The story I’m about to tell is true. It involves my wife, Alice, and I. First, let me tell you a little bit about us. We both are 48 and have been married 24 years. I am 6 feet tall, weigh 170 lbs and keep in good shape with regular exercise. Alice is 5’4 and weighs 125. She still has a great figure with full breasts which sag more than when we were first married, but I still love to look at them and play with them. Her nipples are very sensitive. Several years ago we were on a trip, sharing a motel room with our 6 and 8 year old children, so fucking was out of the question. After we had been on the road about a week we were both getting pretty horny. In bed one early morning while the kids were still sleeping I started fondling Alice’s breasts, paying particular attention to the nipples, which soon became turgid. After several minutes of such play she suddenly gasped, turned her head and buried it in the pillow to muffle any cries and came. We have tried to repeat this at home without success. She gets so worked up that we end up fucking before she comes. We both masturbate, sometimes solo, but at other times with each other, either as foreplay or, as a pleasurable alternative to fucking.

Now to the story: It starts a few days ago. I had a miserable day. Things were not going well in the office. On top of that it started to snow in the middle of the morning and by the time I got out of work the roads were treacherous, traffic was slow and I was late getting home. I was grumpy, but after a couple of drinks and a nice supper I was sitting on the sofa by the fire reading the paper and feeling better. Alice was sitting next to me reading a book She put the book down and said


“What,” I replied, not looking up.

“I played with it today.”

That got my attention immediately and I wanted to hear the details.

“So, what got you going?,” I asked.

“Well, I was planning on going shopping but then it started to snow so I stayed here. As I watched the snow falling I thought about last summer’s vacation and the fun we had, That reminded me of the tape we made. I decided to look at it. Seeing it got me really excited and I decided to play with myself. I went in to the bedroom, undressed and came back out with my vibrator. I lay on the sofa watching it and started running the vibrator around my nipples then down to my clit. Before very long. I held the vibrator right on my clit and in just a few minutes I came.”

“Was it good?” I asked.

“Yes, but not as good as the one I had last summer,” she replied. “That was probably the best I’ve ever had.”

Ah, the one she had last summer. We were camping in our motor home at Peaks-Kenney State Park on Sebec Lake in Maine. Sebec Lake is about 10 miles long and the western end of it is uninhabited with virtually the only access by water. One morning we put our boat in the water and motored down to that end of the lake. We found a small cove which had a sandy beach with heavy woods growing in the back so it was very isolated. It had gotten quite warm so we decided to go swimming. We had not brought our bathing suits but there was absolutely no one in sight so we went skinny dipping. The water was cool and Alice’s nipples became hard She started floating on her back with her breasts and nipples out of the water. This delightful sight soon gave me a hard-on, so I started floating on my back with my cock sticking straight up like a mast. I floated over to her and started to play with her breasts and pussy thinking we would end up fucking, but when I tried to get her to do it she said she didn’t want to. I was put off by illegal bahis this but she said she had a good reason that she would tell me about that evening. She thought I would like what she had in mind.

We motored back to camp, had a couple of drinks and ate supper. I was burning with curiosity about what she was going to tell me, but she didn’t say a word. I knew she liked to tease me so I tried to wait her out but finally, I said

“O.K., what is it I’m going to like.”

She laughed: “I thought you’d never ask. Sometimes when I masturbate I picture myself outdoors lying in a field or by a lake. When we were swimming today I thought about that fantasy and realized that the cove we were in was just like the places I imagined. I thought of doing it right then but I didn’t have my toys. I decided to suggest to you that we go back there tomorrow so I could do it. I would have liked to fuck when you suggested it but that would have spoiled it. Can we go back there tomorrow so I can do it?”

My cock started to harden as I thought about what she wanted to do. I immediately agreed but with a condition..

“We’ll go back but only if I can videotape you.”

She pondered for a minute. “O.K. but only for our own use. Nobody else sees it.”

“It’s a deal. Now, let’s go to bed and fuck.”

