I originally posted this elsewhere under a slightly different pen name. All characters over 18 yrs of age.

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

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Hillary had started to expand. Not quickly. But over the next several weeks she increased in size from thirty six inches to almost forty inches. What I found most intriguing was that while the tape showed a four inch increase her appearance did not really change that much. Her growth was accomplished across her whole chest. That is, she didn’t suddenly jut outward, her entire breast mass increased. It was now evident in the increased swells starting just an inch or so below her collarbone and extending outward and then sliding gently back to meet her rib cage just below the bottom of her sternum. Because she was so tall, and since her breasts were so wide side to side and top to bottom, a four inch increase was not a huge, immediately noticeable shift in her appearance when she was clothed.

Indeed, when she went shopping for new bras she found that most of them were uncomfortable because they did not take into consideration the width of her boobs. Any underwire bras were particularly cruel, digging into her flesh and leaving ugly marks. Hillary was buying only soft demi bras or others that lacked the boning used to provide “uplift” and “shaping”. The sales clerks termed her “unique” and considered finding Hillary good fitting bras to be a challenge.

And then her growth ground to a halt. For several weeks no change was seen despite her continued measurements and worry. Once again her mood turned surly and unhappy. And my pep talks seemed to fall on deaf ears. Hillary was not to be mollified or cajoled into a good mood no matter what I said. Her mood got to be so bad that we did not engage in sex for five weeks. It was the longest dry spell between us ever. I wasn’t really seeing anyone else by this time and neither was Hillary (I hoped). We never spoke of it but I was thinking of her as my steady girl and I thought she felt the same way about me. I hoped.

On a Thursday I met her at the apartment. I wasn’t spending much time at the frat house, mostly staying with Hillary. But the last several days I found it easier to sleep at the house. Hillary’s mood was just plain pissy and I’d felt the need to get away for a while.

Once again the landlady’s daughter was sitting on the front porch. And she didn’t leave when I drove up! This was so unusual that I stopped and said, “Hello.”

She started a bit as if not expecting me to say anything to her and then whispered “Hi.”

If I hadn’t been watching her I might not have heard her so soft was her response.

“My name’s Richard,” I offered. “How are you?”

“Okay.” No increase in volume and she seemed unable to look at me. Her eyes seemed to look anywhere but at my face. Really shy!

“Have a good day.” I told her as I started around to the side stairs up to the apartment.

“Okay.” She replied almost as softly.

When Hillary came into the apartment a little later she seemed somewhat happier than the last several days.

“I’ve made progress,” I told her. “The landlord’s daughter didn’t run away when I was walking up the sidewalk and I said hello to her. And she said hello right back! We had a real conversation! I think she said three words total! I must have made a real impression on her!”

“I made a real impression today, too!” Hillary said. “A bunch of construction workers whistled at me when I was walking home from class! It’s only four inches but they seemed to like the increase!” She motioned to her chest. Clad in only a black halter top that bared her nicely muscled stomach and shorts that displayed her legs in their full glory, Hillary was looking really hot today!

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well, you know that new office building that’s going up downtown? I was walking by there about noon when the workers were on break and about ten of them were up on the second floor and they started to whistle and holler at me as I walked by! I think it’s the first time that a group like that has paid any attention to me. I was flattered. It made me feel proud that they were noticing me! One of them kept yelling “Legs, legs, legs and another one one yelled ‘Nice buns, honey!’

“I knew that they were talking about me as I walked away. I could feel their eyes on my butt all the way to the end of the block. I suppose I should have been upset, but I just felt a nice glow inside.”

As I watched her I could see the pride in her smile. I also noticed that her pendant was shining.

“Look at that crystal,” I said. “It seems to be shinier than I remember.”

Yeah, it looks really pretty doesn’t it? Well, I gotta change. It’s so hot I sweated up a storm on the walk home.”

Hillary slipped into the bedroom and I headed for the kitchen to get a soda.

Three or four minutes bursa escort later the shower stopped and I heard Hillary rustling around in the bedroom.

“Rich! Come here!”

“What’s wrong?” I asked in response to the note of urgency I heard in Hillary’s voice.

“Oh, just another inch or so! Look, I’m filling this bra better than ever before! I’ve got to measure myself to be sure!”

