I woke.

Slowly I begin to start coming to realise where I am. It is a bedroom I’m yet to be totally familiar with. The bed is new and feels different. The mattress is new along with the sheets which still have the out of the shop freshness. So I’m warm and comfortable and also not alone.

I feel her moved in her sleep rolling onto her side into get comfortable, the covers which rose up from her motion then settled. I can make out a trace of her perfume. I can’t see her face, her hair drifts across the pillow and falls to one side of her neck. The perfume has faded overnight, to become the essence of her. We are warm and dosing in that lovely comfortable snug place which two people experience after they have made love and gone to sleep together. What had I done?

She moved again, her soft naked bum nestles into me. What is about female flesh, when its close and intimate to you? If she was awake I’d say she knew what she was doing to me, but she isn’t just a woman in her sleep.

My arousal grows. I had thoughts of yesterday, what we had done to each other; how it had felt to me, what it was like to watch her at the height of passion climaxing so hard, giving herself to me. My lust grows and it my cock starts to become twitch and tingle. I was enjoyed playing back the visions from my memory from such a short time ago. This makes my cock become fully erect and it nestles between us. This must have just been enough to bring her to a conscious state, but not fully awake. She moves again oh such bliss. Then I felt it, a movement deliberate or not? A minute gentle glide of moist soft heaven across the tip of my hardness. Oh more please. I’m leaking a little from my arousal. She does it again, very slowly, I resisted the urge to thrust upwards and take control. Oh she really means to tease me and is doing it so well. Every time she takes a little longer and my cock a deeper each time. She is very wet, this makes the sliding very smooth and enjoyable. This is subtitle seduction I love it. I fought the urge to move or change the pace of it. Our enjoyment would be better if she controlled it. It finally happens she could hold back no more and slowly the head of my cock push between her lips and onward into her, she envelopes my hard cock. The warm liquid softness of her vagina flowed over me and I was firmly held in place, by a young tight pussy. Neither of us moved or changed the pace we just settled into the feeling of being one together. She sighed in pleasure. This was going to to be a slow gentle start to our love making. The covers moved and more of the essence of woman came to me.

My lips only just moist, found her shoulder, I kissed her rose tattoo, she sighed. Her faint perfume drew me along her neck and with gentle butterfly kisses. Her pussy squeezed me and her hips moved, she squeezed me again and with a firmer purpose now started a slow and deep rotating grind. I slide my tongue under her ear lobe and massaged it with my lips. She groaned. Moving my hand from behind I found her hip and moving slowly I caressed it with little tickles. Then moving up her body I fell down into her waist and up to her breast, firm with turgid erect nipples. Ah the beauty of youth. My hand formed a cup to hold her gently without squeezing. After enjoying the feel in my hand, I slid my palm which had been down allowing the nipple to rest between thumb and finger. I began squeezing and then slowly pulling with a gentle action in time to our thrusting.

She controlled our movement beautifully, her pussy holding and gliding over my cock. Her legs parted and I was held around the base of my cock, she squeezed me with her hand. My cock was taken from inside and directed to pass through her lips over and around her clitoris. My tip wet with our arousal was rubbed cross the little nub which was now enjoying the attention. I groaned, she giggled. Her fingers tickled down my shaft, using her nails she gently played with my balls. I groaned louder, she giggled again. She rolled over onto her back and raises a leg over my hip. She let the softness of her skin massage the side of my leg. I thrust up and slipped back into warmth of her pussy. Using slow long strokes almost coming away from her and parting the lips caressing my tip at every thrust in. I now had access to her breasts. Kissing from the underside caused a pause in our motions. I worked my way up to take her nipple in my lips and sucked. We start moving again, together rolling and grinding, it was a slow natural rhythm which work for us. I reached over her hip with my hand and drifted my fingers through her pubic hair, taking each side of her clitoris between my thumb and finger holding it from either side and massaged it to match our thrusting.

I push forward and upward with hard long strokes, keeping an steady pace, with each inward thrust I squeezed together and pulled downward with my hand. When I felt the urge to go faster I slowed almost to a stop. My turn at teasing. A sudden urgency made her hips lift slightly off the bed and push harder against me. I entered firmly into her and used my pubic area to grind into her mound of Venus. She moaned and bit her hand and pushed into me, I tried to keep up Her hands grabbed the czech pool porno sheet tugging at it. Her head moved up and her breasts pushed upward. I sucked hard on her nipple then using my teeth to make tiny bites. Our hips pushed, ground and rotated together, ‘Oh god yes, yes, yes she moaned.

