I was exceptionally nervous and completely excited when I submitted my first personal ad to the local adult newspaper. It read as follows: “98% Happily Married Man seeks 98% Happily Married Woman for pleasurable fulfillment of the other 2%. Complete discretion promised and required.” I had no idea if anyone would respond, but I had set up a post office box, just in case. I had fantasized about taking some action like this, but even in my wildest dreams, I could not have foreseen the adventures which awaited me as a result of this ad.

Let me regress for just a moment and tell you more about my situation. I am a very happily married man in all areas of my life except for sex. I have a beautiful home in suburbia. I have three gorgeous children, two dogs, two cats, a fish, and two new cars in the driveway. I have a great job, where I am paid well for working only when I choose and I have enough money to go anywhere and do anything I desire. In short, my life is a dream, with the exception of my sex life. I have attempted to relegate my sex life to being a minor aspect of the whole picture, and would not want to let my sex drive ruin all of the other areas of my life. I would rather die than give up my relationship with my children.

My wife no longer has a sex drive. At least, if she does, I know nothing about it. I think it would please me to learn that she was getting laid by someone else, just so her delicious pussy wasn’t going to waste by disuse. We used to argue about her lack of desire, but I have given up. I still love my wife dearly, but damn, a man can only pound his pud for so long.

Anyway, all of this is what led me to finally submit my personal ad. Four days after the paper was published, I received 15 letters at my new mailbox. The second day, this number doubled, and the numbers continued to increase, until I had over 100 letters to read. I was overwhelmed. I did not even know how I was going to make time to read 100 letters, but I was so excited, I could not sleep.

Saturday morning, of that first week, I told my wife I was going golfing and gathered up my clubs, and left the house. I decided to drive to a library some 35 minutes from the house, hoping to find some privacy there, with no risk of being spotted. My dick and my heart were pounding when I finally settled into a quiet room in the remote library.

One by one, I poured over the letters. I was wishing I had a more private place to read these, as some of them made my dick harder than times in the depression. I desperately needed to cum, but there was no way I could walk to the restroom with the raging hard on I had. There was also no way I was going to be able to beat my meat in that small room, it was too open, and the last thing I wanted was attention drawn to myself.

The universe always has a way of manifesting anything I fear, so I always try to dispel my fears as soon as I become aware of them. I had a passing thought, “God, I hope I don’t see anyone here that I know.” I quickly let that go, because I was a long ways from home in an area of the metropolis where I never go. The odds of me running into anyone here that knew me were staggering. Of course, they were not quite staggering enough.

I caught a glimpse of a red headed woman standing outside this small room looking in at me. Something looked familiar about her, but I could not say why. I just gave a cursory smile and returned to my reading. I was thankful that there was a desk which was hopefully concealing my throbbing prick.

All of the sudden, the door opened and this beautiful woman said, “Peter. Peter Elliot, is that you?”

“Oh Shit! Just what I needed.” I thought. I nodded and gave her my best “deer in the headlight look” wondering czech casting porno who in the hell this woman was.

She said, “You don’t have a clue who I am, Do you?”

I shook my head, totally dumbfounded. I was trying to discreetly stuff my letters into the bag I had brought with me. Hoping she would not notice what I was doing or the effect it had on my cock.

This incredibly beautiful woman blurted out, “I’m Candy Fisher. Well, I’m actually Candy Beret now, but you knew me as Candy Fisher.”

My mind was racing now. There is no way this woman could be the same girl as Candy Fisher. Candy was a chunky brunette with whom I had one affair with, over twenty years ago. She was in a marriage at the time, which she could not stand, and I was a single cop who was banging every woman who said “Yes!” How could she remember me?

“Well, Get up and give me a hug!” she commanded.

“I can’t get up right now.” I stammered. Begging my dick to soften up. I felt my face flush and Candy saw it immediately.

She said, “Peter Elliot, you have nothing to hide from me. Get up and give me a hug right now before you hurt my feelings.”

