This is the third story that I wrote about a year ago for someone I met on an online adult date site. Unfortunately, I lost the first two stories, but it explains the way this one starts.


It’s a hot summer’s day and I am sitting around at home thinking of my Little Desi Slut. It’s been ages since we hooked up and I have been reduced to making myself cum thinking of you. None of the others that I have fucked recently have compared.

As if reading my mind, my phone buzzes. It’s a text message from you.

“House-sitting 4 client. Come round. Here’s the address.”

Half an hour later I ring the doorbell. No answer. So I look around. There’s a gate around the side and I walk around to the back yard.

There, lying out in the sun, you are, wearing a fire-engine red bikini, your size D tits glistening in the sun, your stomach slick with moisture.

There is another caramel body in the pool, swimming underwater, the same tiny red bikini.

You get up to greet me, arms around my neck and we kiss. I feel your warmth against me, then you suddenly turn to one side, where the other girl is towelling her hair.

“This is Anjali.” you say “Anjali, this is Giles.”

Anjali shakes my hand formally and says Hi.

“And this is…” you pause as I turn around to see another guy there.

“Gary.” he says, offering his hand to shake.

“Yes, sorry. Gary.” You say. Gary is a lot older than me, maybe late 50s even maybe 60, but still buff, with a thatch of grey hair on his chest and wearing the smallest, tightest pair of black Speedos I’ve ever seen.

Anjali takes my hand and asks me if I have brought swimmers. When I say no, she turns to you and says “I’ll just take Giles inside to get him a pair from your bag.”

Anjali leads me by the hand into the house.

Ten minutes later, we emerge again. Anjali is leading me by the hand and I am wearing a pair of Speedos identical to Gary’s. They’re very tight, not helped by the fact that my cock is fully engorged after Anjali made me change in front of her.

I needn’t have worried about clashing with Gary, as he is now lying back on the lie-low, his head rolled back, his Speedos on the ground beside him and your head buried in his crotch, sucking his enormous old cock.

Anjali and I watch for a bit before she announces that I have to get in the pool with her. She pulls me by the hand. By now my cock is so rock hard that it can barely be contained by the Speedos – I can feel a breeze around by balls, coming in the side as my cock pushes the fabric away from my skin. And as I dive into the pool, the chilly water washes over them.

Anjali and I swim around for a while, playfully wrestling and carrying on. Then I stop and rest, my back against the side of the pool and my elbows on the edge. I watch Anjali’s gorgeous little body swim towards me, and then I turn around to see what you are up to.

There’s my sweet Little Desi Slut on her hands and knees. You have spread out some sort of blanket or quilt on the ground. Your bright red bikini bottoms are halfway down your thighs. Gary’s muffled voice can be heard moaning “Oh, Sonam” as his face is buried in your arse and he attacks your pussy from behind.

Anjali comes up out of the water in front of me. She puts a finger up to my cheek and pushes my face around to look at her in the eye. She has a smile on her face and her tongue sitting out the side of her mouth sinfully. I stand to attention as she pulls me in and our lips meet.

Softly at first, Anjali’s lips meet mine then pull away. Then again, more urgently. Our lips part and our tongues meet, exploring one another. My hands make their way down her smooth back and rest at the top of her petite buttocks. Meanwhile one of Anjali’s hands remains on my shoulder, while the other one slides down my back and comes to rest between my butt-cheeks. She spreads her fingers and takes a good handful of my bum. Meanwhile my hand slides down between her butt-cheeks, outside the fabric of her swimwear, and my middle finger slides deeply, feeling for the edge of her pussy, while the other hand slides up her side.

Now her hand is palm-first down on my cock, sliding roughly over the outside of my Speedos. Our tongue-kissing continues, as my cock, which had shrunk a little with casino siteleri the cold water, swells again under Anjali’s expert massage. I slide my hand inside her swimsuit and slide a finger into her butt-crack, feeling her skin now and softly massaging the back end of her pussy and her anal sphincter. She slides her fingers into the waistband of my tight Speedos and slowly pulls them slightly down. I feel the coolness of pool water wash in over my cock and my balls. This is soon replaced by the warmth of Anjali’s hand wrapped around my throbbing cock.

All this time, we continue to kiss, our lips and tongues squashing together in shared lust as I explore her pussy and she slowly pumps my cock.

Then she moves around and hauls herself out onto the edge of the pool. I move in between her knees and kiss her again. Then I kiss her on the neck, on the shoulder and softly at the top of her left breast. But she holds me by the shoulders and pushes me to my knees between her thighs. I kiss her on the inside of her wet, caramel thigh, then on her pussy outside the swimsuit.

Then I reach up and pull at her bikini-bottom, revealing her smooth, wet pussy. I bury my face in there, licking at the slit of her vagina. As I lap at her pussy, pushing my tongue deep into her and licking gently at her clitoris.

After a while, Anjali says “Let’s go over there with Sonam and Gary.”

