In a single, irretrievable moment of sanity you can hear your own voice inside your head asking yourself how in the hell you got here, to this point, to this place. Alone, with this man, this tall, dark, handsome, magnetic man that you hardly know.

But that moment disappears like a wisp of smoke on a windy day, and you are carried with the current of that wind as you open your eyes to look into his deep, dark, searching eyes. You feel yourself shake a little as the door behind you closes and shuts out everything of the outside world. There is only here, and now.

Not a word is said as your hair falls from it’s perch and fingers that have never, should never do such a thing are spreading the locks around your face and down past your shoulders. You feel feel that shake again and a that little twinge of nervous fear deep down inside…you shouldn’t be here…

You close your eyes and try to retrieve that sane moment, but all your hear is the deep, passionate, shaky, reluctant sigh of a woman. It occurs to you that you never thought the simple sigh of a woman could sound so deeply moving to you, that the sound of a woman could so make you feel so erotic and passionate, and your are surprised to realize that the sigh was your own self, lost in the moment.

You can feel the warmth of his body close to yours, not yet against you, but the anticipation of contact is almost agonizing in so many conflicting ways…desire, betrayal, fulfillment, guilt… it’s too much and you surrender to it as you feel his cheek brush yours, his lips lightly touching you where your ear joins your face, his breath in your ear, his hands lightly on your shoulders, the front of your bodies barely brushing against each other, still clothed, but you know with a certainty that they won’t be clothed for long.

With a shock you realize that your arms are around him and your hands are on his wide, strong back. You can’t think of when or how that happened, and you hesitate, with a last gasp the sane mind tries one more time. You distantly hear your own voice telling you that you should not be here, that you have a husband czech harem porno and a home, that you have seen this man you are with in the company a beautiful woman that could only be his wife, that this is wrong!

But your mind fails with that last effort, for to your surprise you find that the revelation that this is wrong only spurs your desire. Where did this sense of adventure and erotic mischief come from? You never thought of yourself in such a way, but the thought that you are exploring where only one other woman is supposed to go is titillating. The thought that the thick fingers touching and exploring you are not those of your husband is down right erotic and with a flash you can barely control yourself.

Without thought your arm comes up and your hand wraps around the back of his head. You feel the short, soft hairs on the back of his neck, short brown hair, unlike your husband, and with that thought you have pulled his mouth to yours. Your lips find each other in a frenzied climax that is only the beginning.

Pulling his mouth tight to yours your tongue forces it’s way into his mouth. You feel your shirt come off and you practically rip at his in a frenzy to undress him. Your hand pulls his mouth tight to you again with the other hand your force his pants off. You feel his hands, the wrong hands, in your hair and on your neck. Down your sides…. You know from the feel of his hands on your thighs and ass that your pants are on the floor… You find yourself without control kissing him endlessly. His chest, his nipples, his stomach….his cock… you stop for a moment and open your eyes as your hands continue to stroke it… it’s completely different, it’s curved where your husbands is straight, a little longer in length, but you can tell his balls are a little smaller and tighter…for no logical reason the comparison to your husband drives you insane with desire to taste it and you pull his hot, throbbing cock into your mouth as far as you can, until you lips almost touch the base…your can feel the head of his cock press against the back of your throat as you wrap your czech mega swingers porno hand around the base of it…you pull your head back with your hand real slow and suck..

It isn’t long before your feel his orgasm coming… the taste of the lubricants…and suddenly the explosion of hot cum inside your mouth and down your throat…your mouth seems to fill and you can’t hold it all before you swallow it…you feel the warm dribble of cum on your chin and you wipe it off as you take the rest of his load …the groan you hear this time is not a woman but that of a man, and it is not just a groan but something just this side of a scream.

As you pull back this man rolls up and on top of you and you hear him tall you it’s your turn…. You feel him as he kisses you and nibbles your body. As his hands roam the entire length of it… you feel the heat of his palm on your thigh as he run his fingers through the hair between your legs. Hair that only you or your man has touched in countless years, you feel this strangers lips as he sucks your breast. You feel a fingers explore the outside entrance to your hot, wet pussy, but you can’t avoid the surprise when you feel his finger slip inside and probe inside of you…another finger and you gasp…another finger and you hear yourself groan with pleasure…you never want this to end…. You shouldn’t be doing this…

You look down as his face disappears between your spreading legs and you can’t believe that you are here. The first feel of his darting tongue feels almost unreal as he starts to get a taste of your dripping pussy… you can’t help but wonder what he’s trying to get to as he licks you like a man dying of thirst, you can feel the strength of his tongue as it forces itself between the folds of you, inside of you, and for a fleeting moment it is gone and you want to scream…until you feel the gentle massage of his tongue lap at your clit…right above where his fingers are gently massaging the outside of your the hole that you want him to fill with his throbbing hard cock…

But first his tongue dances around the inside of czech pool porno your clit… you can feel the distant wave of another orgasm starting to build as his tongue finds the perfect spot and starts to do magic things to it. You feel his hand find your nipple and start to fondle it…squeeze it, pull at it as that wave gets closer.

Without a warning that wave is upon you…crashing on you, making it feel like a thousand volts are rushing through your sweating body over and over again, making you feel like you’ve been broken into a million little pieces and reassembled with weak glue. This man shouldn’t be doing this to you, shouldn’t be making you feel this…this…. This ecstasy, this erotic desire that has nothing to do with the love you have for your husband and everything to do with the animal lust you never knew you were possessed of…

But before you can even begin to recover and assemble your wits, there is another feeling…a full, deep, primal feeling that takes you time to realize… he is inside of you. His cock is buried deep inside your dripping, hot, wet cunt. His body is pressed up against yours and his lips are pressed to yours… there is no distant wave of warning this time…it is almost a continuation of what had come before, but this is deep inside…mindlessly you wrap your legs around him, pulling his cock inside of you as hard and as far as it will go never wanting to fall from the crest of this incredible wave, together your feel the start of his orgasm, you see the look on is face, he pushes his upper body up and away from you and pushes your legs wider apart and thrusts even deeper inside of you as his orgasm peaks with yours filling your hole with his hot, white cum. You actually feel it inside you as he pumps it out and you feel like it’s taking you apart as you start to fall from the peak of where you fear you may never go again.

He falls on you and you roll together on the bed with his cock still inside of you….you can’t bring yourself to let him pull it out..

This was all wrong…so wrong… you shouldn’t have done this…you shouldn’t want this… you shouldn’t want more of this…

You wonder what it’s going to be like next time. What it will take to make you feel like this again. You wonder if you’ll ever be able to bring yourself to do such a thing again. If so, You wonder if you’ll ever be able to stop and than it occurs to you…you don’t want to. This man or another….or….



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