Hillary let the bra slide unheeded to the floor as she took up the tape measure from the bureau top and wrapped it around her chest across her nipples.

“Yup, fourty-one! I’m back on track! Happy, happy day! Look, Richard, Fourty-one!” She was entering the new numbers in the log book as she spoke.

“Seems your nipples are all puffy,” I observed. “See?” I prodded at one with my forefinger.

“Oh, that’s tender!” Hillary protested. She cupped her hands protectively over her nipples. “They are sensitive! Oh, that feels strange!” she continued as she gently squeezed herself. We were both watching her hands as she continued to caress herself gently.

“Want me to help?” I offered. “Let me lick them for you and kiss ’em and make ’em feel all better!”

Her hand fell away from her puffed up, swollen, aureole as my mouth drew closer.

“Oooohhhh! Oooohhhh! God, that feels sooooo fine. I’ve never been this sensitive before,” she moaned as I very gently mouthed her breast tip. Her aureole, only just larger than her nipple, puffed up off her breast proudly and her small nipple jutted out strongly.

As I moved to her other breast her hands came up to caress and guide me from one nipple to the other. In just a few minutes there was a strong flush rising up her chest and neck and her hands were more urgent in their guidance. In another minute or so I felt and heard a strong moan deep within her!

Her hands gripped strongly and she crushed me to her breast as she trembled and cried out!

“Oh, god, I came. Just from having you suckle me! I’ve never felt like that before! It felt so good!”

She pushed me away from her suddenly and I sprawled in surprise across the bed as she attacked my pants.

“Oh, look how small! Honey, I love to watch you grow!” Her hands were urgently caressing and pulling at my rapidly expanding dick. “I can completely hold you in one hand!” she demonstrated as she smiled up at me from on her knees.

I propped myself up on both elbows to watch as her head came down and her mouth engulfed the head and shaft of my dick. Quickly her mouth was forced up, away from my groin, as my shaft and its head gained bulk and stiffness. Still with her eyes locked on mine she kept sucking and licking, running her tongue round and round the head of my now immense dick!

“See!” she crowed as she took her mouth off me. “Now I can’t hold it with both hands, it’s too big!” With both hands one above the other on the base of the shaft there were still six inches or so jutting up in the air in front of her smiling face.

“Now I get to ride The Nookie Monster! Goody for me!” She quickly clambered onto the bed and pushed me flat beneath her.

In a flash she was balanced on one knee with the other leg bent at the knee, her foot flat on the bed besides my hip. Even so she had to angle my shaft to get the head of my dick placed at the mouth of her cunt as she eagerly rubbed the swollen head over her pussy lips. Her moisture was thick and hot as her cunt parted to let the invader inside the portals.

“Lord help me, I love this part,” she moaned as she sank slowly down and down. I knew from experience that she liked to get the first few strokes done at her own pace. I also knew that if I didn’t move too much I would last longer for her! Which was appreciated. Hillary liked to finish off a fuck session with me pounding away between her hips as she lay beneath me! So did I!

Much more quickly than usual Hillary was gathering steam, rising and falling on my shaft with small moans of appreciation gusting from her. As I lay below her it seemed that her breasts were quivering slightly as she bottomed out and rebounded off my hips. Ordinarily there was no movement visible. She was really quite firm fleshed!

But, yes! There! A definite quiver! As she rose and fell ever faster I could see a barely perceptible bounce. Hillary was entering her first orgasm as my hands rose from behind my head to latch onto her boobs. Firmly squeezing her nipples, I pulled and twisted the jutting little pink tips while she quaked and shook, as deeply impaled on my rod as she had ever been.

Then it was back to the races as she began to raise herself to a peak once again.

“Yes, pull on them, squeeze them! Ah, I love that!” she said again and again.

Her hands were resting gently on my stomach as she quaked through another orgasm! Then another in quick succession. And a fourth! Her eyes were closed as her hips shuffled quickly in all directions. My cock felt like it was inside a mix-master set on puree. I didn’t think I could hold bursa escort bayan out much longer as Hillary turned up the speed one more notch!

“Let me get on top,” I urged her.

“No, not yet, not yet. Keep pinching my nipples and squeeze my boobs harder Richie! Harder, harder, it feels so good!”

