“Want to play a game? I am at the botanic park. Come find me ??.”

I texted him as soon as I parked, knowing that I had maybe 10 minutes before I heard his car; before the game would begin in earnest. For now, however, I had to find a place to hide.

I shoved my purse under my seat, not wanting any extra baggage for our game. As I walked away from the parking lot, pocketing my key, I took a moment to marvel in the beauty of the park. There were rows of roses and fountain focal points, sectors of shrubs and tracts of trees. We had been here during the day and it was a gorgeous park; quite large, it started at the roadside and went back quite a ways to the river bank. While we meandered around the grounds hand-in-hand under the streaming sunlight, we had talked about playing here at night, but neither of us had ever visited after dark. This was new. This was the most daring thing I had ever done. I let out a squeal of delight, a big brilliant grin flashing in the dark, before quickening my pace through the honeysuckle covered trellis.

The old fashioned street lamps along the curving cobblestone pathways left plenty of shadows in which to hide and lent a rather romantic air to the primal night. But the vegetation was low here and I would be easily spotted… plus we would be clearly seen from the road. I scurried further back into the park, where the trees became more frequent and the shrubs became higher. I knew that there was a clearing coming up with a simple children’s play area contained within. The area would be deserted at this time of night, of course, but it might make for the perfect hiding spot… and backdrop for the second part of the game. A shiver ran up my spine at the thought of how the night would end.

As I emerged into the clearing, I looked around, trying to find the best spot to hide. There wasn’t much in this glade: a few picnic tables around the edges of the square and a simple skeleton of weather worn wood in the centre. There were no lights here, probably a tactic to keep kids away after dark. Fortunately, the moon was full and the sky was clear, providing enough light for our risqué game. As I stood at the end of the clearing, I heard the roar of his Jaguar pulling into the parking lot. A jolt of excitement struck me like lightening and nervous giggle escaped my lips.

Running over to the closest picnic table, I heard the engine shut off. As I crouched behind the bench to the right of the path, I heard the echos of his door closing. I balanced on the balls of my feet, leaning forward on the bench, watching the path. I couldn’t deny my excitement, or my arousal. My loose black tee hung low and the air felt cool against my sensitive breasts, free tonight from their usual confines of a bra. I caught myself moving gently on the edge of the bench, causing my nipples to rub against the fabric.

As the minutes ticked by, moments merging together and stretching into the night, my right hand drifted between my legs. My knees were already parted to accommodate the ball balancing crouch I held and my fingertips didn’t hesitate to find their escort eryaman mark. Gently I ran a finger over my lips, my nerves already awake, the movement sending a shiver up my spine. The next pass down my lips was firmer and a low sigh escaped my lips. My booty shorts were thin and I wondered how visible the spreading patch of wetness would be through the blend of blues. One finger became two as I stroked the length of my pussy; occasionally I would press on my opening, sometimes flicking my clit. My body was tight with sexual energy.

It wasn’t long before I heard the crunch of shoes on gravel. A startled intake of breath tipped him off and our eyes met in the dark. He was 20 feet away. I couldn’t understand how I hadn’t heard him; wondered briefly if he had seen me playing with myself. As if in reply, he flashed me a grin, wicked and feral, as he stalked toward me.

Biting my lower lip, I realised that hide and seek was over. It was time for part two; I had to run.

I rocked back on my feet, standing up and lurching from him, headed further into the clearing. But, when prey runs, predators give chase.

A quick glance behind me and I knew he was running after me; bigger, stronger strides eating up the space between us. I gave a shriek that may have been a giggle and, in reply, I heard a low growl from behind me. As I was scanning the approaching play structure to find a way to put space between me and him, I felt firm fingers close around my wrist. A wild grin took over my face as my pace slowed and I pulled against him. In response he pulled back and we went tumbling together onto the grass.

For a brief moment I was on top, his body absorbing the fall; but, as I squirmed against his grip, his pelvis tilted and we switched positions. I suddenly found myself with my back pressed to the cool grass; his legs bracketing mine, his body big and hard on top of mine.

“I’ve got you, little rabbit,” his voice was raspy and low, his eyes shining as bright as starlight. My hands came up to his sides where I knew he was ticklish but he managed to twist from my fingers, snatching the digits from the air.

“Oh, do you now?” I taunted, despite his hands pinning my wrists to the ground. I tugged against his hands, pulling against his thumbs, trying to exploit any weak spot I could think of.

Despite my struggles, he leaned close, putting his lips next to my ear, “Oh yes, Bunny. You’re mine.” He slowly let his hips lower. Unexpectedly, he thrust forward. Although his cock was still firmly encased in black jeans, the head was hot against my aching slit. The game momentarily forgotten, my hips bucked in tempo to his; my back arching, pressing my breasts to his chest. Straining against his hold on me, I whimpered softly, a mewl that had nothing to do with the game and everything to do with what I wanted; a low, deep rumble emanated from him in response.

