Helping my best friendMy best friend, Kathy told me one day that she had walking in on her son in the bathroom, she did not know he was in there and he had forgotten to lock the door. It would not have been a big deal, but since he was sitting naked on the toilet with the seat down, masturbating, and starting to ejaculate right when she opened the door. At first he did not realize that he door had opened she told me. He had his eyes close and stroking his penis while his cum was spurting straight out of it. She felt very embarrassed by the whole thing and the poor k** had not come down for dinner that evening. He had told her that he did not feel well. It had taken her a second for her brain to catch on what was going on. She got a very good look at her son in his totally naked aroused state. Then she quickly closed the door.Kathy told me this the day after it taken place and was still in shock over the whole thing. The thing she was shocked over was how big her son’s penis was. Don’t get me wrong, she was not sexually attracted to her son. It was only that she felt that it was only yesterday her son had been in the bathtub playing with his toys and for the first time she realized that he was a man in some respects.Brian, her son was starting college next year so I knew he had grown, but I had not seen him a many years. I also had this mental picture of him as a little boy. Kathy and her family had moved to the East Coast almost 10 years ago, so we did not see much of each other, but we still talked on the phone almost weekly.A couple of months later Kathy called me and asked if it would be possible for Brian to stay with my hubby and me for the little while at in the fall. Brian had been accepted at a local college here and still had not found any housing. Kathy knew that we had a couple of spare bedrooms and I had often offered one of them if they needed a place to stay. My hubby would not mind having another person in the house. He liked Brian a lot and would most likely think it would be fun with a young man in the house. Brian was very good in school with the highest GPA and he was also into sports, so we would probably not see much of him.I thought it work out great, since one of our bedrooms had French doors which would give Brian his own entrance to the house. He would be able to come and go as he wished.Only issue with having someone else in our house would be that we had a very active sex life and we often fuck where ever we liked. Most often we ended up making love in front of the TV. We had a nice big comfortable couch that was made for fucking, so it was the most common place we fucked. My hubby often gave me oral pleasure while I watched TV. He loves licking my pussy and can do it for hours. Of course, I love it as well. Thank god that we have DVR so that I can roll back my show and watch the end of a show after I had a orgasm or two and then been fucked as well. My hubby and I tried for a long time to get pregnant without any success, so we stopped using protection and still nothing has ever happened. I usually get extremely horny when I ovulate, so my hubby has his hands full then. I crave cock during this time, so we even bought a big dilo to give me pleasure when he can’t keep up. Brian moved in with us early September. He loved coming over to the West Coast while we still have summer and not got into fall yet. He started school and we only saw at dinner time if even then. He was mostly in his room when he was home. He had a TV and a computer so he did not need much from us. We left him alone as much as possible. Kathy had insisted that he would help out with chores in the house, so we set up a weekly list of things he would help with. Mainly help with trash, some yard work, do laundry, and was our cars. Kathy believed in helping out in their house and he should not be treated any different since he lived in our house. Brian never failed on any of his chores. Even when he had lots of homework, he still did what was agreed upon.My sex life suffered a little bit the first couple of weeks, but when we got use to Brian’s schedule we fell back into our normal sex life. We did not make love so much in the living room, but it still happened on the weekends when Brian was out with his friends.One Saturday night, when I was on my back with my legs spread wide open and my hubby was feeding with his big cock. I thought I heard some noise, but my hubby was so excited and close to cuming that I did not say anything. I looked into the hallway from where the noise had come, the guest rooms where down that hallway. I thought güvenilir bahis siteleri I could see something in the dark of the hallway, but was not sure. I knew that if Brian was looking from there, he would have a full view of pussy getting stuffed. My hubby had my legs pulled up high so he could get deep inside of me and he was kissing and sucking my nipples at the same time. He was getting close to cuming and it made me excited to think that a young man was watching me getting fucked. When I realized that I got hit by an orgasm without any warning, my hubby felt me shake and shudder underneath him and it brought on his own orgasm and he started to cum inside of me. It lasted a couple of minutes and then he started to get soft. He lay on top of me and my pussy pushed out his cock. As soon as his cock left my pussy a stream of cum quickly followed. I could feel it running out of me, down my ass crack, over my anus, and then down my ass cheek. I peeked over my hubby’s shoulder and thought once again that I saw some movement. But it was impossible to be sure. Soon after we got up and went into our bedroom to clean up.Next morning my hubby left for golf early in the morning, so I was sitting in the kitchen by myself reading the newspaper when Brian came in. I asked if he wanted me to make breakfast, but he offered to make me pancakes instead. We talked while he was cooking and I found no hints of that he had seen anything last night. I even asked what he did last night and he told me that he had been out and crashed soon after he got home. I asked what time that was and he said he did not know what time he had