Internet Hook-UpA few years back when Yahoo had more specific rooms, and real people in them, I was looking for women that would enjoy watching me masturbate for them in person. I was beyond the cam sex shows and wanted more. Amazingly to me, I found a woman only 20 minutes away and we agreed to meet at a school parking lot. She knew of a park that had some private areas so we had a plan and went through with it that same day! I met her – awkward – LOL. Especially weird when we both know our meeting is to simply satisfy our sexual urges. I followed her on a short 5 minute drive to the park. We wasted no time getting to a private spot, at least it was supposed to be. We put a blanket down and shared some sexy small talk while sharing some wine coolers I brought.She was a BBW type, and had a loose top on with a bra. Nothing too revealing. I was wearing jeans shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear. On our chats we had discussed that i liked to watch and show. She particularly reminded me that I had said I liked to taste bahis siteleri my precum. This triggered me to take off my shirt and it was pretty clear that my low riding shorts were bulging a bit. As I leaned back, I unbuttoned my shorts. Just after that, I heard conversation and a moment later a 20-something man and woman on trail bikes came by within 10 yards of us. They looked right at us and had to know we were up to something…all the clues were there. But, I watched them ride off and I really didn’t care if they hid to watch or not. I doubt they did since they were a couple. My Internet woman wasn’t too concerned either as she just grinned and directed her eyes right back to my crotch when they were out of sight.I didn’t want our chance encounter to end with the police visiting, so I wasted no time getting down to business. I unzipped my shorts and freed my growing cock. She let out an approving moan as I stroked the first drop of precum from the tip and massaged it over my cock head. She said, “I canlı bahis hope there is more where that came from.” I assured her that there was plenty to go around. I stood up and stepped out of my jean shorts. Then totally naked, I lied back down resting on my elbows in front of her. My cock was stiff, but not so much that I couldn’t lift it straight out and angled toward her. It was swollen thick and we were both excited. She started to massage her breast as I began playing with myself. She asked me to taste my cum, and I happily obliged. With one hand I pumped my clear precum, and with the other I caught it on my index finger and brought it to my mouth. It was a heavy enough stream to stay connected from my mouth to my cock head. I love when it does that. She did too. She leaned over and looked as if she wanted to get my cock in her mouth. I said it was fine…and she devoured my cock. After less than a minute of really nice sucking and licking, she said she wanted to watch me jerk-off. She said she loved güvenilir bahis to watch the cum shoot. I was thinking a full BJ would have been awesome, but this jerk-off in front of her wanting-eyes was a close second. I was ready to explode soon. I once again brought another stream of precum to my mouth, this time with my body in almost a crunch position, with my legs spread wide. When her hand went into her shorts to massage her pussy, I knew i would not last long. She must have known, because she said. “Shoot it for me now, shoot it on your face.” That was all I needed. I felt the surging orgasm beginning so I just pulled back on my balls a little and stood my cock straight out and staring straight at me. Two streaming white loads shot onto my face and then more on my chest. I licked off what was on my lips and she reached over and stroked the remaining juice from me and sucked it off her fingers.She was shy about getting naked herself. But I convinced her that removing her shorts would ensure that I could clean her pussy from all her excitement. She agreed and she enjoyed my clit licking and tongue fucking to 2 strong orgasms. We made quick work of getting dressed and getting out of there…both of us satisfied with our exploration.



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