The roller coaster slowly reaches the top. It comes to a stop before quickly falling. My stomach lurch up and I loose my breath. I see the ground coming towards me. The roller coaster swoops back, parallel to the ground. I am slung back and forth for a few more seconds as the cart rides the curved track before coming to a deafening stop. I step out of the cart light headed, legs wobbly. I reach her before my legs give out. She catches me. I am not very good with roller coasters, although I like the thrill every once in a while. My legs stabilize and I am able to stand. We hold each other close for a few seconds before releasing. I look at her with a smile.

“OK, I’m ready to go now,” I laugh.

“That’s it? Just one ride,” she asks

She knows I can’t handle too much, she likes to tease me about it, but she cant even handle one. We decide to stay and wonder the fair. We fill ourselves with cotton candy and ride a few easy rides.

When we decide to go she drives us to her house. I don’t have a car. She enjoys being abler to have power over me in at least this one thing. I look over at her. We don’t talk on the ride. She has a slight smile. Her face is soft and beautiful. She glances over at me. She blushes and looks back at the road. She looks so peaceful as she drives.

We arrive and walk into her house holding hands. She holds my arm with both hands looking up at me. I look down into her eyes. I see the wanting in her. I lean my head down closing my eyes. As our lips touch a wave of pleasure flows over me. Our kiss becomes more passionate. She pushes me until we fall onto the sofa and continue kissing. My stomach growls and we both laugh. We didn’t eat any real food at the fair and realize pendik escort we are both hungry.

I chase her into the kitchen until she is trapped against the counter and pat her on the butt. She turns around with a look of playful anger. I jump and run into her bedroom trying to hide under her covers. She jumps on top of me and tickles me through the sheets. She is the only person that knows where I am ticklish. I squirm trapped under the sheets. I finally break free and turn her over. I straddle her pinning her legs down. I take her two writs in one hand and pin them above her head. With my free hand I tickle her without mercy. She squirms laughing uncontrollably trying to escape from my torture. I see her frustration in her face as she keeps trying to escape unsuccessfully. I just smile down at her and kiss her. She tries to turn away. I pull back and she her frowning at me. I finally release her and she hits me playfully.

Both of us tired from the tickle fight we make dinner. We eat it on the couch watching TV. I look at her, she is still mad at me for beating her in the tickle fight, I smile at her.

“I love you!” I say cuddling up to her. Her face lightens. “You know you can’t stay mad at me” I tease her. She smiles

“I hate you,” she says still smiling. I laugh

“Yeah?” I hug her. She tries to stay mad pushing me away, but her smile grows. I kiss her on the cheek. She turns towards me; I kiss her on the lips.

We lie down with me on top of her. I shower her with kisses. My hand rests on her soft cheek as our tongues play with each other. I let my hand lower to her breast and play with it. Our kisses are becoming more passionate. I start to move under her shirt maltepe escort when she pushes me off of her and stands up keeping me seated. She smiles at me and pulls her shirt off. She unclasps her bra. I stair mesmerized by her beautiful breasts. She blushes and unbuttons her pants. She peals them off moving her hips from side to side. I look up at her; she is looking at me. She steps forward and straddles me on the couch. She tugs at my shirt wanting to take it off I lift my arms to let her. She unbuttons my pants and quickly pulls them off. She smiles at my visible erection in my boxers and reaches for it.

I quickly lift her up and begin to carry her to her bed

“No!” she screams flailing playfully, “I want you hard cock!”

I just laugh laying her onto the bed. Knowing the treat she is about to receive, she doesn’t fight me. I move to the foot of the bed. She watches my every move. I lay my hands on her legs and rub them up and down, every time I move closer to her core.

I lean down and begin to kiss her thighs. I move up until I’m kissing her pussy through her panties. She giggles in pleasure. I slip her panties down her legs and all the way off. I give her now naked pussy a long slow lick. I move in deeper giving her hard kisses over her soft pussy. My hands rest on her thighs and I push her legs wider as I try to reach my tongue as deep as I can into her.

“Oh, god” she moans placing her hand on my head trying to press me deeper.

I lick the warm, wet flesh loving the taste and texture of it. I let a finger slide into her and thrust it in and out. I lick and kiss all around it. My other hand moves up her stomach to fondle her breasts. I lightly pinch her erect kartal escort nipple, twisting it slightly. She continues to moan as I lick and fondle her. I feel her tense around my finger. Her hips thrust to meet my licks and her moans get loader. Her pussy contracts around my finger and tongue as her juices splash onto my face. Her legs wrap around my head and she arches her back.

I continue to slowly lick her as she begins to relax. I move up and lie next to her with a big smile. She gives a weak smile back exhausted from her tremendous orgasm. I hold her tight letting our warmth meld us together.

She regains her strength; she notices my cock pressing against her leg. She pulls the sheets over us and gives me a wicked smile before diving under them. I feel her pull off my boxers and my cock spring free. She gives it a few light kisses before coming back up.

She giggles and kisses me. She presses her body against mine. Her breasts are soft as they press against me. She kisses me hard letting her tongue graze against my lips. She lowers her head to my neck. She kisses and sucks on my neck as she straddles my leg. Her hips begin to thrust forward. I feel her wet pussy against my leg. She rubes it back and forth until she begins to shudder.

She sits up and places a leg on each side of me. She places the head of my cock at her entrance. She slowly impales herself on me. She leans against my chest and throws her head back as she moves her hips up and down. I place my hands on her hips and thrust up to meat her.

We roll over. I take her nipple in my mouth as I continue to thrust into her. I circle my tongue around her nipple. I lightly bite it sending her over the edge. Her pussy massages my cock and covers me in her juices. This sends me into orgasm too. My thrusts speed up as my cock squirts my cum filling her.

I collapse on top of her. I roll off of her and we smile at each other as she curls up to me and falls asleep.



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