I love Nan stayingIt was a bloody hot day and I had skipped the afternoon session at school. It was only arts and crafts and not really my thing so Home I went. I knew it would be deserted because Mum and Dad had won a holiday and they were taking it as a second honeymoon so I was expecting a little brother or sister in nine months time. I was only six months after their first honeymoon so it had either been a bloody passionate honeymoon or dear mummy had been free with her favours before the wedding. I know which my bet is on. I love laying in bed listening to them performing. They think I’m sleeping and I let them believe it. She is filthy and he is inexhaustible so I get a nice long time to listen and reward myself for being such a good girl. And I take a lot of rewarding, believe me.Anyway, Nan was staying and I knew she always went to her club on a Wednesday so I would have the house to myself for at least three hours. Time enough for a little ‘recreation’ watching a couple of Dad’s movies.I liberated a couple of the tapes from his drawer and one of Mum’s vibrators and went to my room. Slowly I removed my uniform in front of the mirror. I was a stripper and watching my reflection, lusting after the young girl I was seeing.First the tie, Slowly and sensualy. Taking my time pulling it through my collar and gripping it in my mouth. Then my shoes. Kicked off. Knee-length sock like short stockings. Sitting on a chair peeling them off, showing plenty of thigh as I did so.My blouse unbuttoned sexily, imagining it was some horny old man who, with trembling fingers, lusted after my young body. Looking back over my shoulder at my reflection as I ease it off my shoulders. My sensible, white bra. My arms up my back, unhooking the fasteners then turn and slowly ease my arms out, holding the cups to the small, firm mounds I call my tits. Not really big enough for a bra but growing. Oh yes they were growing!Finally throwing it off and standing with my arms up, displaying them for my audience of one. I looked at the girl in the mirror and imagined going to her and massaging those mounds of flesh and bending my head to them and kissing them, softly, my tongue working on the hard little nipples and then biting them. Gently but enough to raise a squeal.Now the skirt. A grey, wrap-over fastened with a clip at the waist and, if they were the length they should be, a blanket pin. But my friends and I had shortened ours and they were half way up our shapely thighs. The clasp was released and the skirt fell away.I stood admiring myself. I have long legs and very shapely and when I wear high-heeled shoes they look very, very sexy. Fortunately my teachers can no longer check our underwear. They definitely would not approve the tiny thong I wear. I just love to feel the thin material between my legs as I walk, gently massaging me where I love it massaged. I posed, turning this way and that. In my mind I was posing for a group of dirty old men pretending to be serious photographers. All trying to get into a position to get that ‘special’ photo of the most private part of my body. In my mind I could see the bulges in their trousers as I provocatively posed, carefully opening my legs just so far so they can glimpse a little tease of my pussy. Then turn and ease the thin string of my thong down over my shapely bum. Carefully slipping it off. First one foot, then the other, angling my knees so that they couldn’t get a good view. Teasing all the time. Turning back and standing with my hands over the target area, my upper arms squeezing the side of my small tits making them stand out more. Did I want to tease them all the while or should I be good to the filthy, randy old goats? I smile at the girl in the mirror and she smiles back. Together we raise our arms over our heads. They can see our young, bald pussies a little. I gently lick my lips and sit back on the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide. My fingers open me up and I can see my reflection in the mirror smiling back at me. “She wants me,” I say to myself. “That dirty little whore wants me in a lesbian clinch and I want her too.”I giggle and go to slot a video into the TV. It comes to life immediately and I’m watching a girl kneeling on the bed with s well hung guy ramming into her. This is what Dad was watching with Mum last night and I know they love doing it as they see it bakırköy escort on the screen. No doubt each is imagining they are the one on the screen.My finger traces along the wet lips of my pussy and parts them. I love that feeling as I begin to massage myself there. To tease my clit and wait until I’m desperate before sliding a finger deep inside me, imagining it was a hard cock.On the screen the view has changed. The woman, now on her back, one leg over the edge of the bed so the camera could get a good, clear shot of the sweating lover’s prick pumping into her. She is speaking.