“NO,” she said, “That would spoil it. I want to save myself for a good one tomorrow. I don’t want to come tonight but I’ll jerk you off if you like.”

“I like,” I said and headed for the back of the motor home where the bed was located. I stripped and lay on the bed with my prick at half mast. Alice was close behind me but, teasing as usual, slowly unbuttoned her blouse, deliberately hung it in the closet then unhooked her bra and took it off. She shook her tits at me for a minute then leaned over and let them swing down into my face. I sucked on a nipple. She reached for my cock;

“Get this nice and hard.” Then she felt my balls: “and I’d say you were going to shoot a big load tonight.”

With that she got off the bed and went into the bath. In a short while she returned, totally nude, carrying a glass of water, a bar of soap, a bath towel and a hand towel.. We had discovered several years earlier, while playing together in the shower, that soap makes a great lubricant for a hand job.

“Put this under your fanny,” she said, throwing me the bath towel. She then sat on the bed facing me with her legs under mine and her pussy bumping my cock. She wet my cock, now standing at full attention. She then took the bar of soap and rubbed it around on my cock. She grasped it and started to rub the head around her pussy and clit, saying

“Oh, that feels good. Would you like to stick it in?”

“YES,” I replied

but she laughed: “Not tonight Maybe tomorrow.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock with the thumb over the head and began rubbing the head in a circling motion. This felt so good that it was almost too much to take. I could feel the sensation deep in the pit of my stomach. If she kept this up I knew I would soon shoot, but she stopped rubbing the head with her thumb, and, making a cone of her fingers, slipped them over the head and down along the shaft.. She began moving her fingers up and down. It was as though the end of my cock was in a cunt but the sensation was quite different. Again, I was ready to pop when she stopped to apply more water and soap and went back to her thumb rubbing the head. During it all she this she continued to tease:

“Is this as good as my cunt?”

“I’ll bet you’d come quick if I let you put it in.”

“How illegal bahis siteleri far do you think you’ll shoot?”

“Does it make you hot to think of me playing with it tomorrow? Maybe I ought to stop now so you’ll have a good one tomorrow “

As she said this I reached the point of no return.

“Too late.” I moaned and my cock started pulsing and jerking and I shot a wad out which landed all over my belly.

“So I see” laughed Alice, taking the hand towel and mopping up the mess then cleaning my prick. “Tomorrow will be my turn “

The next morning we got up about 7, had breakfast and cleaned up around the motor home. Alice prepared a lunch for us to take and I got out a bottle of wine, the video camera and a tripod and carried them down to the boat. Alice came down in a few minutes carrying a small canvas bag. It was obvious from the way her tits were hanging that she did not have a bra on. It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed the ride to the cove. When we reached there I beached the boat and spread out a blanket on the sand. I got out the tripod and camera and set it up so it was focused on the blanket.

“Let’s eat.” Alice said.

I turned around and she was standing there topless.

She smiled, “TA-DA Like it?” and slid her hands up to her breasts and caressed them. I liked it.

We sat on the blanket and ate. I gulped my food down, eager to get to the main activity but Alice ate slowly and deliberately, drinking two glasses of wine.

“You ate awfully fast. Is there a reason why?” she laughed.

Finally she finished, retrieved her bag, and sat back down. She emptied her bag. Out came a 7″ curved jelly vibrator (her favorite), a bottle of baby oil, a towel and extra batteries, saying “I don’t want it to go dead at a crucial time!”

“All set,” she said. “You get bare and then start the camera..”

I did so and returned to the blanket where she was lying on her back with her knees drawn up and her legs spread. It was a sight to get a rise out of any guy. Her breasts were flattened over her chest but the nipples were standing up. Her shaved pussy was in plain view. I would have loved to fuck her right then but knew it was no go. She opened the baby oil and poured some on her pussy and rubbed it around the lips of her cunt and her clit. Then, seeing my hard-on she handed me the bottle.

“Have some?”

so I put some on my cock I sat down at her feet on the blanket where I could get a good look at her pussy. She smiled at me.

“Like what you see?”

