Several weeks after returning from Las Vegas, Bree finally had her first consultation with one of the respected plastic surgeons near her home. The office and its staff were much classier than she’d experienced in Las Vegas. Many of the questions, measurements, and medical paperwork and doctor’s statements were very similar.

Bree was struck by his candor when the subject of implant size came up. He felt 400cc was the largest size she’d be happy with. When she mentioned having seen a doctor in Las Vegas who had suggested 450cc or slightly above, he smiled, and said, “Las Vegas isn’t real life. As a man I can tell you there’s no other city with as many surgically enhanced women to ogle.

“As a doctor I can say most of those women went too big. Their chests don’t look natural. They don’t move; they don’t have a natural shape. I doubt they feel very soft and natural. I’d guess the average enhancement in Las Vegas went about 100cc beyond what I would have recommended.”

He paused and then added that he had actually attended a cosmetic surgery conference in Las Vegas and led a panel discussion about oversized implants. They had used a survey of recent Las Vegas surgeries in the discussion which concluded there was 100cc over-sizing compared to surgeries in two other cities.

Bree was visibly disappointed. She started to argue but was cut off by the doctor. He told her that he only wanted what would be best for her. His opinion was based on his professional knowledge and experience. He felt strongly enough that he would not perform the surgery on her with anything larger than 400-cc implants.

He said she could find another surgeon who’d do whatever she asked for but he’d urge her not to do that. He repeated that she had said a natural look and feel was important to her fiancé and herself. If so, 400cc was the largest she should consider. Bree held it together but was torn between anger and tears. The consultation ended with a strained exchange of goodbyes.

She sat in her car and cried. She’d arrived at the doctor’s office expecting him to confirm her prior conclusion that she could go to 500cc implants giving her a Double D body. Having D-cup breasts wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what Bree and Brian had decided on. She knew she’d be disappointing Brian. He wouldn’t say anything but his preference for her to approach bimbo-size had been evident.

After a good cry for a minute or two, Bree’s accountant persona took charge. The doctor had been selected for his expertise. He had no personal stake in Bree’s breast size and was giving her his opinion of what was best for her. His conclusion flowed from her body structure. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Only a fool would dismiss his opinion.

Bree sat up straighter and pushed out her natural chest while she visualized each breast being 400-cc bigger. Very nice, she concluded. In fact, the perfect size to be a busty accountant. She didn’t really want to be a stripper. If she could wear a D-cup bra, tight dress and heels Brian would be drooling and she’d be the hottest accountant not just in her office but even at their regional meetings.

She pulled out her phone to call the doctor’s surgical scheduling assistant but then remembered that the Sexual Pre-nup gave Brian control of her implant selection. That was okay. She smiled as she thought about her new task; she would seduce Brian into deciding that 400-cc implants were perfect.

Bree went home and made a quick assessment of which gel forms, lingerie and clothing would give her the sexist D-cup ensemble for the evening. She decided they would go out to dinner and discuss her surgical consult. She wasn’t ready to see people she knew while wearing the gel pads but thought of a small restaurant in the next town where she’d feel sufficiently anonymous to wear her gel filed bra. It had booths that should give them privacy for a personal discussion. She called to reserve a booth and asked for one with the most intimacy.

She selected a satiny blouse that could accommodate her larger chest but barely. She pared it with a tight suede skirt that wasn’t obscenely short but seemed sexy when worn with her three-inch heels.

With her outfit selected she still had some time to kill before Brian would be home. She opened her laptop to do some shopping. She selected several pieces of nice clothing sized to fit her with D-cup tits. She might not yet be ready to go to the office as a D-cup bimbette but she would start going out around town to get used to her new look.

She made several clothing selections but didn’t buy anything because the couple’s Pre-nup Agreement gave Brian a veto power over new clothing. She bookmarked the selected items to show Brian during dinner. He’d like her choices.

She’d chosen all separate tops and bottoms. She’d explain to Brian that going forward when she bought a dress it would need alteration. The dress would need to be a large enough size for her D-cup breasts but would then be too large below. She’d need a seamstress bakırköy escort to remake the lower two-thirds of the garment. Brian had once mentioned his vision of her body as a top-heavy hourglass. He’d enjoy that her new wardrobe would reflect that vision.