She slides back into the pool and takes my hand and we walk out of the water, up the pool-stairs. As I walk up the stairs, I pull my Speedos off and carry them with me. I have been lost in Anjali’s steamy pussy and haven’t paid attention to what you have been doing with Gary. Then I notice you sliding up and down on Gary’s slippery pole. You still have the top of your bikini on, but the bottom is flung to one side. As we walk over, both Anjali and I add our removed clothing to the pile with your bikini bottoms.

Anjali’s hand softly brushes across your back as you bounce on that rock-hard old cock. You turn around and smile at us both. You back is curved tightly, your buttocks are spread wide so I can see your bumhole and you are shaking as you slam up and down on Gary’s cock.

Then things change.

Anjali sits down on the blanket near you and Gary. She leans back on her elbows with one leg straight out in front of her and the other out at an angle, with her knee bent ninety degrees. As I move closer, hoping that she might suck my hard-throbbing cock, she stops me.

“Wait, I think Sonam wants to swap,” she says, as I turn around and see you sliding off Gary’s slick cock. You stand up and walk over to where I stand.

“Hi,” you say, as you press your lips against mine.

I pull away slowly. “Hi there,” I say. Then our lips meet again, parted this time, and your tongue pushes softly towards mine. As we kiss, my hand slides down to you beautiful round arse and cups underneath the left buttock. Meanwhile, your hands slide down to my hips. My enraged cock slides around on the warm skin of your thigh and my finger pushes up towards the heat of your pussy.

I feel the moisture of your just-fucked pussy against my fingers as you slide a hand across and rub the back of that hand along the length of my shaft. Now both of my hands are on your arse, pulling them apart to allow more access to your steaming pussy. You have lifted my shaft and it is resting against the bottom of your stomach as you massage my balls with one hand and hold my face with the other as you kiss me.

You then drop to your knees in front of me. Cupping my ball-sack with one hand, you wrap the other around my shaft as your tongue emerges from your mouth and, pointed, licks at the end of my knob, sliding into my piss-hole.

I look to my right. Anjali has her wrists around Gary’s neck, fingers in his hair, and her thighs wrapped around his waist as he fucks her, missionary style. “He’s pretty buff for an old dude,” I think, before realising I’m not exactly young. I shake the thought from my head as I look down and see you, still holding my balls, with the other hand, open-palmed, holding my shaft as you lick messily at it, like a greedy child devouring an ice-cream. Your tongue works its way all over my cock and my balls. Occasionally, you take one of my balls into your mouth and suck on it. I am finding slot oyna it hard to stand as you treat my cock and balls so roughly.

Then you engulf my shaft, taking a third of its throbbing length into your mouth. Your cheeks hollow as you suck deeply on my cock. I hold your soft raven hair and push my cock deeper into your throat and you gag slightly as I release and it emerges. Then you swallow it again.

I look over again and it seems like a long time has gone by. Anjali has removed her bikini top and is riding Gary’s cock, reverse-cowgirl style. She leans back, supporting herself with her hands planted either side of Gary’s head as he ploughs up into her. Her tits bounce and she moans softly as she slides up and down his shaft.

I turn back and look down at you, in front of me, concentrating on my cock. I pull away and my cock slides from your lips. I want to taste that gorgeous pussy of yours, my 19 year old fuck-slut. In a few short months you’ll be 20 and the filthy old pervert in me wants to taste as much of your wet teen cunt as possible before then.

I lay you back on the blanket and, on hands and knees, crawl between your legs and lower my face to your steaming vagina. Pulling your pussy open I bury my tongue in you and taste the sweet juice of your insides. I work at your steaming pussy, tasting every last drop of you. Driving hard with my tongue, pushing a finger or two into your moist folds.

Then we re-arrange. You are on your hands and knees and I lay an arm across the small of your back and attack your sweet-tasting cunt. I lick feverishly at your moisture, devouring you with greed. I lap all around your pussy and anus. I moisten the area with my sweat and saliva, you taste like heaven, my Little Desi Slut. I lap softly at your clitoris and you wriggle gently as the tingles speed through your body.

As shudders wrack your body, you turn your head and whisper hoarsely “Fuck me, Gilesy, fuck me now.”

I sit up on my haunches and round up behind you. Holding my engorged cock, I rub it roughly along your vaginal opening and then, with one hard thrust, jam it into your pussy. You gasp as it slides into you to its full length.

I settle into a rhythm, driving my cock deep into you. I slide easily into your dripping cunt as your vaginal muscles tense tightly clamping my cock with each thrust. I become worried that I’m going to unleash my load inside you. This is not helped when I look over to see Gary driving hard into Anjali from behind with short, sharp, violent thrusts. Her arse-cheeks ripple with each thrust and her wetness streams over her hand and onto the blanket as she works her clitoris hard.

I’m not ready yet to explode in you, so I say I need to rest and pull my cock from you. My shaft stretches as you grip it tightly with your muscles on release. I sit back down on the blanket and you sit down beside me. I am dripping sweat and our bodies press together in the harsh sunshine. You reach in and wrap around my shaft, slick with your juices, and pump it quietly as we watch Anjali, moaning loudly, getting ploughed hard by the grey-haired Gary.

