I had been dreading this night since receiving the invitation in the mail. We had split up over a year ago now and I was still struggling with the split, confusion, anger and now jealousy filled me; but still a deep love prevailed and wanting for your smile and touch once more. Through degrees of separation we had a similar friend circle and nights like tonight had to happen eventually.

I arrived a little after 8pm and the party was just starting to warm up, people mingling about and catching up. Most are couples with kids so having a night away is a luxury. I look about and see you have not arrived yet, breathing a sigh of relief I grab a drink from my esky and head off.

Tania is the hostess with the mostest and grabs me in a big hug “Mick so glad you could make it” she squeals in my ear as my lungs are compressed.

“No problems Tan would not have missed your birthday,” I look at her but she senses my distraction.

Looking over her shoulder I see you walking in with your new man. I want the earth to swallow me up but I need to be brave. You look over like your scanning the crowd; noticing me you smile and I melt.

“Fuck,” I think to myself, “she is gorgeous.”

He is beaming and well why not.

I cannot begrudge him that I was too once. I slip off and meet up with some friends I have not seen for a long time. I glance over occasionally but try to be cool.

The night is going well so far and I start to relax, anxiety levels drop and whilst I do not forget about you being there, I can’t do that, but I relax somewhat.

After a couple of beers I make my way inside to find the toilet. Walking through the kitchen I am startled by a grab on the arm. Spinning around I am met with a soft smile, lips seemingly curled nervously.

“Hey you, hiding from me are you,” You olgun porno smile at me knowing my feelings and thoughts, there is no malice in your tone.

My fears leave at once to your touch, “No I was just catching up with people and ah umm,” I stumble, “yes I was.”

You look up at me about to say something cutting you off “Look I’m busting for the loo, still be here when I get back?” I ask.

Nodding I slip off and find the loo with no queue. Locking the door I almost feint with excitement. “Pull yourself together idiot”

Finishing off I wash my hands and head back to the kitchen. Your still there talking with Tania, I step back and watch you for a minute. That smile is something that I will never tire of the way you light the room. For a second my shoulders drop as I remember how you used to light up my life. You look up and see me smiling, your eyes welcoming, I smile back and walk over.

The three of us sit back and talk as the party rages outside. Tania then grabs us into the front room “come on let’s get some space and have a decent wine.”

The front room is large with a massive ‘L’ shaped module lounge. Settling back Tania grabs a bottle of red and we get stuck in. All the while I am thinking where is the new man? If it was me sure give space but letting her alone and not even checking up! Oh well that’s her choice and I am here with her so lucky me.

With one bottle down and relaxing us all I get up to head outside for some fresh air and get some nibbles. Grabbing my leg you tell me not to be long. “Shit,” I think that look again, I melt there and then.

Outside I look about for her man, seeing him over the other side with a bunch on blokes. As I grab a bowl of chips and dip I move closer to listen in. All I can hear is suspension, engines and car talk. outdoor sex “Ugh,” I think a car nut.

Walking back inside I see the two of you cosy on the couch giggly like slightly tipsy women.

“Hooray you hunted and gathered our big brave hunter,” you excitedly call out reaching across to grab a couple of chips. The skin on your arms touches mine and electric shocks course through my body. You look up and smile and then kiss my very quickly, not on the cheek but on the lips.

My body does not react, more shock that you would do that and in front of Tania as well. But inside there is no hiding as my heart leaps and I am sure the world stopped for that brief second. I watch you slip back onto the couch as you lick your lips. Tania breaks the silence when she decides to get some more wine.

“You kids play nice, I will go mingle for a bit and get some more wine.”

As she gets up you slip across and take her place on the couch, but a little closer than her. Your legs press against mine, I look across into your face and just cannot help but smile. Your eyes hold my gaze and like a moth to a light bulb I cannot help but lean forward to kiss you. With no resistance you meet me with open lips as your tongue slips inside my mouth. My hand slides onto your thigh as I softly caress through your dress. The kiss lingers as your soft sweet lips lock with mine, you moan softly into my mouth.

I feel you hand slide up over my jeans up to my crotch and over my hardening cock.

“Oh mmmmm,” You moan yet again.

I break the kiss and looking into your eyes, “you sure of this.”

You smile that cheeky smile and grab my hand and pulling me up lead me into the spare bedroom at the front of the house. Without a word spoken you turn grabbing my head and kissing me passionately. public agent porno As your hands roam over my ass and back I slip my tongue deeper into your mouth. I feel your hands pulling at my belt undoing it.

“Oh god Mick quick,” you moan as my jeans slip down, boxers included.

You drop to your knees hiking the dress up and take my hard cock into your mouth in one go. My head rocks back as I feel your tongue flicking over the bulbous head of my hard cock. I feel you gag as you try to take me all the way down your throat. Smiling to myself I get the sense it has been a while since you have deep throated a decent sized cock. Your hands grab hold of my ass pushing my cock deeper into your mouth and throat. My hands are on your head as I pick the pace up quicker and deeper.

“Mmmmmgggghh,” you moan as I start fucking your mouth.

“Oh god Sonia I’m gonna cum soon,” breathlessly I moan as I feel my balls tighten

You pull off my cock and look into my eyes wanting more and then sink back slurping and fucking my cock with your mouth.

I feel my balls tighten harder as you take me all the way down your throat. My cock expands cutting off your air supply as I blast my first load of cum down your throat. Cum splashes off your throat as you keep sucking and milking my cock.

“Oh fuck yes,” My orgasm increases as you keeping pumping me.

Then after what felt like an eternity and a gallon of cum down your throat you pull off and stand. Leaning forward you kiss me. I can taste my cum in your mouth as your tongue explores my mouth. Groaning deeply into me I feel your wet pussy with my fingers through your g string. Moaning you push forward and then release from our passionate embrace.

I look into your eyes wanting to push you onto the bed but you look at the door to the room slightly ajar.

As you scoop a drop of cum that escaped your luscious lips and suck it off your finger you pull your dress down.

“Mmmmm nice,” you slurp, “I better go see how Brendon is going.” And turn to walk out.

To Be Continued …. maybe



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