Hazel was woken by her husband rolling over and pulling most of the bedclothes off of the bed. As she rearranged the covers she looked at his sleeping form. As usual he was naked, fingers of one hand entwined in the dark curly hair she had once found so attractive and the fat penis she had once thought of as hers alone lying on his overweight belly and thickened with a partial morning erection. On a moments whim she curled her pale fingers around the thick tube and squeezed gently. This was against her better judgement now but she wished she could reset time itself. Once they had been a happy couple and she had worshipped John. As his penis wilted in her fingers she reflected sadly on their equally wilting marriage and wondered, not for the first time, who else had been handling this thick organ.

Their problems had grown since John had become the main security man at the nearby airfield. As his inflated self importance had blossomed so his care for those around him had diminished until she had passed through her initial amusement to an active dislike of the man whose life she shared and who was the father of her two teenagers. She knew that he used his “senior management position” to exploit people including any women at the airfield who caught his eye, but it was the way he despised those he considered to be below him that she had come to hate, especially since it included her.

As her sadness turned to a flash of anger Hazel got out of bed and went downstairs to make some tea. As she left the slumbering form of ‘Mr Airport Security’ her face darkened as she thought of the coming denouement. It was still early on this summer Sunday and John and their two sullen teens would be sleeping off last nights drink for some time. Her glance at the kitchen clock told her that the milkman would be on his way and a comforting surge of happiness suddenly banished her negative feelings. She prepared two mugs and poured the boiling water into the teapot. There was just enough time for a shower before the milkman made his delivery and a small enigmatic smile crossed her face at the thought.

Hazel stripped her nightie off over her head and padded naked into the utility room where she threw a heap of dirty clothing into the washing machine before passing on into the small shower. She did not look at the full length mirror because she disliked both her pale white skin and almost white blond hair nearly as much as the rest of her near forty year old body. She didn’t really care anymore that John called her a “fat cow” because she had the intelligence to know that she was only slightly overweight and fleshy, but she did remember her svelte younger figure wistfully and hated it when he demeaningly refered to her as “Miss Piggy”. It was sadly true that she did tend to resemble the TV puppet with her long blond hair, rounded cheeks and curvy femininity, but she also possessed some of the same earthy sensuality. She knotted her long pale hair in a towel and quickly showered. There was not time to dry herself properly so she wrapped a large bath towel around her curves and tucked it securely over her full breasts. The washing machine was starting to shake and whine. Hazel collected up all the towels she could find and quickly folded them into a thick pad on top of the vibrating machine. In the basket of clean washing nearby she found a pair of her blue nylon panties and quickly slid them up her legs under the white bath towel that hid her moist nakedness.

With only moments to spare she poured the tea into the mugs and settled herself at the kitchen table as the milkmans smiling face appeared through the window looking for his favourite housewife. Hazel waved an invitation to enter and he opened the back door and looked through enquiringly. His nice eyes met hers and she motioned towards the mugs of steaming tea. They started their usual humorous banter laced with double entendre as he asked her if she needed any extra milk delivered and she laughingly replied that she needed a really big delivery today. Only their locked eyes betrayed the joke and hinted at a deeper reality.

The conversation lapsed as they looked into each others eyes over the rims of the steaming mugs. Hazel had known the milkman for years but recent events had brought them closer together. She had always liked his friendly charm as he delivered the milk in all weathers and she had grown to view him as a friend who needed a hot drink and a chat to ease his early morning round. They were smiling at each other now as their eyes did the talking. She loved to watch his strong hands gripping the white china and Just as much she enjoyed his nice face with it’s twinkling brown eyes and the tousled dark hair. That face was happy now but a few months ago he had sat at this table with a devastated countenance twisted with hurt, anguish and grief. He had blurted out that his marriage was over because his wife had become pregnant by another man who was someone at the local taboo heat porno airfield. The man had taken advantage of her but she had not kept him at bay or stopped him, so in he considered she was as much to blame. His world had been destroyed and he shared with Hazel his fears that he had not been attractive or sexy enough to keep his wife satisfied and thus was partly to blame for the disaster that had overtaken them as a couple.