I swallowed hard; thought what the fuck; and stood up to hug this unbelievable woman in front of me. She saw my cock immediately and smiled as she said, “So just what are you doing in here?” As we hugged, she did not withdraw a bit from my swollen member. In fact she ground her hips against me as we continued the embrace.

I whispered in her ear, “That is not helping me.” To which, she merely chuckled and ground even harder.

I was still reflecting on our previous affair, and remembered that I had dumped this woman after only one or two encounters, because that is what I did back then. She was never really interesting to me, I only fucked her because she offered her pussy to me. Now I felt remorse at that behavior, but she was getting a laugh at my expense. She laughed more each time she ground her pelvis into mine.

I told her I was about to explode and that I had to sit down. She stepped back out of the room and pulled a chair into the small cubicle, shutting the door and setting down facing me. She had a grin as wide as an old Cadillac and a twinkle in her eye that I did not recall.

I noticed for the first time that she had a huge rock on her left hand, ring finger, and I asked her about it. She told me she had been married now for 15 years and that it was mostly very good. Then she asked about my marital status, and I told her about the same story as she had told me.

Finally, my cock was starting to settle down. Talking about my wife and kids and recalling what a prick I had been in my previous life was helping things relax.

Candy finally asked the question again, “What in the hell are you doing in here that has you so excited?” Based on everything she had told me, and my gut feelings, I just told her the total truth. She laughed and told me that the only way she had been able to survive 15 years of marriage was that her husband allowed her to get laid whenever and wherever she needed to. She told me how their marriage had been in trouble after only 5 years, because he never acted interested in her. He is several years older than her, and has a very low sex drive.

Their solution, was to allow her to have her own sex life, when and where she chose as long as it was not an embarrassment to her husband. He was a city councilman and could not afford to have her activities known, so they agreed that she would keep her affairs away from this area of the city.

I told her that I had tried to work out the same deal with my wife, but that she would have no part of it. She reminded me that I had czech couples porno promised to be monogamous and that was all she would allow.

Candy insisted that I allow her to help me read the letters. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but soon enjoyed sharing these confidential notes with my old friend. We laughed at some of the letters and set some aside for further consideration.

When we came to one letter, I noticed Candy staring hard at the picture enclosed. I could see that she was becoming a little flushed, but due to the coverage of the desk, I had not noticed that Candy had dropped her hand into her lap. Her back was to the window, so I guess she decided no one would notice what she was doing. I had to ask about the picture and she looked up at me.

She said, “I have to tell you something. Over the last ten years, I have not limited my sexual partners to only men. I love having women suck my pussy and I love the taste of it, myself.”

“Let me see that picture.” I insisted. She handed it to me, and I examined it. On a king sized bed, I saw a women tied up with her hands and legs tied to the same bed posts. Her legs were stretched wide and up over her head. There was a pillow propped under her ass and a woman perched with her tongue pointing to this shaved pussy. The note attached said “My husband can never know, but my friend and I need a playmate.” There were also detailed instructions about contacting this woman.

I slid my chair out a little, so that I could see Candy’s hand. She had her whole right hand slid into her dress, between two buttons and was frantically frigging herself. I broke her spell and said, “Candy, the people passing by this cube can see you!”

She stopped and said “You are right. We need to get out of here.”

With that, she stood; Smoothed the front of her dress; Opened the door; and drug the chair back to its original position. “C’mon”, she said, “There is a rest room right around the corner.”

“I can not go out there looking like this.” I pleaded.

She frowned, and walked out to a book shelf. She picked up four books and returned. “Carry these over your crouch and come with me now!” she demanded. This was definitely not the timid housewife I had known twenty years ago, I thought.

I did as she said and walked with my bag of letters and the books to a small restroom around the corner. She instructed me to see if anyone was inside, and I did so. Much to my relief, it was a one holer with a lock on the door.

We went in and locked the door. She looked at me with the most lustful eyes I had ever seen and ordered me to sit on the toilet seat with my cock standing in the air. “Do not say a word to me!” she commanded.

