“Alexis! It’s your stop!”

Alexis snapped out of the daze she was in to find that the bus had finally arrived at her house. She exited, and watched as the bus slowly drove off into the distance.

“Finally!” she said to herself as she turned to check the mailbox. Not even bothering to read what was addressed inside, Alexis grabbed the stack of envelopes and began her trip up the long driveway. It seemed to get longer every day, seeing that the strip of pavement was about a quarter of a mile long.

The house she lived in was peaceful and secluded. Occasionally, the people that had come to visit called it a mansion, but it didn’t feel like one to Alexis. Spending most of the time at home in her bedroom, Alexis sometimes forgot about the many rooms that only the adults seemed to care about. The sitting room and terrace had no purpose for her, unless she had to dress up and meet some of her parents many friends.

After finally making it up the driveway, Alexis closed the front door to be greeted with a loud echo followed by silence. Nothing unusual, considering her parents were either at work, talking about work, or socializing with people for work. Sometimes, her parents would host huge parties for obscure reasons in order to socialize with other high class people that were visiting. At least during those parties there was good food.

Alexis made her way up the stairs to her room and closed the door quietly. After the door closed, she collapsed onto the bed and let out a loud sigh. She was both excited and exhausted that the school week had come to an end. Most of her peers at this time were busy making plans about how to spend their Friday night, but Alexis already knew what her plans were going to be.

For the weekend, Alexis had the whole mansion to herself for the first time. She had recently turned eighteen, and her parents finally believed she could take care of herself. No parents, no parties, and especially canlı bahis şirketleri no strangers sounded like the perfect weekend. Having known about her parents’ trip for a few weeks, Alexis had made an itinerary in her head about what exactly she was going to do.

After staring at the ceiling for about ten minutes, Alexis stood up and stripped out of her school uniform. As she went to find a pair of clothes to put on, she recalled that no one would be around. Instead of finding some clothes, Alexis took off her bra and panties to be welcomed by a sense of freedom she had never experienced, even within the privacy of her own room.

Since her family was wealthy, Alexis’ parents were very controlling of her activities and friends. This, in Alexis’ opinion, is why she felt she had neither of the two. One of the ways that her parents were controlling was by making her learn proper etiquette. By walking around her room exposed, it violated almost everything she had ever learned. The only time she was ever naked was when taking a shower or changing clothes for bed.

After moving around the room a bit and getting accustomed to the new sense of freedom, Alexis noticed her reflection in the mirror. She blushed for a moment as this was the first time she had seen herself naked in a very long time. Her bathroom mirror only showed her face and whenever she had changed in her room, she was only naked a brief moment (and it was still dark).

Alexis stared, almost mesmerized by her reflection. It felt like years had gone by since she last looked at herself completely naked. The last time she saw herself like this was when she was in a changing room at a swimming pool years ago. Now, so much had changed. Where there was once a small chest now was a full set of breasts. It was only now that Alexis realized how much they had truly grown. High school had been kind to her, as she examined at just how big her breasts had gotten. Her bra canlı kaçak iddaa size said 32 C, but in school all the girls’ chest sizes seemed identical because of their uniforms.

She walked closer to the mirror and began to examine her nipples closer. They were a bit browner now; compared to the pink she last remembered seeing in the changing room. Her hands moved down her body as they came across the tip of her pussy. She noticed in the mirror that it seemed wet from the angle she was looking at. A quick poke proved the theory to be true, as a shock pulsed through her entire frame.

“What the…?” Alexis said softly.

No one had taught her about masturbation, so the sensation she felt was quite surprising. She blushed and looked away as she remembered her etiquette teacher discussing that women shouldn’t be concerned with anything sexual until marriage.

Alexis jumped on her bed and began to think. Questions rambled through her head.

“What was that?”

“Does that happen to most girls?”

“But I’m not married… why am I looking at myself this way?”

It seemed like a long time, but it was only a few minutes before curiosity got the best of her again. She jumped off the bed and ran back to the mirror. She put her hand back to the tip of her pussy to realize that it was wet yet again. The same tingling sensation pulsed through her body again as she grazed it with her finger.

Looking up for a moment she realized that her nipples that were soft were now hard and small. She poked her right side to push it back down, only to be greeted with another, less shocking pulse. The two events, she deduced, were connected somehow. Instead of poking, she gently pinched the same nipple to be granted a wave of pleasure.

What was this wonderful thing that she had discovered?

Alexis began poking and prodding everywhere around her breasts and pussy until she finally discovered that if she rubbed gently canlı kaçak bahis on the top part of her pussy, that’s where it felt best. Little did she know that she was rubbing her clit.

She began to rub faster and suddenly stopped as she felt the urge to pee.

“That was too close.” Alexis said out loud to herself, panting from exhaustion.

Then she had an idea. If she continued doing the same thing in the shower, then it wouldn’t matter if she peed.

Immediately, Alexis ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She was so excited from what she had discovered; she didn’t even notice that she was almost jumping up and down while the shower heated up. She only noticed once the weight of her breasts caused her to have to take a breath.

The shower was relaxing; enough that Alexis almost forgot why she was in there in the first place. After lying down on the bottom of the shower, she noticed that her nipples were no longer hard, but soft again. As she spread her legs, about to rub the same place, water from the shower head hit her now exposed pussy.

It was even better than rubbing the spot she had just discovered.

Alexis stood up and grabbed the shower head. She sat down, opened her legs, and pointed the head at her clit. She almost dropped it as she convulsed with pleasure. Nothing she had felt in the past even compared slightly to the feeling she was experiencing.

It only took about thirty seconds before Alexis felt like she was going to pee again. This time though, she didn’t stop. After a second of recuperation, she fought the instinct to stop and keep going. Then something she didn’t understand happened.

All of a sudden her muscles began to lock up. She tried as hard as she could to hold onto the shower head as she began to flex every muscle she had. Then, after a few seconds, all of her muscles relaxed. The showerhead dropped to the ground as every ligament Alexis had collapsed as well.

She had no idea how long she stayed in that state; disoriented, water running against her leg, and more relaxed than she had ever been in her entire life.

All she knew was that she wanted more.

To Be Continued…



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