Feeling sexy, she visited the website of the shoe brand she routinely wore. In seconds she ordered three pairs of high heels. One had a three-inch heel which was what she was getting comfortable wearing. They’d become her standard office footwear- replacing the flats and one-inch heels she’d worn for years. Now she also bought two pairs with four- inch heels. She knew Brian would love to see her legs stretched an inch more. They’d probably be painful for a while but buying and wearing them would add to her 400cc look.

Finally, she visited a corset maker’s website that Brian had found. She went through the catalog of ready to wear corsets and bookmarked one she thought Brian would like. It was in black satin and Bree noted they had 34D and 36D in stock. One of those should be right. The corset had no opening busk in the front- just laces up the back. She’d tell Brian once he laced her into it, she’d be corseted until he deigned to unlace her. He’d love that imagery. Actually, it turned her on, too.

Their Agreement called for custom fitted corsets but it didn’t exclude an off the shelf addition. She’d show the selection to Brian and suggest they buy it now for the long period before any custom fitted garments would be ready. To sweeten her teasing offer she went onto the site’s custom order page and scheduled a measurement fitting session for the upcoming weekend. It would be embarrassing to remove her big gel pads from her bra and insert them into the corset used for fitting but she could handle it.

As an after-thought, she decided to tell Brian they could pick up the ready- made corset in person when they went for her fitting. She’d even offer to wear it home from the fitting salon. That was actually a very good idea since it would confirm that her pads would fit and stay in place.

Bree checked the clock and decided Brian would be home soon. She did her make-up a bit heavier than what she’d done for the office and doctor’s visit. She dressed in the planned outfit and checked herself out in the full-length mirror. She looked tall and sexy but also classy. It was a very good look. Objectively, it probably suited her far better than the bimbo look she’d fantasized about when she was considering the really big implants. She could still dress obscenely at home if Brian wanted her to but not be too slutty for the office.

Bree moved to the living room and positioned herself in a model-like standing pose when she heard Brian’s car. She wanted him to see her at her best as soon as he entered the apartment.

“Wow!” That was Brian’s reaction as he stared at her across the room. He closed the front door and took a few steps forward as he scanned Bree from head to toe several times. “I guess the doctor’s appointment went well. You look great. I love every aspect of the new look.”

“I’m glad you like it. We’re going out to dinner so be ready to leave in ten minutes.”

Brian smiled- surprised she wanted to go out in the busty version of herself but thrilled by it. He walked to her and gave her a passionate kiss. He again told her how great she looked.

Brian brought up the doctor’s consult in the car as they drove out of town to the restaurant. Bree said they’d talk about it over dinner.

They were given a booth with lots of privacy as Bree had requested. Their privacy was interrupted a few times for ordering drinks and dinner but Bree just sanitized the conversation as needed when the waiter was nearby.

Within a few minutes she’d summarized the disappointment and new optimism of her afternoon. Double D was out but she was sure they’d both enjoy her tits enhanced with 400-cc which should put her in D cup bras. As expected, Brian expressed his full agreement and enthusiasm. He told her to schedule the surgery ASAP and confessed that her demurring to his control about that phone call made him hard. She whispered that she wouldn’t have signed the Agreement if she wasn’t going to follow it. Her breasts would be reshaped and sized as he directed.

Bree had brought her I-pad to show him her bookmarked shopping items sized to fit her planned enhancement. He loved her tentative shopping selections and with a few clicks the clothes were ordered. They paid extra for express shipping when Bree said she planned to spend most of her pre-surgery non-work hours wearing the gel-padded bra.

Brian said she should order another pair of the gel pads and another sexy D-cup bra from the site they’d used to buy the original set of pads. She thought it was a needless expense but he pointed out the bra would become a part of her permanent wardrobe. They’d simply cut out the pocket for the removable gel pads. Bree blushed and said that was strangely exciting. She was actually beşiktaş escort going to order her first intimate for her new body. She’d order first thing in the morning.