She brought her hands up to her breasts, gripped the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and gently twisted them for a short while One hand drifted down over her stomach to her cunt. Her arousal was obvious. Her lips were puffed up and dark colored. She spread them apart and rubbed a finger up and down her slit. Her entire pussy area glistened with the oil she had put on it..

“Hand me my buzzer.” she said.

She started it and began circling first one nipple and then the other, gradually coming closer to the nipples themselves. When she hit a nipple she gasped “Uh!” and I saw her vagina throb. She repeated this several times causing her cunt to throb each time. My cock was rigid. I started fondling it.

“Don’t come too soon, hub.” Alice moaned.

She moved the vibrator down to her pussy and slowly moved it around, up and down her gorged inner lips, up around her clit, but not on it, back to the lips, into her cunt then back out. Her clit had puffed up and was now plainly visible. Then she put the vibrator right on her canlı bahis siteleri clit. Her cunt spasmed and her her hips lifted up as she uttered a little cry, then stopped.

“Whow, that was close. I almost came but I don’t want to just yet.”

Shortly she started in again. Once more she put the vibrator on the clit, her cunt pulsed a couple of times, her hips lifted, but in a couple of minutes she stopped once more

“Close again. Next time I’m not going to stop.”

And she didn’t. When she resumed her eyes were closed, her jaw was clenched and her face was flushed.. This is what I called her ‘Determined’ look, ‘Determined to come.’ She was now completely unaware of me. I saw other signs which I had come to recognize as an indication of an imminent orgasm: her lower abdomen was starting to puff up as if she were in the early stages of pregnancy, and she was humping her hips I knew she was really close. I stopped rubbing my cock or I would have soon shot my load.. The vibrator settled on her clit.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”she gasped. Her cunt began a series of throbs. Her back arched up, her legs came together, her head was rolling from side to side while she pressed both hands hard against her cunt and shrieked “OH!OH!OH!OH!” then fell back on the blanket.

In a few moments she opened her eyes and smiled at me:

“Whow. I never had a better one! Did you come?.”

I shook my head no. “Good” she said “Because I feel as if I could come again and this time I want you to fuck me. Lie down.”

So I lay down on my back on the blanket. My cock was paointing straight up. Pre cum was leaking from the tip and flowing all around the head. I knew I would shoot almost as soon as i was in her pussy. She sat up, straddled me and slowly lowered her cunt towards my cock. When they touched she grasped my cock and rubbed it back and forth over her clit for a few seconds then put it against her pussy hole and slowly slid down on it. It went in with an incredible sensation. I couldn’t remember when her cunt had been more greasy. There is no feeling like having your cock in a well lubricated cunt. Being jerked off is good but fucking is the best.

“Play with my tits” she ordered as she started a slow, deliberate back and forth thrusting motion which became more and more vigorous then almost violent. The little “ums” and “uhs” she uttered made her pleasure obvious. Just as I had surmised, I didn’t last long but she didn’t either. I felt the juice rising in my prick and started erupting into her. Even though I had a good orgasm the night before I came very hard. Almost at the same time she started crying out again

“OH!OH!OH!.” and collapsed on my chest. We lay there for a minute or then she gave me a gentle kiss and got up. We dressed and went back to camp. We had a relaxed supper, played a couple of games of backgammon and went to bed. We slept nude but there was no sex that night!

We played the tape a couple of weeks later when we were at home. Alice was actually embarrassed by watching it although she was intrigued by her actions and looks. She stated that she now knows why I call it her “determined” look. I have also viewed it a couple of times by myself, once when she was visiting her mother for over a week and another time when she was having her period and was out for the evening. Both times I jerked off.

As far as I know the only time she looked at it by herself was on that snowy day mentioned at the start of this story. Oh, one last thing of interest. I was curious about how long we were involved so I timed it while playing the tape. From the time she started by putting on the baby oil until she came took 26 minutes! From the end of her first orgasm to the time we started to fuck was about two minutes and from then until she came the second was just a little under two minutes. A half hour of sensual pleasure!



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