Oh, the fun you can have with fantasy games

I’m Jean.

After being married for quite some time, Jim and I embraced acting on our fantasies. We’ve enjoyed the swinger’s lifestyle for about ten years. This story recounts one of my/our hottest experiences.

When we take golf vacations things can really heat up. We come up with games that can become pretty intense. I’m ok with losing because sometimes losing is just as good as winning. This recollection is based on John winning a very naughty dare when he birdied the 18th hole.

Jim, my tall, dark and hot hubby is 6’4″. He’s an amazing lover that has equipment comparable to some porn stars. His large warm hands and mouth take me places many women dream of. I have always been multi orgasmic and he loves it. It’s not unusual for us to spend a day at Desire Pearl that starts with four or five pre breakfast Os followed by afternoon delight, with a couple more and an evening, with a couple more. I wish I could do the same for him, but, hey, he’s a guy. Fortunately for me, he gets crazy pleasure out of repeatedly taking me over the edge.

I’m a huge fan of Beachbody and workout just about every day. I’m a modest dresser so, unless we are purposely acting out, no one gets a peak at my 34C boobs and silky-smooth pussy. My arms are ripped, and my legs and butt are those of a runner. I’m a brunette with dark eyes and sultry lips.

His dare was based on his ultimate fantasy, one, in which I troll for a guy in a bar who I invite back to my room for sex.

Jim gets to check out the guy from afar, but when I hook up, he can only imagine what’s going on in the room. Of course, I have to share all of the details of the tryst, afterwards.

I didn’t have too much time to think about the dare as it was issued at 1:30PM today. I had the dress and heels I needed but I wasn’t sure I had the courage. We step out a bit when we get away, but I was crazy nervous because all of the “playing” we had done, to date had been with either couples or a bull we got to know ahead of time. I all cases, he was there.

Although I had fantasized over hunky men, our dedication to each other didn’t take me farther than saying, “He’s hot; I think I’d like to fuck him” So, this scenario was a big step for both of us.

We were staying at the Miami Four Season Hotel. On Friday nights the clientele is fairly evenly split between businessmen and couples escaping for the weekend. Its bar had music and dancing on weekend nights.

If I could muster the courage, I figured I’d end up with a good-looking business guy that was looking for a one-night stand.

I scheduled a massage at the spa followed by a manicure, pedicure and hair styling. Jim spent the time back in our room. When I got back, I hid all signs that I was with Jim, packing all his clothes and toiletries so my suitor wouldn’t know I was with anybody. In fact, I left out my perfume and some lacy thongs on one of the nightstands.

We went out for dinner to a restaurant nearby. The sexual energy was palpable, and I wasn’t sure I could go through with his dare. We got back from dinner just after 8:30. It’s time for me to get out of these jeans and polo, transforming from casual Jane to hot wife, I mused.

I chose a black thong and clingy maxi dress that didn’t call for a bra. It clung to every curve I had and showcased my pendulous breasts allowing my nipples to peak through if it was chilly or I was the slightest bit aroused. I put on ivory 5-inch stilettos that showed off the curve of my butt and my toned legs. I went with a pink lipstick that accented the floral pattern on my dress and I added some Obsession perfume in all the right places. Jim approved.

We headed for the bar at about 9:30. The evening was “young”, and it was maybe half full. Jim planted a very wet passionate kiss on me as we exited the elevator and went ahead. He sought a quiet table away from the bar giving him a view of where I’d sit.

My legs went to Jell-O when he left me, and I could already feel my clit throbbing. I looked for a bar stool that had an empty seat next to it, eventually sliding in to one about three-quarters down the far side.

I kicked into gear when the 35-year-old hunk of a bartender came over. I ordered a double margarita with salt on the rim. It was fabulous. He and I exchanged small talk for a minute or two and when he asked me what I was up to, tonight

I replied, “I haven’t been home in a week and have another week to go, so I’m not sure how to answer that.”

I had removed my wedding and engagement ring back at the room; fortunately, there wasn’t a tan line because, like all right-handed golfers the golf glove goes on the left hand.

I smiled and asked, “What time do you get off, tonight?”

He replied with a warm smile that he wasn’t off until 2AM.

“That’s really late, you’ll be worn out by then.”