She set the I-Pad aside while they ate. On several occasions Bree brought her fingers up to the area of her chest to remove an imaginary piece of lint. She watched Brian’s eyes follow her fingers with intense interest. To tease him more she mentioned that after her surgery her nipples would probably be poking through her clothes since her big breasts would be pushing them out. When she was confident they were alone, she used a whole hand to cradle a breast in an offering gesture. Brian loved her teasing.

When the plates were cleared and they were waiting for coffee, Bree said in a low voice that she had one other shopping category to mention. She opened the I-Pad again and showed him the catalog description and photos of the ready to wear corset she’d selected. She noted the absence of an opening busk in the front and whispered, “once you lace me in I’ll stay corseted until you unlace me.” She asked for his approval of the choice which he gave without hesitation saying that his cock had just throbbed at thinking of pulling her laces tight.

She mentioned that she wasn’t sure about the sizing but they seemed to have the selected corset in the couple of sizes she might need. They were offered in the colors of black, white and a deep green- the color was his choice. She explained about the fitting appointment she’d made for Saturday and how he could decide on the custom corsets they’d order while she could also confirm the size of the ready to wear version they’d buy for her immediate use. She clarified that the word immediate meant that she planned on transferring her gel inserts into the corset and wearing the corset for the rest of the day.

He grinned widely but couldn’t respond as the waiter was bringing their coffee. When the waiter had gone he told her how much he loved her and how he was very much looking forward to Saturday.

As her final tease Bree said, “Since we can’t make my tits as large as we’d thought, I was thinking we could experiment with waist training with the corsets we’ll buy. I don’t know if waist training really works but if we can make my waist smaller my tits will look bigger. Does that sound good?”

“Of course, that sounds sexy but when you wear a full length corset your breasts will be locked away with your waist. We’ll need to buy waist cinchers that you wear with a bra. Taking off the bra will give me access. For an obscene look they also make cup-less corsets that display your naked tits full time. I definitely want to see you in one of those.”

Bree blushed at the thought of having her body tightly confined in a cup-less corset with her big tits framed by the upper part of the garment. She’d never seen a corset like this in real life but had stared at them in the corset maker’s on-line catalog.

This style corset truly looked like the tailor had started with a regular corset and cut the cups out. This left stiff fabric pieces that would frame each breast making a truly blatant display. The design would showcase breasts of any size but one could imagine how large breasts would fill the cut out and project obscenely. She shivered at picturing herself in a few months with her new tits being corseted like that for Brian’s pleasure.

With the cup-less design dominating her thought, Bree said, “Obviously, the color choices are up to you but I’d suggest the ready to wear one would look particularly sexy in either black or dark green to contrast with my skin. The same would be true for the custom-made ones but we need at least one in white or nude so it won’t show through a light-colored blouse or dress.”

Brian said he understood. He added that she needed to stop talking about sexy things for a few minutes so his cock could soften. She smiled- realizing that he was embarrassed at the thought of walking through the restaurant with a hard on. She was torn as to whether to tease him more or to cooperate. She ultimately decided to let him off the hook so they could get home.

On the drive home Brian asked several questions about Bree’s visit to the corset maker’s website. He’d discovered the company and made a note of it since it had a salon about an hour’s drive away but he hadn’t studied the website. Bree answered his questions but said he really needed to spend some time on the site before Saturday so he could narrow the styles he favored and decide on questions to ask. There were a lot more options and variations than she’d imagined and she guessed he’d want to be well informed before speaking with the fitter.

On their arrival at Bree’s apartment Brian pulled her to him for a powerful hug and intimate kiss. Her body melded into his as she returned his passion. As they kissed his hands began a slow exploration of her body. He seemed to pay particular attention to her torso with his hands periodically dropping beylikdüzü escort to her ass and hips. Bree became aware of his hands and guessed he was visualizing her being corseted. That turned her on.

After kissing and hugging Brian held her at arm’s length and said, “I don’t know how your waist could be much smaller but the notion of shaping your body through regular corseting is very erotic. I feel like a pervert but can’t wait until Saturday.”

