It was a drop too far, way too far perhaps. Sue was under the blanket sucking away the last dregs of his cum. Several minutes had past since John had gasped sperm into her mouth, several minutes since she swooshed it round like a mouth wash, several minutes since she greedily swallowed. Yet, here she was, hidden from view, tasting, licking, sucking a very sore cock. A drop too far perhaps at 30,000 feet up yet no one on the jet to the sun had even noticed as she gave her man the best blow job she could under the circumstances. Shame. This holiday was all about sex, all about sharing other peoples bodies, all about watching and being watched.

Emerging from under the blanket into the semi darkness of the cabin Sue smiled a smile of love at John and engulfed his mouth in a deep and loving kiss. He tasted himself in her kiss and knew he loved her, knew he loved her enough to share her.

The hotel was smart, modern, spacious, colonial but as far as Sue and John were concerned as long as it had a bed to fuck and sleep in it could have been a prisoner of war camp they were at – who cared? Double bed, clean, white, crisp sheets, coolness away from the stifling heat outside. Lovers love and soon they adorned those sheets, John rocking gently, his penis sliding oh so slowly in and out of Sue. They fell asleep locked together, the sheets now crumpled, stained and wet.

As morning evolved so bright and warm perhaps they were nervous as they quickly showered. Two in a shower is sometimes a crush but the places fingers end up for no obvious reason are varied and unforgiving. Yet they bathed each other with little adventure that morn, aware of possibilities that lay ahead.

It was only at breakfast in the elegant dining room that John, sitting opposite Sue, relaxed enough to let his bare foot wander up the inside of her thigh. She had promised not to wear knickers during the two week break. His big toe bore evidence that she was as good as her word as it entered her. casino oyna She began breathing just a mite more deeply, some way from heaven but certainly drifting through the clouds.

As pale as the English always are Sue and John moved, post breakfast, down to the pool area. Set into a terrace overlooking the golden sands and crashing waves the hotels pool area allowed seclusion and some shade. A pool large enough for the strongest swimmer surrounded by Jacuzzis. With an iced bottle of Moet and two glasses they settled into the largest of them and felt their bodies slip into “I’m on holiday” mode. It was the first time since they had become lovers that they could totally relax. The relationship was strong, trusting, respectful. Bearing in mind their intentions it would need to be.

Within twenty minutes and a few glasses of Moet they were joined by another couple. Whether it was the bubbles around them or inside them Sue and John had lost any inhibitions. The man, perhaps late thirties, short, dark, overweight. The girl, for she must have been only early twenties, petite, slim, fit, small but very firm breasts, nipples stolen from the Gods. They slipped into the waters, smiling, carefree as toward their nudity.

When the man spoke it was meaningless. As the English do both Sue and John shrugged shoulders, a double act, a simultaneous reaction to lack of foreign languages. The man acknowledged a losing battle and tested his broken English on the pair.

“I am Maurice, this woman here, she is Odele. She let me, how you say, fucking her when I want to be fucking her.”

It was obvious to Sue and John, let no language barrier deny, that Maurice was a rich man with an ugly wife at home, probably a stable full of two year old children, whose wallet had the ability to pull good looking skirt. With Odele, his mistress, he had achieved a top prize indeed. Sue stared at her breasts in admiration and started teasing her own nipples and they grew with touch.

Odele slot oyna spoke into Maurice’s ear and he nodded to her.

“She say that she think you are liking her. Not be afraid to touch. She is liking that.”

To Sue and John it was like a lifetimes Christmases had come at once. This beautiful young girl was inviting them to dine at the table of lust. Where was the catch? Who cared? Odele moved her lithe body between them and started kissing Sue full on the lips. Sue responded, slowly at first, then more hungrily. Her hand found Odele’s right breast and she lightly traced circles until the nipple could no longer be ignored. John, at first cautious, found the sight of his lover kissing and playing with a naked woman a stimulant and his mouth found her left breast and sucked as his fingers moved lazily through her short dark hair.

Maurice watched. Maurice enjoyed. Maurice played. Odele turned to kissing John but her fingers moved between Sue’s legs and two entered her, just as she had prayed they would. Odele had done this before, knew how to please a woman and, oh God, how she pleased Sue. That it was just Sue that she satisfied was of no great concern to John. To see his lover taken so had been a heady experience.

The foursome met, as planned, in a bedroom later in the afternoon. It had to go further. Odele wanted more, seemingly Odele always got. Strong body, strong mind. Whilst they had no idea of what would happen the first move didn’t come from Sue or John. It came from the topless Odele who took John by the hand and led him to the bed.

“Fuck me. Get your cock inside me and fuck me.” How strange that Odele had gained a reasonable grasp of the English language within a matter of hours! Perhaps that was the only chat up line she knew in English? Sue watched as Odele’s became naked, spread her legs, eagerly accepted John as he mounted her, moaned loudly as John put her feet over his shoulders, started fucking her, started to satisfy. canlı casino siteleri Sue knew two things. She was soaked. She wanted too.

Maurice had his Gaelic cock out, was playing as he watched the action. Sue knelt before him, took him in her mouth, savoured the taste, got his cock to the back of her throat. The louder the moans from the bed the harder Sue sucked. Even though John’s cock was inside Odele she could feel it inside her own sex, knew exactly how Odele felt. She stopped sucking and led Maurice to the bed and was soon astride him, had him in her, was fucking him.

Each couple moaned, each couple splashed, each couple fucked hard. John was taking Odele from behind, pounding cock into her frail body, fingering butt. Sue was now under the Frenchman, deep in Sue’s warm and wet body, her breasts full, a beautiful woman.

Sue sensed it in him. Didn’t want him to cum in her. Told him what she wanted and he agreed.

“John, lover!.” Sharing time. He looked across and sensed the need. Pulled out of Odele, wet glistening cock dripping her juices as he did so. John and Maurice knelt on the bed, either side of Sue’s face. Two wet cocks, both to be sucked.

Each in turn she took them, played with them, teased them, slowly brought them to the boil. And as she did so she felt a tongue, a woman’s tongue, so gently, so softly, licking at her pussy lips. Odele was between her legs, fucking Sue in her own way.

The men shot sperm almost together, spots and streaks of pure white cum all over her face and in her hair. Some dripped down her neck but for sure both men had given everything, she felt it sticky and glorious over her. So good the feeling, so fine, so great, so ……. Odele swallowed, her mouth in the right place as Sue hit the highest high.

But as Maurice pulled away, too easily satisfied, Odele moved for the coup de grace – astride Sue she licked and kissed at her face, cleansed every last drop of cum from her face, slowly, methodically, with feeling. And all the while John was at Odele’s pussy, licking her out from behind.

Sue, John and Odele, with others, fucked hard for a fortnight. Maurice? Seems he found out that money can’t buy you love, not true love.



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