Her Son likes to watch usBeep! “The coast is clear” I looked down to see a text on my phone. I was waiting around the corner with some of my friends. We were waiting for Richie Mom to leave for the night. It was his turn to host a small poker party. We had a few cases of beer, some cheap cigars and a few pizzas’ for the poker party. I gave Bill the signal to move out. There were 5 of us stuck in a small mini van. We turned the corner and all got out in Richie driveway.“Dude’s! What’s up?” said Richie. He had the door to his house open. We all walked passed him. We spent the next few hour’s playing cards. I lost a few hands but eventually won all the chips in the pot. Richie counted out $1,000 dollars when I turned in all the poker chips. I folded a big wad of bills, and stuck it in my front jean pocket. I was wearing some tight dark faded blue jeans. A black AC/DC shirt and some low cut white tennis shoes. I left my underwear and socks on my bed. It was close to 11pm when the guys started to leave. I thought I help Richie clean up before leaving. His Mom was supposed to be home around 2am. He figured when the bars closed. She had a reputation for drinking when she went out.“Buck! You always win man. I hate playing with you. I’m down like a $200 now. Do you ever loose?” said Richie. I smiled. I then pushed all the empty beer bottles in a big trash bag. I turned to pick up some empty pizza boxes. Richie was lighting candles around the house. Trying to disguise the cigar smoke and beer smell in his parent’s house. His Dad moved across the state, to find work. He saw him about one day a month. His Dad was working two jobs. I had met him a few times at high school functions. But I never met Richie Mother. We just seemed to miss each other any time I saw Richie.I opened the back door to the garage. I walked inside. I tossed the beer bottles and pizza boxes in a big trash can. I then walked back into the house. I walked into the living room. I sat on the couch. Richie was sitting in a big lazy boy chair. He had some cards on a glass coffee table in front of us. He was shuffling the cards. “How about a chance to win some of my money back?” he said. “Ok! What game do you want to play?” I said. “Hi! Low!” he said. “Ok!” I said. He then turned over the Queen of spades for me. He shook his head as he turned over a 6 of diamonds for him. “Guess I win again.” I laughed.“Fuck me..I never win.” Said Richie. “Hey what were we playing for anyways? We better make the next one count. That was your warm up.” I said. We both smiled. “How about ten dollars a card. I got about that much left from my allowance.” Said Richie. “Big man on campus. Sounds good. You turn over the cards.” I said. “Fuck! Shit! Ass! Fuck! Shit! What the fuck! Are you fucking k**ding me.” Yelled Richie. He lost the next 8 cards. He was down another eighty to me. He had two ten dollars bills to his name. I figured he say stop. But he kept leaning over the coffee table. Hoping to beat me.“Slam” My head turned. Was that the front door? “Hello! Hello! Where my little Richie??” said a loud female voice. “Oh! Fuck it my Mom. Play it cool Buck. Don’t say a word. Maybe she won’t see you.” Said Richie. “Richie! Richie where are you sweetie??” said a loud female voice. I turned my head on the couch, looking back to the kitchen. I could hear some heels clicking on the linoleum floors leading into the living room. Richie eyes got bigger as his Mom kept getting closer. “Richie!! Richie!!” she said again.My mouth fell open. I had a thing for bigger women. I was not expecting to see Richie Mom, come bouncing into the living room. She was wearing a tight purple dress. It had to be two sizes to small on her. She was wearing a thick yellow necklace around her neck. Some faded yellow 4inch heels on her feet. The purple dress barely covered her huge round ass. I had never seen a bigger butt in all my young life. That was her 2nd best feature. Her best feature was right out in front. She had some huge breast stuffed inside the top of her dress. Her large cleavage almost spilled out the top of the dress. She had a big yellow belt around her midsection. I could not see the front of the belt It was covered by her huge breast.She had a huge hour glass figure. I could see Richie did not like what his Mom was wearing. He tried to shield his eyes from looking at her. My mouth was still wide open. “There you are young man. Who this??” she said. She pointed at me on the couch. “This is my friend from school. Buck Kelly!! Buck…This is my Mom.” He said. I smiled. “Nice to meet you, Richie Mom.” I said. She smiled. “Call me Mandy. Bucks a cute name.” she said. “Mrs. Morris…” said Richie. He shot me a mean glare.