Hema had recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend, a Indian Muslim by the name of Ejaaz.

The two had planned to get married, but a disagreement and subsequent argument put an end to any possibility of that.

If Hema had one true weakness in life, it would be the circumcised men. Her knees would turn to jelly and she would most often transform into a submissive kitten around Muslim men. The attraction for her simply could not be described. It was so powerful and intense; words would not do justice.

Ejaaz, Hema ‘s ex-boyfriend, had been more than willing to share her in group-sex settings with two of his friends, Danish (also Muslim) and Kamesh (a Hindu), yes our very own Kamesh – the man who turned the pious Shanti into an evergreen Slut..

These hot three-on-one encounters took place even before Shanti had arrived on the scene. The four friends, at one time, were a very close-knit and tight group.

After her break-up with Ejaaz, however, Hema ‘s attention seemed to turn towards her pet subject in men , his excellency Kamesh. He wasn’t a Muslim like she preferred her men to be, but Kamesh was a nice and good-natured person who appealed to Hema in a special way. It also did not hurt Kamesh’s standing with Hema that he always welcomed the idea of her hooking up with any and all men whom she was attracted to, in fact, Kamesh was a voyeur, and he truly got off on watching his Tamil whore get banged around by one or more Muslims at the same time.

He also LOVED to watch Hema and Shanti have sex together.

Before meeting Hema , Shanti had never taken part in gang- bang encounters with guys. However, that soon changed. The pair of lovely ladies had been involved in several dual gang-bangs since they had met one another. Shanti loved them almost as much as Hema did. In return, Shanti had introduced

her new lover to the concept of group sex with several other women. Both of them, as you can imagine, were quite happy. We will have an entire chain of episodes devoted to the sluts and their escapades shortly.

To put things simply, two beautiful women were living together and sharing each others’ bodies as lovers. In addition, there was basically a constant stream of men who always seemed to find their way to the duo’s apartment. Hema and Shanti always left the door open, so to speak, and just about everyone was invited to step inside …

Earlier this morning, Hema woke up and knew that the time seemed absolutely perfect for a little fun with her three of her boyfriends. She hadn’t been double- or triple-banged in a couple of days, which was rather unique for her. Plus, Shanti was in Mysore for the entire day, visiting some family on

this warm, lazy Sunday and most likely was going to seduce her nephew Mani into another long orgy of sex – last time he had wanted her to sleep with his best friend Mathew.

But most of all, Hema awoke with a sexual itch inside herself that needed to be taken care of, however, there was one minor problem – Hema had to work today, at the Real Estate Office. The young woman always put in an eight hour shift on both Saturday and Sunday, unless her sexual schedule dictated otherwise. Though it would be nice to have weekends off, she needed the extra money and those two days were her only chance to work full shifts. Of late she also was getting to know and her sixth sense was telling her that boss Mr. Reddy was trying hard to get into her panty. She noticed in the common rest room they shared between the two rooms, a lot of activity leaving plum spot of semen like substance and the toilet paper dumped in the waste paper basket, had too many stains. She knew it could be for multiple reasons but at work there was no other person like her who could get this juice of a man lie in this state, she was the only real ‘turn on’. She knew it was not far – an interlude or an adventure with him – and he was definitely a hunk even at this age of 40+. Well – must be a Khan follower. She sighed at the prospect of this interlude leading to some increase in her compensation package. Only if it could happen fast, after her return from Trivandrum, she was almost broke and living off her parents was not going anywhere, what with her brothers more or less equally dunce and doing little to earn, the only thing they were interested in was sex, and if they did not get it outside, they would take it out on her. Of late she had started to keep a distance from both of them.

But that itch to fuck her two Muslim boyfriends still existed, and needed to be remedied in the worst possible way. Hema was not the type to feign sickness and call off from work, though. So, she simply gave her paramour, Kamesh, a telephone call in the morning and basically told him to round up two of her favorite Muslim studs (Mahroof and Raza) for a late afternoon gang-bang. Raza, by the way, was someone who Hema had recently met. Kamesh was more than happy to oblige; he and Hema set specifics for the encounter and then bid farewell for now ataşehir escort bayan – they would meet again at 4:00pm.

Hema ‘s today of work today at the Office, seemed to drag on forever.

