Trisha sat quietly in her makeshift home office. She was lost in thought as she waited for her computer to boot up.

Dennis, her husband of six years had left to go to work without even saying good morning. The years of work and life in general had certainly taken its toll on their relationship.

Trisha tried to be understanding with Dennis’s need to be intimate, but her desire to have sex with him or anyone for that matter had all but died. It just wasn’t a priority to her. She couldn’t remember the last time she was horny. Sex seemed like nothing more than a sink full of dirty dishes, an obligation, just another domestic chore.

It made her sad and she knew in her heart that it would eventually be the cause of him cheating on her, or even possibly leaving her for another woman.

She knew he loved her. And she was pretty sure that he had never cheated on her. She also knew in her heart that he was miserable.

It made her sad that they had grown so far apart. They didn’t sit and visit anymore. When they went to bed at night there was little more said than “sleep good!” Before they turned their backs to each other. It wasn’t him, it was her that wasn’t interested. How long could he go on being denied, or occasionally climbing on top of her lifeless body and using her for nothing more than a masturbation assistant.

Her Ebay store had been doing well. Selling antique furniture and vintage dinnerware had proven to be much more profitable than she had ever imagined. She spent most weekends going to estate auctions and garage sales in search of items that she knew would turn a good profit on.

Her computer monitor came to life pulling her attention away from thoughts of Dennis leaving without saying goodbye. The guilty feeling of not taking care of him faded.

Trisha sat sipping her coffee as she looked over the current bids on her listings. She needed more listings.

She was startled when her phone vibrated on the desk. Picking it up, it was her friend and neighbor Linda.

After a pleasant morning greeting Linda asked, “Are up up for a morning chat over coffee?”

Trish agreed mostly because she knew linda was lonesome. Her boyfriend had been deployed to Europe nine months ago and communication between them had faded to nothing more than an occasional phone call.

Trisha had never told Linda that her boyfriend Tom had tried on several occasions to talk her into sneaking out with him. The worst part was that Tom and Dennis had been pretty good friends. Trisha had considered Tom a cheating asshole for a long time.

The two girls sat visiting and enjoying fresh banana bread that Linda had made. They giggled and agreed that it wasn’t the healthiest way to start the day. But the fresh coffee and extra butter on the bread was hard to resist.

Trisha seemed quieter than usual.

“You okay?” Linda asked

Thoughts began to whirl through Trisha’s mind. She had always liked Linda. Thoughts of her and Tom being so far apart, knowing Linda must know he had probably found a new lover by now. Thoughts of Dennis being lonesome. “Why am I watching my two best friends wallow in unhappiness?” She thought to herself. She looked into her friends eyes. They were a beautiful shade of green but seemed lifeless.

Trisha asked, “Would you possibly consider doing me a favor?”

“Probably, what is it?”

“Well I know your missing Tom, and like I explained last week when we went grocery shopping. I’ve lost all desire to make love to Dennis. He is miserable! It makes me sad to see both of you so lonesome. Would you ever consider sleeping with him, or us? Maybe it would open a new door for me, stir some new feelings.”

Linda sat peering into Trisha’s eyes, searching for an answer in her own mind. “I’ve always found Dennis handsome but I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t do that to you.”

Trisha smiled, “Well I’ve always found you gorgeous! I’ve never been with another woman but the thought of being in bed with you and Dennis kinda turns me on. Maybe it would help all of us. Will you think about it?”

Linda started laughing, “Your crazy!”

Trisha giggled, “Please? Just give it some thought.”

“Okay Trish, what are you really thinking?” Linda’s smile faded. “Really, what are you thinking? Give me details, tell me what you really want!” She sat waiting for an answer.

Linda sat thinking, “What do I really want?” She asked herself.

“Well maybe if I could have some good orgasms it would help get me back on track.” She sat silently as questions began to roll through her mind. Visions of Dennis fucking Linda wasn’t all that appealing, visions of Linda giving him head wasn’t either. What did she want? Why had she even considered the idea?

“I’m not sure what I want! But I know Dennis is miserable and I’ve seen him checking you out when he didn’t know anybody was looking.” She replied.

“Well let’s just forget it, it’s a bad idea!” Linda replied.

