Author’s Note: All characters are over 18 years old. This is my first story written years ago and with no prior experience. Constructive criticism and comments on what you liked about it are welcome. Enjoy.


A young guy sits in dark corner of a small café downtown, his gaunt face shadowed. He comes here every week, sits in the same spot and orders the same drink without fail. He makes a schedule and keeps too it no matter what happens. He takes a sip from his coffee as thunder rumbles outside and rain pelts the streets. He looks out into the storm and lets his mind wander. Not completely, but enough that time seems to fast-forward.

Nearby, a waitress, just a little older than he, watches him curiously. Every week she’s seen him but she’s never talked to him. She decided today is the day; She’s had enough of her curiosity eating at her. After she finishes with another customer she walks over to his table, her footsteps almost silent. “Refill?” She asks. He jerks and shrinks away before looking up at her, his eyes wide. “O-oh yes, please.” He stutters and his face turns red with a deep blush. The waitress smiles and refills his coffee as her eyes slowly drift over his face.

His eyes stray over the grains in the table as she looked at him. Her gaze takes in his sharp jaw, thoughtful expression and his soft, lonely eyes. He wasn’t like any other guy she’d seen in here; he was more refined in a gentle manner. It was refreshing. She looked around and saw that the other customers and employees had left for the night, so she sets down her pot of coffee and sits across from him, crossing her legs under the table. He looks up at her, surprise etched across his features. She smiles softly and he blushes again, only making her smile wider.

She leans forward and lets her chin rest on her steepled fingers as she watches him for a moment, her thoughts running wild in her mind. He blinks and watches her in return, his fingers tapping a nervous rhythm on his leg. She hums quietly. “I’ve seen you come in here pretty often…” He nods, blinking once. “And I’ve seen you always sit here…” He nods again, his fingers tapping faster as his nerves well up. “And always in my section. You never let anyone else serve you…” He swallows a sip of coffee, his eyes looking anywhere but at her.

She uncrosses her legs and smiles again. “I can’t help but wonder if you like me. Is that it?” He bites his lip and looks away for a moment, finally nodding nervously.

“Yes.” He says. She shivers at the sound of his voice, a husky softness. Deep, but gentle. It seems steeped in sexual tension and it flows over her ears like a sweet caress.

She lets her sandal slip off her foot and slowly slides her foot up his leg, her smile innocent as she watches him. “Well I kinda like you too.” She whispers. He shivers and his eyes widen as her toes inch up his leg. He shifts slightly, still nervous, but curious as well. He smiles tensely. She notices and halts her movements. “Do I make you nervous, sweety?” She asks quietly. He twists his lips and nods. She leans closer to him, her eyelids flickering lustfully. “But still you want me?” She asks.

He nods slowly. She smiles and leans away, her hands coming up to her ample breasts, caressing, teasing. He swallows and looks around the café quickly. She giggles. “Oh don’t worry baby, everyone’s gone, the door is locked and the blinds are closed. You’re stuck with me.” His gaze returns to her as she unbuttons her shirt slowly, tantalizingly, her hands slipping into the parting cloth to cup her breasts.

Her foot reaches his crotch and she smirks as she rubs his throbbing cock through his jeans. His dick jumps as he watches her shirt fall open and her bare, perky tits fall free of their confinement, her hands dropping to the table. He groans as her foot rubs against his crotch harder and her hands slip back up her flushed skin to cup her bouncy tits. She moans deeply as her fingers twist and pull her sensitive pink nipples until they stand proudly.

His fists clench as he watches her tits flush in pleasure. She smirks. “Come and get me baby. I want you. I want your hard, throbbing cock inside me now!” She growls lustily. He jumps up and out of his side of the booth, stepping quickly to her side as she backs herself into a corner, smiling in anticipation. He stops just outside the booth and looks down at her for a moment, but she loses patience in her lust and sits up, her hands latching on the back of his neck and dragging his head down to hers. She leans up further and claims his mouth with hers, her tongue slipping past his lips and twirling around his as she moans deeply.

His hands wrap around her body and pull her up until her aching nipples brush across his shirt, sending pleasure coursing through her body to her hot, wet pussy. She moans and bucks her hips against his stomach, seeking more primal, direct pleasure. He smiles against her lips, then deepens their kiss, his tongue illegal bahis playing with hers in wet circles as her hands tug his shirt up, inch by revealing inch.