Quitting time could not come soon enough, as Hema knew a short ten minutes later, she would be servicing three guys, all at the same time. The idea made her tingle inside… Hema , however, received some bad news a little after 3:30pm. Her boss, Mr. Reddy, asked her to stay an hour

extra today. The man told Hema that since business was booming today, he needed her stay over for an hour. Although she wanted to get out of here, Hema really had no choice but to say yes. After all, this was her job and she needed to be in good standing with her boss. So, her encounter with the guys would have to wait until 5:00pm or later. She called Kamesh – and let him know.

When the clock finally read 4:45 pm, Hema was all set to go. She was already on her way out the door when her boss, Mr. Reddy, suddenly came up from behind her and asked her to stop. Hema was a bit irritated, but did not let her boss know this. What could he possibly want now? The Office always closed at 5:00pm sharp on Sundays.

“I’d like to see you in my office.” he told her.

Hema groaned inwardly but followed Mr. Reddy to his office in the back of the Office. Whatever this was – the Tamil slut told herself – it better be quick. Kamesh, Mahroof and Raza were all waiting for her. Mr. Reddy escorted Hema into his office, and motioned toward one of the chairs situated in front of his big desk. Hema took a seat and slipped her jacket off, then watched as her boss went behind his desk and did the same. He gave her a friendly smile before starting.

“Ms. Hema Balaji , I need to talk to you for a moment,” the man said. His voice was somewhat deep and strong; and it caught the submissive side of the young woman. She felt a shiver run through her body as he spoke those particular words.

“Yes?” Hema replied meekly. “What is it, sir?”

The man leaned forward on his desk and looked intently at her. “Earlier, I asked you to stay here an hour extra because we were a little busy today with customers. You did… and for that, I am very grateful.”

“That’s not a problem, Mr. Reddy,” the 27-year-old replied, a bit nervous. She could sense something was up with his tone. “I… I can use the extra money.”

“The reason I brought you into my office, Hema , is this… After I asked you to stay a little extra, I watched you go over and make a telephone call using office telephone, a private call. You know that I do not approve of such things while on the clock.”

Hema gulped her throat. He sounded very serious. “I’m sorry, Mr. Reddy… I promise I won’t do it again. I just had some plans for this afternoon – I wanted to tell my friend that I would be a little late. I wasn’t on for long.”

She paused and quickly added, “I need this job…”

The man nodded his head and looked at her. “Ahh, yes… plans. Well, since you were using my telephone on my time, I thought I had every right to do a little eavesdropping. And that is what I did…”

Hema ‘s face suddenly turned white. The telephone call her boss was referring to was the one she had with Kamesh at about 3:35pm. “Eavesdropping? Umm… what did you hear?”

Mr. Reddy let loose a huge smile, at which time Hema ‘s heart fell in her chest.

“I heard plenty, dear. Hmmm… let’s see if I can remember some of what you said. Ahh yes… it’s coming back to me now. `Kamesh, Reddy asked me to stay over an hour. I am sorry… I want to get fucked so bad – even more than you. Make sure Mahroof and Raza are ready for me, because I can’t wait to get out of here so I can take all three of you on, my pussy has been burning all day long.” he bragged.

He then paused, then again let loose another big, lascivious grin. “Yes Ms. Hema Balaji, it was something like that.”

Hema felt horribly embarrassed. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to have this type of conversation with her 40-something boss. It was humiliating…

“You’re too good of a worker to fire,” the gray-haired man said. “However, that does not excuse you from using the telephone on company time.”

“Yes sir, I know,” Hema replied, her gaze lowered.

“And especially, using my business line like it is a 1-800 sex line. I don’t approve of that, Hema darling. You are to use that line for customer inquiries – ONLY.”

“Yes, sir, stunned at his using the word ‘darling’ ” the Tamil slut returned, meekly.

“However, I am a very forgiving man, Hema,” Mr. Reddy said in a more upbeat tone. “I am willing to forgive your little transgression… provided you do me one little favor.”

Hema ‘s eyebrows raised as she looked up at him. That tone of voice sounded familiar. “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

Hema gasped as her boss stood up from behind his desk. His suit pants were nowhere to be found, and he was stroking a escort kadıköy massive erection in his right hand. He pumped his cock several times, gauging Hema ‘s reaction, then wobbled it before her face. “Take care of this for me, dear.” He grinned and added, “You’re not the only one in this office who has been wanting to get fucked all day long.”