I felt my climax build from deep inside me, it forces me to thrust hard burying me deep as I can get inside her, it rises and gushes forth; my eyes close, my body shakes, my cock expands and thrust after thrust of pleasure explodes from me. We are together in passion, lust, our bodies have joined together. We sink back onto the bed, hot and glowing, the covers follow, gently settling around us. I’m exhausted. Slowly slip back to reality and she roles into to cuddle me.

What have I done, why did I do it. I have just committed adultery, with a girl almost half my age.

“Good morning” she says “Coffee please.”

“You smell wonderful” I reply.

She pushes my side and giggles”Pleeese?”

“OK I’m going” I manage to get up, pad to the door grab a robe and head down to the kitchen. Everything is still new to me, I’ve only lived in this flat 3 days. The need to make coffee and it takes all my effort with a mind spinning from the last 18 hours. Does she like toast? Yes I’ve seen her eat some late at night. but spread or butter marmalade or honey? I know all this answers with my wife but lady isn’t, is she. What have I done.

The cafetia is filled, toast and honey prepared on a plate and I head to the bedroom with the breakfast tray. She’s sitting up with that just fresh happy look you get after good lovemaking. Was it that? Love making, lust, sex or fucking. What do I say? What do I do now?

We drink coffee and eat the toast. No words said, just a warmth between us. She had a smile and I hoped I looked happy too. The covers flew up in a sudden jerk, followed by

“We need a shower” she said.

It had been my first change I’d made to the flat. The bathroom had been completely changed, out went the old suite replaced by a wet room and overhead shower with body jets in the right places.

“Come on” she said.

I followed that bum across to the door and into the wet room. It had taken time and careful planing to get a good system, with a strong pressure and lots of hot water. The gel dispenser was full and handfuls produced a lovely foamy lather over both of us. Her hand glided around my cock and the blood started to flow, lengthening and expanding it again. I’m 55 for heavens sake once a week is suppose to be my limit. Her breasts felt so smooth and voluptuous with all the soap. I turned her around so she had her back to me. Pushed the body jets on and positioned her so that the lowest jet was spraying on and round her pussy. Then sliding my hand down her body I opened her lips and moved her so that the water was playing over her clitoris. She pushed her hands onto the wall to steady her self. Her orgasm came quickly with a ‘yeeess oh yes.’

She pushed back into me and then went limp, so that had to hold her up.

“Oh I didn’t realise, that’s what they are for” She in a croaky voice.

“Well I just used what was available” was my reply.

She turned took a fresh handful of gel covered her breasts and knelt down. Her breast were the perfect height to place my bobbing cock between. Slowly she massaged me, pushing them together to make smooth slippery a tunnel for my cock. She splurged more gel on, gripped me a gliding heaven and made me come. I ejaculated with four spurts into the valley her boobs made. I staggered back against the wall. “That was beautiful” I gasped.

We washed each other again and with the soap washed away, I rapped her in a big bath sheet, bought for its high quality cotton content and feel. She sighed kissed me and headed back to the bedroom. I stayed to shave when I arrived, she had fresh underwear on and was adjusting her breasts in a lacy black bra. The matching boy shorts looked good as well. I held her in my arms kissed the top of her head

She ran her hand up from my now flaccid penis and through my public hair

“I going to trim you tonight” she announced. Oh so that answered one question, there was to be more and tonight?

“Yes. I’m not a one night stand you know”

“Good I’ll make dinner for 8?

“Yes but we’ll do an hour at the gym first OK?

” Oh goody something to look forward to” I replied.

“I’m finishing at 3 today so I’ll bring a change of clothes with me”

“OK sounds good to me, do you have any stockings?”

“Oh that’s what you like is it. Now let me go, I have to get ready for work”

I departed down stairs for the kitchen. In what seamed like no time at all I was left with a toothpaste flavoured kiss, the haze of fresh perfume and the image of a black ‘Super Dry’ jacket leaving through the front door. What had I done.