This turns you on more and you push me backwards, so I am flat on my back, my cock standing proudly. On your knees, you lift a leg over me. Reaching between your legs, you grab hold of my cock and lower yourself onto me, your warm, wet pussy sliding all the way down my shaft. From this angle I can look at your gorgeous D-sized tits bouncing inside their red bikini-top as you settle into a bouncing rhythm on my shaft. I can also look over and see a rear, three-quarter view of Gary’s final moments inside Anjali.

As you slide up and down with athletic precision on my raging cock, I see the last drips of Anjali’s orgasm drip from her hands as Gary slides from her cunt, lays his big cock across her arse and unleashes a fury of bright-white, sticky cum across the sweat-soaked, caramel skin of Anjali’s back. She drops to the ground, lying there on her stomach with a large slash of semen across her back. Gary, meanwhile, collapses in a heap on the blanket next to her.

I look up at you and you are pulling your bikini-top off over your head, revealing what I will always consider the most beautiful tits I will ever see. You throw the red top to one side and lower yourself to me, where my mouth canlı casino siteleri is waiting to engulf your sweaty nipples. I grab your tits with both hands and attack them with my lips and tongue. Nothing has ever tasted so divine.

We fuck like this for a long time. You move around on my cock, sitting up, slumping down. It’s an amazing connection, the two of us just functioning together as you ride my cock.

Then you slump onto me again and my mouth meets your tits. My eyes have been closed for a while as I take in all of your taste, your scent. You slide your pussy up and down my cock slowly. Then, as you slide up its length, I feel something new. My cock is pulled roughly from your cunt and my eyes spring open. I catch sight of Anjali, past your thigh. She has my cock in her mouth and is sucking it hard. She slides down and buries my cock in her throat. I look over and Gary is sitting in the lie-low stroking his already growing cock. I recede again into my world, tasting the perspiration from your tits as Anjali works her magic on my cock.

Oh. My. God.

As Anjali covers my throbbing cock with her saliva, you slide your wet pussy up and down my body. She pulls my cock from her mouth. I can’t see what she is doing for a minute, then I feel her rubbing my cock between your buttocks. Holding my cock tight, she pushes it against your arse. You push back hard and the head of my penis slides into your anus. You push back harder and my entire cock slides deep into you. Again, we start sliding together, my cock like a piston, ramming in and out of your arse. You sit up and steady yourself with a hand on my thigh and I look up to see your gorgeous body, your back arched deeply as my cock delves deep into you.

Then Anjali appears in my view. She climbs over my face and lowers her smooth, wet pussy down to my awaiting mouth. Her juices are sweet and she is very moist. My tongue laps at her like a cat at a milk bowl. My view is obscured and all I can see is the round orbs of her caramel arse cheeks.

My cock is almost out of control as you slide your arse up and down it. I know I’m going to cum soon. Anjali stand up momentarily and I catch a view of you, working your cunt hard. You start dripping fast, your wetness coating your hands and dripping onto my stomach, running down and soaking my pubic hair and dripping onto the blanket. The view disappears again under Anjali’s wet vagina.

I know I can’t last much longer. As I continue to drive my tongue into Anjali’s cunt and lap at her anus, I soon have to stop. I push her up slightly and announce that I’m going to cum and where do you want it. My cock slides from your arse as you move to one side.

“Stand up” you command. I stand, and you and Anjali kneel down in front of me. Anjali wraps a hand around my saturated cock and takes it all in her mouth at once. She sucks greedily at it, and then hands it to you. You suck deeply on it, swallowing it whole. Anjali takes it from you.

Suddenly, Gary appears to one side, pulling his cock hard. He unleashes. A single stream of his sticky goo lands across your two faces, then some drops fall on your smooth shoulder. Anjali’s tongue comes out of her open mouth and she catches a strand of the cum, which she tries to pull into her mouth.

Then my pumping pays off and I unleash. As ever, thick torrents of my cum stream out across both of your faces. Arcs of the warm semen swirl around as I pump my cock in your direction. Soon you are both pasted with my cum, as I now squeeze the last few drops from my knob. You grab my cock and bury it in your cum-crusted face. Anjali wipes my cum towards her mouth and turns to where Gary is now standing and engulfs his cock.

Once the storm has died down, you sit back and swirl my cum and Gary’s towards your mouth and swallow it all. You wipe your shoulder and chest, where thick gobs of cum have landed. Anjali does the same. As I hold my cock, with the other hand I gently stoke your hair to remove the droplets from there, which you then suck from my fingers.

The four of us lie back and pant softly. Then suddenly Anjali springs up and jumps into the pool. You squeal with glee and follow her, noisily splashing into the water. Gary looks at me and shrugs and we follow.

As you hold me, our wet bodies pressed together, Anjali comes over, kisses me deeply and says “Great to meet you.”

She then grabs Gary’s hand and, still dripping, they disappear into the house together as you and I return to deep kissing in the cool water of the pool.



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