Alison Brie

As the darkness faded into light, Michelle rolled over to look at her lover of ten years. She loved to watch her sleep. The way her eyes crinkled at the corners, like she was deep in thought or the way the corners of her mouth turned up as if in a smile. Slowly she climbed from the bed careful not to wake her. As she padded towards the bathroom, she looked again at her lover lying in blissful sleep. This was going to be the hardest thing she had ever had to do.


The sun shining through the bedroom window woke her out of her dream. She reached out to Michelle’s side of the bed and her hand fell on emptiness. Opening her eyes, she eyed the side of the bed where Michelle should have been and did not see her. Shaking the cobwebs she sat up and looked around. She smelled coffee brewing and smiled as she climbed out of bed. Getting dressed, she looked around again perplexed. She smelled the coffee brewing but didn’t hear any of the normal noises, the house was eerily silent.

Walking towards the kitchen she called out to Michelle several times. Upon entering the kitchen she still had not gotten a response. As she poured her coffee and sat down at the table she saw the dried flowers and the small bundle of letters and then remembered why the house was so quiet. Hands trembling she picked up the letter that had been written a year ago, before Michelle had left on her business trip, and smiled faintly at the nickname Michelle had given her. Taking a sip of her coffee she started reading.


Hey babe, if your reading this then that means you are up and drinking the coffee I made. I bet your wondering why I am not here. You probably have forgotten that today I am leaving. I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping all curled up with your hair spilling over your face and a smile left over from last night.

As I write this I can’t help but think about last night. This letter, the contents of what I am about to write, is what will get us through eight weeks of pure hell. Eight weeks of being apart, not waking up next to each other or kissing each other goodnight.

Kneeling between your legs, I watched as the moonlight danced across your body. I started out giving butterfly kisses along your neck and jaw line and as I reached the corner of your mouth your lips parted, inviting me, wanting me. Slowly I kissed you, dipping my tongue into the depths of your mouth, sucking on the tongue you so freely offered. As we explored each other our kiss changed from just a kiss to a kiss of passion. The kind of passion that only two people so deeply in love can create.

Leaving the kiss I continued down, stopping briefly at the base of your throat to swirl my tongue around the small hollow of your beautiful neck. Finally I reached your lovely breast and took your already sensitive nipple in my mouth, slowly sucking and teasing until it became rock hard. You arched your back, as if allowing me more access, begging me to taste what you had to offer. I can still see the anticipation in your eyes as I released your nipple and headed down farther, trailing soft feathery kisses across your stomach and stopping to tease your belly button with my tongue. Impatiently you arched your back again, as if trying to bump me down farther, down to where you really wanted me. Happy to oblige your every whim I finally settled exactly where you wanted.

Looking up into your eyes, I smiled and slowly stuck my tongue out.

Cheryl set the letter aside and sighed. As she rose to get more coffee she let a single tear slip down her cheek. Michelle’s death had hit her hard and although it casino siteleri had gotten easier over the last year, she still felt her loss everyday.

“I don’t know why I do this to myself every day; Michelle has been gone a year already.” She said out loud to no one.

Returning to the table she took a drink of her coffee and looked at the flowers on the table. They were beautiful still after all this time. Michelle knew roses were her favorite. In fact she always brought one single red rose home every night after work, it had been that way since they had started dating. She hated to think of the money that woman had spent on roses. One single red rose every day for 10 years and a dozen roses for each birthday and anniversary.

Smiling to herself she picked up the letter again. She knew she shouldn’t, that she needed to get on with her day but in her heart she knew she would finish it just like she had every day for the last year.

Teasing you with my tongue has always been my favorite thing to do. You always get so annoyed, threatening to roll over and go to sleep. You and I both know however, that will never happen. As not to disappoint, you looked down and started to speak, I quickly jabbed my tongue between your pussy lips, slowly licking and nipping your inner lining. This stops you from speaking as a low moan escapes your lips. Gently tugging and biting I feel your hand on the back of my head. You are trying to guide me, lead me to your center. That small bundle of nerves that will bring you to the most intense, pleasurable orgasm you could ever hope for. Looking up I know that look. Anticipation, need, want. All these things we feel for each other and have for the last ten years. It has never changed and it will go on forever my love. I will always love you, you are my soul mate.

Finally I decided to give in. You knew I would, as I always do. Gently taking your clit between my lips and slowly rolling it around on the tip of my tongue I can feel you starting to respond. Reaching up with my hand I find your nipple and slowly roll it between my fingers. Gently I start to pinch and tug on the nipple in my hand.

Cheryl looked up from note towards the clock. It would be time to get ready for work soon. Getting up she poured herself another cup of coffee and stretched. Everyday for the last year she had gotten up an hour and a half earlier then she really needed to. It was automatic, she tried to sleep in but for some reason she never could. Every day was the same. She would get up, drink coffee and read the letters. On weekends she slept later, but still the routine was the same. She had tried to break out of it. All her friends, her parents and co-workers told her it wasn’t good for her. She needed to let go.

As she looked deep into the recesses of her coffee cup hoping beyond hope that Michelle would show up in the door way smiling, her hair wet from a recent shower, chiding her for not pouring her a cup of coffee. But as she continued to peer into her coffee she knew that would never happen. As another tear slipped down her cheek she angrily wiped it away. No amount of tears or hope would ever bring Michelle back. She knew this but for some reason, insanity maybe, she could never really get past that Michelle was gone forever. Picking up the letter again, she continued to read.

