**I wrote this one a long time ago after listening to the song “Secret” by Maroon 5. It was written as a “stream of consciousness” type piece so it’s a little rough, comments and suggestions welcome, Thanks and hope you enjoy**

Panting, trying to catch his breath, he whispers “How hot can it get?” Looking up at me, he seemed a little bit delicate.

I wipe a bead of sweat from under my eye and whisper back, “I’m not there yet.”

His eyes lit up a bit, both, I think, in excitement and fear.

I arch my back, letting my hair touch the small of my back. I grind my hips further into his, pushing him into me. He moans loudly and i know he is about to cum. I’m not ready yet, so I pull myself off of him, which makes him feisty. He grabs my wrists and easily flips me over so he’s above me. He takes my ankles and puts them behind his neck, and, still holding my wrists tightly about my head, he pushes himself onto me, folding my body so my knees are at my ears and he is close enough to kiss.

As he pushes himself into me, i let my head fall back, my eyes roll into my head and i gasp into his waiting mouth. He pulls himself out of me completely before slowly pushing himself back, pushing himself deeper into me. He does this a second time, a third, and on his fourth time, as he pulls out of me again, he pulls me up by the waist and turns me, so i’m lying on my stomach. “on your knees” he tells me, gruffly, but with a hint of affection. He doesn’t even know me, i think.

I go to my knees on the edge of the bed with my head on a pillow, but he takes a handful of my ankara escort ponytail and pulls my head up, so i’m leaning on my elbows. This arches my back, which is a sight he enjoys. “you’re not there yet?” he asks, sounding rather sinister. Still, i knew i was safe with him. “not even close” i say back to him, even though we both know it’s a lie.

He lets go of my hair and i hear him take off the condom he’s been wearing. A drawer opens, there is a slight rustling, and a quick buzzing sound. This is followed by the subtle sound of a condom being torn from a pack, being opened, and being unrolled onto an extremely hard dick. He comes back to stand behind me and puts a silk blindfold over my eyes. He ties it in a way that i just know will leave my hair in a rats nest when i try to brush it out later. He grips a handful of my hair again then, puts ear plugs into each ear, and pulls my hips to where he wants them. He has cut off my visual and audio perception, which alone makes me shutter in anticipation.

With no preamble, he uses his free hand to push a few fingers into my swollen cunt. His delicate fingers quickly find that spot and mercilessly assaults it. I fight the sensations, trying to keep myself from cumming so quickly. He then, abruptly, pulls his fingers out of me and pushes them into my mouth. Opening my eyes behind the blindfold in surprise, i eager suck my own juices, my own arousal off of his fingers, savoring the flavor of my cunt after two hours of fucking. When he is satisfied with that, he takes his hand back and lets go of my hair. I cannot hear what he is escort ankara doing, and i can feel my own wetness dripping down my legs. He touches me again, gently, massaging my back, starting just below my shoulders and quickly progressing to my lower back and the roundness of my ass. He kisses one cheek, then the other, before biting my left cheek.

I pull away at the unannounced pain of his teeth, but he’s got an arm around my waist, holding me firmly. I know he is marking me, the imprint of his teeth will be with me for at least a week before fading to the sickly yellow-green of a bruise that’s no longer a bruise. He finally loosens his grip and plants a soft kiss on the mark he just gave me, temporarily branding me as his.

I am then shocked again by greasy fingers at my anus. He tangles his fingers in my hair again, pulling me back, holding me more roughly than by the waist. Two fingers are joined by a third, and briefly, a fourth.

Even though i know what is coming next, i am not quite prepared for it. The tip of his head, covered by the rubber and even more lube, the warming kind, from the feel of it, slowly, oh so slowly, pushed into me, finding a strong resistance fairly quickly. No one had ever fucked me in the ass before. I cry out, but only hear it in my head. The ear plugs are doing their job very well.

I feel him, more than anything, tell me to relax, and i feel him hand me a joint. I can barely light it, my hands are trembling, but manage to, and eagerly take the hit. I hit it twice more before offering it back to him. He takes it from me and begins ankara escort bayan pushing himself further into me. The weed helps, and i quickly give over to the sensations of his cock, which seems massive, in my virgin ass.

He pulls my head back, arching my back, which pushes him deeper into me. While my head is still being held back, his other hand goes again to my pussy, but to my surprise, i feel him pushing a vibrator into my empty hole. When it is completely inside me, i feel that there is also an attachment on it, which rests perfectly on my sensitive clitoris. Before he turns on the vibrations, he pushes my head back down, into the pillow, as though it is waiting for me.

He slowly turns on the vibrator, keeping it on each setting for a full five minutes each. There have to be at least six settings, and by the strongest, i am screaming into the pillow as he fucks my ass and cunt, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm, not giving me a chance to recover before battering me again. He reduces the intensity of the vibrations between orgasm sets, but quickly turns it back up, bringing me screaming for another several minutes. By the time i finally feel him orgasm, shuttering behind me, pumping himself into me and turning the vibrator to a higher setting, one he’d saved for the end, i cum again, bucking my hips, trying to get each hole filled completely. I collapse, with him still on top of me, still inside me.

The vibrator is slowly dying, the batteries need to be replaced, but the continued vibrations, albeit weak, keep me shuttering until it dies completely. I take the ear plugs from my ears and pull the silk from my eyes. He is panting, his weight pinning me down, but not constricting me. I feel full, stuffed. Content. And as my inner muscles stop twitching, my body completely relaxed, i sigh happily.



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