House rulesI sit naked on a wooden kitchen chair, I becon you over and you come, your head down for the shame and contrition you feel. I am naked as is the house rule and you too are naked apart from the vanity you are to be punished for, a shiny black latex brassiere.You sit accross me like a naughty daughter, your small round bottom pressed onto my lap as I begin to reprimand you üsküdar escort for you breach of the house rules.You squirm as you feel my long fat cock begin to stiffen under your crotch and as you feel me stiffen, through your admonishment you feel your mound begin to lubricate, your mons now on fire and burning with the desire to make tuzla escort good the crime and the need to cum.You feel that my cock is now hard and with a tensing of my thigh I raise you up on my lap just enough to slide it in, with no resistance from your sopping fanny.You sit so still as you ought, You are being punished and you are not pendik escort to make you enjoyment higher than I determine but as I stroke into your depths you feel that familiar and friendly feeling of your orgasm fast approaching.I push you to your feet and force your head down as I fuck you from behind. Then the heat bursts from your crotch and rides the waves of your orgasm down to your head where it is boosted by the blood pressure, filthy thoughts and your active brain and sends you on an awesome sexual rush.I spin you round and your face, heated by the sexual exertion, changes, your pupils dilate and you jaw hangs open, you look up and I shoot my manly load into your eyes, nose and mouth.



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