The following is a story that took place in 1981. I had turned eighteen at the time. Looking back being a young man growing in the eighties things were simpler that they are now and we were naive and trusting without considering malicious out-comings of meeting total strangers on the road. Now a days being a 55 year old man with grown up children, I would consider this adventure as risky for both persons involved. This is how I remember the events took place.

I had recently turned eighteen. and was still living at home with my mom and dad in the suburbs. Being a lonely boy without close friends and and sure with no girlfriend in touch I usually spent my weekends at the farm of my grandparents. I was not the nerd type of man although I loved reading novels and watching lots of series movies and cartoons from TV. School days were long over and I had no further ambitions of going to college as now on my target was towards taking over my grandparents small farm and meet a nice homely girl and settle down. Since I was a young boy I always enjoyed spending time at the farm especially between school breaks helping my grand parents with their plants and animals.

Weekend was approaching and I had nothing to do as my parents were away visiting their friends from their commune time during the sixties. As usual my mind was set to visit my grandparents and enjoy some horseback riding out in the fields but since there was no one to drive me there I decided to hitchhike. Dressed in my usual jeans trousers boots, plain white t shirt and cowboy hat, I was kind of reserved in my own day dreaming as I walked over to the highway and waited for a car or truck to come along.

Finally, a car was coming toward me and i could see that there was a lady at the wheel, all by herself. I didn’t even lift my thumb because ladles don’t pick up hitchhikers. To my surprise, she stopped and grinned at me through the lowered window. She was a very handsome woman, probably in her late fifties or early sixties with short gray hair surrounding her pretty face, big blue eyes and a nice smile. She was well-dressed in a tailored maroon skin and jacket, and a white ruffled blouse buttoned under her chin.

“Need a ride?” she smiled.

| climbed in gratefully, and we drove off. She told me that her name was Judith, that she was happily married, but that her husband traveled a lot in his work. She was just out driving about,

looking tor someone to chat casino siteleri with, (no Internet at that time). so when she saw me she stopped. I told her where I was headed, and she smiled and nodded. I also mentioned that it was unusual for a woman to stop for a guy. She laughed softly and said she wasn’t afraid because I looked safe enough.

Judith glanced over at me, still smiling questioning me

“Ever do any messing around?”

“Messing around?” I returned stupidly.

She glanced at me again. “Do you like to fuck?” she asked.

I damn near fell out of the car! Instantly my pecker stiffened. I’d never heard a lady like her say anything like that!

“Yes. I sure do like to fuck!” I croaked.

She nodded, gazing through the windshield. “So do i.” she said. “I don’t know what happened to me today. I woke up hot this morning. and no husband to take care of me. All I’ve thought about is sex. and fucking and hard peters.” She glanced over at me yet again.

“Do you ever get that way. What makes a person like that?”

I was unable to answer. I was so shocked that it was a while before I noticed what was taking place beside me. She had her knees wide apart, her skirt nearly up at her hips and the car was on cruise control. She had her right hand under her skirt and between her legs! She was driving with her left hand and was openly frigging herself with her right! I mean right there beside me I somehow noticed that she wore garters just above her knees and that the ?esh beyond them looked smooth and real creamy.

“Are. . .are you a. . .a hooker?” I managed stupidly.

She chuckled softly, not looking at me that time. “No,” she replied.

“I’m Just your typical dirty old woman who has needs today.” She patted the seat beside her. “Why don’t you move over here with me? You aren’t afraid of me. are you?”

“Uh. . .no Hell, no!” I nearly shouted. scrambling across the seat.

She had removed her hand from her crotch but kept her knees wide open. A moment later my hand was in there. and she made no move to stop me. The first thing I found was no panties. Boy. she felt nice up in there, all hot and moist and hairy and soft.

“Mmmmm. . .” she murmured softly.

“Would you like to go someplace with me and lie down on top of me? I’d like that.” came her voice in a calm manner.

“My parents aren’t home. They won’t be back until Monday!” I managed. trying to keep from shouting.

“We slot oyna can go there” I continued.

She made an immediate U-turn and we headed back the way we had come. I directed her to my home. and she swung into the driveway and stopped.