He shivers when the cool air races across his skin and he breaks the kiss slowly, their lips wet and bruised with the ferocity. He smiles down at her and pulls his shirt off as her hands work at the clasp on his jeans. He catches her hurried fingers in his hands and pushes them away gently. “Allow me.” He says. She nods and breathes through her excitement as he unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down. Her mouth drops as her eyes take in his huge, bobbing length. Her hands reach towards his twitching cock slowly as he watches. Her fingers graze him and she smiles foolishly as his hard rod twitches, a drop of pre-cum welling at it’s tip.

He runs his hands through her hair softly then his fingers catch and her head jerks back as he looks into her eyes. She gasps and her eyes widen in fear, but his fingers graze her cheek delicately. “Oh baby, don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.” He mutters as he leans down, his lips pressing against hers tenderly while her hands gently massage his hard rod.

She sighs her pleasure as his lips move down her neck, teasingly biting her reddened skin as her head tilts back against the soft leather of the booth, her eyes closed. He barely touches her skin with his lips as he kisses down her chest as the tip of his cock touches her limp hand as he moves and she wraps her hands around it, gently squeezing his girth. He grunts and stops moving as her fingers touch his glans.

She smiles to herself as she realizes her fingers can’t touch around his cock. He smiles as well as the same conclusion enters his mind. He pulls away after a moment and she looks up at him, her eyes hooded with greed as she looks to his manhood. He grins mischievously and shakes a finger at her. “Now now, my lovely, sexy waitress…You have to work for this.” He teases. She bites her lip and looks up at him, her gaze hidden slightly by her eyelashes as they flutter provocatively. His gaze softens and he grasps her hands in his, pulling her up until they stand face-to-face.

He leans into her and whispers in her ear. “Dance for me baby. Let me see how much you want me.” He tells her. She shudders visibly and nods, pushing past him as he sits.

He watches her body sway as she slowly unzips her skirt. Her confidence flares as she bares her hot skin for him and her hips rock side to side methodically as her skirt inches down her strong legs. He watches as she bares her milky skin to his hungry gaze. He almost regrets waiting now. She looks over her shoulder at him and smiles flirtatiously. “Do you like watching my body move, handsome? Do you like the way I dance for you?” She asks.

His eyes never leave her writhing body as he smiles. “Yes. Yes I do. Show me more.”

She licks her lips and turns away again. Her skirt hits the ground and her hands fly up to her hair as her hips snap to one side then sway to the other. She lets the tips of her hair flow across her firm ass as her head tilts back and she turns to him, her hands cupping her breasts as her fingers play across her nipples. She stalks towards him, her eyes narrow, feral as she lets her eyes travel over his naked glory.

She growls lightly as she stops before him, her hips still swaying to a tempo only she can feel. He reaches out and sets his hands on her hips as she steps forward, his legs sliding between hers, just as she planned. A wet spot on her lacy black panties catches his eye and he leans forward, his lips planting a gentle kiss there before pulling away, his lips glistening with her juices. He smiles up at her and slowly pulls her panties off her body and they both watch as they hit the floor. She sits in his lap and her legs wrap around his waist, her wet core drenching his manhood in her juices as she grinds against him.

Her hands stretch over her head then come down around his shoulders, her breasts arching into his chest as she purrs into his ear. “How was that, sexy?”

He locks his arms around her waist and growls back. “Just perfect.” His hips tilt back as she raises herself up on her knees and they move as one, his cock parting her folds as she sinks onto him with a deep, fulfilling moan, her thighs trembling as she hilts herself on his massive tool.

Outside their all-consuming pleasure, the storm rages. Each flash of lightning sends cool white light across her flexing muscles, her straining frame and her sweat-soaked skin as she grinds against him, his cock shifting and rubbing again every nerve in her almost burning-hot tunnel. Each rumble of thunder is a growl from him, a groan as his hips meet hers in a primal dance. The pouring rain, sighs and gasps of pleasure as their lust consumes them.