“Yep,” he said, “my wife will be asleep when I get home.”

Darn, I thought he’d be a fantastic fuck.

I was only about a third casino siteleri of the way done with my drink when the first guy sat down next to me and started to chat me up. He was decent looking, about 45 and was fairly fit but I ruled him out when he threw the line at me, “What’s a beautiful woman like you doing here tonight.” He followed that up with, “Are you lonely, tonight, darling?”

Are you serious with that line, I thought?

I smiled politely and said, “just enjoying some people watching.”

He left a minute or two later, leaving three spots between me and the next occupied stool. Ten minutes passed when a couple, probably married slid in beside me. He was tall; I’d guess 6’3″ and was dressed in dark slacks and a body-hugging button-down shirt. He was clean shaven and smelled of a recent shower and a hint of expensive cologne. His wife was striking. She was also tall; I’m guessing 5’10” and, like me had very defined arms, shoulders and neck. She was nubile and had her bumps and curves in all the right places. She was wearing a short skirt with a spaghetti strapped top that left her shoulders bare and much of her breasts on display. I could discern her firm nipples as she didn’t wear a bra.

They ordered drinks, her a margarita and him a Corona. It seemed as if they were really into each other. He stroked her arm with one hand, and they exchanged a brief sexy kiss. I thought, this might heat up a bit, so I’ll wait patiently for them to leave.

The signals they were sending each other had an arousing effect on me. She had her hand on his knee, then his thigh and then against his sizable bulge. It struck me odd that he faced forward so I could see what she was doing. No complaints from me, though, as they were making me hornier and hornier.

He slid his left hand down, down, down, down her back until his hand was under her skirt cupping her butt. She cooed and gave him another, this time, much deeper kiss. She began working on the bulge in his pants in earnest. My horniness had turned to wetness. I wondered if they cared that I was enjoying the show; was it for me?

He told the bartender to hold their drinks and seats as they got up and moved to the dance floor. The driving beat of “Earned IT” by Weeknd turned their movements into a mating dance. His hands were wrapped around her waist then under her butt as he pulled her tight to him. One of her hands was hidden between them and the other was on his butt. He pulled up her skirt even more, exposing her cheeks to all. She threw back her head when he ran his hand along the crease of her butt from between her legs up to the top of her thong.

I fidgeted on my stool as I was getting more and more turned on. My nipples were on display and I didn’t care, and my panties were soaked through. I slid my right hand down between my legs, touching my pussy through the silky fabric. Watching them was crazy hot and I was imagining what it would be like to watch them suck and fuck.

The next number was Annie Lenox’s sultry version of “I’ve Got A Spell on You.”” They were all over each other and anyone that cared to ogle got a great look at her ass and her grinding against his crotch.

When Annie stopped singing, they came back to their drinks. This time, they switched positions as she sat next to me and he took the far stool.

What’s up with that, I thought?

She turned to me and as she did, she spread her legs enough for me to see her wetness. She leaned into me, put her hand on my knee and whispered, “we caught you watching us; are you as turned on as I am? My pussy is humming, and Jim is ready to blow; did we get your attention?”

I stammered, “Yes, you guys are smoking hot. I didn’t take my eyes off the two of you. You guys are naughty; I’m on the edge”

“Did you like seeing my husband, John bare my butt while sliding his fingers through my slit and did you like how I was stroking his cock through his pants,” she whispered. “I was wanting him to turn me around so I could feel his cock against my bare ass. I wanted him to slide a finger or two in me and over my clit”

“You are a naughty one,” I said. “I can imagine what’s in store for you, tonight!”

“Here’s the thing,” she whispered, “we want you to join us; are you up for that?”

Her question floored me; I nearly fell off the bar stool.

“Wow, what do you mean,” I sputtered.

“You are beautiful and sexy and, from your reaction to our dirty dancing you’re turned on and don’t want to spend tonight, alone. I mean, we want you to come up to our room where we’ll all get naked. The three of us will suck and fuck each other until we pass out- nothing painful and nothing illegal- just hot steamy sex. We’ve dreamed of doing this but never have; we’d like you to experience our fantasy.”

“We’re going to start,” she continued, “with you watching us. We’ll have you so hot and wet by that time, that you’ll beg to experience John’s very big cock.”