gotten home, only that it was late. The follow week went like any other week. I watched for signs that Brian would act different or let me know that he watched us fuck, but nothing came. So I started to doubt that he had seen us. I figured that he would try to see more of my body or let me know what he saw, if he actually had seen anything.Two weekends after the fuck on the couch, we were invited to a party on Saturday. One of our neighbor had a dinner party and we had a great time. We drank a lot of wines and I felt pretty good at the end of the dinner. I told my hubby go be ready for some action when we got home. I was ovulating and was horny as hell before I had the alcohol which only puts fuel on the fire. In the end I could not wait for the party to be over so we could go home and make love.We walked home from the party and my hubby was very drunk. He had a hard time walking straight. I told him that he still would have to perform because I wanted to get fucked. The house was all dark and quiet when we came home. I figured that Brian was out parting with his friends. My hubby got a fire going in the fire place, while I went to change. I put on a thin short nightgown and went back to the living room. My hubby said it would be right back and went back to our master suite. I lay down on the sofa and started to slowly play with myself. I was so horny that I could not wait to get my clit rubbed. I expected him to come out soon to give me the oral pleasure that I needed and then get him to fuck me. I did not care if he would lie down and not move as long as I could take his hard cock in my pussy and ride him.I started to get real wet and hot, but realized that he should have been back by now. So I got up and went back to our bedroom. I found him on our bed, fast asleep dressed in only his boxers. I decided that I would get him to make love to me on the bed instead of the fire then. I climbed onto the bed and pulled off his shorts. He was out of it. I started to play with his cock, it slowly reacted to my sucking and strokes. Not like our younger years, when I only had to touch his cock and it would stand if full attention no matter how drunk he was. I finally started to get him hard enough to be able to get him in my pussy. I was working hard and sucking him. I was getting really turned on by his hard cock. Out of the blue he erupted in my mouth, he came without warning and was still out of it. I let him finish and then rolled over on my back. I rubbed my clit and put a finger into my wet pussy. I felt funny lying next to my knocked out hubby with cum all over his tummy. I decided to pull out my vibrator and return to the fire. It was kind of romantic to lay in front of the fire and masturbate. I took my time and had a couple of orgasms. I never cum very strong when I masturbate I cum much stronger from oral pleasure or from being fucked and have my clit rubbed to climax. After a little while I felt that youwin giriş I was too tired and felt pretty good from my orgasms. I started to drift off and fell asleep on the couch.I woke up much later, the fire was only slightly glowing from the burnt out fire. I felt my hubby’s hands on my ass and realized that he must had woken up and come in to me in the living room. My night gown was up to my waist, so he had my whole ass exposed and he worked on my clit with his fingers. I was slippery wet and still horny. I moaned and made more room for his fingers. I was lying on my side and pulled up my upper leg to give him better access to my clit. He let his fingers explore my whole pussy, a couple of finger slide inside and he worked on my clit at the same time. It felt real good and we had not done this in a long time. Normally he preferred to lick and suck my pussy, instead this time he used his fingers and soon brought me to an orgasm. I came strong and made this finger very wet. I felt him move a little bit, and then I felt his cock head on my pussy opening. I was so wet that there was a little resistance as his big head went between my pussy lips, but as soon as his head was in, he could slide deep with the first thrust. Oh, it felt so good. He stretched me good and after a couple of thrusts he was deeper than normal. I answered each trust and we found a good pace. He moved a little and sat up behind my ass. He moved without pulling out his cock and soon found a faster pace. I felt that he would cum soon. His hands held my hips hard and I thought he would cum any second when I felt his hand travel down my potbelly.Right as I could feel him grow a little bit bigger and I knew he was going to cum, I reached back as he hit so deep in my pussy that I winced in a little bit of pain. His thrusts were very strong and as he pumped his cum in me, hitting my cervix and filling it, I reached back to his tummy to stop him from going so deep. I was on the edge of reaching another climax as well. I felt his tummy; it did not have the normally hairy feeling and felt more muscular. As I started to cum, I realized it was not my hubby’s tummy and it must be Brian’s…. I felt panic in the middle of my orgasm. I was so horny and could not control my body, but my mind screamed at me. My body shuddered as I came stronger than I had in years. Brian had just deposited his cum in my pussy, I had several orgasms from him, and now I had been unfaithful to my hubby. Or you could argue that I had been ****d. I did not feel like I had been ****d. I felt like I had been thoroughly fucked with multiple orgasms and really enjoyed it.I looked up at Brian and asked why he thought he could do something like this to me?He answered that he did not mean to do anything, but when he tried to put a blanket over me, he said that an urge to touch me had come over him and he thought he could do it without waking me. So he lightly touched me, but my body had reacted too strongly and positively that before he knew it, I had started to cum. He then told himself that if I could cum like that, then I would enjoy feeling his hard cock in me as well. So he started to fuck me from behind!He was still deep in my pussy and it did not feel like his cock was going soft, it actually felt as