I, Vampire Ch. 8Catches Her Attention…Over the centuries I have seen many things; turn of one century, a depression, two world wars, many other wars, rights activists, freedoms won, new technologies daily and the turn of another century. Yet during all of these times I have found that I have grown lonely and instead I had filled my time learning about all the world had to give me. During the many years I have traveled around the world and came across many other vampires with so very many different abilities, yet I’m so tired of it all. One of the things that haven’t changed, beside my looks, is my bait for hunting. Whores have been there throughout the times, hidden in the shadows of the cities. Of course I have had some other jobs; cleaning lady, dancer, seamstress. Yet always I came back to becoming a whore, it was the easiest and frankly I liked it the best. Even in that business there has been many changes; the clothes, the style, the kinks. I have done a lot for food and for pleasure; I used the men for my sexual desire and my need for their blood.Although due to the times I have learned to not to kill all of my meals, no matter how evil they are, most of them would still be missed, or worse yet, found. So I have to take just enough to satisfy my thirst but not enough that they would have to be taken in to the hospital, most of the time I feed off two or three a night, but being a little older I can go without too. Every once in a while when I had been traveling or unable to hunt I have looked for one that would not be missed and I would suck him dry. My tastes have always been for the evilest of men, which these days are the easiest to find anyway. I was once again alone in the city and decided that I didn’t want to walk the streets tonight instead I dressed for a night in the bar. Woman really do have all the power in the bars, all I had to do was dress sexy (unlike my usual sluttish) and wait for them to come to me. I entered a newly opened bar in uptown, wearing my black leather skirt and red top with the strapy high heels, loving how this outfit made me feel like a black widow spider. I looked around and saw plenty of single men on the prowl; it would be an easy night for me to lure one on. I ordered a drink at the bar so they would have an idea of what I wanted, not that I would actually drink this but it was a needed prop. He put a Bloody Mary down on the counter and told me that it was $8, giving him a 10 I went to go find a table I could sit at yet still be seen from the bar.I was getting hornier by the minute, and hungrier, but I didn’t see anyone that took my fancy yet though. They all looked the same after so many years; the styles may change, the opening lines may change but the guys are always the same. It was 11 and starting to get busier when I saw the second bartender behind the bar, my breath caught. I had never felt such a power coming from a human before, yet I knew that was no vampire either. My extra sense found joy, hope, fire, lust, fun all swirling through her, yes her. My world turned, what was happening to me? She was in a black blouse that seemed to be their uniform, but her slim yet curvy figure shone through clearly, her short cropped, red dyed hair lent to her feminism, and her soft brown eyes laughed at the men coming on to her. A smile played out on my lips when I heard her laugh, like angels chimes in the spring wind. She reminded me of a pixie; graceful, almost innocent, yet had mischievous undertone to her.I was so entranced with her that I didn’t see the guy slide up next to me and ask for a dance to the noise that passed for music at these places. Internally I sighed, I wanted her for some odd reason but I knew that he would be a good meal for tonight, but outwardly I smiled and took his hand. Leading me to the dance floor he started the normal grinding into your backside movement, how I missed the real dances from my time, but I decided that I would lead him on for a bit, at least get a meal from it. After a couple of songs played I whispered into his ear that we should head outside for some air, I didn’t even use my vampire suggestive voice, all I needed was a slight grope and he was pulling toward the backdoor. In the ally behind the place in a darkened area I pushed him against the wall kissing him deeply my hands playing across his chest and groan. Seductively I start kissing down towards his neck and I hear him moan, just then I pierce his neck, he shuddered, his eyes rolling in a pain/pleasure fashion that most men feel with me. I take in his blood and find that it has a high alcohol level when I feel that little droop I bite my tongue and fix the holes. Letting him go he slumped to the ground, someone will find him and think he had one too many, so I don’t worry and reenter the bar. After drinking I always get a little jump in my step feeling that human freshness running through my veins but due to the alcohol he had I was feeling a buzz too. I went back to the table again surprised that no one else had taken it, and found my drink still there. I looked back to the bar and she was still there working like crazy to keep up with all the orders. That made her all the better looking with the flushed cheeks from the heat, the little bit of sheen from the sweat, something I could not ever get being a vampire. My porcelain skin worked well with the gothic look that I adopted, still I wished for that life to be in me. I watched her into the night and found that it was already 1:30 and things were starting to settle down, if I wanted to get a man to satisfy this overwhelming lust I was going to need to pick one out soon. As soon as I thought it one turned from her at the bar and walked up to me, he wasn’t bad looking, having a punk rocker look to him. He leaned in close next to me, “Hey I’ve noticed you sitting there for the halkalı escort past hour