I wanted to say yes, immediately. My juices were dripping down my leg slot oyna and my nipples were straining against the silky material. I was supposed to take a man to my room. Hooking up with a couple, going to their room, instead of mine, was not in the script. I better duck out to find out if hubby is ok with that.

“Hmm, that sounds like a plan. Let me hit the restroom and I’ll be right back.”

I dialed Jim. He wasn’t necessarily expecting to hear from me, but he picked up on the second ring. He told me to be careful about drinking too much but said he couldn’t wait to hear the dirty details. later tonight.

I made my way back to the bar. They had already picked up the tab and stood up when I got there. She instructed me to follow them.

When her husband, John opened the door, my head was spinning, and It wasn’t because of the double margarita; I was turned on more than I ever remembered. My clit was buzzing, my pussy was dripping, and my mouth was watering.

She asked me if I’d like some wine and if I needed to use their bathroom. I said no to both.

“We’re John and Carol. We’ve never asked a third to join us like this, but you looked so good that each of us wanted to ravish you. We’ve been married for nine years and love to experience our fantasies. You are beautiful and damn sexy. I’m a bit dominant with John on nights like this but don’t let that stop you from taking what you want from both of us. You good?”

I nodded my head and licked my lips. She instructed me to sit in the corner chair near the bed and then turned to her husband.

“Take off your clothes and lay your ass down on that bed. Spread your arms as if they were tied and don’t move them. You are not to speak unless spoken to”

He started from the top of his button-down shirt as he slowly undoing each button. His chest was smooth and his nipples were hard. He must have lived in the gym. He didn’t have a body builder physique; it was more like a Dustin Johnson’s build. His muscles rippled. He looked good enough to eat and I still hadn’t seen what he was packing! He took off his Sam Hubbard shoes, then his socks and stood to unbuckle his belt and pants. They slid off his hips revealing a set of sexy briefs with a giant bulge; his cockhead was sticking out the top to his navel. He slid them down slowly, his dick pointing straight up and laid down on the bed as she instructed him to do. Down there, he was shaved smooth, had nice full balls, ready for sucking. He was an Adonis with a thick beautiful shaft.

Carol waited until he was on the bed to strip. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse freeing her beautiful breasts. Her areolas were a little bigger than a quarter and her nipples were hard and protruding. There were no tan lies. She slid out of her skirt leaving her with just a g string. It was soaked through. The thong part was buried between her butt cheeks. Although she was slim, her hips were curved, and her butt was amazing. She wiggled out of the g string exposing her smooth pussy; her clit was already very engorged, and it looked like it was begging to be tongued.

She climbed up the bed from the bottom sliding her boobs over his legs, then torso, then chest until she parked her pussy over his face.

“Eat me, now,” she demanded. “I’m going to cum on your face then you can fuck me; if you do a good job, you can have Jean.

“You do want to do both of us, don’t you?” He nodded as best he could.

She slid down deeper on his face and he split her lips with his tongue. She opened her labia each hand giving him the deepest access possible to her tunnel. She began to undulate a bit and nearly smothered him with her dripping pussy. She slid up just a bit giving him the chance to flick his tongue across her clit. He started strumming her from side to side but that tease didn’t last long before he began stroking from slit to clit in rhythmic timing. She lasted just a minute or two before clenching down on his mouth. She had been pulling on her nipples but as she came she put her arms and hands over her head, threw her head back and let out a rapturous high pitched moan that rolled over her for two or three minutes. All this time his giant purple shaft pointed straight up past his belly button.

I was squirming. My dress was around my waist and I had three fingers from one hand in my pussy while I was rubbing hard on my clit with the other. The tension was building inside of me and I was ready to explode. When she came, I came. The eruption started from my core but emanated out in all directions. My pussy clenched, spasming uncontrollably. It was like I felt everything Carol did.

When she came down from her climax, she licked her lips and said, “I’m ready for that cock now. It’s time to swallow all of it with my pussy.”

His cock bobbed.

She turned to me and said, “Hope you liked; do you think you can handle my man? I’m hoping you can gobble him up.”

