“Peace out y’all” she said as she pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows suggestively towards no one in particular. It was time for her ten minute break in between sets. She went to the bathroom to change and relieve the sweat that she had worked up in her black vinyl pants.

In the tiny back bathroom which substituted as a dressing room, she stood behind the door in front of the full length mirror, wringing out her long wavy black hair. It had frizzed out a bit under the heat, but she enjoyed that unbrushed hard rocker look. She took a few gulps of water, ran her tongue over her thin smirking lips, reapplied her dark lipstick with a pink tint, and smiled. This is what nights were all about: Her music, her audience, being adored, that surge of sheer adrenaline that flowed through her veins. The energy would replace the rumble in her stomach, reminding her she had barely eaten for days.

Alone, she turned sideways in the mirror and looked at herself; at her stomach which had become something of a signature trademark. She had a long lean paper-thin torso. She watched her ribs move as she took a breath and ran her fingers over the chiseled muscles, lower and lower over her jutting pelvic bones.

When the door flung open, Karyn quickly abandoned her self-inspection. It was Ray.

“Hey, grrrl!” She said with genuine recognition and excitement. “Wasn’t that just wild? I was feelin’ that shit!”

She proceeded to change while Ray offered shy words of praise. Ray watched as Karyn lifted her cut up white tanktop over her head, revealing a black sports bra. Her visible muscles reached all the way to the fabric. Karyn then slid off her imitation plastic pants while hopping to the center of the bathroom.

“You don’t even understand the feelin’ I’m havin’ in these pants right now…they just gonna slide right off. There’z gonna be a puddle!”

Ray watched as Karyn wriggled out of her sweat soaked pants, the zippers clinking on the floor as they fell to the ground. Karyn wore nothing underneath but black french cut panties with a silver chain hanging across the front. Even her underwear had character. She had no shame. It was as if she changed in front of people all the time. She continued to blabber on excitedly as Ray stared; Karyn’s arms were long and sinewy, like a ballerina’s arms. The skin clung tightly to her petite bones, outlining her miniature biceps and triceps, perfectly sculpted. Her legs were similar in shape, but a little more muscular around the thighs, from all of the squats in her performances. Across the inside of her casino siteleri right thigh was a tattoo of a large black dragon. Peeking up out of her underwear on the center of her lower hip was a black flaming sun. Karyn bent down to retrieve a skirt out of her canvas bag. Ray noticed another tattoo, a large winged creature spread across Karyn’s back; A back that outlined her spine and her ribs and her shoulder blades.

Karyn pulled on a piece of cut green army fabric that would serve as a skirt. It hung off her hips, low enough to reveal her panties. Still smiling and panting, she brushed her black bangs out of her pale face which was starting to have a hint of life lines from all of the drugs and cigarettes through the years.

“Oh man! They’re goin’ crazy out there! I was jus’ tearin’ it up. Feel dis, it’s off da hook!”

Karyn grabbed Ray’s hand and pulled it to her chest. There, Ray felt Karyn’s heart pounding, almost as hard as her own. Karyn lit up the dark room with her blinding smile and placed her hand over Ray’s.


“Right?!” Shrieked Karyn. “Well, I’d better be headin’ back. It’s go time baby!”

But Ray didn’t move. She stood motionless, her chest rising and falling with her breaths, as she kept her hand pressed firmly on Karyn’s hard breast plate. She looked into Karyn’s eyes. They were huge and brown and full of fire and fear. Ray began to walk forward, never ceasing contact, never removing her hand which was still covered with Karyn’s long bony fingers , painted with the remains of chipped black. polish.

Karyn backed up slowly until her back was pressed firm against the wall. They stood there silently, their eyes never breaking contact, their breaths rising and synchronizing. Never losing contact with Karyn’s hand, Ray began to slide her hand downwards, taking in everything along its path; The bones in between Karyn’s tiny muscular breasts, the ripples of her ribs, the indentations of her four pack, her protruding hips, the scratchy fabric of her skirt, the smoothness of her thigh, the slight raise of her tattoo. She let Karyn’s hands guide her up under the skirt. As she reached Karyn’s panties, Karyn grew nervous and tried to pull Ray’s hand away.

“Just let me touch you.” Whispered Ray desperately. “Please, just let me touch you. Please, Karyn. I’ve waited so long…”

Karyn’s tenseness relaxed. With her index finger, Ray pushed aside Karyn’s panties and slid herself inside. Karyn was already wet with anticipation and the excitement from the stage. She held Ray’s finger still inside of slot oyna her as her lips contracted tightly around it. She threw her head back against the wall as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her moans began almost immediately. They were scratchy and accented, like one of her rock songs. The sound compelled Ray even more. She began thrusting her finger in and out of Karyn’s pussy. It slid faster and faster as it became more saturated with Karyn’s juices. She pulled out briefly, running her forefinger back and forth across the sweet spot. She had never done this before, but she knew exactly what to do.