Hazel had walked around the table and cradled his tear streaked face against her body. She had spent her entire working life in nursing, first as a midwife and then, when John objected to her sudden call outs for births, as the local health visitor. She had always had a deep need to ease pain and hurt and her gentle questioning had drawn the full truth from her unhappy milkman. A security man in some position of authority at the airfield had taken advantage of the pretty wife and had her in one of the offices on the promise of a better job in the canteen. She had seen no need to wear her diaphragm to what she thought was a job interview and had found herself bent over a desk with her panties round her knees, and enemy swimmers in her married womb before she could gather her wits. She told her husband that it had been humiliating and painful and not in the least pleasurable, but he had wanted to know if she would have put her diaphargm in if she had had a forewarning of sex in return for a job. He had been devastated and his masculinity destroyed. He had felt that he would never be able to function with a woman again.

The milkman had almost fallen apart after his wifes infidelity. Only his daily delivery round had kept him alive. Hazel had visited him daily, made him shower and change his clothes while she prepared food. Her heart had gone out to him when she had realised her husbands part in the disaster. On a sudden impulse she had stripped and slid into the shower with him. She had cupped his genitals in her hands and reassured him with her kindness. As they held each other she realised that she lost her feeling of unattractiveness when she was naked in front of her husbands victim. Their daily showers became a shared pleasure. Slowly, day by day she made her discovery; the milkman was the most wonderful virile lover.

Hazel fleetingly remembered everything that had happened and setting down her mug asked the milkman if their Wednesday meeting was still arranged,….she would drive to his farm cottage to coincide with the end of his milk round and park her small car in the old barn…. With these details sorted out she stood up from the table and whispering that the family were still asleep upstairs and their time together limited, took his hand in hers. Pulling the milkman gently behind her she walked into the utility room and shut the door. The washing machine was still gyrating at speed as Hazel hopped up onto the thick pad of towels that she had placed on top for this very purpose and rolling back, spread her pale shapely legs. Because time was short there was no room for her natural shyness. She pulled apart her towel so that Bob could have full view of the bright blue panties and pulled her knees right back to her breasts stretching the thin blue nylon crotch tightly across her vulva.

She felt a sudden wantonness as she pushed aside her modesty and arched her back in delicious pleasure as the milkman’s hot mouth settled on her covered sex. She knew that he liked to do this almost as much as she liked to receive it and forced her fist into her mouth as he gently bit her covered labia and licked hotly over her stiffening hidden clitoris. His hands caressed up her smooth splayed thighs as his fingers traced her taught muscles. He turned his face and kissed the tender soles of her waving feet and then returned his talented mouth to her veiled sex nudging his nose between the pantie clad labia, gently biting her thickening clitoris and tonguing the firm tip beneath the nylon.

A ball of excitement started to build in her pelvis as voluptuous pleasure loosened her limbs and tightened her senses. Her feelings of being unattractive and overweight were being washed away as the milkman paid homage to her femininity with his lovely caresses. His fingers teased the elastic and rubbed tenderly along the damp crotch of her panties. Under the nylon gusset her engorged vulva felt moistly hot and open, the clitoris standing out under it’s hood as if trying to reach the milkman’s busy tongue. She longed for his touch on her naked womanhood but knew that he would play with her until he was ready. The tips of his strong fingers eased under the sheer fabric to stroke the hairy sides of her swollen outer lips as he started to whisper his sweet endearments, telling her how beautiful her body was and how much it excited him. Her arousal surged with his sensual attention, her married womanhood flowering under his sweet touch. She knew he was admiring her blond pubic teach that bitch porno hair as it peeked from under the blue crotch. As her need reached desperation she jerked the soaked gusset aside with her fingers and presented her bared and excited sex to her lover.