Something had told her that this was coming and Hema could not stop admiring the prick and inadvertently licked her lips and jiggered at the man. Although he was much older than her, the Tamil slut had always thought of Mr. Reddy as an attractive man. But only recently, though, did any of her ideas about him involve sex. But not so quickly and not now, at least. That cock sure looked delicious, Hema told herself…

“What would you like me to do, sir?” the Tamil slut asked in a sweet, tender tone.

Reddy grinned, knowing he had this grade-A piece of ass under his clamps. “Why don’t you come over here and let me help you out of that outfit? It would be like unwrapping an early birthday present.”

“Of course, sir,” Hema squealed, getting out of her seat before making her way over to him. The young woman closed the distance between them, and immediately grasped her boss’ thick cock while grinding her large, firm pair of breasts upon his chest. Reddy smiled, knowing he had stumbled across a literal gold mine here. Reddy used both hands to grope and squeeze Hema ‘s firm breasts through her thin blouse. He smiled down at her, as she continued to stroke his big cock with her right hand.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment since I hired you, honey.”

“Too bad it didn’t happen earlier,” the Tamil slut giggled.

“From now on… when I feel horny at work, I know who to turn to… YOU! And you know that this will cost you double of the weekly wages you pay me currently.”

“Oh yes,” Reddy moaned, unbuttoning Hema ‘s blouse. His eyes were wide, bulging with lust, as he slipped the garment from his employee’s shoulders. Hema continued to pump his cock while the man unsnapped her bra in back, and quickly got rid of it. What was unveiled was the most perfect set

of bare breasts the man had ever laid his eyes upon. The 40-something man continued to gawk at the sight of Hema and her perfect breasts, until she used her free hand to pull his head down to hers, for a searing kiss. Reddy’s tongue dove right into Hema ‘s sweet mouth upon lip contact, while his hands closed over her 37-sized breasts and began massaging both with great eagerness and passion.

Meanwhile, Hema continued to pump her boss’ cock with her right hand. The 27-year-old could feel it pulsate wildly in her grasp – and knew she could make him cum at anytime. But, that was not on her agenda at the moment. She wanted to make her boss last – and enjoy this.

The duo’s lips were locked together in a vacuum-type seal. Both were kissing each other with wild abandon, their tongues dancing and dueling in passionate bliss. It wasn’t too long, though, until Hema wanted to use her lips and mouth on the throbbing erection which she still pumped in her hand. After breaking the kiss with him, the Tamil slut dropped to her knees, which elicited a loud moan from Reddy.

Hema did not waste any time, however, as she quickly took the man’s bulging cock into her mouth and bobbed away on its tip. The young woman’s brown eyes shined with desire as she looked up at her boss, her lips and mouth busy savoring the taste and feel of his erection. The beautiful and innocent looking Hema had suddenly been transformed into a very skilled and thorough cock-sucker – much to her boss’ delight.

Never before did Hema dream of servicing Mr. Reddy like this. As for the moment, though, Hema ‘s boss was the center of her universe. She had forgotten all about Kamesh, Mahroof and Raza – at least, temporarily.

Reddy, still wearing his dress shirt and tie, reached down with both hands and grabbed Hema ‘s head as she worked feverishly upon his erection. The enchantress bobbed her head back-and-forth at a quick pace, while never taking her eyes away from her boss’ face.

Meanwhile, Hema was using two fingers from her left hand to tease and play with the man’s hairy testicles. She would trap the delicate flesh between her fingertips and twiddle away, which sent shock waves of pleasure through Reddy.

Both individuals were really enjoying themselves… Hema ‘s boss let loose a wild, uncontrollable moan as she swallowed the entire length of his cock into her mouth, and began deep-throating him.

He looked down and noticed those big brown eyes, ablaze with passion, staring right back at him as the young woman tried to simply devour his shaft.

Reddy used his hands and pushed Hema ‘s head away from his cock, her mouth releasing it in the process.

The vixen looked up at him, wondering if she did something wrong, “That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had,” Reddy told her, panting. “But I’m going to cum very soon… I can maltepe escort feel it.” He paused and added, “I’d like to do it inside of your hot little pussy, Hema Balaji.”

Hema smiled sweetly at him.

“Will you do me over the desk, sir?”