I took a new job in a new location not to have affair. It never entered my thoughts I need to make changes, but not at the cost of my marriage. My life had always been stressful working long hours six sometimes seven days with very little time off. The money was good but czech sharking porno my quality of life was pretty poor. Then I hit the brick wall and everything stopped. A friend from work rescued me took me home and then the doctor prescribed the pills which make the world a pink and fluffy place. Those lasted a month till I ditched them, I needed to get my mojo back, be me again. Physical exercise was the start of my comeback, walking, running and when the weather was bad using a gym. I recovered and then I moved to this current job away from home but a more relaxed style.

I found a small hotel run by a local couple who welcomed me into their family. They had two daughters who have become friends. One now slightly more. The eldest girl then in her early thirties was pleasant company, pretty and slightly plump, but nothing a bit more exercise wouldn’t shift. She had a smell, her perfume captivated me. I’d had thoughts about her but that’s all they were, a fantasy. Never in a thousand years would I of thought that anything would happen. I had accepted an infrequent sex life with my wife, the mother two my children.

I know this girl quite well; she’s and fun and we enjoy each others company. I still can’t answer the question, Why?. We have known each other nearly five years and never a had an inappropriate remark or gesture.

The job was going well, and I had opportunity to buy a flat. It needed a bit of work, but nothing I couldn’t do. It would keep me occupied in the evenings and at weekends when I didn’t go home. Within a month it was mine and although still at the hotel I started making the changes I planed. I reasoned the bathroom was the best place to start. A good shower in the morning is the best way to start the day. When that was completed, I moved in leaving the hotel and my friends not to far away.

Two days later I got a text ‘Gym tomorrow?’ ‘Yes’ I replied ‘I’ll pick you up.’ ‘No I will’ came back. A bit odd as the gym is in the opposite direction. Then yesterday evening arrived and just after 6 she burst through the door with her usual energy, “Hello” and bags of who knows what

young girls carry. Hand bag, laptop bag, gym bag and that perfume. It wasn’t fresh, she had put it on sometime ago it had matured. It was subtitle and captivating.

She offered a kiss to my cheek. Then announced that she wanted to look around. The flat is on two levels the sitting room and kitchen down and above a fair sized bathroom and one large double bedroom. I’d done nothing to the kitchen except make things work again. The sitting room had a been spruced up with a new thick rug and and an old leather sofa I’d had for years and a trunk as a low table. So not much to see and take in really. We headed upstairs, in the bedroom I’d bought a new solid chunky pine bed with a good firm mattress and a matching chest. The bathroom was finished and I was proud of the work and the effect I had achieved. She walk in and said ‘wow this is really something else’ I smiled and explained all the boring details of what I had done and how.

Then she said something which rocked me back a bit, “That shower looks really sexy, can I try it?”

“What now, I thought we where off to the gym”

“No when we come back”

“Er yes of course you can” I replied. Why, what, how, I was surprised at her forwardness.

I went into the bedroom picked up my gym kit and headed down stairs. Off we went to the gym. We’ve been gym buddies for a few years now. We do warm up and stretch exercises together, then do our own thing for an hour or so .I finished my routine first and after a shower headed down to the reception area for a cool drink of water to wait. It had been a good session I’d pushed hard and this had left me feeling on a high. I planned a pasta supper followed by a DVD on my own, but looks events had changed that. What films did I order, six new ones had arrived yesterday and I hadn’t even unwrapped them, what did I order again, my thoughts drifted. She arrived gliding down the corridor, her skin glowing from the excursion.

“Whoo that was good, come on I need that shower”

“Oh yes right” I said as coming back from who knows where my mind had drifted off to. Outside walking to the car was pleasant. The early evening was still warm and the wind was light not to cooling. The sun which was still just above the horizon, and leaving everywhere lit in a warm orange glow.

The journey back took us just long enough to discuss that pasta for supper would be welcome and what I thought my next project in the flat would be. When we arrived through the door I said I’d make supper and she could use the shower.

‘The Towels and robes are in the cupboard help yourself’ I said to a light blue clad pair of buttocks as they bounced up the stairs. I opened my post, most of it went in the bin. The package with the DVDs contained what I’d ordered. Two of them well they are of an adult nature, so I pushed them back in the package. In the back of an cupboard, yet have a doors fitted was my stock of wine I found a good bottle of Merlot opened it and let it breath. Above I could hear the shower pump was spinning away. I waited until czech streets porno it stopped before I started cooking. It’s not gourmet food anyone with half a brain can make a good bowl of pasta.