“What’s a cute young man like yourself, Buck, doing in on a Friday night? I expect it from Richie. He is very boring. You should be out chasing young girls.” Said Mandy. I smiled. “What?? I can be fun. I’m not boring Mom.” Said Richie. “You’re just like your Dad. Boring! Boring! Boring! How do you expect to find a girl living in your room? Buck do you have a girl friend? I know my little Richie doesn’t” she giggled. “No! Not at the moment. I’m single.” I said. Richie shot me another mean glare. “Mom! Have you been drinking? Where did you go tonight?” said Richie.“I have been drinking. I went out with your Aunt Shelia. She’s getting married next month. She had a bachelorette party tonight. She rented a big party bus. We went to see some male strippers. I got a lap dance. Your Aunt was crazy tonight. Wait! Why am I telling you this? I don’t need to explain myself. You’ll probably call your Dad and report me. I don’t trust you young man.” She said. “Your secret safe with me. Mandy!” I said. This made Richie madder. “Are you crazy?? Strippers, Drinking, coming home late. What’s with the tight outfit? I never have seen this before. You’re worried about me. I just never thought of you that way, Mom. “ said Richie.“I used to be fun. But your Dad’s a big party pooper lately. This was the first time I’ve gone out in such a long time. I can’t remember the last time I was out. You’re so mean Richie. You better say you’re sorry.” Said Richie Mom. “I’m sorry Mom.” he said. “Yeah! You should be sorry Richie. I think your Mom cool. She knows you had a party tonight while she was gone. You don’t see her yelling at you.” I said. “What? You had a party. Mr. Boring… My son threw a party. When I was out tonight. I thought I smelled beer and smoke. What’s with all these damn candles?? I thought it was just me. You’re not even old enough to drink or smoke.” Said Mandy. “What the fuck? Damn Buck. She did not know until you said something. Mom! It was just a few guys. We were playing poker.” Said Richie. I watched as Mandy put her small hands on her big hips.“I knew it. Buck did not have to tell me. I just thought you were so sweet and innocent. I should no better. Did you tell your Father about this party?” she said. “No! He was at work. He won’t be home until Monday.” He said. I smiled. “Oh! I see. It’s Ok to yell at me. But to find out you had an u******e drinking and smoking and gambling party while I was out. That is so great young man.” Said Mandy. She was pointing at him. She stomped her left foot on the fake wooden floor. “Did you win? Let me guess…Wait…. Ummm No!!” she shouted.“I lost. I never win, Mom. It’s the curse of the Morris name.” said Riche. “How about you dear?” she pointed to me on the couch. “Oh! I won. It was like taking candy from a baby.” I said. “You should be more like your friend Buck. How much did you win sweetie?” she said. “About $1,080 already. I bahis siteleri was just about ready to take Richie last $20 before you got home.” I said. “You lost our grocery money. I gave you the last of my money from your Father before I left tonight. That all the money for the week. How are we going to eat? Money does not grow on trees, young man.” Shouted Mandy. “Yeah! Richie.” I said. “Dude! Shut up. You’re killing me.” Said Richie.“Mom! I know you have a $200…I saw you take it.” Said Richie. “I spent it already. Strippers and drinks at the bar are not cheap. Plus, it was my money. I was saving to go out. I don’t want to call your Dad and ask for money. He trusted us. I just can’t believe the night I am having.” Said Mandy. “Maybe I should go??” I said. There was a long pause between them yelling at each other……“No! Buck.. Please stay. What were you and my Son playing before I got home? My home by the way.” She said. “We played poker all night. Then we started to play High! Low! Before you got home.” I said. “How do you play that sweetie?” she said. “One person flips a card for each person playing. Who ever has the highest card wins? We were playing for $10 a card.” I