I fuck my coworker in the back of my car.Ever since I saw this knew chick thats started training at my job, I wanted to fuck her. She was in uniform so it was hard to tell if she had a nice body or not. She was short, with a long ponytail down to her back. She was just to my shoulder height and im 6’1″ so she was good height. As time went by I got to. know her and got on her good side, I tried my best to. work this chick into my bed but she would just ignore me all the time. Then one saturday evening I called her up and asked her if she wanted to go hang out and she said ok. I took a quick shower and was on my way in a matter of minutes. When I picked her up she was wearing some tight jeens pants and a cute little blouse, all covered up with a nice black coat, as the nights was vety windy and cold. But I didnt care I just knew canlı bahis what I had in mind….wheli driving along we talked about any and everything but I tried my best Mension anything about sex or anything to do with it. because I didnt want to scare her off. We went walking down to. the peer in the very strong cold wind and I tried to get close to her using the cold weather ass an excuse but she wasnt having that. so I backed off. Then we got something to eat at a nearby restaurant, while in there we were talking and laughing about all sorts of fun stuff that happen at work.. we left the restaurant and went back to my car by this time it was 1 30 in the morning…so looking across the water we couldnt see the lights from nyc glistening on the water.. It. was a bit romantic but I didnt want to jump the guns…we couldnt bahis siteleri decide on what to. so next so we sat there for a few minutes going back and forth on what we should do. Finally I kind of gave in and said you know what let me take you home. On the way home I decided to show her my old workplace.. While pulling up to the place I couldnt help myself I just touched her chest and I realized that she was not pushing me away or saying no as usual… I was like, this is it… Im taking advantage this while I can. I pulled in really quick The whole place was dark with only a few lights here. and there. I pulled in a park ed in a dark spot. Then started kissing her she started kissing me back hard breathing hard and climbing up on me. My dick was so hard I could feel it wanting to rip a hole in my pants to get out. we kissed güvenilir bahis and we started stripping each other…. Then I kissed down to her chest and oh my gosh, her tits were nice…she had long nipples and they were hard. I sucked and licked them making them even harder. one hand worked its way down her pants. She was so wet and her pussy lips were soft and warm….I couldnt help myself. I pulled off her pants and pulled her panties to the side and slid my tongue into her pussy as deep as it could go and she gave a deep moan….I was like yes ready…I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue across her pussy lips and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy again and she was going wild, clawing and, Bucking her heads in the headrest . I was so hard myself … I quickly took out a condom and rolled it on.. I parted her legs and slowly inched my dick in to her pussy as she squirmed and sink her nails into the car seat.. I could feel the pressure in my dick like it wanted to go in faster and deeper. but I wanted to be gentle … T B C….



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