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Hilary was a bitchHilary was a first class bitch. She was a bully, or tried to be, but she was fun once the table was turned. She sat behind me in math class and used to talk shit all the time. She would laugh at me, call me little man, ask me if I had ever cum yet, and tell me that I would never get a good piece of ass. She had a friend that sat back there and laughed and joined in and between the two of them I was intimidated. One day the friend wasn’t there. She started her shit again, but I snapped. I quickly wrote down the following note. “Shut the fuck up you whore. You would not believe the number of orgasms that I have had, or given the girl I was with! Have you ever squirted when you came? Ever pass out from the pleasure being too intense? I have had girls do both of those things. You also wouldn’t believe the size of my cock, I could tear you up. I guess that the proof is in the action. You want to find out, say the word. Otherwise shut your face.”She didn’t say anything until the end of class, as we were walking out she said, “Meet me at the library exit and we can walk to my house.” I told her I had other plans (which I didn’t, but I wanted her to wait on me) and told her that maybe I could do it tomorrow and walked out.The next day she didn’t say a word to me until the end of class when she looked at me and said “Today?”. “Yeah, I guess”. I replied. At the end of the day I met her at the library and we walked to her apartment. Her M0m wasn’t due to be home for a couple of hours, we went right to her bedroom. She reached for me to kiss me and I held her off. “Strip for me now.” I said. She was put off but started to remove her clothes. She was almost totally flat-chested, but she had really nice long nipples that were hard. I grabbed one and pinched hard while I sucked on the other. She moaned. Finally she was canlı bahis naked and I had her stand facing away and bend over. I licked my fingers and proceeded to finger her pussy. She was wet and soon was moaning. I had her lay down on the bed and fingered her while I licked her clit. She came several times in very close time. I stood up and ordered her to strip my clothes off. When she got to my pants my cock sprung out and hit her in the face. “Suck it” I ordered and she did. She got my cock nice and wet with her saliva and used her hand with what she couldn’t get into her mouth. I was soon ready to bust and I didn’t say a word I just grabbed the back of her head and shot into her mouth. She didn’t seem to like it, but she had no choice. I made her swallow my load and then told her to get me hard again. It didn’t take long. Once she got me hard again I put on a rubber and got her into the doggy position. I fingered her to get a lot of her juice to lube you cock and once it was wet enough I lined up with her pussy. I quickly shoved my cock in. She screamed in surprise and said she didn’t think I would do that so fast. I told her that I was there to fuck, not be all romantic. I fucked her hard, she came a few times before I shot my load, got dressed and left. The next day in class her friend was back and she wanted Hilary to start shit. I turned to Hilary and instructed her to tell her everything. Which she did. The friend quickly shut up, and I turned to her and said “You have two options. You can be quiet, or join us sometime and see if what she says is true, I promise you it is.” She got quiet and wouldn’t look me in the eye. But funny thing happened within the next few days walking around school I noticed that girls would see me and glance at my crotch, or look away and giggle. Some would just smile and blush. I figured bahis siteleri that word had spread, which was good. I was not handsome, and I had my share of zits, but this was great for my self-esteem. I continued to fuck Hilary about once a week for a couple of months. I was careful to always let her know that I had no feelings for her, she was just a recepticile for my sperm. One day we were having a post sex cuddle and she mentioned that this girl Suzanne that she was friends with was always asking about me and pumping for details about the sex we had. Hilary said that she thought that Suzanne wanted to fuck me. This really got my attention, Suzanne was on the Homecoming Court and I had lusted for her for years. I told Hilary that she should invite her over. Hilary got pissed and I just laughed at her. “Come on, what are you afraid of that you might like eating pussy?”. She said that she would invite her over, but that she would not be eating any pussy. A couple of days later the three of us walked home together. I told both the girls to get naked. I had them lay next to each other and masturbate. They both responded well and I laid between them and fingered them both. I ate Suzanne for a while and made her cum two or three times. When I pulled out my cock and slammed it into Hilary a couple of times to get it nice and wet and then I jammed it into Suzanne’s hungry hole. I had Suzanne get into doggy and had Hilary lay on Suzanne’s back. I fucked the two of them for a few minutes this way, moving back and forth between the two until the both had cum. I then told them to get into 69 and eat each other while I alternated between fucking them both. They both really liked it, and came several times. Finally I pulled out of Hilary and came all over Suzanne’s face. I had Hilary lick it off and then share it with Suzanne. güvenilir bahis As I was getting dressed they were fingering each other and cumming again. Now I had an in to the upper circle of girls in my sch00l. Suzanne seemed to be proud and told her friends of our great time. I took her out a couple of times and each time we had sex at the end. The whole time I still kept fucking Hilary once or twice a week. I made no secrets and both girls knew, they were happy. Finally Suzanne told me that she had some really big news. Chrissy wanted to try me out. Hmmm. Chrissy was the queen bee, she was the girl that every guy dreamed about fucking. She was going out with the quarterback, but according to Suzanne she thought that he might be gay because he could almost never get it up and when he did he only lasted a couple of seconds. My folks were going away for the weekend so I invited Suzanne and Chrissy over for a sleep over. They lied to their folks and planned to stay over on Friday. They came over around 6 and I greeted them at the door naked. Before they could come in I had them suck my cock at the door. I did live in a pretty secluded area so they did this. Once I was nice and hard I had them go into the living room and take off their clothes. I told Suzanne to eat Chrissy’s pussy while I made out with her and played with her tits. Suzanne stroked my cock while that was all happening. Chrissy came on Suzanne’s tongue and I ate Suzanne out while Chrissy sucked my cock. I had Chrissy get into doggy with Suzanne under her and fucked her from behind while Suzanne licked my balls and her clit. Chrissy came really hard and the force of her pussy contracting made me shoot my load inside her. Suzanne ate the cum that dribbled out once I withdrew and Chrissy sucked my cock clean. We fucked like that for the rest of the night, the girls had a lot of fun and I did too. Word spread and for the rest of my time in sch00l I could ask any girl out and get a date. I had to start all over once I got to college, but it was OK, I had plenty of confidence.



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