“Fuck me! Fuck me you bastard.” She’s saying. “Stuff that fucking cock into me hot cunt….”“Cunt!” I repeat the word. Such a delightfully dirty, horny word and I imagine saying it to my lover. Any lover. “Fuck my cunt hard!”“You’re a fucking whore,” the man on the screen is saying.“I’m a fucking whore,” I repeat. “I’m a fucking whore who needs her cunt fucked so hard.”“I think you really do, young lady.”I am a little surprised. I’ve never heard that on this film before. Had she say it? She’s moaning and urging him to fuck her and fill her with his spunk but had she actually say…I sit up. “Nan!”“Mmmm,” she says as she leans against the door. “So I assume these are your father’s films.”I’m totally shocked and can only stare at her. She smiles and comes over to sit next to me.“Err…”She smiles and looks at me and I watch her eyes roam over my body. I feel a lot more naked than I am which is remarkable since I have nothing on. She smiles.“You’ve got a really nice body, Lisa,” she says. “Wish mine had been like it at your age.”“Nan, I don’t know what to say,”“Well you could say that I haven’t got a bad body for a woman my age,” she says laughing. “But I won’t hold my breath.”“I’m so sorry, Nan. I’ll get dressed.”“Don’t be daft, girl,” Nan says. “You’re a young woman and need to release the tension occasionally.”I’m shocked. She puts her hand on mine.“Do you think I didn’t do it, darling?” she says. “And your mother?”“I don’t know,” I reply.“Oh yes,” she says. “Your mother was always at it. She was a dirty little bitch. Like her mother!”“Her mother?” I ask then it dawns on me. “That was you, Nan.”“Yes it was and I was a really filthy bitch. That’s why your granddad liked me.”I laugh.“Oh yes,” I say. “And what did you like?”“The size of his prick,” she says conspiratorially. ~”And the fact that he could stop himself from cumming for ages so I could really have a good suck. And when he did cum he shot more and further than any of the boys I knew.”Now I am shocked. I assumed that she had only known my granddad. I guess it showed.“Oh I was a specialist in wanking, Lisa. Remember in those days we couldn’t get contraceptives so easily and we had to be careful but I soon found that a strong right arm and a willing mouth was fun. Another thing with Tommy, he always made sure I had a bloody good orgasm or two. My father would have killed him if he’d known the number of times I came home with either wet knickers or no bloody knickers at all.”We laugh and I suddenly realise I am still sitting on the bed wearing nothing at all and talking to my Nan. I apologise and move to get up. She smiles and puts a hand on my shoulder and pulls me back against her.“Don’t be silly,” she says. “Sit back and watch the film and feel free to play. It’s healthy.”I lean back against her. And feel her arms around me on my belly. Her hands a soft with long fingers and they gently move and stroke my skin. It feels wonderful. She is wearing a silk kimono dressing gown and it has slipped down to reveal her long legs, crossed at the ankles. They are visible up to about half way up the thigh and I gently place a hand on her. She doesn’t move or acknowledge it foor a few moments then her hand works its way up and cups my right tit. On the screen the girl has gone down on the guy and is making a pig of herself on his cock. I lean my head to the side and feel it against the full chest of my nan. She has no bra on and they feel soft and comfortable. I slowly move my cheek against it and hear her breathing alter slightly. She turns her head and I feel her kiss me on the forehead.“Have you got a boyfriend, Lisa?” she asks. I daren’t answer because I don’t know if I can speak so I shake my head. “How about a girlfriend then. Someone special beşiktaş escort who does things like this with you?”Once again I shake my head.“No,” I manage to say.