I know what women really want. A real man. Like me. Not some Oprah-watching, caring, feeling type. No, women want a man that will give them what they need. And that man is me.

As I sit here on a Saturday afternoon in the mall, I know that I could have any woman I choose. Take that one over there, for instance. 20-something, blond hair tied in a bun, severe navy blue business suit, walking like she has a purpose in life. I’d wager that she spends her nights alone in bed with a vibrator for companion. But not if I decided to choose her. Oh, no, her nights would be a whole lot different.

That business suit comes off first, quickly. Underneath is a whole different woman. Sheer, see-through bra, crotchless panties, garter belt and stockings. I push her to her knees in front of me. “Touch me,” I command, “stroke my cock.”

Her hands stretch to enclose my hardened cock, feeling the massive size. She would be enthralled by my cock, its size, its girth. I can see she wants to suck it. Her tongue quickly moistens her lips for the entry. With some force I pull her face to my cock. I give just a taste at first, just to let her know who is in control.

“I want it,” she begs, “Please, give it to me.” I relent. She sucks the head of my cock into her mouth, while her hand pumps my cock, milking any precum into her waiting mouth. Then she quickly, deliberately, and with abandon sucks my cock into her mouth. It goes down her throat because she now knows what a real man tastes like. Not those others she has dated and abandoned in the past. After several strokes, my cock is deep into her mouth and throat. My hand comes to her head, on the back, and I force my cock further down into her throat until her lips are at the bottom of the shaft. Yet she begs for more, more. With the other hand I rub her tits, one latina fuck tour porno after the other, as I continue fucking her face. And still she sucks harder.

“Do you want me to cum?” I asked. “In your mouth, do you want me to cum there?” I question.

Unable to speak, she shakes her head yes and I begin thrusting my hips ever harder. I shoot one load, then another, and then another, into her mouth and throat. She takes all of it, greedily, not one drop escapes her lips. And still she wants more.

“Give me more of your hot cum,” she says.

Yes, I could have that one. But there are others in the mall today for my choosing.

Over there, at the entrance. A woman, early 40’s, probably with two kids, two pets, a mortgage, and a non-attentive husband. Brunette, she looks like she works out regularly, her tits look still firm; her body still retains its tautness. Her husband pays no attention to her, even though she tries to dress provocatively. “Mr. Limp-Dick” she calls him, when he is not around. She wants what he cannot, will not, give her. All these years of faithful marriage and she has missed having a real man. Secretly, she wants a real man’s cock and she wants it in the ass. A real man, like me.

With me she would be able to be free, to be the wanton slut she has always hidden underneath that housewife persona. I would have her talk dirty to me as I fuck her, letting her have everything she desires.

“Do I look like your little slut, do I?’ she asks. On the bed, she was naked except for the pair of “come fuck me” platforms I always have her wear when I fuck her. She had just finished sucking my cock and her face was smeared with my jism. Long strands hung from her hair and it even coated her breasts.

“Please fuck me now,” she lezbiyen porno pleads, “You know where I want it. Mr. Limp-Dick won’t be home for hours.” She wipes a dangling thread of my cum into her mouth. “I want your cock in my ass, right now.”

She kneels on the bed on all fours with the bottom half of her legs and her feet dangling. I stand at the foot of the bed and place my hands on her hips. She wiggles her rear end at me and laughs, “This is the side of the bed Mr. Limp-Dick sleeps on,” she laughs, “If he could only see me now.”

She then reaches around and spreads her butt cheeks, revealing her puckered rectum. From my constant anal penetration over the past few months she needs no lubrication.

“Come on,” she commands, “Fuck me. Hard.” So I do.

I enter her ass, not slowly but with force. She pushes back against me as though trying to fit even more of my cock inside.

“Fuck me now,” she moans. She pushes against me and I dig my fingers into the flesh of her hips and pushes forcefully all the way into her. She sighs with the pleasure and so I fuck her a little harder.

“Oh yes, that’s what I’ve wanted,” she cries as I ravage her ass.

She is an animal now on the bed, her hair flapping as she moves her head up and down. Looking back at me over her shoulder and I see a lustful, sexy woman.

“I’m… I’m going to come,” she screams. Her head drops forward and she lets out a wail of pleasure as she climaxes. And then I do also, filing her ass with my seed.

She lies in my arms. “I want you to fuck my ass again real soon, I told my husband what I have been doing,” she says wickedly. A look of shock passes across my face for an instant.

“Oh yes,” she says unconcerned, “He knows all about us. And approves.” Again that wicked look.

If liseli porno I choose her she will get what she wants, and more.

The young blond, the older brunette, which to choose? Maybe, just maybe, another. There are two women approaching, shopping bags in their arms, talking animatedly. One is a redhead, tall and leggy, the other brunette, short but really busty. I can see it in their eyes, the look of women who would do anything I ask, were I to choose them. I can see their lustful nature as I treat them to a session with a real man.

I hold the redhead’s hand as I lead the three of us into the bedroom. I lay her down on the bed and pull off her skirt. The brunette undresses, dropping her dress on the floor below her. Her naked body is beautiful, with large breasts displayed prominently.

The brunette now lies down on the bed, her face even with her female companion. They kiss each other with their tongues, playfully teasing the others’ nipples. I lay there beside them, slowly stroking my cock; careful not to cum.

“Oh God! Make me cum!” the redhead moans. The brunette looks to me, inviting me to join them. I grab the redhead and push her up my body. I run my tongue over her clit and then bury my mouth and tongue inside her pussy.

While my lips and tongue are busily enjoying her pussy, the brunette’s head goes down on my dick, and she takes the entire thing in her mouth. As her head begins to bob quickly on my dick, I know she has me at a point of no return. She takes it once more deeply inside her mouth. My back arches and I explode into her mouth. My cock still hard, I now fuck the redhead, not wanting her to miss out on feeling my cock inside her. I fuck them both, over and over, until all three of us are spent.

So many choices. Which one? My choice will have to wait a few weeks, unfortunately. I’ll be sixteen at the end of the month. I’ll get my driver’s license, borrow the car, and come back here. Then I’ll make my choice. I’m going to get laid, finally. Get ready, ladies, a real man is coming. If I can just get this acne to clear up everything will be perfect.



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