How I became a humiliation junkyTanya had one of the best asses I’d ever seen. She was a little heavier than most, but she had all the right curves. From the moment I saw her wide hips, and her juicy ass bulging in a pair of skinny jeans I wanted to bury my face in it and fuck it at the same time. She was definitely cute, but something about the nerdy way she dressed and her initial shyness made me think she must be a recluse that preferred the company of books than of men.I’ve been with a 5 or 6 different women myself and I’ve been told that I was well endowed. I even had one girl tell me not to stick it in all the way and that it was too big. That’s why with Tanya I was pleased when one day after our first few encounters, I finally just said fuck it, and buried all 7 inches in her. She didn’t flinch. I was expecting to hear the normal moans of pleasure turn into grunts of pain like I had heard in the past. It was always a turn off when you were in the heat of the moment and you realize your partner is struggling not to scream and start crying in pain. (Yes that’s happened) I was typically a 10-20 minute guy with my ex girlfriends, but as I shoved into her for the first time, the strangest thing happened. She reached around, grabbed my butt and pulled me into her warm pussy as her hips lifted off the bed to take me as deep as possible. I entered my frenzied state and was ready to cum within minutes. My normal 10-20 minute stamina turned into about ~5 minutes. This girl was amazing. It was the greatest sex I had ever had in my life. I hadn’t seen her cum before then, but there was no denying that when I was fully engulfed in her, she was at her peak.As we lay there breathing heavily I looked over at her with the biggest grin on my face. She curiously looked at me and asked, “what?””That was amazing!””Yeah it was. Best for us yet.””Are you k**ding me? Best all time.”She giggle at me and lightly pushed my arm, “stop.””I’m serious. I’ve never been with anyone who could fit me all the way in without pleading for me to go softer.””Really? That sucks.”I asked, “Did it really not hurt? Not at all? You don’t have to lie to me. I can go easier.””No. I liked it like that. Really. Like I said, best for us yet.””Best for us yet? My goodness. You sound like an expert. What’s your number?””My what?””Your number. Like how many people have you been with?” She turned a deep shade of red and muttered, “I’m not going to talk about that.”I laughed at her this time and shoved her arm, “What? No need to be shy about it. I don’t care if you’ve been with a hundred men or if I’m your first.”She looked down, “I don’t want you to think less of me.”I lifted her chin up and smiled, “it’s not a big deal. Look, I’ve been with 6 women. None of them were as good as you were just then. Is your number more than six?”She hesitated. Then she looked in my eyes and just nodded.I was a little shocked at first, but tried to hide it. “Ten?””More.” “Twenty?” She noddedI lost my cool a little after that. “More than 20?! Geez maybe 50″”I don’t know. Maybe. Probably not 50.” She shouted. She bit her lip and looked like she was going to cry. I felt like a total dick. I told her tuzla ukraynalı escort I wasn’t going to judge her.I looked at her and tried to play it off. “Babe. I’m just messing with you. I told you I don’t care and I don’t. In fact, I think it’s cool. It just shows that I’ve got a girl everyone else wants.”I lightly shoved her arm again and laughed. She breathed out a sigh of relief and started laughing too. All this talk of sex was making me jealous and horny again. I stood up on my knees next to where she was lying down and waved my fully erect dick at her. I asked almost knowing the answer to my question before hand, “Ever have anything bigger than this?”She snorted at me and nodded again. Why was I asking this? It was mentally hurting me, but I needed to know. “Really? How big?””Like twice as big. She lifted up my forearm and tilted her head towards it.””Nooo.” I breathed. “Could you fit it all in?” “That thing? No way! It was way too big and it took us several weeks into our relationship before he learned not to go in all the way so it was mainly just painful.””What about after he learned?””It just lasted a really long time. And I think he left me because I couldn’t fit it all in.”I shook my head. I was used to being that guy. “Yeah, but did you like it after he learned.” “Well..” She turned red again. “Well what?””Well yeah, the bigger the better. He hit my spot way back deep. I could have several orgasms because he was always on that spot, but he couldn’t ever get off.” She laughed. “Poor guy.”I had only seen her orgasm by penetration one time in all the times we had been together. She looked at me with my full erection. “You could probably get the spot now that you know to go deep.” My dick was dripping precum during our conversation and I had left a small pool on the bed in front of me. I didn’t need any more than one invitation to climb back between her legs and mount her. I felt the tip slide in without the least bit of resistance and in less than a second I was fully in her. I started to slide about half my length in and out of her, but she just pushed her hips up every time I tried to pull out. This girl was serious. Her spot was way deep. As I tried to stay nearly all the way in I couldn’t help but think of her cute little mouth screaming in ecstasy multiple times over that huge cock the size of my arm. It had been less than a minute and I was feeling the normal stirrings in my groin and stomach. I knew if I kept it up, I wasn’t going to last but a few more strokes. I tried to pull out some more to reduce the sensation along the entire shaft as it was pushing me over the edge, but she reach around and grabbed each butt cheek of mine again. As I tried to pull away, she pulled me in against my will. I tried to wiggle out of her grip, but the petite little thing had a vice grip on my ass and held me in place. I looked at her and she looked like she was concentrating very hard. I asked, “is it deep enough?””Kind of. A few more minutes.”I let out a huge breath. No way I was lasting a few more minutes. Humiliated, I turned my head away and let my eyes roll back into my head as I said, “I’m going to tuzla rus escort cum.”I could here the frustration in her voice as she said, “No.No.No. Not yet.”She raised her hips up in one last desperate move to