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I Seduced My Brother And Lost Virginity – Pt 2deleteddeleteddeletedIqbal and I spent many afternoons in his bedroom cuddling naked and exploring each other’s nude body. Iqbal wanted to have sex, I too wanted to go all the way but was scared. So I thought that he can rub his dick on my cunt slit and clitoris, that can give him and me both pleasure.So one day after having oral sex when we were cuddling, I held his dick and started massaging it, it grew in my hand was hard within no time. I took it in my mouth and blew him for a couple of minutes. Then I lay spreading my legs, Iqbal came between my legs and started licking my clitoris.I said, “Iqbal, tum na apna lund meri choot pe ragado, andar nahin dalna magar upar se ragad ke hum lund ko choot aur choot ko lund ka maza to de hi sakte hain.” He got very excited and kissed me very passionately and pressed my boobs really hard. He said, “Maza aa gaya Huma baji, kya tarkeeb nikali hai, choot aur lund ka milan aise bhi to ho sakta hai.”He kept his lund at my choot and started rubbing over my slit and his head was hitting my clitoris and soon I had an orgasm. The feel of dick on cunt itself made me cum once. He kept rubbing his lund on my cunt and I came 4 times and then he shot his load over my stomach.The first spurt reached my boob and rest on my stomach and naval my naval was full of his cum. That was an amazing feeling, we were so exhausted that we slept like that with his cum still filled in my navel. We found a new satisfaction and a way of bonding.After a week I was down. Earlier when I used to be down, either we didn’t do anything or if Iqbal is in the mood, I used to suck him and drink his cum. This time also Iqbal was highly excited. When I took off my kurta, he said, “Huma baji, aaj aap let jaiye, main upar se aapke munh mein dalunga.”I did exactly as he said, then he sat on my chest with his thighs on either side and started fucking my mouth. After fucking my mouth for around 5 minutes he said “Huma baji, aap apne doodh jod lijiye main apna lund inke beech mein daal ke aapke doodh chodunga ab.”I didn’t understand what he was trying to say or do. I asked him, “Doodh jod lijiye matlab, doodh kaise chodoge? Main samjhi nahin.” He said, “Arey jaise choot pe ragadta hoon na, aise hi aapke doodh ke beech, arey cleavage mein karunga, maza aayega.”I did as he said with illegal bahis no idea what he wanted to do, but didn’t want to ruin his mood. Anyways I was bleeding and he couldn’t do anything to my cunt, so let it be my boobs instead. He spat between my boob and I pulled them together. He inserted his lund between them and started to and fro motion as if there is a hole he is fucking.I didn’t feel anything sexual but it not bad either. Within no time he sprang up, brought his lund to my face. Before I could take his dick in my mouth, he started shooting his load. The first spurt landed on my forehead, second in my eye, and third hit my nose.By then he managed to put his lund in my mouth. I got 2 or 3 small spurts in my mouth which I happily gulped. Iqbal put his lund on my forehead and brought it down to my lips through my eye and nose bringing all his cum to my mouth. I sucked his dick clean then he wiped the remains with tissue paper, then lay beside me.He said, “Huma baji, maza aa gaya, aisa lag raha tha ki aapki asli chudai kar raha hoon.” I said, “Haan, theek hai, jab main down hua karungi to tum aise bhi kar sakte ho.” We hugged each other and slept naked for some time. This sort of sex continued for around a year.He used to rub my cunt with his dick to reach orgasm and used to cum over my stomach. During my periods he used to fuck my boobs and cum in my mouth. It so happened one day, it was the first instance after my periods that when he was rubbing my cunt. I was very wet and he was really hard.He rubbing my cunt with very hard strokes. Due to wetness at my cunt, his dick slipped into my cunt with full force tearing my hymen. I felt huge pain, felt like a knife had split my cunt. I cried and shouted, “Aah, Iqbal, kya kar diya, ammi, ammi, ammi, mar gayi.”He immediately pulled out and said, “Sorry Huma baji, galti se ghus gaya, bohut chikni aur gili ho rahi thi, slip hogaya andar, shit, blood aa raha hai aapki choot se.” I got up immediately and stood, saw a patch of blood on the bedsheet, I said, “Iqbal, phat gayi meri.” Then I felt blood moving on my inner thigh.Iqbal also saw that. He immediately wore his shorts and ran downstairs. I had no idea what he was up to. I grabbed his T-shirt and held that between my thighs on my cunt to stop bleeding. Iqbal was back with ice cubes in a bowl. He said, “Huma baji, illegal bahis siteleri aap let jaiye, main baraf laga deta hoon, bleeding ruk jayegi.”I