Gently closing the bedroom door, I turned to the woman sitting nervously on the edge of the bed. I knew this woman, but she wasn’t my wife. However, that said: I wasn’t cheating. No, I was doing this with my wife’s full knowledge and acceptance. As I smiled as comfortingly as I could to the uncertain woman a few feet away, I thought about how this situation had come to be…

“I want to go out and visit Michelle.” Michelle is my wife’s sister. She lives a good twelve hours’ plus drive away, so it’s a fair trip.

“That’s cool. When are you going?” I asked. I really like Michelle and all, and we get along great, but I didn’t think I was included in the plan, which was fine with me. I can always find stuff to do when I don’t have to worry what kind of agenda might be lurking In the back of Beth’s mind.

“Well, actually, I was kind of hoping you’d come along. You haven’t been out in quite a while, and I know Michelle and Emma would love to see you.” She then told me when she planned to go.

It was true. Beth had been out to her sister’s three or four times since the last time I’d gone out, so I was due. And this time, there was nothing on my schedule to preclude me from going, not like the last couple times, anyhow.

I grabbed my phone and checked the calendar. “Looks like I’m free, and I don’t think getting off work should be a problem.”

Beth brightened. “So you’ll come? Thank you!” She bounded over to where I sat and gave me a kiss.

The next couple weeks were greatly occupied with preparations for the trip. Finances dictated that we drive, which was fine. Beth and I travel well together, and I like seeing the countryside go by.

Finally, the day arrived. We headed out shortly after I got off work and drove a few hours, just to cut down on our road time the next day.

I was hoping for a little play in the motel room, and Beth seemed amenable. I received some great head and gave as good as I got. When I finally slid inside her, I was once again in my favorite place in the world.

We were both moaning with the incredible pleasure only sexual intercourse can give, when Beth panted, “Can I make a request?”

I wasn’t sure what the request might be. Since her hysterectomy (yes, we ain’t youngsters anymore) the main place she’s preferred my cum has been direct deposit into her pussy, but if she wanted it elsewhere, I’d be happy to oblige.

Slowing my thrusts a little so I could concentrate, I replied, “Whatever you want. You know that.”

Beth smiled at that answer and closed her eyes in bliss at the sensations my cock was sending through her. When she opened them again, she said, “This feels incredible. Don’t stop, but if you don’t mind, I want to ask you not to cum.”

Of course, this puzzled me and I opened my mouth to find out why, but before I could get it out, she interrupted:

“Please don’t ask. You’ll learn soon enough. I think it’ll be worth the wait.

“But please, don’t stop fucking me. Just don’t cum.” Beth had closed her eyes again, trusting I’d do as she requested.

And I did. I had to modify my thrusts to keep from cumming, but I kept going a good while longer, as I never want to pull out once my cock gets inside my wife. Eventually, though, it was necessary to call it quits. I’m definitely no longer as young as I used to be, so sex is more and more physically taxing than it once was. I have no intention of giving it up any time soon, though.

Rolling off next to my wife, she cuddled up beside me. “Thank you. You’ll get your chance, trust me. When we get there, I promise.”

This was a cryptic statement. The other visits we’d made to visit her family, she’d been reluctant to have sex under her sister’s roof. And Michelle and Emma are a lesbian couple, so I just didn’t understand.

We arrived at my sister(s)-in-law’s late afternoon the next day. It was good to see everybody again, and a couple of Michelle’s kids happened to be visiting when we pulled up, so we got to say hi to more than the folks we originally expected to see. We unloaded the stuff we brought, which included treats from home that Michelle couldn’t get where she now lived.

What next ensued was a long bout of “how have you beens” and “how is everybody back homes”. It was great seeing Beth so happy.

That night, as we laid on the bed in the former room of one of Michelle’s kids, Beth snuggled up against me.

“I’m so happy to be here,” she gushed. “Thank you for coming along.”

“You’re welcome,” I told her. “Mind telling me what that big secret was you wanted me to wait for?”

“Not yet,” she replied, reaching down and fondling my soft cock, which started to rise at her attention. “Tomorrow, I think.”

I really wanted to know what the hell was going on. But, I knew I wasn’t going to be wheedling the information from her before she was ready.