said. “That sounds fun.” She giggled. “Maybe we should play old maid???” laughed Richie. ‘Don’t mind my son. He is an idiot. Can I sit right there, Buck??” she said. She pointed next to me on the couch. “It’s your house. You can sit where ever you like. I like the perfume your wearing. Is that “Curves”??? I smiled. “Oh.. You are cute young man. Yes! You have good taste.” Said Richie Mom. She then sat to my left hand side. I felt the big long cushion on the couch move under me. Mandy was in her early thirties. She was about 5ft 8 in the heels. She had long dirty blonde hair. She had a few streaks of blond highlights in her hair. She had a miniature diamond on her finger. Along with some yellow bracelets and I finally noticed her long white nails. Both her toe nails and finger nails were just done. I could tell by the bright shine on them. I guess she had few more dollars to spend on herself today. I was sure Richie had no clue. He does not pay attention to women, as well as me.“Are you down to play Mandy? That’s cool. Do you have any cash to play with?” I said. She smiled. “Wait… I do have some cash left from tonight. I don’t have any pockets. Any big girl knows. You always leave your cash in here..” she giggled. I then watched her take her small left hand. She started to run her left hand inside the top of her dress. I watched her push her small hand inside her deep cleavage. My cock was semi hard before. I could feel it get rock hard now. All 9 ¾ inches wanted to bust out the front of my jeans. I had to quickly move on the couch. Trying not to be to obvious I had a raging hard on. I took a quick peek at Richie. He was watching his Mother man handle her breast. It took a few minutes… “Yeah! I found some. Little wet. You guys don’t mind?” she giggled. “No…The wetter the better. I always say.” I said. We all laughed. Richie eyes were still starring at his Mom huge chest. I had a secret feeling he fantasized about them when he was alone. Who couldn’t?? They were so big and round. The perfect pair. Her two pair beat anything I played tonight. “How much you got?” I said. She slowly counted out twenty, one dollar bills. “I guess the strippers didn’t get all your money.” I laughed. She smiled. Richie was lost in a trance. “Richie….Wake up! Over there. Start dealing..” she said.Rickie shook his head. He then dealt his Mom a ten of hearts. “Is that good?” she shouted. We both shook are heads..Yes! He then dealt himself a two of clubs. “There the Morris luck..” Mandy giggled. I watched as Richie flipped over my car. A King of clubs. “Fuck!” said Richie. “Oh! Did you win Buck?” said Mandy. I smiled. “Sorry… Yes, I did.” I said. “I told you he always wins.” Said Richie. I reached down to grab ten from Richie and ten from his Mother. “Fuck! Give me the cards. You’re the reasons were loosing.” Said Mandy. She reached over exposing more of her breast. I then looked down to see her legs wide open. Her dress had moved far up her thick thighs. She pointed her cute toes straight out as she grabbed the cards from Richie small hands. “Ok! Look a four of hearts for Richie. A seven of diamonds for Buck. Yeah!!!!!! A queen of diamonds for me. I won!!!” she shouted. I handed her a ten dollar bill. Richie watched as his Mom took his last ten. “Now I have $30…Yeah!” she said. She started to bounce on the couch. I just stared at her huge bouncing body.“I better shuffle the cards. These nails are to long. Buck can you shuffle them for me sweetie?” she said. She handed me the cards. I started to shuffle them. She was watching me. “I guess it’s just you and me. My son out of money. Don’t move off that chair. You’re going to watch me win the rest of my money back Richie. I feel lucky tonight.” She giggled. 5 minutes later. Mandy lost all her money to me.“Mom!!! You lost… I told you so. He always wins.” Said Richie. “You be quite.” Said Mandy. She made a face at her son. “I guess that’s it then. Night Buck.” Said Richie. I was just about ready to get off the couch. “Hold up Buck. I know I don’t have money but there must be something we can play to get my money back. I need to feed boring boy over there. For the week.” Said Mandy. “Ummm…Maybe.” I said. I had a big smile on my face. I was wondering how far I should take this. I was friends with Richie. I would hate for him to be mad at me. But his Mom was such a hot fucking MILF, in my eyes.