~ This story does not contain sex, so if you’re looking for a quick fix, you should probably go elsewhere~

To C., this is for you, and from you in a way. Love you.


If you were here, you’d wake up to me spooning against you, my hands slowly dragging up and down your naked body, my fingers softly brushing your hair behind your ear, whispering softly… “Wake up love, wake up.” You feel my hand run up and down your thighs, settling on your stomach for a moment before moving up your side, down your arm, and back down your leg. You turn slowly onto your back and I move over the top of you and start kissing you softly, my lips warm and moist against yours as my hand brushes down your side and up to the curve of your breast. Putting my palm on your supple, firm flesh, making you moan slightly, feeling you reach for my own nipples to pleasure me in return, but I catch your wrist and put your hand gently back down on the bed. You whine slightly at the lost opportunity, but I kiss you again, more deeply and longer, my tongue flicking into your mouth to stroke over yours, my hands still reaching all over your body, barely touching the lips of your cunt, teasing you slightly.

I move my finger slowly down and back up your sensitive pussy lips, back up to your stomach, to your chest, my fingers czech amateurs porno moving between your breasts, then down over your soft flesh to tweak and pull at your hardened nipple. You feel me flick your nipple back and forth with my thumb, up and down slowly, side to side, pinching them once or twice, mixing a little pain into your pleasure, then switching my torments to the other. While my hands are occupied I’d take your ear lobe into my mouth, sucking gently, raking my teeth across it, and hearing your intake of breath as I blow air across the moistened surface. I’d shift my hand back down your body, feeling the goose bumps on your hip, and then move my head to reclaim your lips in a deep, long kiss before trailing a line of kisses down your neck, over your collar bone, then lowering myself down to the level of your breasts.

I immediately take one of your hardened nipples into my mouth, you gasp at the sensation, scratch down my back with your nails as I suck it deep into my mouth, then release it to drag the flat of my tongue slowly over it repeatedly, making you moan loudly. I would move to do the same to the other nipple, letting my fingers resume their torment on the one my tongue just left, roughly flicking over it as the other is pulled into my hot mouth. My fingers leave czech bitch porno your nipple and slowly travel down to the lips of your cunt, barely brushing the length of them, feeling how wet you are, how much I’ve got you turned on. You gasp, not only at the sensation of my fingers, but also at the flicking of my tongue over your nipple, then I release you from my mouth to softly kiss you.

My finger moves up and down the slit of your lips, barely spreading the juices from your dripping cunt, you moan as my finger travels to your slick entrance and slowly pushes inside of you. You clutch at me, scratch down my arm as I slowly begin to draw my finger in and out of your wet cunt, then slipping out and slowly moving up to your clit, dragging my finger over your sensitive flesh. I begin rubbing your swollen bud gently, then drag my finger back down to rewet it, feeling you try to push yourself down onto my finger, wanting more stimulation. I bring it back to your clit, rubbing gentle circles around it, pressing a little harder, pushing you closer to completion. I can feel you begin to quake and slowly stop making circles, putting my finger back inside of you, massaging the hot walls of your cunt softly, teasing you with the edge of orgasm.

I bring my finger back to your clit after czech casting porno a couple moments and restart my circular ministrations again, gently rubbing and rewetting my finger, rubbing slightly harder, flicking over you a little more roughly. “Do you like that?” You hear me whisper huskily in your ear, “Do you like it when I fuck your cunt with my fingers? Rubbing your wet clit?” You pant out a yes, telling me not to stop this time, asking me to make you come. I can hear the want in your voice; you want that wave to crash on you so bad. I rewet my fingers from your hot cunt, and rub again on your clit, picking up speed and pressure, feeling you buck your hips and start to shudder. You are so close, just a few more seconds. I keep circling, whispering dirty things in your ear, and then feel your body clench as your orgasmic wave crashes over your body, gasps and moans escape you as you thrust your hips against my hand, then almost melt into my arms.

I ponder about keeping going, giving you more stimulation, knowing my fingers are close, knowing how sensitive you are to any touch right now, but I decide to let you revel in the post orgasmic bliss, feeling you roll over onto my chest, your head collapsing with a contented sigh. You feel my hard cock against your thigh and look up at me questioningly; I tell you that I can wait until we shower together, which makes you grin. So you just lay on my chest with a sigh as you feel my hands begin to roam over your body again, up and down your back, your arms, down your soft ass, and upper thighs, back to your neck and face as you come down from your erotic high.



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