I’ve always had a thing for large black bitches. I don’t know why. Whenever I see a big black bitch who is rude, ugly in the face department but chunky with a big booty, I just want to fuck her. I don’t know why. It’s a continuing fetish of mine which I cannot explain. It’s not like I’m desperate and I can’t get with other, better-looking bitches, far from it. I’ve got a Bachelors degree in Business from Boston University. I work as a Special Consultant for New Horizon Financial Planning. My parents are loaded too. I can get with a better class of bitches, but it’s just that something about those rude and ugly fat black bitches gets me and once I look, I can’t turn away.

I went hunting for some new booty that day. I walked into the supermarket and I saw this fat bitch arguing with somebody about the prices of some cleaning materials. I looked at her. Yeah, she was a big one and as usual, black. Five feet ten inches tall and probably weighing close to 250 pounds. Huge breasts, wide waist, huge hips and a really large butt. The face was ugly but that’s almost ever what attracts me to them. The moment she saw me, she paused.

I knew what she saw, what they all see. A tall young man, handsome and brown-skinned, well-dressed and smelling sweet. The way she was looking at me, I could tell that she was interested. Doubtless, good-looking, well-dressed, rich young black men like myself never looked twice at ugly fat black bitches like herself. I waited for her in the parking lot and illegal bahis approached her. She was smiling as she saw me coming. I learned her name. Candy, short for Candace. We made small talk and surely enough, clicked. I learned that she was on probation, having recently gotten out of jail for stealing three hundred bucks from the nursing home where she worked.

I told her that none of this mattered to me. We went back to her place for some fun. Candy lived in what I called the slums but most people referred to as Dorchester, Massachusetts. A small apartment not far from the train station is where she lived. These days, she was looking for employment. I didn’t really listen. I was looking at her chunky body. Why did fat black bitches turn me on? I’ll never know. Candy got naked, a bit too hesitantly to my liking. She got naked, showing me her plump black form. The big bitch had tattoos all over the place.

Candy watched me as I stripped. I showed off my six-foot-one, muscular and lean, 190-pound body. I worked out regularly. Candy licked her lips, then began to lick me. When she took my ten-inch, uncircumcised black dick into her big mouth, I leaned back on her bed and relaxed. Candy was certainly a good cocksucker. I mean, the bitch was sucking that dick and those balls like there was no tomorrow. Next, she did something even freakier and began licking and fingering my asshole. I was surprised but I didn’t mind having her thick finger in my butt. I guess I’m just freaky like illegal bahis siteleri that.

Candy sucked my cock until I came, and when I did, she drank my cum and licked me dry. I looked at this bitch, amazed. Yeah, this big black bitch could certainly suck some good dick. Now, I wanted a shot at the pussy and the booty. Candy was down for it. I put on a condom and slid my cock into Candy’s wet pussy. She lay there with her eyes closed, as I thrust into her. I hammered my dick into that pussy of hers for some time, then turned her around as I had something different in mind.

Bitches are always faking it in bed. Maybe it’s because they’re hard to please or maybe it’s because they hate men so much. Well, the feeling is mutual. Nothing lets a man dominate a bitch like fucking her in the ass. I spread Candy’s ass cheeks wide open and dipped a finger into her brown hole. Candy gasped. I pulled my finger out and remarked two things. First, that bitch’s asshole was no virgin. Dick had been there before. Second, it was clean. I love shoving my dick up a fat black bitch’s asshole but I am not going anywhere near a booty that still contains some shit. No way. I’m freaky but not that freaky!

I pressed my dick against Candy’s asshole, and pushed. Ten inches of thick black manpower went into the fat bitch’s asshole. The resulting shriek of painful surprise was music to my ears. I put my hands on Candy’s thick hips and thrust into her. At first, she tried to resist. I discouraged canlı bahis siteleri her by smacking her booty. Now, she just lay there and took it. I looked at her. The fat bitch’s ass was spread wide open and my cock was sliding in and out of her asshole. I loved the sight of a fat bitch’s wide open ass in the morning, especially with my cock filling the hole. I pumped it into her, and her screams were sweet music to me.

Candy was on all fours, she couldn’t see me. I flipped her on her back and spread her legs wide open. My dick was still buried in her ass. I wanted to look into the fat black bitch’s ugly face as I drilled my cock into her asshole like a miner looking for gold. Candy lay there looking at me, wide-eyed and screaming as I energetically pumped my cock in and out of her asshole. I loved that sweet ass of hers and let her know it. I knew her ass was no virgin and asked her who had taken her anal virginity. She croaked that a female prisoner had introduced her to anal sex by shoving a stick up her ass after catching her stealing soap. Candy had become the butch dyke’s bitch behind bars and her asshole regularly got violated and her pussy thoroughly explored. Damn, even behind bars that fat black ass of hers was getting tapped!

I continued to fuck her for some time, then I came and pulled out. Candy lay there, her legs spread, her chunky body heaving and her asshole gaping wide open. I spat in it. The gap was now wide enough for two fingers to fill it, maybe more. Smirking, I got up and put my clothes back on. This fat black bitch had a sweet asshole and I loved fucking it but I wasn’t going to linger in this town. I had more important things to do. Like getting a promotion at work. That’s what’s up, holler!



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