The summer before my freshman year in college I was looking for something in my older brother’s room when discovered his stash of dirty girlie magazines and erotica. Some of the erotica were books and the ones that piqued my curiousity were about being submissive. As he was away for the summer, I took the three paperbacks into my room and started reading. I was spellbound by the text and found myself masturbating as I read. I had no idea about these things, or that this stuff even existed.I was really turned on as I read. I read all three books virtually non-stop. When I was done, I re-read them over and over again and continued to get the same emotional reaction.

At this time I was still a virgin, but thinking about having sex that summer, so I would not be a virgin when I got to college. I was a little heavy but not fat,with medium to large breasts and a cute face. In the social pecking order I was not the cheer leader “A” type, but I think the next level down. My boyfriend, if you could call him that, was still a junior and not very aggressive which is why I was still a virgin. Anyway, my need to do something about my virginity seemed to be getting stronger as I read and re-read those books. It was many years later, when I finally realized why losing my virginity then was difficult. I was scared and I needed someone to take control. That is where the story begins.

My girlfriend and I when out one night and we went to an ice cream shop, “Gruenings on the Hill”, which was a popular hangout in a nearby town. It was there that we heard about a party at someones house nearby whose parents were out of town. Of course we went, and when we got there there must have been street blowjobs porno 50 kids. It was a huge house on large grounds. Our town wasn’t upscale but this one was. I had never been in a house this size. It was huge! We went in and soon we started mingling.

A guy walked up with 2 beers, so I asked him: : can I have one?”

He responsed: “sure but you owe me.”

We started talking and drinking and each time I finished he got me another beer and told me to say “I owe you.” I did.

We wandered upstairs to explore the house and by this time I was a little buzzed. We wound up in an upstairs den which had a bumper pool table. I asked him if he played? We had one in our house and I was pretty good.

He said: “yeah.”

I said: ” I challenge you.”

He agreed but added: “I wanted to play for something.”

I said: “if I won my “IOU’s” for the beer were paid.”

Then he jumped in and said: “if he won I had to take off my blouse and bra and show him my breasts.” I was surprised, excited a little tipsy and so sure of my self, that I agreed.

Well you know the rest, I lost. I started to try to weasel out, by arguing that we never agreed. I was nervous, scared but strangely all atingle.

He told me: ” stay here a minute I’m going for more beer but that when I get back I want your blouse and bra off or else I’ll punish you for “welshing” on the bet.”

He was back shortly with 2 more beers and I still had on my clothes. He didn’t say anything when he handed me the beer. We chugged them and them he grabbed my hand and yanked me into a bedroom and closed the door.

He grabbed student sex parties porno me and said: “get the blouse and bra off for the last time or prepare for a spanking.”

I didn’t move. He quickly turned me over his lap and started swatting me on my butt through my shorts. It stung and then he pulled my shorts down to my knees and started on my panty covered ass. It hurt even more.

I started to cry and he stopped – only to ask: “Do you want to pay your debts?”

I didn’t answer and that only made him swat me harder.

I finally said: “stop, I’ll pay.” He did not let me up.

He made me take off the blouse and bra while on his lap with my shorts around my knees. I was embarassed, yet wildly excited.

After I took them off, he said: “stand up.”

I started to pull up my shorts and he said sternly: “no, just take them off and let me look at you.”

His voice was strong and commanding. I did what I was told without thinking about arguing. There was only low light in the room and the music from downstairs was noticeable. He took me in his arms and started dancing. He was playing with my ass and tits and I was tingling all over with my nerve endings on high power with goose bumps everywhere.

When the song stopped he said: “take off my jeans.”

His was the first hard-on I ever saw -I had only felt my boyfriends’ before. We fell on the bed and he pushed my head down to his penis. I didn’t know what to do so I lifted my head up and started toward his lips. He pushed the top of my head down again and held my head in place so my face was next to his penis. I kissed it – since submissive cuckolds porno I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.

He said roughly: “take it in your mouth and suck.”

I started to complain. He grabbed a nipple and twisted – when I cried out his penis entered my mouth. He let go of the nipple and grabbed both ears and forced my head up and down. The next thing I knew he was exploding in my mouth – I gagged and choked but he never stopped pushing my head down on him.

He said: “swallow.” I was shocked but I did as I was told.

I lay there as he rubbed his hands over my neck, breasts, belly and tickled me all over even near my vagina. This went on for a long time, I was so turned.

I finally said: “stop teasing me and put it in.”

He laughed and said: “you need to ask nicely, perhaps even beg.”

With that, I took off my panties and asked him sweetly: “please, put it in.”

He said: “beg.” I did.

It hurt a little but for only a short while and then it really felt good. But he stopped.

I asked: “why?”

He said: “get on all fours – I want to fuck you doggie style.”

I had no idea what he meant but I did. He entered me that way and I felt really trashy – but excitingly so. He slapped my ass hard as he fucked me and I started to feel the coil inside me get tighter and tighter as I got closer and closer to having an orgasm.

I started grunting: “do it harder.

Just as I started to go off and climax he grabbed my nipples, squeezed as hard as he could and fell upon me. The stinging cheeks of my ass, the nipple pain, the weight on top of me and the orgasm collectively were unbelievable.We slowly got dressed. We went out every night the rest of the summer and I realized that whatever he told me to do I did and it was fabulous. I have learned over the past many years, that sex with no pain and no one controlling me is like “white rice” – boring and unsatisfying. The college experiences are even better. (to be continued)



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