“Pity there isn’t a film about girls together,” Nan says. I turn my head to look at her and she’s smiling. I smile and roll out from under her arm. On shaking legs I move to the video and eject the film, replacing it with another and return to my position. Her arms goes around me again and her fingers are now back on my belly but very low and I can feel them brushing my pussy.The film is half way through and a girl is laying on the bed and moaning as her friend pushes a couple of fingers into her wide open pussy.“Is that what your friends do to you?” Nan asks.“No,” I say. “No one has ever done this with me? My friend Marie has touched me there but only my fingers have been inside.”I can feel her finger pushing between my pussy lips and it feels so good. She has her finger on my clit and the feelings I have are wonderful. I move my hand up her thigh and her silk dressing gown slips open. I feel the hair on her mound. My finger finds her lips and opens them. She is so wet and I know I am too. I slide my fingers down and can feel her hole. It almost seems to open as I probe my finger in and I can feel her finger entering my hole. We are still watching the screen and the girls are moving. One is moving down and kissing her friend between her legs.“Do you think you’d like a woman kissing your cunt, Lisa?” she asks. I turn to look at her. “Yes please, Nan,” is all I can say. She smiles.“Not, Nan when we are like this, Lisa.” She says. Like this we are lovers. You must call me Grace. Now let’s try again. Do you want your cunt licked?”“Yes please – Grace,” I say. She smiles and slips off the bed. Standing beside it, she undoes the belt on her dressing gown and lets it slip off her shoulders. She has a lithe body and large, full breasts. Her nipples are hard and standing out. She has a small belly with a lovely curve leading down to a neat patch of red hair, neatly trimmed.“You like?” she asks me? I nod. She climbs back on the bed and gently parts my legs. I feel so excited. Although I’ve showed my pussy to my friend Marie and she’s shown me hers, this is the first time anyone has looked at me like this. Her eyes are hungrily taking in the sight before her.“Do you like?” I manage to ask. She looks up at me.“I like, Lisa,” she says and I can hear the lust in her voice. “I like that lovely little cunt. It looks delicious and I want to savour the moment.”Then she bends her head forward. I close my eyes in expectation of the feeling of her lips on my wet slit but she kisses me on the thigh. It’s like an electric shock and I jump slightly. She giggles and continues. I feel her tongue on the soft skin of my inner thigh. Then the other thigh. I am desperate for her to get to my sex.“Please,” I say. “Please lick my pussy.”“Don’t know what a pussy is,” she is saying between kisses. “Try something else.”“Please, Grace,” I almost plead. I know what she wants and say it. “Please lick my cunt.”“That’s better,” she says to me as she kisses higher on my thigh, teasing me with her lips and tongue. “You have got to be a filthy little whore for me and I will be for you.”My mind is racing. I know what to say. I’ve seen all dad’s films and listened to them. I’ve said them to myself imagining it was someone saying them to me.“Oh I’ll be your little fucking whore,” I tell her. “Now just lick my fuck-hole!”I hear her laugh and her fingers are opening my cunt. Her mouth is there and her tongue is r****g my virgin hole. Reflex makes me hold her head as she works on my wet slit and I can hear myself groaning as she works on me. I know she’s getting more excited by the ferocity of her tongueing. Her fingers are probing up my hole now and her tongue is working on my clit. She’s pumping in and out of me.“Oh yes, you fucking bitch,” I am screaming at her. “Fuck my cunt you dirty whore. Fuck me hard! Harder! Harder you cunt!”It started in the pit of my belly. It was like a small explosion growing in size. Like the films I’d seen of supernova. I’d wanked myself off so many times but this was on a totally different level. I was cumming and I was bucking and writhing but she keeps her mouth clamped to me and her fingers are working inside me. I’m cumming beylikdüzü escort so hard and juices are flowing like crazy. I can feel them. I hope it’s cum but it feels like I’ve pissed myself.