They made love once more before Bill left. This time he let Alice do all the work, on top of him sliding up and down his cock. He loved watching her round, full tits bounce up and down as she brought herself to orgasm, then sliding down and taking him in her mouth to finish him off. For Bill, it was the end of a night of sex that he had not experienced in a long time. He had taken Alice’s virginity in both holes as well as plenty of oral sex. They did it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and shower.

Now, he was driving home at 10:00 in the morning and regretting what he had done. Sure the booze had a lot to do with it, but he should have had more control. She was an insecure, slightly overweight 18-year old and he was a 43-year old alcoholic. This relationship was headed nowhere fast.

Alice sat in her kitchen wondering whether she had been dreaming. Did she just spend the night with her friend’s father? Did she loose her virginity? Did she really get off on the rough sex? Most of all, did she really see Sister Rose in the window?

Her body answered all of these questions except for the last one. The last question was the most perplexing. Certainly Sister Rose would have banged on the door if she saw Mr. Walters having sex with her, especially the rough, no-holds-barred kind that she and Mr. Walters had in the kitchen. But when Alice had looked a second time, there was no one in the window and she did not bother to mention it to Mr. Walters.

Bill rolled into his driveway, went inside, took a long shower and lay on his bed. By now it was 11:00 and he was exhausted. He closed his eyes for a minute and the next thing he knew, the doorbell was ringing. Glancing at the clock next to his bed, he realized he had just slept for six hours. He grabbed his robe and threw it on and headed for the front door. Peering through the window, he saw Alice standing there and he opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he let her in.

“The seniors had an afternoon game today and I thought I’d come over afterwards to see you,” Alice replied. “Aren’t you happy to see me, Mr. Walters?”

“Of course I am,” Bill replied “but you should call first in case I have company.”

“OK, sorry,” Alice replied. She unsnapped her jacket, in St. Catherine school colors of red and white with her name stitched on the shoulder, and opened it up. “You like?” she asked.

Bill had to chuckle to himself. She was the cliché of every porn site. Alice was a cheerleader and was wearing her uniform that was a short red and white number, white ankle socks and white sneakers. Her hair was done in two ponytails hanging from either side of her head.

“Did you get dressed up for me?” Bill asked.

“Well,” Alice replied, “I had to cheer at the game and I figured maybe you’d like to see me in my uniform. A lot of those movies I was telling you about had girls dressed as cheerleaders.”

Bill remembered the movies that Alice had described watching. They were typical porn movies with lots of women servicing men with kinky, rough sex. They were Alice’s initiation to sex and to her they were the norm.

Bill’s cock twitched under his robe. She did look sexy in her outfit and Bill’s reluctance to continue their relationship started to sway. He stepped close to Alice and wrapped his arms around her.

“And what happened to the cheerleaders in the movie?” he asked her.

“Lots of stuff,” Alice replied. “They fucked a lot. Some got tied up and forced to have sex.” She lifted her lips up to meet Bill’s and kissed him. Bill returned the kiss hard and long, sliding his tongue into Alice’s mouth. Breaking off, he took Alice by the hand and led her into the kitchen.

“Throw your jacket on the chair,” he said as he opened the cabinet, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and poured two shots. Offering one to Alice, he clinked the glasses together and toasted. “Here’s to an interesting evening.”

Taking her hand again, he led Alice down the hall bursa escort and into his bedroom. Standing behind her, he reached around and groped her firm breasts as he kissed her neck and ear. He ground his hard cock into her back.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Yes Mr. Walters,” she replied. “I’ve been thinking of you all day.”

“Good,” Bill said as he led her to the bed. “Lie down and I’ll be right with you.”

“Do you want me to get undressed?” she asked.

“No, honey. We’ll do that when we need to,” was Bill’s answer.

Alice lay on the bed burying her face into the pillow. Bill’s scent was everywhere and she breathed it in. It meant so much to her to be brought into his bed, a sort of acceptance that she craved.

Bill reappeared with an armload of stuff that he dumped on the floor next to the bed.

“Lie on your back,” he ordered.

The first thing he did was take a coil of rope and secure Alice’s right wrist to the headboard of the bed. When she confirmed that it was not too tight or uncomfortable he moved to the other side of the bed. Stretching her arms out, he got her into a position where she was comfortable but then pulled further to spread her arms uncomfortably.

“Owww…,” Alice complained, but Bill ignored her. Instead, he circled around to her legs and lifted the skirt of her cheerleading outfit and pulled down her white panties. Then, just as unceremoniously, he stuffed them into her mouth.