alone, would you like to have some company tonight?”Well, it wasn’t the worse line ever and it gave me another meal plus I could use his sadistic fetish too. “Sure I could use someone to help me get home,” I said with a raised eyebrow. He took the bait and we quickly left after that, yet I couldn’t help but look at her over my shoulder. What surprised me is that she was watching me leave and giving me a smile, my inner sight showed a scene of her fucking him in the backroom. His large cock covered in her juices as she came over him. In a flash it was gone and we were heading towards his place as it was closer. Two thoughts hit me at once; that means she goes for men so I had little chance, and I wonder if he still tastes like her.As soon as we entered his place he pushed me against the wall, his hand on my neck as he kissed me. I moaned into his mouth with passion my hands pulling at his jeans, he growled with his hands moving over my breasts. As my hands groped into his opened jeans he groaned, “Yessss that feels good, why don’t you go ahead and taste it too.” As he pushed me down. I was now face to cock and I couldn’t help but take it out, already hard and ready to go, I thought to myself. I opened my mouth and tasted the usual salty male taste, but something else was there too, “Mmmmmmm.” “You like that slut don’t you? You like being used like a whore,” he looks down at me, “well I’m going to use you hard. Follow me on all fours bitch.”I was getting into it, so I complied and crawled to his bedroom following his foot steps. He laughed at the lust that must have been evident on my face, but I needed him to fuck my pussy hard, to feel what she felt. “Get up on the bed,” I climbed up and lay down on my back, “Did I say to lie down? On your knees bitch, I want that ass begging me to use you.”I flipped over and turned quickly, my pussy burning with need. Wiggling my ass seductively I looked over my shoulder and used my most pitiful voice, “Please I need to feel your cock in my tight pussy, please sir.”He growled behind me unable to hold back any longer and took my hips in his hands. I felt his cock at my sopping opening, and he forced his cock all the way into me in one motion. We both moaned in unison loving the way it felt, I ground my pussy into him reminding him that he should be pounding my pussy. Taking the hint he started thrusting into me, I loved how his balls would swing and hit my swollen clit and his hands would pull me back into him forcing all of him into me. Suddenly his hand smacked across my ass the pain was deliciously hot; I moaned making him do it again and again. The burning sensation starting the tingle throughout my body, soon I was screaming silently my body thrashing in orgasm. I heard him groan behind me loving my pulsing pussy around his cock, but not wanting to come quite yet. As soon as my breath caught again, he withdrew from me, “Turn over bitch I’m not done with you yet.” I flipped over my heart still beating rapidly and my breath still short, but I needed him to cum in me and I needed to cum with him. He took my legs and pulled them up over his arms lining his cock up to impale me again. “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” I roared at him, growling he pounded into me making me yell out in lusty need. I needed him to make me cum like her; I needed his cum, his blood. I could feel the pace quicken and the tingle start coursing through my body. He was so close, “Yes cum in me, fill your slut with your hot cum!” With a moan he pushed himself deep into me and started unloading his cum into my waiting pussy. This sent me over the edge, I started to cum hard, but I needed one more thing before this would be perfect. He started to slump and I came up and bit into his neck feeling the blood rush over my tongue I saw the stars invading my vision. My body thrashed with my orgasm and the fresh blood, after what seemed like an eternally I caught my breath again. Coming back to my senses again I found him slumped over me passed out from passion, booze and loss of blood. I fixed him up and saw that he would be fine in the morning, so I dressed and made my way back to my apartment. Thinking to myself, that was fantastic yet not what I needed.The next night I couldn’t help but return to the bar in hopes of seeing her again, this time I wore a black corset top and low cut black pants. My luck held as she was the first shift bartender so I could watch her all night long. She had this great way of getting the drinks out to the people quickly yet could somehow make each one feel like they had her undivided attention while she was doing it. I know I couldn’t stop staring but she didn’t seem to notice me anyway, although I got the attention of the men. I told the first few off not wanted them at all, but soon I thought I might just have to give in to get them to leave me alone. I danced with a couple but didn’t do anything more, then I decided that I should really go up to talk to her. Maybe when I did I would find that I no longer would want her, but in my heart I knew it was a bad plan to begin with. I stood by the bar hoping that the other bartender wouldn’t help me before her, but luckily she got to me first. I knew from the scene she gave me yesterday that she went for men but I couldn’t help but flirt a little, but I did so without the vampire abilities. I ordered a Bloody Mary with a smile and a flutter of the eyelashes. As she made it in front of me, “Did you have such a fun time last night that you decided to come again?” with a wink she placed the drink in front of me. If I could have blushed I would have, “I just couldn’t get enough of the views, so I had to come back and get my fill.” I placed 10 bucks on the counter for her, “But sadly I don’t şişli escort think I could ever get filled.”She laughed at that, “Hey it’s a little crazy in here right now, but I