“Fuck me! Fuck me!” I’m saying it over and over. My body aches from the orgasm which just seems to go on and on and all the time Grace is working on me.Now I’m rigid. My back is arched and I’m crying and laughing and screaming and Grace just carries on, drawing every last bit of orgasm out of me. I am sweating and panting as she slows her finger fucking down and gently switches from licking to kissing and I’m coming back down to earth.I look down my body and see her looking up at me. All I can see are her green eyes and mane of red hair as she continues to finish her meal of my cunt. Then she looks upp. Her lower face is covered in wet juice. I feel her fingers slide from me and I feel strangely empty. She moves up my body staying between my legs. She is placing her fingers to my lips and I open my mouth and suck all my cum off them. She bends to kiss me. Not like a Nan but like a woman. Her lips taste of my cum. Her tongue tastes of my cum.“You like the taste, darling?” she asks me.“Mmmm,” I say trying to lick more from her.“Good. Now you can compare it to how my cunt tastes.”She climbs from me and lays back, spreading her long legs wide for me but I have another aim first. Her large tits are too inviting and I take the nipples in my mouth and caress them as I suck. They are beautiful but I can’t linger for too long. I work my way down her body and bury my face in her red pubic hair. I know she worked on me the way she likes to be worked on so I begin on her thighs but I am aching to get into her hot, wet gash. Soon I’ve worked my way up there. Her lips are full and I can smell the scent of her cum. My fingers part her lips and I can hear her sigh as I find her hole and begin to probe. My tongue works between the lips and I get the first taste of her juice. She is dripping and her clit is hard and sensitive. I feel her twitch as I run my tongue over it. I begin to flick it and she writhes a little. I am pumping three fingers into her hole. I’ve seen it done on one of dad’s tapes and wonder if I can get my whole hand in her. Her juice is flowing all over so I add the forth finger and tuck my thumb into my palm and keep thrusting a little further. She is moaning and I push a little harder. I can feel her muscles relax and then I’m through and my whole hand slides deep inside. I can feel it all in there and bunch my hand into a fist.“Oh that’s right, my dirty little fucking whore,” she says. Fist fuck me. Hard!”I really begin to pump and she bucks and heaves. I have trouble staying with her but manage and soon she is cumming. Her juice is all over my face when I feel the gush. It hits the back of my throat and almost chokes me. She’s squirting and I’m covered in her cum. I continue licking and sucking her until she comes back from that astral plane of orgasm.I move up her body, laying flat on her thrilling at our touching bodies. We kiss. A long, lingering tongue wrestling lovers kiss. I look into her eyes.“Your fuck-hole tastes delicious,” I said and I was thrusting my cunt against hers. “I wish I had a cock to fuck you with.”She laughs.“I’m glad you’ve got a cunt to fuck me with,” she says. “And we can always use a strap-on to fuck with.We sleep and fuck every day til Mum and Dad get back. Nan goes home but as she only lives a short way off, I can visit and shag her whenever I like. I am thinking of this as I dry myself after a shower when the door opens and Mum walks in. That’s not unusual and I took no notice until she came up behind me and put her arms around me, kissing my neck.“Nan tells me you’re a filthy little whore lesbian,” she says. “She’s coming over later so we can have a nice three-way fuck.”I turn, a little shocked. I hadn’t suspected! I turn in her arms and go to speak but her mouth closes on mine and, as we kiss, her hand finds my cunt and her fingers begin to work on me. I gasp as I feel the delicious feelings in my belly.“Oh fuck!” I say.“Yes, darling,” Mum says. “We’ll fuck before Nan arrives and then we can really have some fun.”“Does Dad know?” I am fascinated to find out.“Of course not!” Mum says. “Only Nan and me and now you. Have you told your friend Marie?”I blushed. Marie is my best friend and we have no secrets and since Nan opened up this world, I passed the news to Marie and we have put it to good use.Mum smiled. “I see you have. Well, maybe she’d like to join our girls club.”“She will,” I say. “She loves it.”I smile as Mum takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom. Life’s fun isn’t it?



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