“Fine. Just keep playing with me, then,” I told her. I knew she wouldn’t fuck me, here in her sister’s house; at least I didn’t think she would. Her hand on me was a female agent porno hell of a lot more sex than she’d been willing to give me at her sister’s before though, so I’d take it.

Beth kept fondling and caressing, and I made sure not to give away what was happening by moaning or anything like that.

After a little while, I was hard. I begged quietly, “Suck my cock,” which, to my surprised delight, she got down and took my hard-on in her mouth.

Oh yeah. I wanted this to go on a good long time. A good tease was a whole hell of a lot better than nothing.

After a couple minutes of cock sucking, though, Beth pulled off and laid back beside me.

“More tomorrow,” was all I got when I asked if that was it.

Well, fuck. Now I had to try to sleep. Then again, I’d told her to keep playing, so I couldn’t complain too much.

Eventually, I found myself waking up, cock as hard as when I’d fallen asleep. These days, morning wood is a very hit-or-miss thing, so there was nothing but pleasure about it this morning.

I walked my hard-on proudly to the bathroom, where I had to remind myself of the particular contortions I’d learned for how to piss with an erection, short of standing in the bathtub and letting go.

Managing to relieve myself without making a mess, I watched wistfully as my erection slowly but surely deflated. Grabbing a quick shower, I stepped out to face whatever the world of my in-laws had to throw at me.

That morning, everybody seemed to have their own thing going, including my wife, so I announced I was going to get in the car and do some exploring.

When I returned, there was an additional car in the drive. Inside, I found another of Michelle’s kids had come out to visit. Everybody sat around the living room with a glass of wine, except the little ones, of course, who were doing what kids do when the adults aren’t particularly paying attention to them.

Anyhow, after a while, the visitors left, leaving my wife and me, and my two sisters-in-law.

Suddenly, the mood in the room changed. Now, being a guy, I’ll admit I can be pretty opaque to non-verbal and non-physical cues, but there are times when the atmosphere changes so drastically, it’s really hard not to detect something.

I looked up and found three pairs of eyes on me. Since the attitudes I saw weren’t hostile in any way, I knew I wasn’t in trouble, but since that was really the only thing I could identify with any certainty, I wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on.

“What?” I asked suspiciously.

Now that I had a chance to look a little closer, it appeared the sisters had something to ask me, and Emma just seemed embarrassed and really uncertain.

“Sweetheart,” Beth started hesitantly, “Michelle and Emma would like a favor of you.”

Okay. If they had some chores they’d like help with, I was willing to pitch in. But that didn’t explain the odd behavior I was sensing.

Michelle began, “Jeff, you know I was married before I decided I preferred women.”

I nodded slowly, not sure where this was going.

Michelle glanced at Emma, who just looked back at her, not saying anything.

“Emma has never experienced anything other than women.”

This I already knew. On a visit the pair had made back home, during some family discussion we didn’t feel we needed to be a part of, Emma and I sat on the front step together, just conversing a little, getting to know one another.

At one point in the conversation, I asked, however hesitantly: “So, have you been a lesbian all your life?”

The response was in the affirmative. She’d never been attracted to men; didn’t hate them, just never saw herself being with one. She admitted her romantic thoughts from the beginning were toward other females.

I wasn’t titillated by this information, it was just me getting to know the person my wife’s sister was with. I’d never imagined wanting to see them do anything together. Not that I haven’t watched plenty of girl-girl porn online, but the notion of watching my own family — even in-laws — just never occurred to me.

However, my knowledge of the fact of Emma’s inexperience with the opposite sex made me wonder even more what the hell was going on.

Michelle immediately satisfied that curiosity. “She’d like to know what it’s like to have sex with a man.”

My suspicion grew. I glanced at my wife, then asked, “What does this have to do with me?”

Beth explained, “Emma would like you to be that man.”

Whoa. What the fuck? Beth had said on several occasions that she didn’t want to share or be shared, as far as sex was concerned. Didn’t this fall into that category?

My terror must have shown on my face, because Beth explained, “When Michelle called and asked me, I was ready to say no. Then I got to thinking about it and knew Emma would never leave Michelle, and you wouldn’t leave me over something like this. Also, it’s a one-time thing.”

The looks on the women’s faces were earnest. gizli cekim porno They meant what they said. Still, a paranoid part of me screeched that it could be some kind of test. That it included Michelle and Emma seemed really bizarre, but hey, strange shit happens in this world.