said, “Bedsheet pe blood aa jayega, yaar.” He said, “Ab to aa gaya, koi baat nahin, main change kardunga, pehle bleeding rokna zaroori hai.” I lay on the bed and spread my legs. It was still paining a lot but was slightly better than before. Iqbal took an ice cube and started slowly rubbing at my cunt.I felt a shiver due to cold of ice but had to bear it. In a couple of minutes my pain vanished and then Iqbal said, “Huma baji, bleeding ruk gayi hai, lekin shayad abhi thodi swelling hai choot pe, dard kuch kam hua?” I said, “Haan ab to bohut kam ho gaya.”I sat resting my back on the backrest. I realized that I already had an orgasm before the incident. But Iqbal didn’t cum so I asked him “Iqbal, bhaiyya tumhara to hua nahin na?” He said, “Nahin Huma baji, bas hone hi wala tha ki josh mein ghus gaya.” I said, “Shorts to utaro, dikhao mujhe.”He pulled his shorts down, his dick was limp now and was covered with blood. I said, “Jao ise dho ke aao, phir main karungi tumhara.” He went to the washroom and came back after washing it. I said, “Lo, pehle mera doodh pi lo aur main isko apne haath se khada karti hoon.”He came forward bent and started sucking my nipples. I held his dick in my hands and started stroking it. He started leaking his precum. Then I asked him to come up and fuck my tits. I lied on my back and held my boobs together. He started pushing his dick between the two melons.After fucking my tits for 3-4 minutes, he said, “Huma baji, ab mujhe aapka munh chodna hai, munh kholiye aur lijiye andar.” I open my mouth to receive my little brother’s big dick. He thrust it in my mouth and fucked my mouth for 2 minutes and then he came buckets in my mouth.I drank every drop of it and even squeezed his dick in my mouth. We lay side by side and he was caressing my boobs, he said, “Sorry Huma baji, meri wajah se aapki seal toot gayi. Yaqeen maniye main upar hi ragad raha tha, jhatse se slip hoke chala gaya andar, I am sorry.”I said, “Ab jo hona tha woh ho gaya kya kar sakte hain, but dard bohut hua.” He took his hand to my cunt and started caressing it with love. I started getting horny again. I said, “Iqbal, please wahan se haath hatao.” He said, “Kya hua, abhi bhi dard canlı bahis siteleri ho raha hai?”I said, “Nahin yaar, mera mood hota jaraha hai” He kept playing with my clitoris. I couldn’t control and I held his dick in my hands. I started stroking it and it was hard within a minute. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking it.He teased my nipple with his tongue and my cunt started getting wet. After playing with my nipples and cunt he came between my legs, held my legs on his shoulders and started rubbing his dick on my cunt. In 5 minutes I came. But he was still rubbing my clit and I was getting overexcited now.Then he said, “Huma baji, ab seal to toot hi chuki hai, ab lund poori tarah le hi lijiye.” Before I could say anything, he pushed his dick inside with full force. In one stroke half of his dick entered and a painful shout escaped from my mouth, he came forward and closed my mouth with his.He kept his dick at that place only and kept kissing me. The pain subsided in 2 minutes and responded to his kiss. He sensed that the pain is gone so he made another push. This time I think ¾ of his dick was inside and I felt some pain. He waited for some 30 seconds.He pulled his dick slightly back and pushed again with full force and now he was completely in, I felt his dick on my womb. A moan escaped from his mouth. He stayed there for a min and then started giving me slow strokes. I said, “Iqbal, karli apni tamanna poori, chod liya mujhe, daal diya lund meri choot mein, phad di meri choot?”He smiled and said, “Huma baji, khul to gayi thi, to kaam poora hi kyun na kar den?” and increased the pace of his strokes. I said, “Bhaiyya dard ho raha agar karna hi hai to araam se karo” He slowed down again and his slow strokes were giving me a lot of pleasure. I don’t remember how many orgasms I had at that time.After fucking my cunt for 10 odd minutes he pulled his dick out and sprayed his cum on my stomach. He wiped my stomach with his T-shirt and kept that T-shirt between my thighs as some blood was still coming. He lay beside me and kissed my boobs.He said, “Huma baji, maza aa gaya, choot bohut garam hai aapki andar se.” I said, “Maza to mujhe bhi aaya par dard bhi hua.” He said, “Pehli baar tha isliye.” I replied “Pehli baar matlab, ab nahin karenge, choot ke andar nahin, upar se hi bas.”He got disappointed but said, “Theek hai jaisa aap kahein,” and then we slept. After an hour I got up wore my clothes and woke him up. I kissed him, squeezed his limp dick and whispered in his ear, “Ek packet condom ka le aao” and I ran out of his room.For comments



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