I couldn’t tell you how it started. I look back at my life with Shane and how we grew up together. I was always the popular little brat playing seven minutes in heaven with the boy next door while he sat in the corner making jokes and getting in trouble. I loved him because he was my friend. He got along so well and he always had a thing for me. I remember he was the first boy to tell me I was pretty and that he wanted to marry me. Back in 3rd grade things like that don’t seem that important.

But now I am 18 years old, holding down an education career and massive schedule at UVM. I am a women’s studies major, which Shane swears means I am a lesbian, but he is wrong. All grown up and very fine, Shane is a pre-med student between school and Maine, where we are from, to spend time with his girlfriend. She is my best friend, go figure, and they want to marry when Shane graduates. I think they are crazy and pretend it doesn’t bother me.

But it does. Shane and I have agreed to share an apartment off campus and split the rent. We found a place with two bedrooms and a community spa equipped with a hot tub. I spend every night in the tub nude, trying to wash off all the stress of that day. No one is ever in the spa because they are always on campus or at work. But one bursa escort night was very different.

I was sitting back in the hot pool of water, letting the jets spray my virgin pussy. Not to say I was exactly a prude, I was just waiting for Mr. Right, and in the mean time I figured I could find other ways to pleasure myself. Moaning and grinding my body against the edge of the pool I started to orgasm harder than ever. I was horny and in need of some serious pleasure when Shane walked in.

“Umm, Cherry, what are you doing?” I looked up, sunk my nude body under the water and back myself into the corner. “Nothing,” I screamed. I was embarrassed and shocked. “I thought you were at a study session.”

“We got out early. Can I join you, or would I be interrupting something?” He laughed. We knew all of each others sexual pleasures and desires. He knew what I has been doing, and I am sure he realized it wasn’t the first time. I just nodded my head and made sure my 36 DD breasts stayed under the water. If there was anything that Shane wanted from me was to touch my firm rack that he commented on regularly.

“You know what Sam, you need a real man.” I laughed at him.

“I know I do Shane, but it is really hard to find one.”

He moved closer to me bursa escort bayan and from under the water cupped my breast. “What do you mean, there is one right in front of you.”

He kissed me and I shivers went up my spine. I wrapped my legs and arms around him. He knew this what I had wanted since my senior year in high school. He laid my back on the edge of the tub and sucked on my nipples and rubbed my body. He stuck a finger in my pussy, which was already throbbing. I yelped. “Shhh…” he said, “I am going to make you happier than you have ever been.”

He started to take off his swimming trucks to reveal a 8 inch dick that was so swollen and hard that I thought it would kill me going inside. “This is not right,” I said between kisses. “What if Marcy finds out?”

He didn’t pay attention to my question. Before I knew it his dick was in my face. “You said you have never sucked a dick, well why don’t you try.”

I had always told him that I didn’t think that oral sex was the least appealing, but I didn’t really care about my morals at the moment and started to lick the tip. I made a ring between my thumb and finger and moved and hand and mouth up and down his shaft for quite a few minutes. “Stop,” he yelled. “I want say the best for last.”

I escort bursa kneeled back into the tub and spread my legs. Pinning my arms up against the tub so that I couldn’t move. I wanted it so bad, I just felt awful about it. Shane started to lick my nipples and bite just hard enough to drive me wild. I wanted his cock inside me, so I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me.”

To see the expression on his face was crazy. The next thing I knew I felt the 8 inch dick penetrating my swollen and tight pussy. He went so slow and was at ease inside me. I was so turned on I was moaning and buck for him to go faster.

“I want to tease you,” he said going in and out so slow creating suction between his dick and my pussy. The feeling was something I had never experienced before. I started meeting his thrusts with my hips and he let go of my arms and grabbed my ass fore better leverage. Soon I was on top of him going up and down screaming wildly into the cold Vermont air.

“Ahhh, ahhh, fuck me harder,” I screaming my breasts bouncing in his face, my arms wrapped tightly around him. He was holding me so tight that the force of my jumping and the water was sending so much vibration to my clit that I almost passed out after orgasm.

Shane and I still share an apartment, and we still have sex every so often in the hot tub. We never tell Marcy about it, because it is our dirty little secret. Maybe when they get married we will stop, but until then our relationship is on the path of a lot of happy endings.



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