Bouncing Tits

It’s wrong to fuck your brother.It had all paid off. The seemingly endless hours of swimming laps and months of eating like a rabbit. As much as Megan hated running two miles every morning before week and every evening it was worth looking like she did at eighteen again. The sweat and tears were worth the narrow waist and slim stomach she had. She’d worked hard all spring and now if she flexed you could see the faintest outline of her abs. The last few pounds hadn’t quite fallen off her ass but most guys seemed to like her with a little jiggle so she didn’t mind that. The only part that was at all upsetting was that she’d lost a cup size but she was still sporting an impressive rack for her rather petite figure.”Does it look good?” Megan spun around slowly. She’d worked to fit into the red metallic bikini. The thong had vanished between the pert half moons of her rump and the tiny triangle front covered just enough to be legal. The top was more displaying her breasts than concealing them.”It’s incredible.” Amy answered with more than a hint of jealousy. She’d never had the body to wear something quite that revealing but Meagan really was stunning. “I’m gonna go change. I’ll pick you up in an hour?””Uh huh.” She murmured. She was barely aware of what her friend. She was more interested in staring at her own reflection. Megan’s entire life she’d never been that girl. The one that everybody wanted and today when she looked in the mirror she was. She knew that for once in her life she was that girl. “God look at me.” Megan twisted so she could catch the reflection of her ass in the mirror then bounced it just a bit. A wistful smile crossed Amy’s face as she walked out of the room. “One hour. Be ready. You know, with the food and the food and drinks?” The same half answer came out of Megan. It was almost fifteen minutes before she came bounding down the stairs in a pair of platform sandals. They weren’t exactly practical but they made aydın escort her already lithe legs look even longer than they were. Her parents were both out of town on vacation but her brother was sitting on the couch when she strode by. “Wow.” Brandon murmured turning slightly from his game of Modern Warfare.Just that single word sent a chill along the length of her spine that froze her place. “You like what you see?” Megan purred as pushed her hips and thrust out her chest. “Are you checking out your sister?” “I’m not even going to answer that.” The words didn’t quite match his actions though. Brandon normally was the kind of person to look at you when he was talking but his attention was fixed on the game struggling not to look. “Just have a good day at the beach.””No really I want to know.” Megan felt the same chill shoot up her spine as she stepped between him and the screen. “Do you like my bikini?” Never in her life had she thought about her brother as anything other than a brother but feeling his eyes on her was electric. It was more than just the taboo of him being her big brother. It was knowing that someone who’d seen her for years and never had a single thought of her was lusting after her.”No.” Megan grinned slightly at her brother’s denial. She could hear the arousal in his voice. Just for fun she bent at the waste and tossed her hair dramatically over her shoulder. “You don’t like my new bikini?” Her grin grew to Cheshire like proportions as she spread her legs just slightly.”Brandon quickly sat his controller down and turned away. “It’s ok.” He stood halfway up then quickly sat back down and retrieved his controller. “Get outta the way. I’m almost to the end of the level and I can’t see through you s*s.”Sticking her lower lip out in a mock pout Megan stepped to the side then sat down just to the right of the screen and splayed her legs wide. “You really don’t like my swim suit?” When she balıkesir escort spread her legs the small patch of fabric slipped between her swollen pussy lips. “If you really don’t like it why are you hard?” Brandon shifted his legs slightly. “Too late to hide it brother. I can see it in your pants. All nice and hard for your s*s.” Megan moved to her knees and crawled closer.Her brother was too shocked to move or speak at that point. Brandon was completely silent as she crawled forward like a great cat with her breasts swaying beneath her. Each movement arched her back and pushed her full heart shaped rump into the air. “Why won’t you tell me you like my bikini?” She was up against him now forcing his legs apart and resting her head on his thigh. “I can see how hard I’ve got you. Why not say it?” “Because it’s wrong.” He whispered so softly even he could hardly hear it. He could have stopped her. It would have been easy to overpower his maybe hundred pound sister when she nuzzled up against his cock but it felt good. It would have been easy for him to stop her from unfastening his pants but he didn’t do that either and when she wrapped her slender digits around his girth the only thing he did was groan.Megan placed her lips at head of his cock lightly kissing the underside. “That’s right Brandon. It’s wrong.” She bit down on her lower lip. “Tell me to stop if you think it’s wrong.” She kissed the base of his cock. Her tongue slithered from between her lips and she traced the length of his cock. “It’s wrong to let your baby sister suck your cock. Tell me to stop.” She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock twisting her tongue around it.”Oh god.” Brandon whimpered. He grabbed her shoulders but he didn’t push her away. Instead he just gripped his baby sister and watched her slip his cock into her mouth. “You can’t. You can’t.” His fingers dug lightly into her flesh but he escort bayan didn’t stop her. “Megan. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s wrong!” He was chanting the words while his baby sister noisily slurped on his cock. Spittle oozed out of her mouth soaking Brandon’s sack in her saliva. Each time she went down just a bit further.Brandon’s cock slipped free of his sister’s mouth with an audible pop. Slicked with spittle her hand glided up and down his cock squeezing down tight around the head. “It’s wrong.” Megan purred rising up to stare into his eyes. “Do you want me to stop big brother? Do you want me to stop or do you want to cum?” She kissed his chin then down over his jaw line. “I want you to cum. I want you to cum in my ass and do you know why I want this Brandon?” Megan captured his earlobe between her teeth. “Because it’s wrong.” There was no objection when she pulled pushed the string covering her puckered asshole aside with his cock and started to sit down. It took her a moment to get his cock head to slip past that tight ring of muscle. “Do you feel that Brandon? Do you feel your big, fat cock stretching out my tiny little asshole? Doesn’t it feel great to do something so wrong?” Megan grit her teeth as his dick went deeper into her ass. She kept pushing until his entire cock was buried to the root in her ass. Gripping his shoulders Megan slowly started building a rhythm. “I love how wrong this feels. I’m gonna cum.” Megan whispered in his ear. She sat all the way down on his cock ground her hips against him swiveling back and forth. “I can feel it pulsing. Is your baby sister gonna make you cum in her ass? Cum. Cum. Cum.” Each time she said it a little louder and squeezed down with her muscles. Gripping her hips Brandon pumped his cock in and out of Megan for a few more thrusts before he threw his head back. “God this is so fucking wrong. I’m cumming in my sister’s asshole.” His entire body shuddered as with each spasm. Every pulse spurted a more cum into his sister’s rectum until it started to ooze out around his cock. Finally his body went slack beneath her. “I can’t believe we did that.”Megan scooped her older brother’s face into a passionate kiss. “Say it one more time brother.””It’s wrong.”



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