get off at 2. Would you like to go out for a coffee or something… if it’s not too late for you?”My jaw dropped, “I…I’d love to, I’ll be waiting around.” My head was spinning again as I went back to my table that I somehow claimed these past two night. I didn’t know if that was a date or just trying to get to be friends or what, but I was truly excited to wait another few hours to get her alone with me. As I was waiting my mind wondered, in all the many years I have been through I really was never attracted to the other woman around me. Sometime you would see one that was beautiful but mostly they were competition to me and my hunting. Not that I was against such thoughts, I knew a lot of woman that were whores that were willing to do things with another woman for their johns, but I’ve met few that truly were interested in women. As the time flew on I was starting to get nervous, maybe she wouldn’t like me or worse maybe I would be too unnatural. This got me thinking that I hadn’t fed that night and I hadn’t had that much the night before, I had to get something quick! My eyes scanned the floor but then my mind bit back, if she sees me go after another guy she might think that I’m not that interested in her. Quickly I made my way to the bathrooms; I’d done this before and it’s really not that hard to do. Good thing for me that men in this society don’t want to go to the bathrooms together or this would never work. I started down the hallway to them, and found a mass of people trying to get in or out, perfect. Using my senses I found one guy that wanted some female attention and I could smell the alcohol on him, this was the one. I made my way right next to him and waited until someone came behind me, pretending that they pushed me into him I landed on top of him. Quickly I bit into his neck using my vampire powers to keep him quiet and still, I took some of his blood and fixed him up. Then in less than a minute I moved away from him, and to the next victim. I felt like such a mosquito when I do this but soon I had what I needed and no one was the wiser. I made my way back to the table and happily saw that it was only half an hour to close, my stomach was turning over again. Too soon they flipped on the lights and everyone made for a door with or without new friends, but I stayed close to the bar unsure what to do. She waved me over to where she was standing, “Hey I just have to close out my till and I’ll be right out, do you mind waiting outside or if you’d rather head to the coffee place…”“No I can wait outside, if I need to I could take these drunks,” I cut her off before she could go on. “Ok I’ll be out in a minute. Oh, I’m Gwen by the way.”“I’m Scarlet, and I’ll be waiting.” I said with a chuckle, giving her my whore name that’s become my real name just by use over the years. I really felt no ill waiting outside for her as I really could take on any human; my strength was above that of a professional body builder. And I had felt around using my sight for any other vampires and only found a few young ones and one that I have had sex with in the past many, many years ago. He’d always wanted me but never had the spine to seek me out and I never really wanted him beyond sex, so it worked out well. Hearing the side door open she walked up to me, “My favorite place is just down the block, great coffee.” She was now wearing a dark purple tank top with the black pants, the black button up left behind. This showed her curves even more and her cleavage peeked up from the lower neckline, I smiled and nodded not trusting my voice.We entered the place and ordered; once we got the coffee we sat at the booth. I hated the way the florescent lights in there washed out my skin even more than normal but in the same way she might see it as all the lights. Yet even I could tell she was interested in me, yet somehow I couldn’t tell in which way; I felt like a human again. We started talking about the normal stuff of what we liked or did or such, just small talk but it came so easily with her. Soon enough it was getting late, or rather early and we came around to what I had been wondering about since the night before. “So I can’t help but notice you had been staring at me most of tonight and yesterday night at the bar,” she gave me a smirk, “do you like what you see?”I looked down and back up to her laughing eyes, “Well you are a beautiful woman, who wouldn’t like to stare.” She giggled, “Oh you’re good. Still I couldn’t help but notice you left with Jake last night, I got to ask how’d you like him?”“Well he was alright but not what I desired to satisfy my need. That’s why I had to come back again tonight.” A huge smile broke across her face, “Well you picked the right person to leave with then, or rather I did. So I’m wondering how you knew I was bi?”My face must have read confusion as she giggled, making me laugh. “I didn’t, frankly you are the first woman that’s ever caught my attention. I usually go for the men but I can’t seem to get you out of my mind, not that I would want to.”We stared at each other sharing a moment until something crashed in the kitchen breaking the moment. She looked at her watch and back up to me, “Hey I know it’s getting late, but would you like to go back to my place. We can get to know each other better.” She raised her eyebrow on the last sentence.“Well I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning… Lead the way,” I said as we got up. Her place wasn’t that far way really, just a few blocks away. I was so nervous that it barely seemed any distance at all, my heart pounding all the fresh blood into my ears. She sarıyer escort seemed at ease on the surface, but using my vampire sight I could see that she was excited, nervous and eager. Entering her apartment I found that it was well kept except for a few clothes around from earlier that day, she smiled, “Sorry for the mess, I had to switch clothes quickly for work.” Smiling at her, “It’s perfect, just like you.”She giggled relaxing visibly, “You are really great you know that. Hey do you want any thing to drink?”