“Will you eat it for a little while first? I like that.” she panted as we stumbled up the front porch steps.

“Hell, yes…” was my immediate reply

I should point out here that I had never eaten a pussy before and had no idea how one went about it, but I was going to give it my best shot. I hadn’t even had a piece at tail before, but I wasn’t about to tell her. Man. all the way to my room there was a trail of clothing: a blouse. a skirt. a jacket, a brassiere,shoes, garters and hose. By then she was completely naked except for her watch and her necklace. I had never seen a naked woman before, and I was totally awed by her. She looked gorgeous to my inexperienced eyeballs, gray hair and all!

She had really cute tits, even though they did sag a bit, and each one was crowned by a pale pink nipple both of which were erect and puckered in excitement. Her belly was a tiny bit bulbous. but I didn’t give a damn and her hips looked nice and full and round and flowed into her creamy thighs just right. Right at the juncture of her thighs she had this real pretty triangle of curly, dark hair. All of a sudden I was hugging her and trying to get in some feels of her lovely secrets. Meanwhile, she was panting and kissing and licking at my face and pulling at my clothes.

Things got a little bit hazy about at that time. because the next thing I knew, I was naked too. Judith was holding my throbbing dick in her small hands. Soon she was lying on her back across my bed, and I was kissing my way down her body, her legs as wide as they would go. Suddenly I was there! Though I had never seen one before, I was sure Judith had one of the cutest cunts In the world. Its lips were real short and the color of coral, the crack between them was short and tight-looking and had that same curly dark hair growing down alongside it, outlining it perfectly. My head was spinning by then, but I was eating It. Man, I never wanted to stop, and the longer I ate that little thing the sweeter it got. Apparently I was doing something right because Judith was going bananas. I hadn’t known that lady more than twenty minutes, and I was eating her pussy already! But, then. she was pulling at me, trying to get me up canlı casino siteleri between her legs, murmuring something that I couldn’t understand over the roaring in my head. So, I crawled up on top of her and settled between her open thighs.

For a few seconds I enjoyed the sensation of lying there on top at her, our nude bodies pressed together, feeling her legs embracing me, her arms around my neck. her breasts squashed against my chest. Then, I felt her fingers holding my dick again, guiding it toward her. It touched, and a wild thrill shot through me.

I felt her pull at me with her legs, and the next moment my peter went sliding right down into her warm, wet, quivering pussy, all the way to the root. surging and rearing all the way in. I was fucking her, and she was once again writhing and squirming for me her ?ngers clawing desperately at my back. I heard her choke out that she was going to come again.

Again??? Maybe that was what she had been saying to me the other times, which I had not understood. I j soon let go myself and squirted her full of my jism. She loved it; I could ‘ tell.

I was busting to piss. so I took off for the bathroom, leaving Judith sitting on the edge of my bed. When I came I out of the bathroom I saw them mom and Dad. for God’s sake! mom had some of Judith’s clothing in her hands, and both of them were just looking at me.

“mom Dad What are you doing here?” I croaked.

“Whose car is that in the driveway?” mom asked. “Whose clothes are these? Why are you running about naked?”

They both turned toward my room.

“No” I shouted, dashing forward, forgetting my nudity. But. I wasn’t fast enough. and when I got to the doorway my parents were already inside my room, and poor Judith was sitting there, her arms folded across her chest, her knees clamped together, her face absolutely crimson and showing horror.

“They weren’t supposed to be home until Monday.” I managed to whisper to Judith.

“I think these must belong to you,” mom murmured, handing Judith the clothing. (Dad was just standing there i and grinning like an idiot.)

“Don’t worry because your secret is safe with us but perhaps you’d better leave now. And, Tommie, please get something on. will you?” mom continued.

Judith was dressed and gone almost as fast as she had arrived. Man I was in for It, I knew. The shit would hit the fan. Instead, they never said a word to me right then or ever! And. I clearly saw that mom was having a lot of trouble hiding her laughter Dad just kept on grinning like an idiot!

Hell They weren’t pissed off at me; they were tickled at me! It was some experience all around.



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