I have been going to this certain club for weeks now and I have seen her there every Friday night. She is the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen. She is like 5′-8″ with long brown hair that shines under the lights. Long muscular legs, a tight-flat stomach, perfectly shaped C-cup breasts, beautiful hazel eyes, her lips are pouty and her smile makes my heart stop. I have noticed her from a far quite a few times and she notices me looking at her and can see the longing in my eyes, I see it in hers too. She could go home with any man in the place, and most nights does but tonight she will be mine once and for all!

I will be out on the dance floor and our eyes will meet and she will smile and I will know that she wants me. I will go up to her and whisper in her ear that she is the most perfect woman that I have ever seen. We will dance and I will be close to her, touching her soft skin and breathing in her wonderful scent. She will let me explore her perfect body with my hands, her tight ass and her flat stomach. I will czech sharking porno press up on her from behind and she will rub her ass against my already swollen cock. She will smile and giggle a little as she feels pulsing of my hard cock against her. She will reach back and rub it with her hand then turn around and kiss me long and deep as she squeezes her hand around my hard shaft. Then she will whisper in my ear, “do you know how long I have been waiting for this?” I will nod my head in approval as I touch her perfect breasts for the first time and feel how her nipples are hard in anticipation of what is to come.

The owner of the club is a friend of mine and will let us into his office. We will lock the door behind us as we kiss long and deep and begin to open the flood gates of desire. Our hands fast and furiously exploring every inch of each others bodies, pausing for a bit at each erogenous zone. Passion will build inside of us as our clothes begin to fly off….. She is standing czech streets porno there in front of me now completely naked and her body is even more perfect than I had imagined it so many times before. We fall back on the couch and again her soft silky skin feels soooooo good to the touch. I lick and suck on her tits as she strokes my long-hard shaft. She hungrily sits me up and gets on her knees and devours my cock deep into her throat. Her head bobs up and down again and again as she licks and slurps and sucks long and hard. I have never experienced anything like this before. She knows how to work it and brings me to the edge only to back me down again. I know she wants me to return the favor so we switch positions and I proceed to lick and suck her sweet wet pussy. The juices taste so sweet in my mouth as I tease her clit with my tongue and slide a finger or two into her. She rubs her nipples and moans out loud as i continue to give her oral pleasure. Her pussy tenses and vibrates as she reaches climax czech super models porno but she is far from satisfied. I know she wants my long hard cock inside of her so I bend her over the couch and enter her from behind. It is a perfect fit as my cock slides in and out with ease. She looks so beautiful there in front of me and I am filled with satisfaction as I hear her moan and scream out with pleasure. We try two or three different positions until we settle on the sitting position on my friends office chair.

We are close now looking into each others eyes, her breasts against my strong chest as she moves up and down on my hard shaft. I can feel her juices running down my shaft and balls. We kiss and can see in each others eyes the immense pleasure we are causing each other. Finally she says “Oh YES I am going to cum baby, cum with me!” She moves harder and faster to increase the amount of friction and build me up for the big moment to come. We moan and groan as our pleasure builds to the peak where we both cry out so loud that I am sure everyone in the building has heard us. I explode deep inside of her as her vaginal muscles spasm long and hard. We kiss long and deep and share the moment together. We hold each other….our sweat soaked bodies pressed together as one in that moment that we have been waiting and longing for!



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