I was really mauling her breasts now – much harder than I usually did! I expected her to want me to be more gentle but she kept urging me to greater efforts. In a moment her hands joined mine in squeezing and pulling at her breasts and nipples.

“God, it just feel so good today! I think I could just fuck all day and all night,” she moaned as she wrung one more orgasm from her body.

“Maybe you could,” I moaned back, “but I’m about done!” And with that I spewed great wads of cum into her hot clenching cunt. Spasm after spasm wracked my body, every muscle clamping tight and then releasing as I continued to gush again, again.

As I finally lay quiet and fucked out beneath her, my dick slowly softening inside her, Hillary continued to pull at one nipple while her other hand quickly rubbed her clit and she reached one last peak just as I slipped out of her spasming cunt.

“My lord, that… was… special,” she sighed, as her head came down to rest on my shoulder.

“I’ll say,” I replied as I kissed her earlobe and wrapped my arms around her to cuddle. “I don’t think I can ever remember you being so passionate. I was being pretty rough with your boobs but you didn’t seem to mind.”

“I didn’t mind! It just felt so good, I swear, I came as much from the breast play as I did from riding Mr. Humongous!” She had so many pet names I couldn’t keep them all straight. “The feelings were just so intense and they kept building, and building! I was just rising from one crest to another! Usually it takes me a minute of two to recover. But tonight, wow! Fabulous!” She wiggled against me as she said this.

We both reacted at the same time. She looked at me in surprise and then sat up straight.

“Oh god, look at ME!” Hillary cried out. “I’ve grown! Look at ME!”

I was! I had thought that I’d seen more bounce and I had. Hillary was perceptively larger now than she had been when we lay down together only 20 or 30 minutes ago.
Hillary was off me and back in front of the mirror with the tape measure in her hand faster than I can tell it. Gently, almost reverently, she carefully positioned the tape across her back and pulled her hands together in front of her boobs.

“Oh, my God!” she squealed. She repeated the measurement even more carefully. When she turned back to me her face was lit up with a smile and her eyes were sparkling!

“Guess, Rich, guess! Can you tell how much I’ve grown?”

“Three inches?” I hazarded. “Maybe four?” I really wasn’t good at this guessing game, but I wanted to know as much as she wanted to tell me.

“Five and one half inches!” she replied with a shaky laugh. “I’ve reached past forty six inches. Before today I just barely was forty inches. Now I’m forty six and a half!”

Her hands came back up to cup her breasts.She could still cover almost all of her boobs but it was difficult. What before had been easily spanned by her outstretched fingers now filled them to just overflowing.

“They still feel so tender,” she moaned as she continued to caress and squeeze them. “And the tips are still puffy!”

It was true, I saw. Her aureole remained puffy and pinker than usual.

“They sorta look like Mandy’s tits when we were just kids! She had really big puffy nipples for the longest time. She was kinda embarrassed by them I remember. One thing though, I’d still flunk the pencil test! These beauties just jut right out there! No sag, no drag!

She pulled her hands away from her breasts and shimmied her shoulders. Then she shook them and finally she jumped up and down heavily. Her breasts still only just quivered and immediately resumed their jaunty upward and outward thrust.

“But, Hillary,” I asked, “why tonight? It has been how long since you last expanded? A week?”

“Thirty eight days.” She responded quickly. “I’ve kept the log. I was stuck for thirty eight days! The only thing different today was…”

“The construction workers!” I blurted out. As soon as I said it Hillary’s eyes got big!

“You’re right! And look!” She pointed to her pendant. “Earlier today it was really sparkley and now, its kinda got a glow but not like earlier! I wonder?

“Rich, look at me, Rich. See how beautiful my tits are? Do you like it when I squeeze them like this and pull my nipples? Oooohhhh! How about my ass? Don’t you think I’ve got a sexy ass? Would you like me to come over there and stick my boobs in your face? See how nice and big they are getting to be?

“I KNEW IT! See how the pendant sparked for a moment? It reacts when you look at me and lust after me and if I’m proud of myself at the same time! Just like this afternoon! I was proud that they were looking at escort bursa me and they were sure lusting! Kidding around some I know, but down inside I bet each one of them was wondering what it would be like to feel my legs wrapped around them as we fucked our brains out!”