The spaces between the storm fill with the sound of skin colliding with skin in wet slaps. Closer, their mutual climax races. Their veins burn with passion, illegal bahis siteleri their muscles ache, their skin drips and just as they reach the edge of their precipice, the front door to the café jiggles.

Their heads snap around at the noise and they freeze his hips straining mid-thrust. They watch together as the handle turns and the door flies open with the force of the howling wind, but they remain stock-still as someone tumbles into the café. The barely-visible stranger shakes the rain off and walks quickly to the back room, passing the tense lovers obliviously. They hear the stranger searching for a moment and a heavy clunk, then the quick tread of the person’s shoes as the leave the café, humming happily.

The lovers look at one another. He blinks. She breathes heavily. “That was close.” She mutters. He chuckles nervously. “Yeah. How about we take this somewhere a little more private?” He asks. She nods in agreement then slowly stands, moaning quietly as his still-hard cock pulls out of her with a deep sucking sound, leaving her feeling empty. He sits up and is soon standing beside her as they redress themselves hurriedly.

They cast each other wanton glances as they clean up the evidence of their passion before leaving the café quickly. He drapes his jacket over her head as they run through the storm to her car. He opens her door and closes it as she sits then hurries to his own. He looks at her and smiles as he starts the car, pulling away from the café and towards her house. He soon notices her thighs rubbing together and a now-familiar scent in the air as her hand slips between her legs.

She sees him glance at her and she grimaces. “I don’t want to wait anymore!” She whimpers.

He smiles reassuringly. “Don’t worry. We’ll be there soon.”

She nods and watches him, trying to take her mind off her lustful needs, but it doesn’t help. Her fingers dance across her inner lips and into her slightly gaping hole. She watches the rain slip down his face and she wants so badly to lick it off. Her gaze traces his sharp jawline, down his deceptively muscled frame and over his long fingers. She remembers the way his fingers deftly moved over her core and her skin flushes, her own fingers moving faster within her hot tunnel.

He glances at her out of the corner of his eye and sees her reddened skin, the little bulge in her skirt. He smiles and wonders what thoughts are going through her head as her fingers show how busy they are. Soon she shakes off her mounting desire enough to point out her house, her wet fingers emerging from her skirt. He turns in and shuts off the car, opens his door and steps out. He walks to her door and opens it as well, one hand held out for her to grasp as she steps out.

He pulls her into him suddenly and she gasps as she looks into his eyes. He closes the door and press her back against the car. She shivers, not at the cold of the metal, but at the look in his eyes; lust driven fires light up his gaze as he looms over her. She trembles, her pussy going into overdrive as he leans down, his body pressing into her with every curve of his matching her own. She swallows and blinks up at him, her thoughts wild as his lips press against her forehead, feather-light.

She bites her lip and her eyes close as the heat from his body warms her own, despite the rain drenching their clothes. His kiss moves to her nose, then her parted lips and she breathes into him. He kisses her gently, his fingers tangled in her hair.

He breaks the kiss and walks towards her front door, leaving her gasping for air and trembling. He turns to her and smiles when he reaches the porch. “Coming?” He asks teasingly. She shakes her head and walks toward him, unaware that her wet shirt clings to her in such a way that leaves nothing to his already knowledgeable imagination. Her thighs rub together with each step, her juices running freely running down her legs as she walks. He watches her hips sway as she walks and his need for her flares, his manhood jumping to attention as he waits.

She looks up at him as she walks closer and smiles as she sees the bulge in his jeans. She walks slower, amplifying the sway of her hips as she teases him. He feels the tension growing between them and licks his lips in anticipation. She brushes up against him as she reaches for her keys unlocks the door and steps inside. As the door clicks shut behind her, she’s pressed into the door by his body as his hands slide up her arms to her wrists, pinning them against the wood.

She gasps and shivers as he kisses the crook of her neck. She tilts her head and hums her pleasure as one hand releases her own. He lightly nibbles on her earlobe and whispers. “Don’t move.” She nods quickly and waits, her body aching to know where his hand will touch next.

Her body bucks into his touch as his fingers alight upon the skin just above the waistband of her skirt. She shivers and clenches her fists as his fingers canlı bahis siteleri slip into her skirt and under her lacy panties. She lets her head fall against his shoulder as he lightly bites her neck, moaning quietly as his fingers inch closer to her heated core. She blushes as his fingers find a fresh spot of wetness from her core. He smiles mischievously and lightly rubs his fingers against her outer lips, the heat from her core bathing his hand. She tenses and her back arches. He takes that moment to move his other hand to her breasts and lightly pinches an aching pink nipple.

