I was awakened in the morning by Jimmy’s hand rubbing my vagina, his finger dipping slowly in and out of my cream-filled hole. As I gradually emerged into consciousness the events of the prior evening slowly crept into my mind. Coming home unexpectedly to find my husband, Hans, dressed as a woman, entertaining Jimmy with drinks and a blowjob. After the shock wore off, my becoming aroused and having wild sex with Jimmy while forcing Hans, who we renamed Honey, to watch. My hurt and my anger at Hans, and my desire to pay him back and get even with him. Then telling Honey to sleep on the couch in one of my nighties, taking Jimmy to our bedroom and leaving the door open so Honey would have to listen to our passionate lovemaking all night long.

I had only had a couple hours of sleep, and was too groggy to think straight, and was about to tell Jimmy that I needed to go back to sleep when I dreamily opened my eyes and spied Honey standing in the doorway to the bedroom, staring at our prone bodies seemingly asleep in his marriage bed. He had such a sorry look on his face that for a moment I felt sorry for what I had done last night. But as Jimmy’s finger began to come out of my hole and slowly trace circles around my clit, and as I remembered the hurt that Hans had inflicted on me the night before, I closed my eyes again and groaned at the good feeling. God, I was becoming such a naughty girl!

I reached over and found Jimmy’s penis with my hand. It was crusty with a dried mixture of his come and my juices, which had drenched him, me, and the bed throughout the night as I came over and over and over. I began to stroke him, feeling his cock come alive in my hand, and was sure that Honey could see the movements under the bedcovers; our hands stroking slowly away on each other as our eyes remained closed.

I was becoming very aroused again as Jimmy alternated between running his finger into my cunt and lightly circling around my clit. I let go of Jimmy and turned my back to him so he was spooning me, and pressed my behind into his crotch. He got the message, and positioned himself so the head of his cock was rubbing up and down my pussy. God it felt so good. How could I still be so aroused after four times last night? I pushed back against him and felt the head of his cock just barely enter my hole. He reached around the front of me, hugging me, and cupped my breast in his hand, letting his thumb rub back and forth across my nipple.

I pushed back again and he slipped all the way in. God it felt delicious. We began a slow-paced fuck, so different than the night before. I opened my eyes and was looking directly at Honey, who’s eyes caught my own. I held her gaze for a moment before letting my eyes roll back into my head with pleasure. Reaching with my right hand, I threw back the covers so that Honey would have to watch us in our horizontal intercourse dance. As I let go the covers, I raised my top knee, spreading my legs, and brought my hand to my clit. As Jimmy fucked me from behind and tweaked my nipple, I rubbed my clitty, which was slick with my running juices. The three sensations together were wonderful on my breast, my clit, and deep inside me, and I could feel a climax coming from far, far away. I opened my eyes and stared at Honey, who looked poker oyna as though she might begin crying at any moment. I speeded up my finger on my clit and Jimmy pushed his cock deeper into my hole, pushing against my cervix. As I stared at Honey, I climaxed. Jimmy moved his hand down, placing it over mine as I shuddered through my orgasm, pressing my hand firmly against my pubic bone and holding it there. It felt so good and comforting to have his hand there. Honey just watched in dismay.

I felt Jimmy’s leg tense, and soon felt his cock twitching inside me as he unloosed his final load into me. I had to give the man credit; he was a stud machine. This was his fifth orgasm in the past 10 hours or so, and I could tell that he had pumped another huge load into me as I felt it begin to dribble out onto my thigh. I reached down and took some on my fingers, rubbing my finger tips together, feeling his slick fluid between my fingers as I showed Honey another man’s come that had oozed from my cunt. I could see her cock forming a tent underneath her sheer nightie.

“Honey,” I said. “Are you going to stand there or are you going to make coffee?” Aroused from her trance, Honey looked from my wet hand to my face.

“I’m sorry,” she answered. “How thoughtless of me. I should have made coffee already.”

“That’s okay, sweetheart.” I reassured her. “Why don’t you make some coffee while I get cleaned up. I am a complete mess!” I reached back and gave Jimmy’s withering cock a squeeze as it popped out of me. “And you, big boy, should probably think about going home to wherever you live. I’ll never get anything done this weekend with you here!” Jimmy laughed. “Have a cup of coffee with Honey while I get cleaned up. Don’t leave before I come out, though! We have to know how to get in touch with each other!”

I looked again at Honey. “That is, if Honey doesn’t mind.”

Honey looked at the carpet. “No,” she said. “I don’t mind.”

I got up and went into the master bathroom and turned the shower on hot.

******* ******* *******

When I came out into the living area in my terry robe with my wet hair wrapped in a towel, Jimmy and Honey were sitting at the dining room table, sipping coffee and reading the morning paper. They were a perfect-looking American couple, except for the slight 5 o’clock shadow on Honey’s face. Luckily, Hans had a very light growth of facial hair, and it was light in color, so it took almost 24 hours before any growth showed on his face.

Jimmy stood up and announced that he really had to be going. He had an important engagement with his son; a trip to the ballpark, and he had to get home to shower and change before picking the boy up at his ex-wife’s home.

I asked Jimmy if he wanted to get together again, letting my freshly shaved leg emerge from the opening of my robe. With assurances of a future meeting, we exchanged phone numbers and a passionate kiss at the door as he left.

That left Honey and I alone.

“Honey, why don’t you take off the make-up and change into your regular clothes and we’ll talk. I’m not sure I can have a normal conversation with you looking like that. And we do need to talk.”