“I suppose it makes sense” I offered. “If Toh was sparked by jealousy, you could be sparked by pride or lust!”

“I think it takes both.” Hillary responded. “If I’m not proud of my looks when they are looking at me I don’t think it works as well.”

“Or at all maybe?” I guessed.


We were both silent for a moment.

“Well, I’ve got to figure out how to approach this.” Hillary finally said. “If we are right, if this crystal acts like a, well, I suppose, like a battery and stores up the combination of my pride and the lustful looks of others, it seems to feed it back to me when we are having sex. I wonder what will happen if I keep getting looks while I’m proud of my self and don’t have any sex? I’ve got an idea. Rich, get dressed. I’ll call you in a week or two. Go on, scat. I’ve got work to do! Get dressed, get back to the frat. I’ll see you later.”

I found my self dressed and out the door in minutes. My head was spinning as I headed back to my car. What the hell was she up to?

Almost three weeks later on a Friday I got a call from Hillary. She had not returned any of the calls I had made to her over the past weeks.

“Come over and fuck my brains out, you big dicked stallion! I can’t wait any longer! I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins! We may have a long weekend in store.” She sounded bright and chipper. The bitch.

“Gee, sorry, Hillary” I said. “I’m booked for the weekend. Maybe next week?” I was p-o’d at her. She wouldn’t talk to me for three weeks. Hangs up on me when I call her and then just calls out of the blue and expects me to jump? HA! I’ve got MY pride.

“Oh, come on Rich! You don’t mean that. You know I was only experimenting. Don’t you want to see how I’ve changed in three weeks,” she wheedled.

“You’ve changed?” I asked.

“Yeah. I think you’ll like the change, too, honey. Come on over and judge for your self.” She giggled a little at that.

“Well, I am sorta busy,” I replied.

“Rich, it’s not like I was fucking around behind your back!” Now she sounded mad at ME! “I haven’t had sex in three weeks. You know how I get when I go that long without. I’ll make it real special for you! I’ve got some new outfits. I want to know if you like them? Why don’t you come on over around dinner, I’ll cook and we’ll, um. Talk!” She giggled again.

“Well okay, but only since you offered to cook!” I told her.

“Bastard. I may start without you! Serve you right! I conduct a scientific experiment at great personal sacrifice, and you want to carp and bitch! See you in two hours!” She sounded happy as we hung up.

When I knocked on the door, Hillary met me wearing a loose fitting sweater and blouse that completely hid any glimpse of her upper body and a pair of skin tight jeans. Dinner was franks and beans, Hillary was no gourmet cook! She refused to respond to any questions I had about what she had been up to over the past several weeks.

“Eat first, then talk.” She instructed me. And so we limited our conversation to the weather and such until we moved into the living room.

“I have had so much fun in the last several weeks, honey,” she informed me as we sat on the sofa. “Oh, wait here. I want to show you something.” She was gone in a flash as she said this.

In a moment she was back. She had discarded the concealing blouse and sweater. And she had changed!

She was now wearing an extremely tight, turtle-necked. ribbed-knit, midriff-baring, sleeveless top. The bottom edge of the top ended just below her breasts.

“I just bought this top this afternoon. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it very long if things keep up the way they have been over the past three weeks,” She informed me as she moved in front of me. She stroked her hands up from her hips to just below her tightly covered bosom which was much, much larger now than the last time I had seen her.

“You wanna see how much I’ve changed in the past three weeks? I have grown haven’t I?” she asked. It was evident that she had grown. I couldn’t tell how much but it seemed to have been quite a lot!

“How much have you grown?” I asked. “A foot? More?”

Oh, honey, no. Not THAT much! Only ten inches in three weeks. That’s all, just ten inches.” The little smile on her face told me that she knew just how impressive the growth had been. She looked immense. If my memory was correct….

“When you left,” she went on, “I measured forty-six and one half inches. I wore a 40 EE bra. This afternoon I measured fifty-seven inches around! And this top is tighter now than it was when I paid for it at 2 pm. If I was buying bras I’d have to find one that was a “Q” Cup! Larger than Toh! I still measure 35 inches around the chest! Can you tell I’m not wearing a bra? Look!” She turned her back and lifted the back of the top to show that there were no straps across her back.

“Well, show me the front, woman! You don’t need to tease me!” I reminded her.



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