No more was said as conversation turned to Trisha’s Ebay business. Half an hour later Linda kissed Trisha on the cheek and left to go ataşehir escort bayan clean her house. Thoughts of her friends request kept rolling through her mind as she cleaned rooms that were already clean.

Trisha updated her Ebay ads and boxed up a couple of items that had sold. Like her friend Linda, she kept thinking about the request she had made and wondered why she had even asked. She opened Microsoft office and started typing out her thoughts, a letter to her friend Linda. An attempt to explain, maybe apologize.

My dear friend Linda Please accept my apology and silly request. It’s just that I’m worried about loosing Dennis and my lack of desire to be intimate with him. I thought that maybe if he was getting laid by you it would keep him from looking elsewhere. Your such a good friend and like I said, I’ve always been attracted to you. The thought of being with you really does turn me on. The thought of being with you and Dennis at the same time just sounded fun. To be honest, I know I have wronged him and should be punished in some way. He is a good man. I sometimes wish he wouldn’t be so compliant and just take me. To be totally honest I wish he would use me for his pleasure and not worry about if I’m enjoying it or not. I guess I just need to fix myself. Anyway, please accept my apology. Your friend Trisha

The vibration from Linda’s phone in her pocket startled her. She turned off the vacuum cleaner and checked her phone. She opened the email from Trisha. After reading it she began to realize her friend was truly concerned about losing her husband. It was clear that Trish wasn’t getting her own needs met. The desire to be used reminded Linda of an old boyfriend of hers. The relationship had only lasted a few months. Thomas turned out to be kinky and forceful. He enjoyed using Linda for his pleasure and always left her sexually satisfied. Fact be known, he forced her to cum and cum hard. He did things no other man had ever done to her. Thomas was the best lover Linda had ever had as far as sex goes, but he couldn’t commit to a longterm relationship and had moved on after a few months.

Linda sat reminiscing. Thoughts of Thomas shaving her and having her play with herself while he watched began to make her smile. The way he held her down and patted her pussy with his open hand. How rough he was when he fingered her. She realized she was getting wet and squirming in her chair from the thoughts of him forcefully holding her legs open wide and licking her anus before pushing his thumb into her, the clothes pens on her nipples, the painful stretching of her labia minora. His kinky habit of going down on her after he had held her down by her throat and filled her with his seed.

She shook herself out of her reverie and pulled her hand from between her legs. “Maybe I need this as much as Trish does!” She giggled. “Okay my friend, you asked for help so help you shall get.”

Linda googled the phone number for the company that Dennis worked for, she tapped the call button and waited. The receptionist transferred the call to Dennis.

“This is Dennis Haines!”

“Hi Dennis, this is your neighbor Linda.”

“Hi Linda, is everything okay?”

“Yes, but can we meet for lunch? We need to talk.”

“Okay, what’s up?” He was concerned.

“Nothing to worry about. You and Trisha are not happy and I want to help.” “Lunch?”

It left him stunned. “I’m not sure what your getting at, can you enlighten me?”

Linda giggled, “Yes, Linda wants me to fuck you because she hasn’t been taking care of you!”

Dennis was silent. He was shocked by what he had just heard and didn’t know what to say.

“Lunch? We need to talk.” Linda repeated

“This is one hell of a surprise, I’m not sure what to say.” He confessed “I usually go home for lunch but I guess we can meet at Arnie’s.”

Linda had second thoughts. “Well maybe lunch at your house would be even better, what time?”

“12 noon?” He asked

“Can you take an extra hour?” She asked with a giggled again.

“I’m sure it would be fine with my boss, I’ll ask.”

“Its nine thirty now so I’ll see you in a couple of hours. What’s your email address? I have something to send to you. Don’t open it I front of anybody.”

She copied and pasted the letter from Trisha into a email to Dennis and hit the send button.

She went to shower. Linda spent extra time on her makeup and then pulled her white spandex over her ass. She snickered as she worked the thin material between her puffy lips, she parted her legs and looked at her own cameltoe in the mirror. “Perfect!” She thought to herself. She put on a loose fitting yellow tee shirt with no bra. Her large breasts Jiggled under the cotton material and the way it rubbed her nipples made them hard. It seemed the unhappiness in her own life was fading. Thoughts of being in charge of Trisha and Dennis’s sexual relationship was intriguing. She planned on using both of them. Her friends request would be fulfilled and today was only the beginning. In fact the idea of having the two of them to play with escort kadıköy was causing a tingling feeling in her pussy.