She shimmied down from his face and sat so his cock was plastered against him while splitting her labia. She lowered canlı casino siteleri her boobs just low enough to graze his face. She teased him like that for a couple of minutes before moving over him, upright. She reached down with her right hand and held his cock straight up so I could size it up. I did. It was better than two handfuls and thicker than most. If I was asked to put a number on its length, I’d have to guess it was 8 inches, but it was fat, too. As she acknowledged me, I licked my lips and nodded my head, acclaiming my admiration.

She rose up and slid the very purple, dripping crown through her sopping lips. She paused there for a couple of seconds before rising up above it. She then slammed down on it, totally impaling herself.

I lost it and had my second orgasm without even touching myself.

On every stroke, she rose up on his cock until only his crown remained in her. She then gobbled up his entire length with her pussy on the down stroke. She was flushed; her nipples were erect and hard and the sound of her wetness as she ground down on him was amazing.

She undulated up and down on his prodigious shaft for a very long time, but he still didn’t utter a word. I was enthralled and amazed that he was so obedient and had the staying power not to come.

I came down from the orgasm and was approaching another when she stopped, pinned to him and launched into a “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” tirade. After she finished cumming, she fell forward at the waist, mingling her sweat with his.

She slid up and off him a minute or two later. His stretched shaft was purple and red and still hard as a rock.

I was so hot and wet that I wanted whatever they had for me. I was ready to play the ultimate slut. I would have done anything- anything.

She slid over next to him on my side of the bed, turned to me while smiling and asked: “Are you ready”

When I shook my head up and down, she continued, “How many holes do you want him to fill. He’s very obedient, you know; he’ll do whatever you require.” She then asked, “do you want to start by tasting my cum?”

I’m not that into women but, in the state I was in, I replied, “I’m all yours as long as I get to experience his cock in at least, two of my holes.

“Okay,” she purred. “John, tell Jean that you’d like to pleasure her in every way possible and that you want her to be your slut.”

John relaxed his arms and spoke for the first time since entering the room.

“You are very beautiful and sexy and, I want to fuck your mouth and pussy until you can’t see straight. You up for that? I’ve been Carol’s fuck toy for long enough, tonight, now it’s time for me to rock your world.”

“Yes sir,” I answered.

Carol reached down pulling my maxi dress up and over my head, leaving me with only my pink thong. Then, she put three fingers in the front of the thong and slid it down. I stepped out of it. She then held it to her face before offering it to Jim to savor.

She laid down next to Jim and directed me to her with her pointer finger.

“Clean me up with your tongue while John watches.”

I obeyed, sliding up from the footboard to her sex. She spread her legs wide and I dove in. I had never tasted another woman, before but that didn’t stop me from licking the cum that had leaked around her pussy and all around her dark hole. When I finished there, I focused on the cum oozing from her slit. He hadn’t come, so this was all hers. The taste was sweet. I lapped it up enthusiastically making slurping noises as I sucked, while swirling my tongue over her clit. He pinched her nipples hard causing her to arch her back launching into, “yes, yes, yes, yes yes…”

As she came with my mouth sucking on her pussy and clit, I hung on for “dear life” as she bucked and moaned.

After sliding away from her, I decided that it was time for me to take some of what I wanted. I shimmied over and hung my head off the bed. John knew what that was about, and he positioned himself with his cock next to my face. I smiled at him and reached out for his shaft.

I started by licking his perineum under his balls. His cock bounced against my nose as I went side to side down there. I moved to his balls, taking the first in my mouth. It was big and hot; he moaned. I did the same to the other one.

His cock was even harder when I moved from his balls to his shaft. I wet it with my saliva and stroked it very slowly up and down with my tongue. He continued to moan.

I began work on his corona, wrapping my hand around his shaft. By this time, it was super engorged, bright purple, swollen and nasty. I rolled my tongue all around it, wetting it with my saliva. I sucked gently. He was getting close, so I allowed him to come down a little.

He knew what he wanted next and so did I. He guided his cock into my mouth. His size was very impressive but, as a practiced cock sucker who had a very big husband, I could take everything he offered. He was gentle as I pulled him into my mouth, deeper and deeper. By the third stroke I had him in my throat and, on the fourth I had it all. I love deep throating cock, so I was enjoying this as much, or more than him. He wrapped his hand in my hair and began fucking my face, in earnest.



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