His primal response reawakened my bratty nature and the corner of my lips quirked up. I may want him, but he would have to work for it; I wasn’t yet done with the game. As I forced my body to still, I looked elvankent escort up through my lashes at him. I rubbed my tits side to side against his body, the delicate mounds hypotonic in their rhythm. Catching my lower lip in my teeth, I tilted my head back exposing my neck. I felt his grip on my arms loosening as he lost himself to my trap. A moment later I felt his weight shift, coming to rest on his elbows, his hands slipping off my wrists. As his eyes dipped lower, drinking in my body, I used the heel of my right foot to push myself up, wriggling to excise myself from his body, to prolong the chase. Unfortunately, I underestimated him as his hands closed around my waist. This time, he was the one whose lips hinted at a smile. As I wriggled under him, he hooked his fingers in my waistband and took his weight off of me. I got free from him, but left him holding my shorts and thong.

I ran to the play structure and took the stairs two at a time. As I moved, I could feel wetness on my inner thighs. Damn, I couldn’t remember ever being so aroused. I watched him stalk up to the wooden frame upon which I stood. Regrettably, I hadn’t spent any time looking at the structure before retreating there. I was at a wall of wood, the slide my only means of escape; a route I didn’t want to take. As he slowly climbed the stairs, I gave a giggle; peeling off my shirt and throwing it at his face. He simply caught it, put it to his nose and took a deep inhale of the material. His eyes bored into mine as he kept up his slow advance, the black material tossed over his shoulder, lost on the ground.

A step backward was all I got before my shoulder blades hit the dead-end behind me. He grinned like the hunter he was as he quickly closed the gap between us. It briefly registered that somewhere along the chase, he had shed his jeans.

His hands gripped my wrists, pinning them to the wooden wall at my back, as his body came flush to mine. Heat travelled up my body as tingling need swept down it. My nipples strained painfully against his hard chest as his head nudged mine to the side. He growled against my skin before biting the side of my neck. His teeth put just enough pressure to hint at pain and the sensation shot through my body, searing my skin with heat.

His cock was hard as it found my slit again; it was hot against my delicate flesh and I could feel a growing wet spot from his precum – or, perhaps, from my own arousal. As he worked his hips against me, my need built in a spiral of sensations. My nipples felt impossibly tight, my clit seemed to pulse in time with my heartbeat; I could feel my body’s natural lubricant on my thighs. My breathing had picked up and my skin burned with the desire to be touched. As I tried to move my body in rhythm with his, his weight held me fast against the wall. I couldn’t move.

As the head of his cock pushed hard against the opening of my pussy, I gently bit his shoulder alongside a strangled cry of need. As he held me against the wall, nibbling at my neck and ear, his hips working against mine, I bit him again, harder etimesgut escort this time and closer to his neck. As the wetness grew on my upper thighs and he held me motionless against the panel, I bit him with increasing urgency and frequency down from his shoulder to his chest, relishing the feel of his skin under my lips, urging him on.

Suddenly he pulled me away from the barrier and the unexpected moment caused me to lose balance and land on my hands and knees in front of him. I landed hard, but the pain was pleasure, budding my nipples and engorging my clit. I gave my own growl but, before I finished, he was at my back, his dick free from the confines of his boxers.

His hips undulated urgently against mine, his cock pushing against me as I lifted my ass to allow for easier access. He slid into my pussy with one hard stroke, the sudden stretching and fullness both pleasurable and shocking. Whimpering and wiggling my butt backwards, I only sighed in relief once his balls hit my clit.

Holding still for just a moment to allow me to get used to our joining, he grabbed my hips with his left hand and my ponytail with his right palm. Then he began to move. The rhythm was hard and fast; his balls slapping against my clit sounded so loud in the otherwise silent night. Between my whimpers and his growls, we spun each other tighter, higher. In this moment, he possessed me completely and, with each push into me, he reminded me of that – the sounds of our joining flesh filling the clearing. With a shriek of pleasure, I was the first to come undone, my pussy contracting around his cock with hard pulls, urging him to join me.

He let go of my hair and gripped my hips with both hands as I lowered myself to my elbows, ass still high in the air, his dick still possessing me. A low moan of pleasure broke from my lips as my tits brushed back and forth over the course wood beneath us. His groans matched mine as I raced to the summit again with him; the sensations from my hard nipples against the rough planks driving me higher, faster than before.

On broken breaths I sighed his name.

On a guttural growl he gasped mine.

His hips were frantic against mine, his climax close, as one hand slipped below my body, a finger finding my clit and flicking it.

With a cry I climaxed, pulling him into pleasure alongside me. He shouted his release, driving deep and spilling his seed, arms wrapping around me, holding us together as the waves of spasms crested and began to fade. Lowering his chest to my back, he held us skin to skin as ragged breathing settled into normal patterns, our hot skin beginning to cool in the night air.

He kissed my shoulder, sighing into the soft skin. “Wow. That was incredible.”

I hummed my affirmation. “But this isn’t the best place for the game,” I smiled shyly. “There’s no where to run and no where to hide.”

I felt rather than heard his chuckle. “Oh honey, that’s because you can’t run from me. I’ll find you and I’ll take you.” He nipped gently at the skin he had just kissed before licking over the area. I shivered under his touch, my body betraying just how much I liked that.

“Well, we will just have to do it again to find out,” I said with bratty bravado.

I felt his lips curve up against my neck as he placed them close to my ear and whispered, “yes, we will.”



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