make it go deeper, but it sent me over the edge. I felt ashamed. Embarrassed. But even as those thoughts raced through me, a deep sense of guilty pleasure washed over every inch of my body as I unloaded under her vice like grip on my ass.”I lay there for a few seconds just breathing and trying to regain my senses. As the pleasure drained out of my body like a receding tide it was replaced with a sense of shame. I rolled off her and looked at her beautiful body and asked, “did you cum?””Almost. It’s okay. No one has been able to make me orgasm like that in a long time anyways.”I groaned my distress and literally felt sick from my lack of being able to pleasure her.She picked up on my que and tried to comfort me, “No! It’s not you. You were really good. It’s my stupid body. Besides, I can have orgasms by other means than penetration alone.”I still felt like shit, but my spirits picked up a little. “What like eating you out?” I eyed her slick mound and started thinking about it. I didn’t typically do that. I had looked at it like bitch work in the past. Why use a tongue when you’ve got a dick? But I was desperate to prove I was of some use in the bedroom.She caught my look and closed her legs. “Not now. Not like this. You would be eating my pussy and two of your loads.””Come on. It’s not a big deal. It’s my turn to let you cum.” I said lifting myself up onto my knees again. I reached down to her legs and pried them open. They came apart without much resistance. I looked down at her wet mound and could see a dime sized glob of cum coming out of her hole. Then I looked back up at her face. She just sort of shrugged and said, “do you really want to eat cum?”The thought that popped in my head when she said those words made my dick twitch back to life. It was a noticeable jerk and happened at an awkward time. “Oooh, looks like someone is excited to eat sperm.”I got pissed off and started to back out. I wasn’t gay. But then she grabbed my dick with one hand and pulled me in closer. My brain turned off and my dick took over. All sense of will power escaped me. I knew I was ready to be her bitch if she just kept touching my dick; so, I just moved my head towards her legs before I had to say anything. My knees were up by her head and off to the side and my mouth was eating her out in what would have been a 69 like position with me on top.The cum was clearly leaking out of her as I extended my tongue gingerly onto the top of her mound by her clit. She gently rubbed her free hand through the back of my hair as I went down indicating she wanted more. I held off at first still hesitant, but with the hand that was on my dick she reached around and slapped my ass. I felt like a little sissy, but instead of protesting, I just sucked the whole top of her pussy into my mouth and massaged my tongue over her clit. As she pushed my head hard between her legs, my big nose kept bobbing into her pussy entrance. I noticed she enjoyed escort bayan it as my nose went in and out of her like it was fucking her, but then a big glob of cum leaked out and I felt a painful stinging sensation as cum ran up my nose like I had just jumped into a pool and inhaled water. I didn’t want to pull away and didn’t know if I could with her vice grip hands on my head again, so I went down a little lower to drain the pool. I began tonguing her hole and slurping at the cum. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It made the typical slurping noise as I tried to swallow it. I was ready to back out as I felt the cum sliding down my throat and tickling me as it went down, but she was bucking her hips and I heard her scream out, “I’m going to cum.”Her pussy spasmed open and closed and enormous amounts of cum came flowing. It was as if the flood gates had opened and all the cum that had been hiding came pouring out into my mouth. I had no idea I had cum that much. She pushed my head down even further with one hand and started to stroke my dick again with the other. I had no choice but to wrap my mouth around her pussy opening and wave my tongue around as I swallowed. I don’t know if it was her hand on my dick or how much cum she was making me devour but I was getting extremely turned on. My nose began poking into an altogether different hole at this point and I could see it opening and closing as well in orgasmic spasms. Normally I would have said fuck no as I had often joked with my buddies about how gay and nasty salad tossing was, but something about me being desperate to please her and her rapid stroking of my cock made me move my tongue from her pussy and place it on her musky ass hole. All of a sudden she jerked in surprise, but then she was raising her hips the next instant and allowing me full access. Her legs were trembling at this point and as I tongued deeper and deeper she stroked faster and faster. She had just cum, but the feeling of me going into her ass hole must have tipped her over the edge again. She screamed out for a second time and squeezed her legs around my head and held it in place. I was freaked out at first but continued to probe with my tongue as I became desperate for breath. The thought raced through my head, “she’s going to squeeze the life out of me.”I wiggled my hips around to indicate I couldn’t breathe, but she took it as a sign to stroke me off faster. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as my last thought was I’m going to suffocate. At the same instant I shot all over her stomach with rope after steamy rope of my own cum.I woke up a few seconds later to her shaking me with panic in her voice. “Are you alright. Hello!?”I opened my eyes and smiled at her. I had never came like that before and it was absolute bliss. I looked at her and said, “I told you I could get you off multiple times.”She laughed at me and scooped the cum off her chest. “Jerk!” She said as she smeared my own cum across my face. It caught me off guard at first but then my dick twinged at the humiliation. She looked at it and scooped some more cum off her. “You’re a fucking cum freak.” She said as she stuck her cum covered hand in my mouth. My dick jumped to life again. I had never cum twice let alone four times. She sat up and straddled my head as I was lying down and started stroking me again. “Alright, you’re going to keep eating your cum until you can’t get hard anymore.”The end.Secret-sub



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