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i dream of lovelyi had this dream last night of this beautiful girl i well kind of know lets say i see her alot well we were four wheeling in my jeep down by the river having a good time she was wearing a blue sundress and sandals and a blue bows in her pig tails looking verry stunning out of no where comes this down pour making things verry muddy verry quick on our way out we hit this creek mouth and get stuck trying every pendik escort thing i can to get out i burry it to the frame so were stuck good i call a friend to come pull us out butit will take him 4 hours to get to us so we make thebest of thing listining to the rain on the roof of my jeep and flirting with eachother ilook in to her pretty blue eyes and she smiles so sweetly i cant kartal escort resist form kissing her so i kiss her lips and slide my toung in her mouth for a good long kiss she slides my hand between her snow white legs and it must have been a good kiss cause her pantys were wet i started rubbing her clit through her wet pantys then slid them aside and put one of my big fingers in her wet maltepe escort pussy hole she pushed me back in to my seat and pulled my cock out and started stroking it she was so sexy it was already hard she crossed my console and sat in my lap and put my cockin her wet hot pussy and started to wiggle her pretty little ass in circles sliding her pussy all around my cock kissin and biting and rubbing wildly all over her neck and titts we found our selves goin faster and harder panting and moaning untill we both cum together we held eachother in still kissing and rubbing untillwe saw the lights of my friends jeep coming to pull us out the i woke up but if dreams do come true lovelyblondy would be my first choice



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