“Why me?” I finally managed to stammer.

Michelle spoke up: “She knows you. She likes you. She trusts you. You live almost a thousand miles away, so if this all goes terribly wrong, she won’t be seeing you on a regular basis.”

‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘though it’ll make visits like this awkward as fuck.’

Beth added, “I assured Michelle you could make it not be terrible, though. It’s never been terrible for me. I know you’ll take your time and be gentle and thoughtful, and give Emma an experience she won’t forget… in a good way.”

I considered a minute. “This is all fine and well, but the only ones I’ve heard anything from are not the person who is most directly involved here. If I agree to this crazy scheme — and I haven’t made any such decision yet — I want to hear it from Emma.”

Emma looked up from staring at her hands. She looked me straight in the eye, then glanced to Beth, then Michelle. When she turned back to me, her voice was smaller than I’d ever heard it before.

“It’s a crazy notion, isn’t it? Here I am, nearly sixty years old and have only known women? Can you believe I’ve never even been kissed by a man? I mean, like a man kisses a woman?

“I don’t think this is going to change my mind about anything, but now that I’ve reached a certain age, it’s an experience I feel I should have at least once. Michelle agrees, and talking with your wife, she was willing to let you be my once.

“It’s up to you. If you’d rather not, I understand and won’t take any offense. It’s a big thing to ask, I know. However, I decided from the start that of all the men I knew, the one I feel like I can trust the most is you.”

Wow. That was a mighty heavy deal to lay on a guy. I mean, I’d never thought of such a thing with Michelle’s wife. For one, and biggest one of all: she was a lesbian. I know there are macho assholes out there with the attitude: “She’s just never had me before.” Little do such troglodytes realize is that ten minutes with them would more than likely cement their decision to forgo men altogether.

I turned back to my wife. “You’re really okay with this? I mean, if I agree to it, you aren’t going to get all weird and hold it over me sometime in the future?”

Sincerely, she looked me in the eye and said, “I promise. You’ll be doing Michelle and Emma a big favor, as strange as it seems, and I was the one of us who agreed to it first.”

“Michelle, is this really what you want? I’m only good with all this if I’m sure everybody’s of a similar mind on it. If any of you have any qualms, I’m not saying yes.”

Michelle nodded. “It’s what Emma wants, so it’s okay with me.”

“One more time, then.” I turned my attention back to the woman of the hour. “Do you really want to do this? Like you said, I’ll understand if you’d rather not. You’ve seen my attempt to be as thorough as I can about everyone’s dedication to it, and I hope you understand it’s more an effort to make sure I won’t be screwing up anybody’s relationship if I say yes than it is a reflection on you.”

Emma smiled amid her reticence. “I do. Your concern for us all lets me know I chose the right man. Yes, if you’re willing to do this for me, just this once, I do want to.”

Though I was still trembling from fear, it wasn’t nearly as violent as it had been, and my stomach had calmed significantly.

“I should make you all sign waivers, or at least record your admissions that this won’t come back to haunt me someday, but since I want to trust you like you all say you trust me, I’ll save the paperwork.

“I’ll do it.”

There were smiles all around, although Emma’s nervousness was back. It’d been tough enough anticipating my decision; apparently anticipating the unknown that accompanied my agreement was just as difficult, if not moreso.

I suddenly felt awkward as fuck. “So, when is this supposed to happen?” I asked, hoping my asking didn’t sound like eagerness, because, to be honest, I was as nervous as Emma.

“That’s up to the two of you,” Michelle answered.

Fuck. I looked over at my wife, then at Emma. It appeared no one had thought that far ahead.

“Well, which room is this happening in? Surely you two aren’t intending on watching.” The prospect of an audience was beyond horrifying.

“Oh, god, no,” Beth blurted.

“The guest bedroom,” Emma finally said. “We decided on the guest bedroom.”

Made sense to me. I could understand not wanting to do this in their own bed. That’d be weird enough for me; it’d make it really fucking strange for her and Michelle, especially if it didn’t go well.

I stood up and walked over to Emma.

“How about we do this before we both lose our nerve?”

Emma looked glory hole secrets porno to Michelle, then Beth. Both gave a nod of acceptance. She then looked up at me, then at my hand. Her gaze went back to Michelle as she took my hand and let me help her to her feet.