“I said don’t move.” He growls in her ear.

Her eyes roll back into her head as he thrusts his fingers deep into her hot center. Her mouth drops as his fingers curl and slip across a little bundle of nerves. She screams in pleasure, her body trembling and shaking as her climax rips through her. He tilts her back into his arms and carries her upstairs to her bed as she rides her orgasm. She grips his shirt tightly, her body twitching as pleasure zips through her tired body. He lays her down and cradles her head in his lap until her pleasure fades slightly.

He smiles down at her as opens her eyes. She looks around, her eyes blurry and her thoughts disorganized. He lightly strokes his fingers across her cheeks and she slowly comes to. She frowns up at him and starts to chastise him when she hiccups. He blinks in surprise and she blushes as his gentle laugh rings out. She turns her head to the side and frowns, her arms crossing over her bare breasts. His hands stroke up her arms to her face as he smiles at her.

“Oh baby, don’t pout. I want to kiss your pretty lips.” He tells her.

She turns her head back to him and sighs quietly, then gasps into him as his lips claim hers roughly, his tongue slipping past her lips as her hands come up to cup his face. She opens her mouth wider and their tongues duel in the open air as his hands gently caress her stomach. He pulls her up into his lap and resumes kissing her over her shoulder as his hands slip between her legs. He hooks his fingers into her panties and pulls them off then trails his fingers back up her inner thighs.

She spreads her legs wide and hooks them on his knees as his hands reach her dripping pussy. She gasps into his mouth as his fingers plunge deep inside her, his nails lightly scratching every hidden nerve in her tunnel. Her back arches and their lips separate as his thumb beckons her clit from hiding. Her arms slide over her shoulders and around his head as she grinds against his fingers as they plunge into her. He kisses her neck as his free hand cups her tits, his fingers playing across her straining nipples. He feels her orgasm approaching and his fingers still.

“Please don’t stop!” She cries.

His fingers slowly resume moving, just enough to keep her writhing in pleasure, but not enough for her to cum. She whimpers softly.

“Make me cum baby. Please!” She begs. He smiles and his fingers plunge into her faster than before.

“I thought you’d never ask.” He says, his smile mischievous.

Her hands slip between them and unbutton his pants as she rides his fingers, her hips bucking and swaying as her pleasure mounts rapidly. Her fingers clutch his hard cock and she jerks her hips forward as she turns her head, looking at him over her shoulder. She bares her teeth at him.

“Fuck me!” She demands as she rocks her hips back, his long rod plowing into her.

She gasps and freezes as he enters her, her head falling back. She stares up at the ceiling, her eyes glazed with ecstasy as his cock slides deeper into her. She shivers and looks down to his slowly moving fingers as they rub across her clit. He kisses her shoulder and she takes a deep breath, her overwhelmed senses flaring into action.

She half growls, half whimpers as his hips press into her ass, his thick tool hilted deep inside her. She feels him pause and smiles as she rocks her hips in a circle, his rod shifting with her movements. She looks back over her shoulder and grins at him as she settles again.

“Ready?” He asks.

She nods and braces her hands on his legs as he pulls away from her slowly, letting her feel every ridge, every vein in his manhood. Her eyes widen in anticipation when he stops, then she cries out as he hammers back into her. Her back arches as she bounces in his lap, their hips meeting in perfect sync as his thrusts speed up. He leans back against the headboard and pulls her with him, his hands flying over her stomach to her tits as his cock pounds into her, the different position giving her new pleasure.

Her hands grip the sheets as she presses her hips against him, grinding herself on his length as he thrusts into her. Her pleasure mounts as her juices spill from her in small rivers between her legs and down his throbbing length. She throws her head back and shrieks when his cock rubs across a small patch of nerves within her.

He stops thrusting and she slaps his arm.

“Fuck! Do that again!” She tells him. He tilts his head and his hips lurch forward, again grinding across the patch. She gasps loudly. “Ooooh god…I never thought…Again, please.” She whimpers.



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