“I think it’s obvious you can’t beat him….Mom” said Richie. “Either could you….Son.” she mouthed back to him. “So!! If we can’t play for money…” I paused. “How about stripper poker?” blurted out Mandy. “What the fuck Mom??? No way am I letting you play. I’ll play for the family.” Said Richie. “I vote no on that. I don’t want to see you naked in your chair.” I said. “Me either.” Said his Mom. We both laughed at Richie. “I think strip poker a great idea. But you need money more than my clothes. I’m on a pretty could hot streak, tonight as it is. Maybe something else.” I said. Mandy put her right hand under her chin. “Hmmm… What to do for money???? What do young guys always want???” she said out loud.“Boobs!!!!” yelled Richie. “How did I know that was going to come out of your mouth? I swear. That all he thinks about. I catch him all the time surfing for porn on the internet. He takes my baby oil and all my hand cream. That’s all I buy anymore at the store. Don’t get my started on all the empty boxes of tissues in his room.” Said Mandy. “Mom! Stop telling Buck everything.” Said Richie. “It’s true. I see you stare at my tits all the time. Last week I wore nothing under my silk robe. I was eating breakfast. I could feel his eyes on my open robe. As soon as I went upstairs. I heard his door to his room close. Then lock. I know what you were doing.” Said Richie Mom. I just sat on the couch and smiled.Richie put his hands over his mouth. We all knew he was jerking off to his Mom, in his room. I shook my head, as I tried to get that picture out of my head. “How about I give you ten dollars for each thing I ask you to do. You can’t say NO and you can’t stop, until I say it’s good or all my money’s gone. How about it?” I said. “No! Mom!!! Just say No!! Please..” said Richie. Mrs. Morris looked into my eyes. I saw her beginning to breath faster. “Ok! Sweetie… I’m up for anything. You just can’t tell my husband and Richie can’t tell him either.” She said.I looked at Richie. “Don’t worry. Richie won’t say a word. It will canlı bahis be our little secret. Plus you make back the money your husband gave you for grocery for the week. Now get up. That’s good, Mandy. Now walk down and back. Walk all the way over there. Turn around. Walk back toward me.” I said. Mandy quickly got off the couch. She then walked passed her son on his chair. His head turned to watch his Mother. I gently rubbed the front of my jeans. My cock was so fucking hard. “Now walk back toward me. I love that purple dress on you. Now stand right in front of me. Wait! Let me move this coffee table.” I said. Mandy stopped walking toward me. I pushed the coffee table to the side. There was nothing in front of the couch or Richie chair.“Ok! Now stop right here.” I pointed to a spot, right in front of me. Turn around. Face your son. Here’s your first $10, for following my instructions.” I said. She took the $10 from my right hand. She placed the money inside her deep cleavage. I heard Richie move in his chair. “Now! Slowly bend over and touch your ankles. I’m starting to love this view more and more.” I said. Mandy slowed bent over at her waist. Her huge breast hung down, almost popping out the top. Her big ass expanded, causing the bottom of her purple dress to ride up her ass. I now could see her matching yellow thong between her big ass crack.“For $10 dollars more. Can you pick up the money off the floor? Without bending our knees.” I said. I tossed two $10 bills on the floor in front of her. She then bent over completely. Her dress rode all the way up her ass. I got the whole view of her big ass. She was inches from my face. I was smiling. I looked over at Richie. His eyes were wide open. I had to see what he was seeing. Now stand up. That’s nice. Leave your dress up. Bend over facing me and pick up this $10 dollar bill. Hold it for a minute, I’ll double the money.” I said.With her big ass facing her son. She quickly bent over showing off her huge cleavage. My mouth fell open. I had to see more of her voluptuous body. She was driving me insane. After what seemed like an hour, but was no more than 2 minutes. Mrs. Morris stood back up. She put all the money in her cleavage. “I think it’s time we loose the dress.” I said. I snapped my fingers. Mrs. Morris eye’s got big. She turned her head to look at her son. “Mom! Stop! It’s ok. You have