In Sickness … and in LustMy sexual liaison with Sue started with an exchange of emails. At first, they were quite vanilla and demure. But soon, they became increasingly suggestive, then progressing to become downright explicit in sexual context.By the time our exchanges became downright lewd, I “confessed” to her that I had a suspicion that communicating with her had affected me greatly. My conclusion was that she had caused me to suffer from satyriasis. She had created in me the uncontrollable urges and wantonness of a “male nymphomaniac.”Her response was that she would be very pleased to “take care” of whatever carnal lusting she had caused me. She said that we should meet in-the flesh, and that she would willingly dedicate “every pore of her body” to care for my needs.The following is my response. Shortly after she received it, we got together, enjoying each other fully, in a day-long “suck-and-fuck-fest”—————————————–Dear “Nurse” Sue,Thanks for the offer. I have every confidence that you would administer to me well, were I in need of your “care”. Once again you struck a consonant chord with me — of how I would like to “care” for you.I thought about you having a bad cold. I pictured you in bed, sweating and shivering at the same time. I would come to you and help you ease your miseryFirst I would towel off your sweating brow and dry your hair. I would towel off your neck and pull your bedcovers down … being quick to cover your breasts from the chill of the air with canlı bahis the dry towel. Under the guise of drying you, I would gently massage your breasts, paying special attention to tweaking your nipples under the towel. I would leave the towel there to insulate you from the clammy sheets, spreading it over you, massaging your belly as I do. Then I re-cover you up to the chin. Now I take two towels and go to the foot of the bed. I pull the bottom of your covers free and fold it up to your knees. Quickly, I lay each towel over each leg and dry you. One more fold upward of your covers and your thighs now need the same protection. The next fold exposes your mound, and I position your covers just above it, moving the towels, until your legs are completely protected. As I tuck the towels around your leg, you feel the back of my hand brushing your netherlips and you wonder if the contact was incidental. Massaging down the length of your legs, you feel a warm dryness now. But you feel my hands pause at your knee, and I grasp it to move it slowly outward. This causes your slit to part slightly, and you feel the coolness of the air touching the heat of your inner lips. I move your other knee, and now your slit pouts open, like a soft and juicy fruit opening for me. You are entirely covered except for your mound and your glorious slit, now fully parted and open for me … and waiting for my ministrations. You feel the bed move as I get on and position myself. My first contact with your pussy is a gentle bahis siteleri kiss on the part of your cuntlips on the side of your clit. As I exhale, you feel my breath, warm even in the damp heat that escapes your drooling hole. You feel my arms going under and around your covered thighs, and feel my fingers parting your moist lips, until I can see your every, lovely detail. I start with long slow licks up through the middle of you, so that I can taste your love juices, now starting to ooze out of your fleshy hole. As I trail upward, I feel your thighs tighten as my tongue glides over your exposed clit. I lick you for a long time, teasing the inner folds of your wet and needing hole …then pushing my tongue against the base of your clit, causing it to flick along the tip, then the bottom, of my tongue.As you always do, you want to help me in my treatment of you, but I command you to stay still. You want more attention on your clit, but I continue the slow long licking, now stroking upward and downward through the wet furrow between your lips. And then, I stop. By now, I can see your love muscles twitching slightly, wanting more. I blow softly and you feel a cooling of the heat rising from you. All at once, I clamp my mouth over your clit and suck it into my lips. You feel the sudden heat as I suck your clit entirely out of its sheath. You try to remain still, but your hips jerk upward at the sensation of my mouth devouring your clit. You feel the pulsing of my sucking and the flicking of my güvenilir bahis tongue laving your clit with a wonderful tongue massage. Now I suck you greedily and your hips undulate in rocking rhythm to my sucking. I feel your hands reach down to squeeze my arms, still wrapped around your thighs, my fingers still holding your helpless cuntlips open for my oral massage of your most private parts. You throw your legs open wider still, and I move one hand to your warm hole, now fully engulfed in your fragrant nectar. You moan as I slip two fingers deep into you. Now my fingers massage your inner walls in time to my sucking. When at last I feel your love muscles tighten, I flutter my fingers, shoving them as deeply into you as they will go. With my fingers buried to the hilt in your weeping hole, I nibble, suck and lick your clit all at once …and then it happens. You cry out and moan with the pleasure of your intense orgasm. My head is bobbing fast now and my sucking does not abate until you are completely spent after wave after wave of orgasm.When at last I feel your spasming muscles relax their grip on my fingers, I lap between the entire slit formed by your pouting cuntlips … cleaning you completely. I plant one last kiss on your now-cleaned pussy. I towel you dry and roll the covers back down. I lie next to you and watch you recover from my ardent attention. Just before you sleep, your ever-fertile mind turns to the issue of what you will do to me, to get even for my having taken advantage of your weakened state.I don’t know what you are thinking …but I know I just can’t wait!I hope my vignette does not give rise to subconscious hypochondriasis! Or do I?Loving all of you,Adam – your naughty private male nurse



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