Horrible Fun Night….Tuesday bight i was chatting on Grindeer with a guy that lived only about four blocks from me. We exchanged pictures and talked for more than an hour mostly about sex. I told him maybe in 15 twenty minutes that i would meet him for sex. Well i was already to go and told him so. he replied ok when? I instant messaged him back and wouldn’t you know it Grindeer goes nuts. lol. For like 20 minutes nothing…I decided I had his address so i left and walked through the ally’s to his house…I walked down to about the middle of the alley as we agreed and stopped under a dim light. And took off my sweat pants and put them in my pack pack. I put my running shoes back on and walked around in the dim light dressed in my black top, plack panties. black blindfold as a head band and my black thigh canlı bahis şirketleri highs…After a little over ten minutes went by so i figured i walk back home real slow. maybe a a half a block away from where i was I stopped sweating and took off my shirt and shoes putting them in my back back. I also tightly put a thick soft noose around my neck and swung the end of it swinging my oiled ass the best i could….It was pitch black as i walked about two blocks slowly down the middle of the alley wishing i’d have met new dick. It was night but I was so hot covered in oil and sweat…..Out of nowhere this homeless looking guy bigger than me on a bike turns left and is face to face with me. He jus stopped his bike and sat there staring. I froze scared to death like a deer in head lights. I think canlı kaçak iddaa i wanted to tremble but was to hot. I stood there at least 3 minutes not daring to move. This stranger was just sitting on his bike licking his lips looking over every inch of me. I could see a good sized bulge in his pants. My ass was shaking. I said high in a soft high voice and he almost looked me in my eyes scaring me. i remained silent. I was terrified.I decided to turn my back very slow to him and as i did i slid my panties down bending way over as i did. He stared only at my ass. I did around 4 or 5 circles showing him everything and then slowly walked by him sticking my ass out. He just watched me walk off into the other dark alley… I seen his shadow while i was hiding behind a garbage can ride past like 3 canlı kaçak bahis times then disappear. Before I got to the end of the alley he was in front of me. i walked slow. Deciding what ever he wanted I’d do it. He went back and forth i think wondering if/what he should do. I was sure i was in trouble and my heart was coming out of my chest. The bike and him then disappeared. I then made it almost to the alley by my house and could see for the next three blocks it was very dark. I decided to leave my back pack next to a pole and keep walking.Not quarter of a block later i saw the guy on his bike walking on the side walk through a chain link fence. I could then see him up in the alley ahead. His shadow disappeared behind a garbage can. I stopped and wondered around a bit thinking. I was still covered in oil and horny. i walked towards him.I could see him. He didn’t hide well. i walked slow. Very slow. i was almost by him and I stopped… Nothing lol. I could barley see him so i stood there for about a minutes. lol i walked by. did a u turn and went home lol..



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