“Oh god, yes, yes…” Karyn couldn’t help but whisper.

She opened her eyes. Ray pressed her face hard against Karyn’s. Their lips met…months of sexual tension and anticipation pent up in their tongues. God could Karyn kiss. She had so much aggression in those thin lips. The kisses came in short bursts. Ray ran her tongue over Karyn’s lips and Karyn in turn held Ray’s lips between her teeth and tugged and bit, carnal and intense. Their heads turned from side to side, their tongues lodged deep inside each other. Ray pulled away and tilted Karyn’s head with her free hand, moving the strands of black hair clinging to her sweat drenched neck. Ray kissed Karyn’s neck, sucking and tearing at Karyn’s skin between her teeth. Her mouth continued moving down, down, down. She licked Karyn’s collarbone and nuzzled her nose against it. Karyn still smelled so good even after being on stage; a combination of smoke and spilt beer and perfume. Ray pushed Karyn’s bra up to her neck. She traced her tongue along Karyn’s pink nipples, moaning at the site of the silver nipple ring. Ray tugged at it with her teeth, making Karyn produce a deep guttural moan. Ray fondled the ring between her fingers and continued down, down, down. Her pussy lips began to quiver as she reached Karyn’s stomach, running her tongue and nose across the rock hard surface.

“I want to lick you.” Whispered Ray.

“Bring it on.” Said Karyn breathlessly, now at the point of no return.

Ray fell to her knees. She kissed Karyn’s bare ankles, her cut calves, behind her knees, up, up, up her thighs, she ran her tongue across the dragon, still higher, until her head disappeared under the fabric. She lapped her tongue quickly at Karyn’s clit outside of the panties. Karyn’s thighs began to quiver. She pounded her fists against the wall and stuck her fingers in her hungry mouth, biting them to stifle her screams. Ray pulled the panties down to Karyn’s knees, arched her neck, spread apart Karyn’s canlı casino siteleri legs, and held open her shaved pussy lips, as she brought her tongue upwards. Ray’s tongue darted quickly back and forth against Karyn.

“Deeper,” whispered Karyn, pleading.

Ray’s chin and nose got wetter as she rammed her tongue deep inside Karyn, swirling it around in circles, devouring her, tasting her. She was sweet and sour at the same time, fresh and uniquely herself. Karyn’s body shook even harder. She pulled Ray to her feet and kissed her again, tasting herself.

Karyn wrapped her emaciated arms around Ray’s hips, pulling her closer. Frantically, she unzipped Ray’s jeans and slid her hands inside the white satin panties. She wasted no time. Her fingers were so long she could get deep inside Ray’s crevice. While Ray began shivering, she returned her wet fingers to Karyn. Their breasts pressed against each other, their eyes locked, their breaths heaving, they stood firm against the wall fingering each other. Two beautiful bodies, their hands lost deep inside each other, their other hand exploring the body before them. Their breathing got heavier and heavier, gasps and sighs escaping their lips which continued to bite at each other…cheeks chins, necks…

“Yes, Karyn, yes, YES.” Sighed Ray breathily as she felt herself explode over Karyn’s hands.

“Grrrl, you feel sooo good.” Purred Karyn.

As she came, she let out a succession of high pitched squeals, throwing her head from side to side, her hair flinging across her face and into her mouth. Ray grabbed Karyn’s hands and licked off her fingers, as she shoved her own fingers into Karyn’s mouth. Karyn devoured them as if they were true nourishment.

They stood there for a moment, silent and sweating. Karyn blew air out of her mouth, causing her hair to billow. She raised her tweezed eyebrows at Ray in that tell tale way she had. At that moment, Ray threw her arms around Karyn, holding her tightly in an embrace. She rested her head on Karyn’s heaving chest…and cried. She had waited so long. And it was time for Karyn to go. Karyn ran her hands through her hair, blotted her face with a paper towel, and looked at Ray one last time.

Ray let her hands linger on Karyn’s back as she left, tracing her hand down the tattoo across her back, and her beautiful spine. In the doorway, Karyn reached out. Their fingers entwined, locking together and exploring each other. And then Karyn was gone- back out on stage for everyone’s enjoyment, back to her unassuming blue-eyed boyfriend, never to speak of it again. All Ray had to remember her by were the teeth marks on her fingers and neck and the sweet smell on her hands which lingered for days.

“Thank you” she whispered to no one, wiping the tears from her eyes.



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