fifty dollars. We can live on $50…Please no.” said Richie.I smiled as Richie Mom turned to look at me. I moved my hand up and down. ‘Take it off Mrs. Morris. I know you’re not wearing a bra. It’s Ok. Nothing we all haven’t seen before. Especially your perverted son.” I said. She smiled. “That for sure. If he’s like his Dad. He probably all ready shot a small load in his jeans. I’m just not sure you’ve seen a bigger pair? Mr. Kelly.” She said.A minute later. Mrs. Morris slowed pulled her purple dress over her head. I gasped as her huge tits were in full view. There were huge and so round. She had big fat areoles, with two large pink nipples. I started to breath heavier. She put her hand on her hips. I could see all the cash under her huge breast. I smiled as she turned to let her son get a perverted peek of his half naked Mother. “I need to go to my room now.” Said Richie. “Shut up. Stay seated. Your not going anywhere young man!!” yelled his Mother. I smiled as he was rubbing his hands on the front of his jeans.She then turned to look down on me. I smiled. “Here you go Mandy. Lean down. I’ll show you how I like to tip a good job.” I said. She wrapped her small hands around the front of her huge breast. The side of her breast over hung her hands. I then slowly rubbed my big hand between her breasts. The $10 dollar bill was between my middle finger and index finger. She smiled as I slid the money under her right breast. I then slowly dragged my hand down her belly. I pulled my hand all the way out. She then slowly stood back up.“Now I want you to kiss your nipples. Put those sexy lips on them. First the right, then the left. That a good job. Mrs. Morris, have you done this before?” I said. She smiled. Her big lips were kissing and sucking the front of her breast. Both her big fat nipples were rock hard. She was getting turned on. “ZIppppp”! I arched my head around Mrs. Morris. I saw Richie pulling down his zipper on his jeans. A few seconds later. He mumbled something. Then…..”Fuck! Yes!!” he yelled. He shot a small load in his hand.Mandy turned her head. “Just like his Dad. Small and not much.” She giggled. “Jump up and down!!!” I said. She started to hop up and down. “Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!” All you could hear was her huge breast smashing on her soft skin. Her yellow heels smashed on the floor. I then saw some of her $10’s fall on the floor next to her feet. She looked down. She could not see her feet. Her huge breasts were in the way. “Now get on the couch. Put your knees here. Grab the top of the couch. Arch your back.” I insisted.Mandy quickly parted her legs. She grabbed the top of the couch. Her huge breast hung below her. She arched her back. I looked over at Richie. He was still rubbing his limp cock in his jeans. I quickly moved my eyes back on his Mom. I ran my hands under her body. Paying close attention to her breast. I then ran my hands down her lower back and over her huge ass. Down her thick thighs, and long legs. I then slapped her huge right butt cheek. She let out a soft moan. Richie stopped rubbing his limp cock when he heard my bare hands on his Mother big ass cheek.“Open your mouth.” I told Mrs. Morris. She slowly opened her mouth. I put a $10 dollar bill inside. I then started to tug both her nipples. To bad she was not lactating. She would have covered her couch in milk. I was milking her big breast with both my hands. She was shaking her big ass, as I man handled her huge breast. The rest of the cash under her breast fell on the seat cushion. I could hear Richie breathing heavier. I leaned over to check him. He was still rubbing his limp cock. “You’re such a tease, young man.” Said Mrs. Morris. I smiled.