Her footstep behind made me turn around I hadn’t heard her come down from above so it was quite a sight that I saw. A beautiful young girl fresh from a shower in just a white towelling robe; no make up, no jewellery and no clothes underneath, but just a small application of perfume. Her hair was down just to her shoulders, dark, wet and shining. I don’t think I seen it down very often, it softened her face just curling around the collar of the robe.

“My you look lovely” I said or something similarly corny I reached back to the counter and poured two glass of wine and turned back with them. She leaned forward and kissed me! I don’t mean a peck or a missed placed accidental kiss. This was a soft, warm, tender kiss on my lips. She move closer and hugged me. Nestling into my neck she said “your lovely to”. The wine glasses only just made it back onto the counter in one piece. I folded her into my arms, drawing her in close and we kissed again. Slowly her lips opened and the passion grew. Oh she was so soft, she smelt so feminine. It was gentle and sexy, I didn’t want it to stop, but I’m almost the same age as her father. I calmed it down a little and I just held her in my arms. My mind was spinning what to do? I decided patience was the best course to follow.

“Wine.” I said giving her a glass and moving back to the hob to attend the pan and pasta. She watched me and sipped the wine.

Then “Suppers ready” I announced when I was happy with the texture of the pasta. We moved to the sofa, sat down and started to eat, just grinning at each other.

“What’s happened” I asked.

“Oh you are just make me feel special and I like that”. “You care if I’m aright, always ask how my day was, you ask what I think, you’ve make me feel secure when we go anywhere, holding doors and the like, Your polite to me and don’t swear, and and well that makes me feel special.”

“Thank you I don’t know what to say, Hmm, well you are very lovely girl and deserve to be made to feel special” I took the plates back to the kitchen and served some strawberry sorbet it might cool us down, I thought. When I retuned she was looking through the DVDs which I hadn’t repacked very well.

“Ooh this looks interesting.” She picked up ‘Erotic Short Stories’. It was soft porn I don’t like the hard core stuff.

“Well yes its adult” You know, it has sex scenes in it.” I started to get a bit embarrassed.

“Oh sex, yes I remember that.” “It might give me some ideas” She smiled.

“I don’t think you need ideas young lady” I replied trying to sound like a school master and failing miserably.

I started the film and we settled down to watched it with more wine. The sofa is not large, but comfortable for two. During the first story we slurped the sorbet and she moved closer. The three stories where about the a couples discovering sexual pleasure with each other. It was well shot with good settings, fabulous locations, the actors were beautiful, so really erotic, without being crude. The sex was not graphic close ups, but long shot, staking in the action in a total sexual atmospheric way. I thought it was good and I was starting to get aroused, which I didn’t think she noticed until? She slide her hand cross me onto my thigh and she kissed my neck, obviously getting turned on by what was showing on the film.

As second story closed her hand reached up to my face guiding it towards her to kiss. It was a long soft embrace our stimulation of each other was increasing again. As we parted to draw breath the robe fell open a little more than it had been. I could see her stunningly beautiful young firm breasts high on her chest, no sag or droop. Another kiss and my hand held her breast through the robe. By

gentle squeezing I could feel her nipple was erect and pointed up and out waiting to be caressed. Using the material of the robe I rolled the cloth backwards and forwards and around the hard little nub. Then using my thumb I began rolling across it. I lent down and kissed her neck and she let out a little sigh. So I let my hand wander inside the robe and gently with my hand I held her breast, we continued kissing.

I was lost in this girl. I had no willpower left, she was just washing over me pulling me closer. I couldn’t stop and if I was truthful didn’t want to. She tasted so good. Her skin was like white alabaster smooth and warm. My hand holding her breast felt no weight just silky warm woman. Buy my actions the robe had parted and the most beautiful view of her chest was there for me to see. I was drawn from her neck down the valley to her breast, When I placed a kiss on her nipple she sighed again. I used my tongue to flick across and around the tip then did the same to the other. I reached for the wine took a mouthful and went back to a nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and swirled it around, she giggled and held my head to her. I had to swallow eventually, but another mouthful of wine and over to the other object of my desire. She pushed into my mouth for a similar thrill. I came up to her neck again she looked radiant. The robe was wide open nearly off her shoulders and both breast uncovered. Her checks had the flush brought on by desire, Her eyes appeared so deep and dark.. The wine was finished I got up to find another bottle. but before I could step away she said



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