Island Fun with BBCIn 1985, my wife and I went on a marvelous trip to St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands. It was to be a week of sun, fun and sex. When we arrived our accommodations were at a place called Cowpet Bay, on the eastern end of the island. We had a large townhouse, with a large master bedroom on the second floor. On our third night there we went to a restaurant in the Red Hook area called Sapphire Beach, after dinner we went into the bar to listen to the steel band playing and have a few drinks. We made the acquaintance of the black bartender, his name was John. He was from New York City and was actually the Bar manager who was filling in for his regular bartender.After quite a few drinks, the place had thinned out to about 5 people including us. John was entertaining was with stories and bar tricks. I could see that Donna was getting a little drunk and the conservation turned to sex. John got right into the conversation with us.The restaurant bar closed at 12:00 A.M. and John was finished at that time. Donna invited John to join us back at our place so that we could continue the evening. I knew where the evening was leading and I was turned on. John told us that he had to close up and ring out the register but that he would join us in about an hour. As we walked to our car, she started to tell me how much she wanted to have a session with John as I watched. I told that he might not be into white women but we both knew that if he showed that he knew what was in store. When we got back to Cowpet, Donna told me that she wanted to shower and get ready, I knew what that meant. She was in the shower for at least a half an hour. I knew that she was playing with herself just with the thought of making it with him. John was as good as his word and showed up while she was still in the shower. He brought with him a bottle of rum and some Colada mix. aydın escort As he mixed, I told him how much he turned Donna on. He told that he had been in this situation twice and both times had been a very enjoyable experience. He told me straight out that he was not gay or BI and I laughed and said that I was not either but that I may join the proceedings later. He said that was fine. I asked him if he turned on to garter belt and stockings, knowing full well that that was the outfit Donna would select for the evening. He told me that nothing turns him on more that black stockings. As we both relaxed in the living room having our drink, Donna called me up stairs and asked if John had come and should she come down dressed as she was. I told her everything was fine and to come down when she was ready and believe me she was ready. As she came into the living room, I could see John eyes light up. She was wearing a red Chinese silk robe, which was knee length, and on her legs were sheer black reinforced heel and toe stockings with red 5″ spiked slides, she looked so fresh and sexy. She sat down next to John on the sofa and asked him if he liked the outfit, sliding the robe open just enough to expose the tops of her nylons. He told her that he liked it very much and asked if he could run his hand over her nylons, as he did they started to kiss passionately, his hands never leaving the nylons. As I watched I could not help but stroke my cock through my shorts, it was the first time that I had ever seen my wife with a black man and I could not wait to see the size of the cock. Her hand pressed between his legs feeling for his cock. He slowly undid her robe and his mouth slid down to her nipples, gently licking and sucking her breasts, his hand still on her nylons, which turned me on so much, I was hoping that he would also kiss her nyloned legs and escort aydın feet. Donna then asked his to stand and take off his clothes for her. As he did she was rubbing her wet bush and sucked on her fingers for him as he undressed. As his cock was springing free it was not the monster cock that I had hope for. It was about 7 inches but it was incredibly thick and Donna went right down on her knees and started to suck and lick it. She was so hot for it I knew that she wanted to make him cum right away. I know that John did not want to cum because he thought that he would disappoint us with a quick finish but Donna was begging him to cum in her mouth. She stroked him at a furious pace all the time telling him to cum in her mouth. As she tasted the pre cum she knew that she had him. She opened her mouth and waited for the first spurt of cum. His first blast was very thick and hit her right on her lower lip and ran down her chin. The second went right in her mouth; the she wrapped her lips around his cock and milked him dry. She then proceeded to eat the rest of his cum that had hit her face and had run down to her breasts. John sat down on the sofa spent and I knew that he was disappointed that it was over so soon but little did he know that this was only the beginning. I was so hot watching the two of them that I had to get into the action. Donna lay back on the sofa and slipped off her heels and placed them in John’s lap. She asked him to rub his cock all over her silky nylon stocking feet. At this point I walked to the sofa and pulled out my swollen cock and placed it in front of her face. As I watched John rub his cock on her feet, with his hands caressing her stockings, Donna took my cock in her mouth. Having watched the earlier scene and watching her silky nylons caress that black cock; I was ready to cum almost instantly. Donna sucked aydın escort bayan me hard as I blasted hard into her mouth and she ate every bit of me. As I moved away, Donna asked John to go down between her legs and suck her. As he gently licked her, his hands moved up and down her nyloned legs and I was getting hard again. She begged him to push his tongue deep inside her, which she loved so much. After a few minutes she wanted to be fucked and John was ready. He raised her legs straight up and entered her; she screamed so loud I thought the police were going to show up. As he fucked her, he sucked on her stocking feet. I was so happy that he was into nylons as much as I was. They fucked for at least 20 minutes, in every conceivable position. Donna told John that she wanted him to cum in her mouth again and as he withdrew he started cumming before he could get it to her mouth. He hit her breasts, neck and then her face. They were both exhausted as they lay there. I on the other hand was ready to go but I knew Donna and I would have a great session later that evening.I made a drink for everyone and we talked for about an hour before John left. He told us about the other sessions that he had had with the two other couples and told us that this was the best because Donna wore stockings for him. As he was leaving he asked if we could get together again before we left. I told him that the following evening was our last night but that he was welcome. He had other plans and could not make it and wish us a safe trip home. We had many sessions with black men after that evening, so many of them oral encounters in the back seat of the car. The couple at home, which we would swing with regularly, would have nothing to do with blacks. It was a memorable trip for me and for Donna. We had sex seven times before we left the island in our last day and a half and each time we did it, we both had John on our minds. I do not know about her but I still think of that night all the time and I love to see blacks making love to white women dressed in garter belts and stockings. compliments of Hosieryboy



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