Slowly I curled my tongue around your clit as it came out of hiding, pulling it closer and closer towards the back of my throat. With your clit enveloped inside my tongue I roughly massaged your button with the top of my tongue and swallowed, pushing you beyond the point of no return. I felt your legs stiffen and your fingers bury in my hair. You slot oyna tried to push me away but I held on as I increased the pressure on your nipple and your clit. You’re back arched to meet my hand and I as I watched you, I saw your face contort into what could only be called pure, unadulterated ecstasy. That is the way I want to remember you while I am gone. That look of pleasure that only I can give, the love shining in your eyes and the filthy words spewing from your mouth.

In all seriousness I love you babe and I will always love you. As I said earlier, I will carry the memory of last night with me forever, etched in the back of my mind like some rare painting. I can’t wait for you to join me. Eight weeks seems like a long time I know, but keep the picture I painted above in your mind and before you know it we will be together again.

Got to run babe, the taxi is here and I can’t miss my plane. My boss would kill me and then who would support your shopping habit then, huh? By the way look under the flowers; I have another surprise for you.

Loving you always and forever, Michelle

Cheryl got up and got her last cup of coffee. It had been a year since Michelle wrote this letter, a year since she bought the flowers and a year since she had walked out the door that fateful morning to go to Paris for business. Wiping the tears that were now streaming freely down her cheeks she walked back to the table.

Picking up the plane ticket that Michelle had left under the flowers, she read the note attached.

Hey babe, here is your surprise. I couldn’t bear to be without you for eight weeks so I bought a round trip ticket to Paris for you. I know you have vacation time so put in for it when you get to work. I love you and I’ll see you in three weeks.

By the way, bring the black teddy lying on the bed. *wink*

Cheryl took a sip of her coffee. The teddy was still in the top drawer and had never been worn. She could still remember jumping up from her chair and racing to the bedroom. Sitting on Michelle’s pillow was a white box with a red ribbon. How could she have not seen that? Tearing open the box she found the black teddy. The crotch was…well crotch less and the top would do very little to hide what she had to offer.

Smiling at the memory of the shocked look she is sure she had on her face, she remembered thinking that if Michelle had been there she would never hear the end of it. She had always been very shy when it came to her body. Michelle had slowly brought her out of her shell, but there were some things that still embarrassed her.

She had literally run to work that day to tell her boss she needed time off. If he wouldn’t give it to her then she would quit. Of course he had given it to her, with his blessing as she knew he would. She had told all her co-workers she was going to Paris to meet her girl. They talked about things to do and places to go and would she buy them this or that.

Finishing her coffee, Cheryl picked up the last letter on the table. This letter was the one she always dreaded reading, but she had to. It would complete the morning ritual and put the present back into focus. She had found it tucked in her mail box that day. She had found it odd that Michelle’s parents would drive over and leave a letter. They knew Michelle was gone and she hadn’t expected to hear from them until her return.


As I write this, it kills me to know you are there alone and could not be the first one to find out. I wish that you were the one informing us. That would have been the proper thing. The time you have spent with our daughter has meant a great deal to her. We admit, at first canlı casino siteleri when Michelle told us about you, we were not happy. After all she was our only daughter and we had hoped for grandchildren. But over time we got to know you and grew love you. We always hoped you would get around to having the children you talked about having.

Anyway what I have to write is very hard. We received a phone call today informing us that Michelle’s plane went down in the Atlantic Ocean near her destination. There were no survivors. Her body so far has not been recovered and maybe never will. We would like to talk with you in person about her funeral. We want you to be involved in all decisions. After all, if you were legally married it would be your decision solely.

David and I also want you to know we will not fight for anything of Michelle’s. After ten years you deserve all that she has put aside for you and her, you need this time to heal and not worry about your future or legal hassles. You have made our daughter very happy, she loved you more then life itself. To us, that is the best present anyone could have given a parent. Our precious daughter found love and life. She lived it to the fullest and you, Cheryl, were the whole reason. We know that and we will always love you for that.

Please never feel you cannot come see us or call us on the phone. You have become our “other” daughter and we would be hurt deeply if we never saw you again. Please call if you need anything, we are thinking of you and mourn your loss as we do our own.

Love always, Liz and David.

Cheryl slowly put the letter down. She hadn’t even heard of a plane crash that day. When she finished the letter from Michelle’s parents she raced to the T.V. and turned the news on, flipping through every channel she could find. Finally on the ten o’clock news she found it. Sitting there with tears streaming down her face, her body racked with sobs she wept for her lover, her friend and her soul mate. As she looked around the living room that day, she saw pictures. Pictures of them on vacation, camping and at the beach.

Her favorite picture was, and still is hanging on the wall above the mantel. It is of both of them and had been taken professionally. It was a present from Michelle’s parents for their tenth anniversary. She was sitting in an antique winged back chair and Michelle was sitting on the arm. She had one hand resting on Michelle’s leg and Michelle had her arm around her shoulder. Michelle was supposed to have been looking at the camera but at the moment the flash went, she had been looking at her. The photographer had wanted to re-take it, but they had said no. The look in Michelle’s eyes had said it all. The love and adoration she felt for her was all there in that one stare, caught on camera for life.

Rinsing her cup out in the sink, Cheryl laid both letters and the plane tickets in a neat stack on the table. They would be there for her to read tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. She figured at some point she would put them in a drawer, to be read only on certain occasions but for now they would stay right there, where they had been for the last year.

She continued to see Liz and David once a week, just like her and Michelle had. They got together for dinner and barbeques. Every holiday, birthday and anniversary they would all go to the cemetery and leave flowers. Silently praying for the loved one they had all lost.

Michelle’s body was never found. All that was buried in the casket was an outfit Cheryl had picked out, a picture of Michelle, her parents and Cheryl, and a letter Cheryl wrote to her. She had not wanted Michelle to feel alone on her ascent to heaven, or wherever it is people go when they pass on. She had wanted her to know she was loved and missed and that one day she would be there, back in her arms and her life forever.



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