“What would you like me to do?” I said. She smiled. “Take off some of your clothes. Let me see your muscular body.” She said. “That will cost you….Mmm. $50 dollars.” I said. She smiled. She reached under her breast on the couch. She pulled out $50 wet dollar bills. She hand me the wet money. I smiled. I then got off the couch. I looked down. I kicked off my white shoes. I then watched as she picked up the rest of her money off the floor. She still had $50 left. I slowly pulled off my black shirt. I then walked between her legs. She slowly ran her hands up the back of my thighs. She was starring at the front of my jeans. She then slowly ran the front of her left hand on my right thigh. “That a big wad of cash in your pocket. I’m going to take it all tonight.” She said. I reached into my left pocket and pulled out my big wad of cash. Her mouth dropped open.I slowly unbutton my jeans. A second later my hard cock sprang out, almost hitting Mrs. Morris on the couch. She gasped. “Fuck! That is big.” She said. “What the fuck. Put that away Buck. What about Dad??? Mom!” said Richie. “Be quite. Keeping jerking that small cock. While your Mom looks at a real man’s cock.” Said Mrs. Morris. I looked down at her. “Open your mouth. Say Ahhhh!” I said. I pushed my hips forward. Mrs. Morris slid my hard cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked off the precum from the tip of my cock. She ran her tongue down the bottom of my shaft.“I’ll give you $10 dollars for every inch you get down your throat.” I said. She started slow. She swirled güvenilir bahis her tongue around my cock. She played with both my big hairless balls. She got half, then almost all of it before she gagged and spit my put. “$80 dollars. Not bad. Keep going.” I said. I grabbed the back of her head. Forcing her mouth back on my hard cock. She was sucking, slurping and loving every minute of my cock. I tossed her another $10 before she spit me all the way out.“Pull my jeans off me. That a good whore. You like that name. I see you smiling. Now take off your yellow thong. Give it to me. It’s all wet. Mrs. Morris is all wet. Let me wipe your pussy with it. Now take it from my hand. Walk over to your son. Shove it in his mouth.” I said.Mrs. Morris slowly walked over to her son. She held up her thong over his head. He was watching her thong the whole time. She then slowly stuck the wet thong in his mouth. He started to gag. I could tell he loved it. His small limp cock was semi hard again. “Now come back. Stand right there again. Now bend over. Pull your ass cheeks apart. Arch your back. You’re a god whore, Mrs. Morris.” I said. She was bent over at her waist. Her huge ass was in my face.I slowly ran my tongue down her ass crack. I found her most sensitive place. I was running my tongue deep in her ass hole. She was moaning very loud. I gently ran my nails down her big ass. Making her skin bright pink. She let out a big moan this time. I started to lick my two fingers on my left hand. Mrs. Morris was fully shaven. I smiled as I saw her two sexy pussy lips, finally be exposed in the cool air of her living room. I slowly moved my mouth from her ass to her pussy. I slowly began to dart my tongue inside and out of her tight pussy. Her knees buckled as she screamed.I jumped off the couch. I wrapped my hands around her wide hips, and sexy waist. I moved my hands under her huge breast. I was biting the back of her neck. Her whole body shook against mine. I wedged my hard cock in her ass. My balls hung under pussy. She shook her ass, once she felt my hard cock pocking her. She was so soft, in all the right places. I had never held so much flesh. “Take a seat on the edge of the seat cushion. So am I still a tease?” I said. She smiled. “I thought not. Now start playing with your pussy. I need to figure how much this will cost me.” I said. “$100 hundred…” yelled Richie. I turned to look at him. He still had his Mom thong in his mouth. “Wow! I thought your Mom was worth more. Did you hear that Mrs. Morris. Your only worth a $100 to your perverted son.” I said. “How about $500 hundred?” she said. I quickly counted out $500 from my wad of bills in my jeans. I tossed the cash on her chest. I then leaned up to rub the tip of my cock on her exposed cunt lips. She reached down to move her huge breast. They were blocking her view. I smiled as I slowly inched my cock into her tight pussy. She gasped. ‘Fuck! You’re so big. Your cock is amazing. I never felt like this before.” She said. Her face became flush as I inched the tip of my cock inside her. She began to breath heavier as I pushed half my cock deep inside her. She grabbed the side of my arms. I placed my hands on her huge breast. I started to tug on her big fat nipples. Her pussy finally got used to my size. I slowly began to fuck her. After a few minutes. She was getting close to having a 2nd orgasm. I looked down. Her eyes were closed. I then pulled my cock all the way out of her tight pussy. Her eyes opened up. “What are you doing? Keep