Her swollen clitoris stood out thickly between her engorged labia, the fine blond hair fanning out away from the coral pink petals and sticking moistly to her pale groins. As the soft tip of the milkmans tongue flicked over her excited stalk Hazel arched her back in ecstasy. When his soft wet lips pushed back the hood of her excited clitoris and drew It inside his hot mouth her orgasm roared through her body like a smouldering fire caught by a sudden breeze. She hoped she had not screamed out in her paroxysm but was unsure and did’nt care. If ‘Mr Bloody Airport Security’ came rushing in now he would see what real lovemaking was about as she writhed and shook on the top of the gyrating washing machine.

When her senses started to return she found her blue panties were scrunched lewdly around her left knee and the milkman was arranging her legs over his strong arms ready for their coupling. She raised her head and saw that his blue overalls were already unzipped, the fat purple head of his erect penis swaying between her spread thighs. The hood was already half back in readiness to take her and her womb gave an involuntarily clench in anticipation. He cupped her full buttocks in his strong hands and positioned her up onto his stiff manhood. With whispered endearments he sheathed himself smoothly up inside her in one long wonderful thrust, the big head pressing against her married cervix as her vulva stretched gloriously around his rigid thickness. As the milkman began to work her with his lovely shaft she felt freed from her low esteem, from her unattractiveness. This was her rightful place; in the arms of a good man who loved her and could make her feel whole. With the milkmans hips churning against hers and his hands smoothly gliding along her aroused body Hazel could feel more orgasms building in her loins and knew that she would easily lose herself to his expert loving. This was a world away from the crude and pathetic lust of ‘Mr Airport Security’ and she caught herself half wishing he would suddenly burst in and see her in full sexual abandon under another man’s virile and loving caresses.

The milkman was already bent right over her splayed body, his appreciative mouth plucking and lapping her fat nipples in time with his powerful slapping thrusts against her buttocks. Reluctantly Hazel released her clutching thighs from around his waist and wriggled her hand between their bodies until her fingers could encircle the thick hard base of his plunging penis. If she did not act quickly she would be lost to the passionate thrusts and there was neither the time nor privacy to reach their usual abandonments. With each thrust she worked the hard shaft back out of her engorged vulva until the fat head sprang up between her splayed thighs and slapped wetly on her belly. With whispered reassurances that she adored his splendid loving and that she would make it up to him fully on Wednesday, she pulled herself upright and crouched over his hard erection.

Hazel curled her slim fingers around the engorged thickness and admired the big purple head glistening with their combined secretions. She loved to hold and admire his wonderful manhood like this. Her fingers explored the soft sheath of his foreskin as she worked it gently up and down over his big plumb like glans making him catch his breath and moan into her hair. She found it amazing that men could be so differently equipped one to another. As a teenager she had been fascinated by the variations between her boyfriends but few had allowed her to fully explore her interest. Mostly her youthful handling had quickly resulted in their inevitable over excitement and embarrassment or hasty mounting and full sex. Even marriage had not provided the means to fully indulge her interest because ‘Mr Airport Security’ only did one kind of sex, namely his kind; a quick penetration, rough crude thrusting and grunting ejaculation followed by equally fast loss of interest and sleep. The milkman allowed her to indulge her fascination to the full and enjoyed her delight as she pleasured and worshipped his manhood. He had shown her exactly how to caress it with her small fingers and lovingly tease under the bared head to make him finally shoot his semen, a shared pleasure that they privately joked about as “milking the milkman”.

Hazel started a gentle rhythm as she worked the foreskin up and down the straining shaft,…right down until the skin was stretched down the thick shaft and then back up over the broad rim of the big glans until it momentarily vanished back into her little fist. She felt her excitement rising again as she admired her handiwork. The milkman had a superb penis team skeet porno that was rigid with his arousal and pleasure, the thick veins standing out on the hard shaft which curved up against his belly and throbbed in her fingers at the end of each stroke. The sight of the fat head flaring with pleasure and becoming deep purple made her insides clutch and her vulva throb with the memory of it up inside her body. She felt empowered and loved by her man and her feelings of unattractiveness always dropped away when she had him hard and straining in her hands.