Another bolt of electric lust went throughout Reddy’s body with those mere words. “Of course I will, dear. Why don’t you stand up, and turn around here? I need to finish unwrapping my birthday present, first.”

Hema grinned as she stood and turned toward the desk, her back to the man. She placed both of her hands upon the hard, oak-wood top, then bent over at the waist until her front was touching the surface as well. She immediately felt her boss’ big, strong hands groping and squeezing her firm, rounded ass

through the black pair of ladies’ dress pants she wore.

Reddy quickly reached around Hema ‘s slender waist and undid her belt, then slipped it off. Next, he quickly pulled her dress pants down, followed by the G-string that she wore. Reddy was witness to a perfectly-proportioned ass, and the sexiest pair of long legs he had ever seen on a woman. This 27-year-old was heavenly, he told himself. Hema stepped out of her pants and G-string, then spread her legs further apart and jutted her ass outward, in a very provocative manner. Reddy had to do a double-take – his body alive with unspeakable passion.

The man did take a quick step backward, though, and grinned to himself. This was incredible. Here he was, an older man (44, to be exact), with a young, Tamil slut bombshell leaned over his desk, waiting for him to fuck her. Reddy loved the sight of that ass, too – it was perfect. He could really do so many things right now with her in such a position. The man could fuck her pussy or ass, give her a really hard spanking, or kneel down and use his tongue to please her orally. Judging by that telephone call which he earlier eavesdropped on, Reddy knew his gorgeous, young employee would not object to anything he chose to do to her.

However, as he stated earlier, Reddy really wanted to shoot his pent-up sperm into Hema ‘s tender pussy.

The 27-year-old closed her eyes and sighed as she felt Reddy grasp her hips with both hands, then drive his big cock into her pussy. “Oh yes…” Hema moaned as her boss slid his entire length into her, slowly. She licked her lips, which were still moist from the earlier blowjob, then let out a very deep and content sigh. Hema sprawled her arms out across the desktop, her large breasts squished upon the oak wood-surface, as Reddy began to pump himself in and out of her at a steady pace. “That’s it, sir!” she urged him, the lust level inside her building. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder, sir!”

“With pleasure!” Reddy growled as he fiercely gripped her ass, then began to thrust his cock into her pussy at a blistering pace. Still leaning over the desk, Hema reached back with both hands and spread her asscheeks apart, allowing her boss the deepest penetration possible.

“YES!” Hema screamed in wild passion. “YES! FUCK ME!”

This was Reddy’ version of paradise. For a long time, he had lusted after Hema and dreamed of having her in this type of situation. He never thought it would come to pass, though. This was simply incredible for him.

“What a fucking slut!” Reddy roared as he continued to pound his cock in-and-out of her from behind. “When I first hired you, I should have made you start doing me these sexual favors right away! You love it, you fucking slut!”

“YES SIR!” Hema screamed, her body nearing the point of orgasm. “FROM NOW ON, SIR!”

Reddy let out a booming growl, then thrust himself into Hema one final time before grasping her hips with all the strength in his hands. Then, he just let loose… his cock exploding – firing spurt after spurt of hot jism deep within the confines of the Tamil slut’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Hema was experiencing an orgasm of her own.

With her eyes closed and face flushed with pure ecstasy, she grinded her ass upon Reddy’ pelvis as he continued to empty his seed into her. Both individuals screamed and roared in mutual release, then things began to slow down.

Eventually, Reddy withdrew his cock from Hema ‘s pussy and leaned forward, against her body, to support himself. He then let out a content sigh, and took a seat in his chair while Hema continued to lean over the desk, her shapely hips shuddering in the aftermath. The man reached out with his right hand and caressed her perfect ass.

“I’ve never had it any better,” Reddy moaned, a grin on his face. “Never before in my life…”

“It was great for me too, sir.” Hema whimpered.

“I’d love for you to spend the entire weekend with me, dear, I will give you a week doubled salary only for that one weekend with me.” the man said, now running his fingertips through Hema ‘s silky, long-flowing Tamil slut hair. “But you have your three guys to go and see.”

Those words made the vixen suddenly remember her stable of boyfriends. She glanced at the clock, which read 5:27pm.

Kamesh, Mahroof and Raza were probably worried about her…

“Yes, I do.” Hema said, still not moving from the desk. “In fact, I was supposed to be there 15 minutes ago.”

“Tell me, honey… do you gang-bang them?”



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