There are two things in life I hate more than any other, weddings and funerals. Weddings are a train wreck waiting to happen and funerals are just plain depressing and rub salt into an already painful wound. My ‘sister’ is getting married, well she’s not really my sister but we grew up together and I protected her against all the bullies in school and she helped me with my homework. She is a very smart girl; check that, a very smart woman. Sigh. When did the ditsy clumsy scarecrow grow up into the long legged curvaceous beauty that I see before me?

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” I ask for the thousandth time.

“Yes silly,” she turns and smiles at me, “I love him and… he is good to me.” Did I just sense a moment of weakness? Did she just falter for a single second?

“Is there someone else?” I ask and she turns away from me before answering me.

“No… what makes you ask that?” There is a hint of strain in her voice.

“Well…” I start, “you never used to turn away from me before answering a question this important before.” She stomps her foot a clear indication that I have struck a nerve. Then her shoulders droop and her head drops.

“There was somebody,” her voice soft and filled with pain, “but he never noticed me so I had to look elsewhere.” Note to the reader men are often blind to the obvious.

“Did you ever tell this guy how you felt?” I ask clearly and totally oblivious. She straightens up and shakes her head before the first of the tears start to flow and her escort ataşehir body shakes as she sobs hard and deep. I rush over and turn her around and pull her to me, the big brother coming in to save the day as always. Her sobs becoming louder and her body shaking uncontrollably as she leans into my embrace one of her hands snaking between us as she begins rubbing me softly at first and then with more hunger.

“Why did you never date me?” Her voice so small but tinged with her hunger. “Was I that ugly?” Zip went my zipper and her tiny hand fishes me out of my jeans. “I have so wanted to do this for so long.” She starts to stroke me and my body reacts even as my mind is still processing what is going on. Ding! The light finally goes on in my head “I” am the other guy she spoke of. She gives me a gentle but firm squeeze as she strokes harder and faster. “Let me have this please!” She frees herself and kneels in front of me and takes me into her warm wet and very eager mouth. I am painfully hard now and her eyes glitter as her begins to bob forward and back taking more and more of me with each pass down her throat.

“Oh my God!” I moan louder and louder and her hand continues to stroke me as her mouth teases and pleases me so much. I grit my teeth as I fight off shooting down her throat but it is a loosing battle. Her stroking becomes more needy her hand stroking hard and fast as her head moves further and further until I am completely in her throat and my body betrays me as with a howl I climax spurting kadıköy escort my cum deep down her hungry throat. She continues to stroke me until she milks every last drop from me. She licks her lips and stands up and her face is radiant.

“I have wanted to do that for so long.” I am trying to catch my breath when she unbuttons her denim shorts and turning around and bending over she peels them off revealing her bare ass and glistening pussy. “Look how wet you made me…” I swallow hard and my cock despite having just shot down her throat grows again until it is standing long and hard away from my body. I take a step towards her and she shakes her head.

“No…” she pleads, “let me please!” I stop dead in my tracks and she steps out of her shorts and walks over to me, turns around and grinds her firm shapely ass cheeks against me. She lets the shaft slide between her legs and rub against her pussy lips. I can feel her heat and I moan with her as she teases us both. She continues to rub and when I can stand it no longer she adjusts the angle and buries me deep in her tight young pussy. My hands move to her hips and grip her hard and soon we are slamming our bodies together with a healthy slapping sound.

I grunt with each impact our bodies make and she is moaning over and over, “Unnn unnn unnnn yes fuck me! Make me yours and only yours!” I thrust my hips harder now really slamming myself deep into her. She lets out a long haunting moan, “Yesssssss…” Suddenly she pulls off of me and shoves me to maltepe escort bayan the ground and squats over me and impales herself and starts riding me hard and fast. My hands go to her breasts kneading them and teasing her nipples. She looks down and smiles and I can see the fevered hunger there, in her eyes. I enjoy every downward motion of hers. She is a woman possessed and knows what she wants.

Too long her pussy had been denied the one this it always wanted… me. She smiles wide and turns around with me still deep in her and once more is driving her hips up and down but I can see her ass cheeks and watch as her pussy consumes me inch by inch. But soon the slow pace is gone and she is once more pounding me with her entire body. I can hear her start to moan and it is getting louder and louder. She is ready to cum and drives her hips faster and faster. “Cum with me,” she moans low and sensual. Not a problem I was iron hard in her and could feel my own climax creeping up on me. Soon we are both panting and moaning and with a single look back she rams her hips down and as her pussy convulsed around me like a velvet fist I shoot deep into her to overflowing. Our mingled screams fill the air and the door opens and her future husband stands in the doorway.

“Oh, hi honey!” she says out of breath. “This is the friend I was telling you about my best friend growing up.” His face lost all color and then just as quickly turns red and he turns and leaves slamming the door behind him. “Hmm I wonder what got into him?” She says giggling. I shake my head and find no words to express how I was feeling. “Ready for a shower… I’ll let you cum all over my face.” She says with such innocence it is a wonder I don’t laugh my ass off. But I get up and head for the bathroom following right behind her.



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