Alan called Michelle at home late one afternoon:

“Hey baby. Be ready for me,” was all he said before hanging up.

She recognized the voice, all right. And she knew what the message meant. Michelle thrilled at the thought. Alan had always been a forceful man, ready to take what he wanted. The very thought of being fucked by him in less than an hour was terribly exciting. Her cunt juiced and her pulse quickened even before she hung up the phone. For a moment she just stood there, stunned by the suddenness of receiving such a brief call from an old lover and reveled in her memories of past encounters.

But soon, the spell was broken; she remembered now why they had broken up. He was so bullish, never giving a second thought to her own needs, except when it suited him to manipulate her out of her clothes. She very well couldn’t just stand there, reminiscing about how cruel he could be and how she vowed never to have anything to do with him again and the gentle curve of his cock and how it always touched her in all the right places…

No. No standing around indeed. There was too much to do.

First, a nice bath to calm her nerves and ready her for Alan’s undoubtedly abrupt arrival. Once inside the tub, she found it difficult to keep her hands from straying toward her erect clit. She had never seen it so large; shcertain she could actually see it throb with desire.

Then pendik escort she would put on her best perfume — Alan’s favorite.

And last, she donned a blood-red teddy and a gossamer gown.

Looking in the mirror she chided herself for being such an easy lay. “Oh, but you like an easy girl, don’t you?” She asked her reflection, slipping all-too-easily into her slutty persona. “Oh, yeah, baby. Show me what you got ‘tween those creamy thighs,” She suggested, unbuttoning the crotch of her teddy and stroking her light pubic hair teasingly. “Spread ’em for me,” She ordered and immediately complied, revealing a wet and needy pussy to herself. Impulsively, she drove a finger inside and churned it around, stoking her fire and drenching her finger.

At first, she wanted to lick the finger clean, but decided instead that her store-bought fragrance could use a personal touch. She dabbed her own juices behind her ears and across her neck. That’s what Alan would like, she decided. A woman who reeked of sex. And to that end, she continued painting herself with her own essence, dipping her digital paintbrush into her hairy palette often.

Finally she was satisfied with her appearance and went to sit in the living room to wait patiently for a mind-blowing fuck.

Mercifully, she didn’t have to wait long before Alan burst through the door, slamming it behind him in a fit of maltepe escort angry lust the likes of which she had never seen. Apparently, broadcasting his intentions had had a mounting effect on him as well. His cock was obviously straining in his pants as he unbuttoned the fly and let it loose — his eyes never straying from hers. He strode confidently toward her with a solemn, determined look on his face, then stood still for just a moment, as if stunned — transfixed by her beauty. Then, as suddenly as he entered the room, he lifted her up like a rag doll, bent her over the plush arm of her sofa and mounted her!

Her flimsy attire was no barrier against Alan’s eager cock. Gown and teddy were brushed aside by his oversized erection as if it had a mind of its own. Michelle’s cuntlips proved no more a challenge as Alan’s cock sank into her easily.

This was well worth the wait, Michelle thought as she felt her pussy stretching around Alan’s throbbing tool. A great sigh of ecstasy escaped her lips as Alan’s thick prick struck home, fully embedded within her tight sheath. Wordlessly, he ground his cock into her hole as if trying to drive even more of himself into her body. He merely grunted into her ear, panting with ever-increasing exertion like some wonderfully wild animal mounting his mate. There was a decidedly savage quality to Alan’s grand thrusts. One inch at a time kartal escort escaped her cuntal clutches, then two or three as her stallion increased his speed and pumped her overeager body full of manmeat. A terrycloth towel, fortuitously placed across her sofa’s armrest (and quickly absorbing large quantities of pussyjuice) provided a delicious friction for her clit as Alan relentlessly pounded away. Michelle only barely kept up with Alan’s rhythm and power and was pleased with the accomplishment. It meant that she was giving him as wicked a fuck as he was throwing into her!

Their sudden, physical fuck couldn’t last long. Almost before she knew it, Michelle was cumming. Hard. Her cunt’s vicegrip on Alan was so strong it might have stopped his cock from moving were it not for the massive amounts of lubricating fluid that gushed from her depths. No man’s prick could have withstood the peristaltic assault Michelle’s pussy launched in the throes of that orgasm and Alan’s proved a handy example because, with a roar, his cock spewed forth a veritable torrent of lust-inspired sperm.

So unexpected did their mutual orgasms arrive that their bodies continued to rut long after the spasms subsided, eliciting the raunchiest squelching sounds from their combined genitalia as Alan’s sperm turned to foam under the onslaught.

Michelle was just catching her breath when she realized that the loud sound she just heard was her front door slamming behind a departing Alan. She lay there across her sofa cushion with Alan’s sperm drooling from her gaping cunt and contemplated whether she would get another booty call from her favorite bastard soon.



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