She went into the bedroom, and I poured myself a cup of coffee. “Where to from here?” canlı poker oyna I said aloud to myself. What had happened here? How was life going to change? I certainly hadn’t been sexually happy before, but I hadn’t realized that I could be so slutty and wanton. I liked it, but was afraid of it. And what about my relationship with Hans? Where was that going?

I decided to take it a day at a time, and see what happened. Perhaps things would work out, and be different, but okay.

Hans, dressed as himself, entered the room and sat down at the table opposite me.

“First,” he said, “let me apologize for not being honest with you. It’s a long story, and I’ve really wanted to tell you, but I just haven’t had the nerve.”

“Well, I think you’d better tell me now, because I am completely lost here.” I looked him in the eye. “What the hell is going on with you?”

“Well, I’ve always enjoyed dressing as a woman. When we were young, my mother used to dress up Hermann and me in girl’s clothing. She missed having a daughter so she would buy us cute outfits and dress us both up. I mean outfits, complete with underpanties, shoes, and frilly dresses. She’d do our hair, and have us behave like little ladies for the day. And she always told us that there was nothing wrong with it. We knew we were boys, but this gave her a chance to have the daughters that she never had. I finally told her I wouldn’t, couldn’t go along with it anymore when I was about 10 years old. But the seed had been planted, and as I got older, I missed my sessions dressed as a girl, and began to fantasize not only about dressing as a woman, but having sex as a woman. Finally, when I was in my early twenties, I began dressing up occasionally around my own apartment and masturbating, making believe that I was being fucked by a man. I don’t really think I’m gay, but after thinking about it for a long time, I think I have a need to feel like a woman. It was planted there firmly by my mother from the time I was a baby. The sexual part is just an extension of it.”

I sipped my coffee and let him go on.

“When I met you, I fell so much in love with you that I put all that away. I gave all my dresses, nylons, wigs, and shoes to my brother, who was still dressing up, and really believed that I could now live a normal life like a normal man. And for the first few years, it really worked. Our sex life was great, and I hardly ever thought about dressing up. But the need came back, and the more I thought about it, the more our sex life wasn’t fulfilling me. You must have noticed that our sex life has been going downhill for a long time.”

I interrupted him with “Yes, and it’s driven me into a world of fantasy and masturbation.”

“I understand that,” he replied. “And I apologize again. But the vanilla sex that we were having wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe it does for most people, but it’s just not me. I need something different.”

He got up and went into the kitchen, pouring himself more coffee. After a few moments, he returned and continued.

“So I started dressing up again when you weren’t home. I would dress up and do housework around the house. Then I would fantasize that my husband had come home, and I’d make him a drink, and then we would have sex.” I interrupted internet casino him again with a question.

“How would you masturbate while fantasizing about getting fucked by a man?”

“I’d lay on my stomach, pull up my dress, pull down my panties, and use a dildo in my ass. While I was fucking myself in the ass with the dildo, I’d rub against the bed and get myself off.” Whew, I thought, where was I while all this was going on? Off, lost in my own fantasy world.

It was my turn to get up for more coffee. The pot was almost empty, so I started a fresh one.

“You have a dildo? I’ve never even had a dildo!” I had considered getting one, but I had been too embarrassed to go to one of those stores.

“Yes I do,” he answered. “Along with a harness that I bought in case I ever got up the nerve to tell you about this, and that you cared to go along with it.”

“What do you mean, go along with it?” I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“That you would go along with it, and use a strap-on to fuck me in the ass like a woman.” Whew, this was going even farther than I thought!

“I don’t know, Hans, that seems awfully far out to me.”

“Wasn’t what both you and I did with Jimmy last night far out?” he asked.

“Yes it was,” I answered, feeling guilty. “And it’s my turn to apologize to you. I was hurt, and I was angry, but I really shouldn’t have gone that far.” He mumbled something that I didn’t catch.

“What did you just say? I didn’t hear it.”

“I said it was okay. That I liked it.”

“You liked it? You liked being humiliated and watching your wife wantonly fuck another man right in front of you?” I didn’t understand it.

“Yes,” Hans said. “I did like it. I think it’s part of the same thing. When you’re a man, you have to be in charge and in control. Traditionally, a woman is more submissive, even if our society isn’t that way any more. It’s that bit of submissiveness that I liked last night when you were doing whatever you wanted with Jimmy, and I had to submit to it and be the understanding wife. Just like my mother did for my father and all his affairs. It really turned me on to see you being fucked by another man.”

There was silence for a while. At first we were both lost in our thoughts, but the silence dragged on. I looked up to see Hans looking at me, his eyes pleading for understanding.

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll go along with it for a month. You can be Honey whenever we’re at home, and I’ll treat you like a woman, fuck you like a woman, and you can submit to me. But I have to be able to pursue my own sexual satisfaction as well. We can try it for a month, then we’ll see where we go from there.”

Hans came around the table and got down on his knees next to me, giving me a hug and a kiss.

“Thank you, Cyn. Thank you. I agree to it all, and will try hard to be a good wife for the next month. And you can have all the sex you want with anyone you choose. You can fuck as many men as you like. But please, do it here, and I’ll promise not to do anything outside our home, either. That way it will still be between us. I think we can make it work, I really do.”

“Okay,” I said. Then with a smile, I told him “Let’s get dressed and go shopping. You need some new clothes of your own, and for god’s sake, you need to learn to put on makeup!”

I went into the bedroom to dress for shopping and only had to stop once to masturbate. What a naughty girl I was becoming!

to be continued…



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