Bill picked up another length of rope and wrapped one end around her ankle and threw the rest under the bed to the other side. From the other side, he pulled the rope to spread Alice’s legs wide and finished tying the other ankle. Stepping back, he observed the job he had done. Alice was lying on his bed in her cheerleader uniform uncomfortably spread-eagle.

“Is this how it was in the movies?” he asked her.

“Hmph…” Alice mumbled, nodding her head. Despite the tautness of the ropes and the panties in her mouth, she looked like she was pleased to be where she was.

“Now to finish it off,” Bill said, and he took a scarf and wrapped it around Alice’s head as a blindfold. Again he stepped back and admired his handiwork. His cock swelled as he looked at Alice lying there helplessly. Now it was time to have some fun.

Bill dropped his robe and climbed onto the bed, his knees on either side of Alice’s head. He pulled the panties out of her mouth and pointed his cock at her lips.

“I’ve got something else for your mouth,” he said and he lowered his member into her mouth. He let Alice swirl her tongue around his cockhead for a few minutes before he pushed further into her mouth, her lips spreading wide around his shaft. He pushed as far as he could and then started pulling back. Before his cockhead reached her lips, he pushed in again.

He was just building up a rhythm when he heard the doorbell ring.

“Damn paperboy,” he mumbled to himself as he pulled his cock from Alice’s mouth and replaced it with her panties. Grabbing his wallet from his pants he headed to the front door, closing the bedroom door behind him. No sense having the paperboy getting a glimpse of what was going on in his bedroom. He had a ten-dollar bill out of his wallet ready for the kid by the time he reached the door, which he swung open and thrust the money out.

“Here you go…”

Bill froze. Standing in front of him was Sister Rose.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Walters. I trust I’m not disturbing you,” Sister Rose said, her eyes staring into his.

“Err… What can I do for you, Sister?” Bill stammered. It came out pretty good considering he had a teenager tied to his bed and he was standing at his front door with a hard-on tenting his robe and a ten dollar bill in his hand.

“May I come in?” Sister Rose asked and, not waiting for an answer, walked past Bill into the living room. She was like that, all business and no time for pleasantries. Bill guessed she was in her forties bursa escort bayan and if you met her on the street you would probably find her attractive, except for the modern nun clothing she wore. She stood in the middle of the living room and waited for Bill to close the door and join her.

“Mr. Walters,” she started, “I’m concern about Alice McIntyre. I saw her leave the dance with you last night and…”

“I just gave her a ride home,” Bill interrupted.

“Indeed,” Sister Rose continued. “When I visited her house this morning, I saw you giving her another kind of ride.”

Bill flushed with embarrassment. He was hoping that if she saw something, it was something tamer that he and Alice had done but, come to think of it, none of it was tame.

“Mr. Walters, Alice is of the age of consent,” she continued. “I just want to make sure she’s alright. From what I saw you were pretty rough on her. I went to her house before coming over here, but there was no one home. Is she here now?”

“No,” Bill lied. “I haven’t seen her since this morning.”

Sister Rose looked around and peered into the kitchen. Spying a bottle of whisky of the table, she walked in and picked it up.

“Still drinking?” she asked. Bill was about to answer when his eyes caught something on the chair. Sister Rose, seeing him pause, turned and looked.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” she said, lifting Alice’s jacket off the chair. Turning it around, she read the name off the sleeve. “‘Alice M.’ I don’t suppose you know who THIS could belong to, Mr. Walters. Where is she?”

“In the bedroom,” he said to her. Bill knew he couldn’t wiggle his way out of this one. Besides, Sister Rose didn’t seem hell-bent on causing trouble.

Sister Rose looked around, saw the hallway and headed down it towards the only closed room. Opening the door, she stepped in and froze in place. She had probably expected to find Alice in Bill’s bed, but tied to it? Spread-eagle? Alice’s pussy clearly visible between her legs? No, this was not what she expected. She stood there for a few minutes taking in the scene and then backed out slowly, closing the door behind her.

Rejoining Bill in the kitchen, Sister Rose said nothing. Bill assumed that she was thinking of whom to call first. The police? Child Services? Alice’s parents? He was screwed and he knew it. Sister Rose just looked at him and then walked over to the table. Unscrewing the cap to the whisky bottle, she raised it to her lips and took a long drink from the bottle. She took a second one before putting the bottle down, walking down the hall, opening the door and walking into the bedroom. Bill was right behind her and started to open his mouth when Sister Rose lifted her finger to her lips indicating to Bill to remain silent.