With her back to me, she raised her dress and sat down slowly on my fully ready cock. I never saw her take her panties off, so she must have not worn any.

I could not believe the feel of her pussy. My wife’s pussy had stopped becoming moist years ago due to early menopause. This pussy was everything I had dreamed of. It was gushy and hot. My cock slid in easily, but I could still feel the tightness of Candy’s vaginal wall as she rode up and down on my rod.

This was more than I could take. I had not been with another woman for over 15 years and I was about to lose my load in the first five strokes.

Candy sensed this and bellowed at me, “Don’t you dare cum before me. You will never fuck me again, if you cum before me.” This was a voice I did not recognize, but was not about to disobey. I wanted as much of this pussy as I could tolerate.

Just on the brink of a major explosion, I reached down and squeezed my cock with all my strength. I made my cock hurt czech estrogenolit porno and temporarily I was over the urge to spurt my cum in this hot hole.

Candy kept riding me, fingering herself and fondling her tits. Her breath quickened and her pace became frantic. I felt her stiffen up and felt her vagina spasm. It was milking my cock now. I could hold on no longer. My balls felt like a volcano as I began to shoot my jism into this honey hole. I have never, in my entire life, pumped so much cum from my dick. I shot and shot. My cock was spasming, trying to shoot more cum, even after I was out of fluids. Suddenly, Candy starting cumming again. She had never stopped stroking her clit, and this time she was out of control. She had been somewhat restrained the first time, but this time she was howling. Her pussy was vibrating from the guttural noises she was making. My cock just kept spasming. Trying to pump fluids which were simply all spent.

Fear crept back into my mind, when someone knocked on the bathroom door. I answered and said I would be out in a minute, but I was very nervous. Scenarios of being caught by security walking out of this bathroom with another man’s wife, made my dick start to shrink. Candy, once again showing her intuitive side, whispered, “Don’t worry about them. You still have work to do.”

With that she stood up and turned to face me. She stepped up on the front part of the stool, and placed her other leg on top of the toilet paper holder. While holding on to the cross bar at the top of the stall, she leaned back and directed me to clean her up.

I grabbed toilet paper and started to dab at the cum oozing out of her pussy and she glared at me. “Clean it with your tongue, you asshole.”, she barked.

I had never tasted my cum and was not thrilled about it now, but I wanted out of that bathroom as soon as possible so I started licking. I licked and sucked my cum with the thirst of a puppy licking warm milk. I was not too crazy about the taste at first, but it kind of grew on me as I lost my fears in the sweet odor of her sex.

I had extracted my tongue from her wet cunt and went to work on her clit, when she jumped down from the toilet and went to the sink. She pulled a pad of post-it notes from her purse and wrote an address on it. Be here in one hour she said, and she turned and exited the bathroom.

I was still sitting there with my flaccid cock hanging out, when a man walked in. He said, “Excuse Me.”, and left. It sort of snapped me back to reality and I pulled my pants up to leave. I grabbed the note, my sack of envelopes and walked out the door. I received three thumbs up from various guys in the vicinity of the restroom and a couple of scorns from some older ladies who had also witnessed Candy’s departure from the same restroom.

I found the exit as quickly as possible and wheeled my car out of that parking lot without delay. I was 15 miles away before I found a road side park. I pulled over there to catch my breath. I was exhilarated at the entire experience. The mixture of fear and release was a greater rush than I could have ever imagined.

I pulled the address out of my pocket and wondered what Candy had in store for me next. I was still afraid. I did not know this woman who was so commanding. “What ifs” raced through my brain, but it did not matter. I was hooked now. That pussy was the finest slice of heaven I had experienced in 10 or more years. Even in her best day, my wife’s pussy had never been so succulent.

I still had several hours to go in my golf round, so I decided I would go and see what Candy had in mind. I now had only thirty minutes before I was supposed to be at this address, and I had no idea where this was. So, I left the park in search of the next adventure.

Little did I know that this event would launch me into a whole array of new experiences with Candy and several of the respondents from the letters. These other events will have to wait for further installments as my time for journalizing is over today.



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