“I’ll be right there,” I whispered. At that moment, I found I didn’t have the ability to speak any louder.

Giving me a look that said my hesitation was giving her second thoughts, Emma nevertheless went on.

Once Emma was around the corner, I asked one more time: “You girls are really okay with this?”

As one, both my wife and her sister said, “Go.”

Beth then added, “Before we change our minds.”

Muttering, “Got it,” I followed Emma to their guest bedroom.

Emma sat on the bed, looking nervous as hell. Me, I wasn’t too sure how to proceed, either. I finally figured more conversation wouldn’t be a bad thing. Probably be damn good to get a better handle on what kind of expectations there might be.

Sitting on the bed close enough our thighs touched, I put an arm around her.

“If we’re going to do this, it’d help me out if I knew how you wanted it to go. What do you want to learn? I have to admit, what I know about lesbians, I’ve learned from porn, and I’m smart enough to know that’s not exactly how things go. Still, I know you’ve had no experience with men whatsoever. Have you at least seen a cock?”

Emma nodded. “When I was eighteen and my brother was back from college, I accidentally walked in on him when he was getting ready for a shower. And I’ve seen pictures, of course, so it isn’t like I have no idea what penises look like.”

“But you’ve never seen one up close and personal?”

She just shook her head.

It might have been far too early in the proceedings, but I blurted out: “Would you like to?” I kept any excitement out of my voice. Not that there was much. To a certain extent, I was in Teacher Mode, and was more into instruction and information at the moment than I was in any truly exhibitionistic display.

Emma nodded, apprehension evident on her face.

Standing, I reached for my belt. I unbuckled it, then unsnapped and unzipped my jeans. Letting the denim fall to the floor, I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants, leaving me there in socks, T-shirt and boxers.

“This is your last chance. Once these come down, it’ll all be different between us, even if it’s as far as we go.”

“Please,” was all she said.

I took that as acknowledgment to continue, hooked my thumbs into my waistband and pushed my undies to the floor.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d exposed my genitals to a woman other than my wife. It was probably my last physical, with our female GP. ‘Nuff said about that.

If I’d been a younger man, I’d probably have been stiff as a board and dripping already. As it was, I hung limp, nerves over what this woman would think of her first real look at a cock keeping the arousal quotient to a minimum.

Now, I’m a “grower,” not a “show-er,” so, soft, I’m really only a couple inches. Now, that dimension changes rather nicely once the blood gets flowing, but this initial reveal wasn’t the kind of thing you’d hear guys brag about in the locker room. Still, it was probably perfect for what we were doing here.

I just stood there and let Emma look. At first, she seemed embarrassed, but as she got more used to the presence of an exposed cock in her immediate proximity, that embarrassment changed to curiosity. She sat up a little and looked closer, until I could feel her breath on my skin.

“May I… touch it?” she stammered after a few minutes, her gaze still fascinated by this anatomy that was quite unlike her own.

“Of course,” I stated. “I’m here for you to learn as much as you want, to the best of my ability.”

Emma’s hands moved toward my cock like she was afraid it’d bite her or something. Finally, she tentatively touched the head, and that light sensation sent a thrill through my genitals and throughout my entire body.

My moan at the feel of her hands on me made Emma recoil as if she was afraid she’d hurt me. The look she turned my way was concerned.

“Don’t stop now,” I laughed. “It feels good when Michelle touches you, doesn’t it? This is exactly the same. Another person’s touch always feels better.

“Explore as much as you like.”

My lesbian sister-in-law again reached up and explored my cock some more, lifting it up to get a look at my balls. She seemed fascinated by those, particularly the fact that, as she watched, they moved all on their own.

Emma’s hands on my cock and balls were starting to get me worked up, as I’m sure comes as no surprise, especially to the guys out there. My cock had begun to grow from her attention, but still had quite a ways to go.

I was trying to be the dispassionate teacher, but when somebody’s got your jewels, you tend to pay attention.

“I could put this in my mouth, couldn’t I?” she said as my cock swelled.

“Yes, you could,” I answered shakily.

“I don’t think I’m quite ready for that right now. While we’re doing this, I want to try as much as I can, though, okay?” It was pretty evident much of Emma’s fear and reluctance was being replaced by a sense of wonder and discovery.

“I’ll remind you,” I told her.



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