“Ummmm I’m good.” Suddenly I didn’t know what to do, after all the years I’ve been through and all that I have done, I was in unfamiliar territory. It must have showed on my face, “Don’t worry, I’ll guide you.” She whispered into my ear. She was so close to me I could smell her, the perfume she wore, the smell of the alcohol that she split from work, and her natural scent. I could feel the heat of her body without her actually touching me; her breath was so close to me. She brings her lips up to mine and I kissed her back automatically but then melted into her embrace. She was so much softer than the men, her hand stroked at the back of my neck and the other one on my lower back. My hands went to her waist and finding that curvy figure I moaned loving the sensations. Where men are hard and hairy, Women are soft and smooth. I barely noticed that she was moving my shirt higher until she removed her lips from mine and told me to lift my arms. I did as I was told and off came my shirt; she kissed down my neck her fingers quickly undoing my bra strap. Her silky fingertips caressed my hardened nipples making me moan, they trailed down to my pants. My hands were dangling; I was unable to do anything but enjoy the sensations she was giving me. The button was undone, the zipper down; she started kissing down my leg as more showed from her pulling the pants down. I vibrated with passion, as she came back up the other leg and started pulling down my thong. Lifting my legs from the clothes she came up to kiss my now naked body.Guiding me to her bed she laid me down and quickly stripped off her top, bra and pants, not having any panties on at all. Feeling her silky skin against mine was blowing my mind, I was feeling all thoughts slipping away and only wanting to experience her to the fullest. She glided down my body and her tongue found my hard nipple and she started sucking and nibbling it, making my body writhe. I felt her hand move up my leg to my hot, wet pussy; just one finger moved across it making me moan for more.Lifting her mouth from me and looking me in the eye, she asked, “Do you want more?”I could barely form the words from the need I was feeling, “Yes, yes. Please I need to feel you on me.”She gave me a wanton look and slid down farther, bringing her face to my pussy. My body cracked with energy once her tongue slid across my wanting pussy and hit my sensitive clit. Licking around my raised clit she got me burning, wanting for release yet not wanting for it to be over. My hands were on my nipples pulling and twisting them, feeling her tongue slip into me and lick up my juices. She licked, nibbled and sucked me until I could feel myself getting closer, my moans hit a higher note and suddenly her finger entered my pussy rubbing my g-spot. I exploded; my body thrashed in orgasm, my juices squirted over her face, my hands gripped wildly at the bed sheets. My vision darkened and my mind started to blank out, until I felt her starting to blow gently on my overheated pussy. Suddenly my breath caught again and the world became sharp again. “Wow… wow…” all I could say coming down from the best orgasm ever without blood, possibly the best ever.She giggled and came up to me giving me a deep kiss, I could taste myself on her lips and I explored her mouth with my tongue. Suddenly she broke the kiss, “Did you like that?”“Oh I loved it; you are the very best ever.” I felt like I should have been blushing, sounding like a little girl with her first crush.She laughed, “Good, I’m glad you liked it, because I loved doing it.” Then she give a me a sideways look, but said nothing.I knew what was on her mind without her saying a thing, I was nervous but I really wanted to try it. Using my hands to guide her I rolled her onto her back and gently lay down between her outstretched legs. I planted light kisses starting at her knees working up to her waiting pussy gaining courage from her moans of delight. She moaned in frustrated pleasure as I skimmed my tongue around the outside of her pussy. I took in her scent and taste and found that it wasn’t that different from mine own yet I knew it was also what I had tasted the night before. My tongue glided across her hardened clit and she groaned in lust trying to grind her pussy into my face, I smiled. Licking up her wet pussy lips around her clit and back down, before I would suck on her clit like a little cock. Using a little bit of teeth I nibbled on her outer lips and licked up her sweet juices, while thinking of anything that had been done on me that I liked. Everything came easily like I had been meant to spend my time eating out this beautiful woman before me. I noticed a change in her breathing and I got faster wanting her to come like she made me come. “YYYEEEESSSS!” She yells as her body locks up in orgasm, a rush of wetness coats my waiting tongue and lips as I greedily suck her. Then I feel her body collapse as she came down, and I crawled up to where she was laying. I kissed her neck and she turns to me, “Are you sure you’ve never done that before? Because you are a natural then.”I laughed at that thought, “It wouldn’t be the first time that someone had said that to me before.” Then I covered her mouth to stop any questions that might break the spell, our tongues exploring. Slowly we tangled into each other; our legs lacing together, our one set of arms crossing each other, our fingers on the other interlocked. As I fell asleep I was thinking that I have known her for such a short time yet I have never had such a connection with a human before…which led me to the thought of how would I ever tell her I wasn’t one.***



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