She could feel his body tensing now with his increasing arousal. His breathing was beginning to become uneven and he was arched over her with his arm holding her tightly to him his face deep in her hair as he began to moan softly with his rising pleasure. He wrapped his large hand around her small pale fist and used her hand to stimulate himself faster. Hazel watched the tiny slit for more of his slick secretion and was soon rewarded by dewdrops of clear nectar which built suddenly into a stream for her small fingers to spread around his aroused glans. She brought her other hand up and coaxed his foreskin right back so that their combined fingers were stroking the lovely bared head now slick with the plentiful precome.

On each upstroke Hazel let her small fingers flutter over the purple rim and the thin stretched cord of his hood. They both enjoyed this little ceremony and the milkman began to snort like a stallion as his hips started to buck and thrust. Hazel loved to be up close to this display of aroused masculinity and felt her own excitement rising as the big penis lanced in and out of their hands. Her fingers played with the straining velvet glans as she began to milk his seed. This was how a man functioned when he made a child inside a woman. Being a midwife Hazel knew all the theories from the female angle but to watch the male orgasm and see the semen shooting uncontrollably was a delightful mystery to be savoured and explored. The milkman suddenly grunted loudly and Hazel felt his straining penis buck and flex in her fingers. The first streak of semen splashed suddenly hot between her naked breasts. Another hit under her chin and a third spattered her cheek. She felt the heat of more seed on her belly and thighs causing a small orgasm to flutter inside her and then the lovely storm was over. Hurriedly they recovered from their lovemaking and agreed once more to meet on Wednesday then Hazel helped the milkman to zip up his overalls and ushered him back out to finish his milk rounds. She looked down at the semen streaks still wet on her skin and considered another shower but something made her simply pick up her nightie from the floor and slip it back on to cover the evidence.

Hazel made some tea and carried a mug up the stairs. Her thin nightie stuck to the wet semen on her breasts and belly. Her vulva felt hot and began to smart slightly around her vaginal opening where the milkman’s thick penis had stretched her. She reflected that after their Wednesday meeting she would not be able to sit down comfortably for a couple of days but she still looked forward to their energetic lovemaking. She would drive her small car up behind the farm yard and hide it in the old barn. Then, she would make her way to the milkman’s cottage and let herself in. He would already be waiting for her, probably in the large old bath under foamy bath salts with that lovely smile on his face. She would strip off her mid-wife uniform along with her cares and slide beneath the bubbles to join him. There would be a pot of tea waiting on a tray by the bath and they would look into each others eyes and laugh together at nothing, just happy to be holding each other and to feel their love. Then, when they had washed each other and splashed and played like kids they would get out of the bath and the lovemaking would begin. The laughing and fooling around would stop and they would appraise each others bodies hotly as they dried themselves. She would lie naked on the cool sheets and draw up and spread her legs exposing herself wantonly to her lover and he would settle between her thighs his tongue flickering over her parting labia……..

Hazel strode into the bedroom and set the mug of tea down loudly on the bedside cabinet. John woke with a start and blinked at the sunlight beginning to shine into the room behind Hazel as his hangover tortured his brain. For a brief moment he thought he could smell semen but that was impossible because he had not had sex with Hazel in some time preferring various younger women at the airfield. As he reached out for the tea mug he felt that he had heard voices in his sleep and demanded to know who Hazel had been talking to but she told him that she had spoken to nobody other than the milkman just a few moments ago. John formed a hungover image of the stupid village yokel who delivered the milk but it passed quickly from his brain as he layed his aching head back on the pillow. As sleep overtook him once more he vaguely remembered that he had screwed to milk yokels little wife when she wanted a better job at the airfield and it did’nt surprise him that she had wanted a real man for a change. He had certainly shown her how a real man treated a woman.



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