as he was about to shove his cock into me, I put my hand on his chest to stop him, “Wait, just for a moment, I need to do something first.”He’d let go of his cock, I think that he thought I needed to get up but I held him there with my legs. I tapped the ashes off again and I watched his eyes get wider and the look of surprise and lust on his face as I moved the partly burned down cigarette to my lips and took a deep drag. He was silent for a couple seconds until I blew the smoke back out, I heard a very quiet “Oh my god” and then his eyes closed and,,, he came! Just like that, completely no hands, I caught at least 3 or 4 strong shots of cum up across my belly and a couple of them even reached my tits! escort tuzla We were both stunned for a bit and then big smiles formed and we laughed.I said “Holy shit! If I knew I could do that for you, I might have tried this long ago!” and we laughed again. I put the cigarette out in the ashtray. He lowered himself down over me and kissed me. He said “You’re amazing, I love you so much.” That’s when I felt the head of his cock push up against my clit! I had a big smile on my face and said “No, you’re amazing!” as he slid his still hard cock deeply into me, I got lost in the euphoric feelings of my pussy being filled for a couple minutes.I reached over and pulled a new cigarette out of the pack and he watched as I lit it, taking a drag, almost expecting him to fill my pussy with another load. But he just started pumping into me again as I smoked for him. We fucked for a couple hours, in various positions, various holes, I even gave him the famous ‘smokey blowjob’ towards the end! His favorite was easily with me on top, riding him, smoking while my body bounced above him. I went through more than half a pack, I came so often I lost track of them, he came twice more before we were done.Suffice to say, we have a new fetish to enjoy. Not often, we wouldn’t want it to get old and it’s not the healthiest habit to have either, luckily I never seem to have an urge for them otherwise. I love my life!



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