I Tried Lesbian Sex For The First TimeI started to spend a lot of time with my friend, Susan, she had a lot of information on sex and was teaching me a lot. My dad didn’t mind me staying over once in a while, it gave him a break from me.Sue taught me about masturbation and let me try her dildoe. Her dad had some porn videos that she could get access to when he wasn’t around. Us girls would get together at her house and she would play the videos, I really liked watching the men’s cocks more than anything, but I started to masturbate watching these movies. The thing is, the others would pull their pants down but I liked to just put my hand down inside mine and rub my clit.It would feel so good as my pussy got wet. The first time I orgasmed I thought the top of my head would explode, it was so intense. canlı bahis I couldn’t resist, I had to taste myself to find out what it was that attracted the men in the videos to go down on the women. To my surprise, it was pretty good, kind of sweet.During one of these video watching afternoons, while we were all pretty horny from masturbating. The talking came around to have we tasted our pussy? I had to tell them I had, and they giggled and then it became a dare session to dare each one to taste their pussy. Put in a couple of fingers, get them wet, then suck them clean. I was the first to do it, in fact I did it like three times, it really tasted good and it was turning me on to have them watch.Pretty soon all the girls, three others, tasted themselves. They kind of made faces, but it looked like bahis siteleri they really didn’t mind. Then the big dare, would anyone go down on one of the other girls like in the videos, I wasn’t too sure about this. The girl that had the videos said she would try if the same girl did her too. Since I was the daring one, they pretty soon got me talked into trying it.I was on the recieving end first. I have to tell you, from what I’ve experienced since, I don’t think this was that girls first time at doing this. It felt so good to feel her hot wet tongue on my clit, she flicked it in and out of my pussy, like on the movies and then started to suck on my clit. Needless to say I had no staying power and was soon climaxing, she kept sucking on me until I stopped. I had no idea an orgasm could be that güvenilir bahis good.It was now my turn and I just copied what she had done to me. Her pussy did taste different than mine a little bit, but close. She was really wet when I started, I guess she got really turned on by doing me. I was busy cleaning up as much of her juices as I could while licking on her clit. Soon I was sucking on her clit like she did to me and all of a sudden she grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy while she started to climax, I could feel her muscles spasm as she did it and she got even wetter. It was really unbelievably good.We messed around together like this for most of the summer, at least once a week we’d do the movies and masturbate and once in a while eat each other out. The best part was when we would get to watch her dad masturbate and cum. I was really getting a bit hooked on sex, but not in the normal man on top woman on the bottom stuff. The videos were of a lot of other things, other than that and I liked them.



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