“I think a lot of guys like to think about their women in corsets. It doesn’t necessarily make you a pervert. What about me? I’m the one whose body is going to be tortured and yet I’m excited. I think that is definitely perverted.”

Brian told her how great she’d looked at dinner and how sexy it was to hear about the doctor’s visit and her later excitement about her planned new look. As he spoke, he took in her whole body with both eyes and hands. Bree posed and basked in his adoration.

After a minute or so, Brian said that while he was definitely looking forward to all that they’d discussed, the present was also great. He started to undress her as he told her how he wanted to enjoy her body just as it was. When he removed her big gel-filled bra he cupped her natural breasts and said he’d been missing touching her soft flesh.

His hands cupped her B- cup tits and he positioned his palms to enjoy her nipples. As he rubbed his palm over her erect nubs Bree moaned and swung her chest back and forth by an inch or so to get more pleasure. He enjoyed feeling her moving nubs as well as the knowledge that she was a horny participant.

When Bree was down to just panties Brian started to shed his own clothes and told her to get onto the bed. He lay down beside her and kissed her passionately while pulling her body to him. He was elevating his upper body with one elbow and forearm on the bed so his right hand was useless but his left fondled Bree from her shoulders to her thighs with an oft repeated focus on her ass. In between kisses he told her sexy she was and how excited he was by their shared kink. She said she felt the same. The pre-nup sex agreement had certainly been a success so far, she said, and he agreed.

Brian’s right arm was getting tired so he shimmied down on the bed and lay down. His right arm was extended down between their bodies and his hand was now able to caress Bree’s Mound and reach between her legs with his fingers.

He moved his body down a little more and kissed all around her breasts. While avoiding the nipples with his mouth he took frequent glances at them- enjoying how hard they were. He knew that they were aching for attention. He wanted to taste them but forced himself to hold back a while longer.

Meanwhile, his right hand was becoming more active between her legs. He couldn’t easily get his fingers inside of her in their current positions but he was able to apply pressure over her pubic bone. His fingers gradually insinuated themselves between her swollen outer lips. Bree pressed back against his fingers and made numerous soft moaning sounds. Her non-verbal noises and increasing moisture reassured Brian that he was on the right track.

Bree was enjoying his mouth on her breasts anxiously awaiting the moment that he’d include her nipples. The anticipation was killing each of them. After a while Brian brought his left hand up from her hip to grasp her right breast. His hand squeezed gently and used his hand to gather and squeeze her modest breast. This caused her breast to project- presenting her hard nipple to him.

He engulfed a mouthful of breast flesh and then tongued her aroused nipple. His tongue twirled around the erect bud as Bree gasped and pushed out her chest seeking even more contact. She panted in a staccato rhythm as her arousal seemed to double. Brian left his hand gripping her right breast but moved his mouth to her left tit. He captured her nipple and bit it gently while giving it a thorough tongue assault.

Bree let out a squeaky cry as her body squirmed. For an instant Brian thought his teeth had hurt her but he soon realized he was hearing passion- not pain. That turned him on as he rarely used his teeth on this sensitive flesh. Sometimes-like now, she loved it and sometimes she seemed unaffected. He always took her reaction as a giving a score for his talent. He took great pleasure in scoring well.

He stopped his bite-it should only be an occasional accent. His mouth opened and pressed against her soft flesh to take in as much of her breast as possible. He sucked- at first gently and then much more aggressively. This prompted another gasp from his excited partner who was nearing orgasm.

Brian adjusted the grip of his hand on her right breast. Without losing his control he was able to free his thumb and forefinger to take in her nipple. It was still moist from his recent mouth work but he was able to grip the erect bud between his fingers to squeeze and twist it- not cruelly but with enough force to get the desired result. He pulled outward but her nipple slipped out-frustrating both of them for a moment. Gripping the nipple at its base he squeezed a little tighter and pulled while twisting a bit. Bree’s whole body tensed as she took in a big breath and then froze. She shuttered as her orgasm overwhelmed her.



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