fucking me. I’m so close.” She screamed. Richie almost fell out of his chair. I heard him catch his balance behind me. “Maybe we should not be doing this. I mean your son, watching. You’re married.” I said. Mrs. Morris mouth was wide open. She looked down to see my wet hard cock. Her pussy juices covered my cock. “What??? No! I know what you like. Take all my money. Here! I need that big cock in me.” She said. I watched as she scooped up all of her money. She then put it in my jeans pocket, on the floor.I helped Mrs. Morris off the couch. I then sat down. I grabbed her hips. She then sat on my cock. Her weight pushed all of her pussy down my hard cock. She put her hands on the back of the couch as she bounced up and down on my cock. I placed both her huge breast around my head. I then gripped her big ass with both of my hands. I could hear Richie moaning louder than his Mom. I think he blew another small load in himself. His Mom orgasm three times before I fucked her doggie style. I plunged my cock all the way inside her. I then gripped her huge breast as I unloaded everything I had in her tight pussy.A few minutes passed before my semi hard cock flopped out of her pussy. Mandy looked over her shoulder. “Thank you…” she whispered. I smiled. Her night was not done. I slapped her big ass cheek. “Get up. We better make sure Richie never tells. Crawl on the floor to your son. Richie takes off your clothes. That a good son, for his Whore Mommy. Now place your huge breast around his small cock. Can you feel it?” I said. Mandy smiled. She shook her head “No!” She could not feel her son’s small cock. A few seconds later. Richie screamed. He tensed up, and then gasped for air.I looked down at Mandy. She had her huge breast smashing his cock. “Lift them up. Let me take a look. I don’t see anything. Richie…Did you just cum on your Mom’s big boobs. Wow! I guess he did. I don’t think he will be telling anyone now Mrs. Morris. Richie help your Mom up. Lay her on the glass coffee table. Be gentle. Now push her breast together. I’ll show you how a real man fucks those monsters.Richie was behind his Mother. He was on his knees. His small cock was under the glass. He pushed his Mother huge breast together. Her eyes followed my cock, as I straddled the coffee table. My feet were on either side. I spit some saliva between Mandy large boobs. I slowly pushed my cock between her valley of cleavage. Her huge breasts were so warm. She reached up to tug on her nipples. Richie eyes were big as he watched my cock fuck his Mom huge tits. I placed the tip of my cock in her wet mouth. She was licking the tip of my cock as I fucked her huge tits. I could feel my naked balls rub her soft skin. I was bending my knees, and fucking her faster. She moved her hands to my thighs. I smiled as she then put her hands on the side of her son’s hands. I then felt my knees get weak. She opened her mouth. I then began to exploded. I heard Mandy scream first. I then grunted. I then heard two mouths licking there lips. I looked down. I had given her a huge white pearl necklace. She was sucking my cock clean. I then saw Richie trying to clean his face. I guess, I was too big for his Mom and got some on him.I helped up Richie Mom from the coffee table. I walked behind her as she picked up my clothes. She reached down to pick up all my money that was not in my jeans. She smiled as I motion for her to take some. I let her son watch, as I fucked her in bathroom. I then placed Richie in restraints on the back of her bedroom door.She sucked my cock till I got hard again. I then placed her face in her pillows as I started to slowly insert my cock into her tight asshole. She moaned so load when I finally buried all of my hard cock inside her ass. I reached up to place my hands on her big hips. I kept slamming my cock in her hot hole as her son mumbled and made noise on the back of the door. He watched the whole night, as I fucked his Mom in every hole. More than once. Mandy husband comes home tomorrow. Her husband has been happy the last two weeks. She told him not to send her any money, that Richie been giving her money. Richie had to get 3 jobs. Turns out he likes to see his Mother get fuck by his good friend more and more. Plus his Mom likes it when I miss her mouth and blast his face.BuckXoox



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