it hard before he erupted in me.I asked him what he think would happen if my hubby walked into the living room right this minute. He did not hesitate with his answer; I guess your hubby would have to watch me give you another round of my cock. He started to move and thrust his cock deeper in my pussy again. I told him that I was not using any birth control and that he had just deposited a large amount of cum in me and that I might be pregnant now. It still did not stop him; he only said that it did not matter if he came in me again. I tried to get him out of me, but at the same time it felt so good that I did not want him to stop. With each attempt to push him out, it worked more like I was meeting his thrusts. I started to enjoy it more and more, which lead to my starting to fuck his cock and not pushing him out of me. It felt so good to have this big hard cock pumping in and out of me. After a while he lifted my leg so that he could lay down in missionary position on top of me. He found my breast and started to suck my nipple. With his mouth full of my breast, he mumbled something like – I have been wanting to do this this I saw you getting stuffed by your hubby’s cock on this couch on night! So I had been correct, he was standing in the dark watching me fuck my hubby. youwin güvenilir mi I made me cum again. Brian was not far behind; he erupted for a second time deep in my womb within a short time span. Later I stumbled back to my own bed and crashed next to my hubby.When I woke up the next morning, he was already gone. He had his normal Sunday early morning golf game and would not be home until the afternoon. I was lying in bed, thinking about how good this young man had felt but that I needed to talk with him and let him know it was not acceptable to have sex with him. After all he was my best friend’s son.I felt sad that I would have to stop this because it would be awesome to have a young stud lover in my house, I would get more sex than ever had imagined from my hubby and my lover boy. Brian came into my room and sat down on the bed. He looked truly sad and he apologized that he had made love to me last night. He should never have forced himself on me and he felt terrible now. He started to cry when he said he had never been so excited by a woman and could not keep his hands off my body when he saw me last night. He had intended to cover me up, but I looked amazing in the light of the fire and when his fingertips touched my skin, it had been like a lightning hit him. A lightning of pleasure so he had caressed my butt and after a while my body had responded and given him more confidence that I liked what he was doing.He told me that when he got the courage to touch my pussy, I had been so wet that he had no trouble sliding his finger inside of me. Then he started to play with my clit and he noticed that I might cum so he kept going. When I had reached my orgasm, he noticed that I moved to invite him to put his cock in me. Of course, I thought it was my hubby and not some young stud that I invited into my body. So he had pushed his way into my wet pussy and loved the feeling of my pussy. He said birth control had no entered his mind at the time. It felt too good to think about that, all he thought about was how lucky he was to be able to fuck this older mature super sexy woman and then he had cum. The rest was history.He was sobbing at the end of his tale. I sat up and pulled him closer to me to give him comfort. I told him that I had really enjoyed our love making and not been so excited since I was a teenager…. I told him that he was amazing lover and I was surprised that he could make me cum so many times.I started to get excited from all his nice complements about my body and also from remembering how good he had been and how well his cock fit in my pussy. I turned his face to mine and told him not to cry. I was not going to tell anyone else what we had done. Then I kissed him on his mouth. He responded positively and soon we were kissing passionately and his hot hands were all over my body. The room was lite by the morning sun and he could see my true body now. He pulled up my night gown and started to kiss my breast. I reached down and found him very hard again. I took his face and looked him straight in eyes and told him to lick my pussy. I laid back and spread my legs open. He dove down between my thighs and started a clumpsy licking of my pussy. I told him to stop before he would turn me off. He said he was sorry, but he was so excited and did not know what to do. I told him to very gently explore the folds of my pussy with his lips and tongue. I told him that he did not have to lap me like a kitten laps up some milk. Instead use your mouth to find out everything about my pussy and don’t use your hands or fingers, use only your mouth. He went back to work and did a splendid job this time. His tongue moved around and he noticed when he touches my clit that I had a mini orgasm each time. Brian was a very quick learner and within minutes I had a huge orgasm. My ovulating pussy now wanted to feel a hard cock, so you pushed him onto his back and guided his big hard cock into my vagina. He was so big and hard that I had to go slow not to tear my pussy apart. I felt Brian’s hands on my hips and he tried to push me down over his cock. After a few strokes, he was as deep as he could get. I sat still and slowly gyrated my hips around. I felt his big hard cock head rub my cervix gently. I knew that I was not going to last long even without any direct stimulation of my clit. His cock filled my pussy to the max and it felt like there was no room left. Brian moaned that it felt so good with my pussy rubbing his head so deep inside of me. I looked down at my friend’s son just as his eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned that he was cuming. I felt my cervix get his by a warm stream of cum and it brought on another orgasm. I was barely moving and still we reached a stronger orgasm than last night, if that was possible.I was so happy to have this house guest and knew that I was in for a great time!



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