Sister Rose sat on a chair and untied and removed her shoes. Next, she removed the small headpiece she was wearing and started unbuttoning her blouse. Bill watched in amazement as she removed every bit of clothing she was wearing and stood naked at the foot of the bed. She was petite, maybe five and a half feet, tall with a thin body and very small breasts topped with small cone-like nipples.

Bill stood mesmerized as Sister Rose crawled onto the bed between Alice’s legs. With her eyes blindfolded, Alice probably assumed that it was Bill and she lay there waiting. Sister Rose started stroking Alice’s thighs, her fingers tracing lightly up to her pussy and then back down. This continued for a few minutes until Sister Rose reached higher and lifted Alice’s sweater up exposing her round tits encased in a tight sports bra. Sister Rose unzipped the front of the bra, let Alice’s tits bounce free and then massaged them gently, letting her fingers ripple over her hard nipples.

Alice was squirming on the bed under Sister Rose’s touch. She groaned as her nipples were pinched and twisted and her tits squeezed. Sister Rose returned her attention to Alice’s pussy, stroking it gently at escort bursa first and then sliding one, and then two, fingers inside. Then, to Bill’s amazement, Sister Rose lowered her head and started licking at Alice’s pussy. Alice writhed on the bed, wanting to wrap her legs around the head between her legs but she could only strain at the ropes restraining her while Sister Rose drove her tongue into her melting pussy.

While Sister Rose was kneeling between Alice’s legs, Bill had a good view of her ass which was high in the air exposing her cunt lips. Bill saw this as an opportunity he could not resist and knelt on the bed behind her. Taking his cock in his hand, he slid it across the opening of Sister Rose’s pussy until it gleamed with her juices. When it was wet enough, Bill positioned the head at the opening of her pussy and eased it in.

There was no resistance from Sister Rose. In fact, Bill’s penetration seemed to cause Sister Rose to go down harder on Alice. With nothing to stop him, Bill pushed forward slowly until the head of his cock lay against Sister Rose’s virginity. He paused thinking to himself whether he really wanted to do this but Sister Rose’s actions were telling him what to do. As she was licking Alice’s pussy, Sister Rose was rocking back and forth on Bill’s cock, never going far enough to break her. But Bill saw she was into this so he grabbed her hips and pushed, driving his cock to the hilt into Sister Rose.

Sister Rose tensed and raised her head letting out a muffled cry but Bill reached over and pushed her face back into Alice’s pussy where Sister Rose continued her ministrations. His other hand reached underneath her hand started stroking her pussy. Bill then started his rhythmic fucking of Sister Rose from behind.

Bill looked over to the mirror on his dresser and could not believe the scene that had unfolded in his bedroom. He was fucking a woman, a nun, from behind while he stoked her clit. She, meanwhile, was going down on an 18-year old girl that was gagged and tied spread-eagle to his bed, tweaking her nipples as she drove her tongue into the girl’s pussy.

Sister Rose, from the fucking and stroking Bill was giving her, started to climax. She lifted her head off Alice’s pussy and started to moan when Bill pulled her upright and covered her mouth while continuing to fuck her hard. His other hand groped her small tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples until she came hard, crying into Bill’s hand. Bill felt her body shake as the waves of pleasure crashed through Sister Rose’s body. He wondered whether she had ever felt a sensation like this, and by how she collapsed in his arms assumed that she never had.

Bill slid off the bed, lifted Sister Rose in his arms and carried her to the chair. She was spent, but he was still hard and unsatisfied. Leaving Sister Rose on the chair, Bill climbed back onto the bed and on top of Alice and, in one movement, buried himself in her pussy. Alice let out a grunt as his cock slid into her hole that had been well lubricated by Sister Rose. He was horny from the whole scene that had unfolded in front of him and fucked Alice hard and deep pawing at her tits as he slid in and out of her. He could sense that Alice was close to cumming as her cunt tightened around his cock and her hands grabbed and pulled at her restraints. Finally, she groaned into her gag as she came, her body twitching under Bill’s. That was enough for Bill and he exploded, his cock shooting its load deep into Alice’s pussy.

It was a few minutes before he could recover enough to pull the panties out of Alice’s mouth.

“That was awesome,” she said to him, her breathing still heavy and labored. Bill kissed her lips gently.

“What did you like the most?” he asked.

“When you went down on me,” she replied.

Bill smiled. She had not realized that it was Sister Rose between her legs and not him. He turned to see Sister Rose’s reaction and was surprised to see that she was gone.

“I’ll be right back,” he said to Alice as he jumped off the bed and raced to the kitchen. But Sister Rose was gone. He walked back to the bedroom and joined Alice on the bed.

He knew he had not heard the last from Sister Rose.



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