Dennis opened the email and read the copy of the letter his wife had sent to Linda.

My dear friend Linda Please accept my apology and silly request. It’s just that I’m worried about loosing Dennis and my lack of desire to be intimate with him. I thought that maybe if he was getting laid by you it would keep him from looking elsewhere. Your such a good friend and like I said, I’ve always been attracted to you. The thought of being with you really does turn me on. The thought of being with you and Dennis at the same time sounded fun. To be honest, I know I have wronged him and should be punished in some way. He is a good man and a wonderful father. I sometimes wish he wouldn’t be so compliant and just take me. To be totally honest I wish he would use me for his pleasure and not worry about if I’m enjoying it or not. I guess I just want to fix myself and was hoping you could help me. Anyway, please accept my apology. Your friend Trisha

Dennis sat behind his desk staring at his phone. He read the letter again.

Linda was beautiful and one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. Her red hair and green eyes with her cream colored complexion was gorgeous. Her full lips and smile made her extremely desirable. The idea of his Trisha wanting to be with Linda was hard to comprehend. He never knew she had any desire whatsoever to be with another woman. Time passed slowly, he glanced at the clock every few minutes. Keeping his mind on his work was impossible. Dennis waked down the hall to his boss’s office and asked for the afternoon off. His request was granted without a question.

At noon he left the office with his heart beating fast. He was nervous when he pulled his car into the driveway.

In the house he found Trisha at her computer. Nothing unusual about her demeanor. She hardly seemed noticed him as usual. His phone vibrated in his pocket. A text from Linda. (I’m on my way over, I hope you took off the rest of the day, if so, pour us a drink.”

It was no more than two minutes, Linda knocked, opened the door and walked in as if she owned the place. Trish and Denise both stood in awe with their mouths open. They had never seen Linda look so hot. Linda walked straight to Trisha, stood in front of her, looking her in the eyes and said, “I’ve decided to grant you your request. I forwarded your email to Dennis so now we are all on the same page here.”

Trisha was embarrassed that Linda had sent the letter to Dennis, how could she?

Before she could say anything, Linda had leaned forward and started kissing her. Linda reached out and pushed her hand between Trisha’s legs. She began rubbing Trisha’s pussy as she leaned close. The kissing continued with her other hand in Trisha’s hair holding her tight, forceful.

Trisha felt a rush of passion that forced all other thoughts from her mind.

Dennis watched his wife part her legs a little. He could tell by the way Linda’s arm was moving that she was rubbing Trisha’s pussy. Watching them kissing was hot. Linda reached down, took Trisha’s hand, spread her own legs a little and pressed Trisha’s hand to her own puffy lips. Trish closed her eyes as she ran her fingers over Linda’s puffy labia through the thin material. She could feel the heat radiating from it, the thin material was moist.

“I will enjoy having you watch and the feel of your mouth on my clit while Dennis is fucking me.”

Trish began mumbling something Dennis couldn’t make sense of but.

He heard Linda though. It was as clear as day. “If were going to do this than I’m in charge and both of you will do as I say. After Dennis fucks me and fills my pussy with his cum I want you to lick me, do you understand? I want you to suck his cum out of my pussy.” Trisha mumbled something else.

“Good! Now let’s all get out of these clothes, you too Dennis, I’m excited to watch Trish suck your cock before we punish her little cunt for neglecting you.” She leaned back a little, “You have been a bad girl Trish, shame on you for neglecting Dennis, you need to be punished, you need this little cunt punished, you know that, right?”

Linda was obviously squeezing Trisha’s pussy with a firm grip.

Trish began to squirm but the look in her eyes was pleading with Linda to take what ever she wanted. It was as if Dennis wasn’t even in the room watching.

Linda stepped back away from Trish and began undressing her. It seemed only seconds until Trisha stood naked in front of Linda. Trisha’s head tipped back and her mouth dropped open. Obviously Linda had pushed a finger into Trish and was fingering her. Linda stopped what she was doing, she turned and stepped in front of Dennis. Trisha now stood naked watching her friend undress her husband after pushing her wet finger into his mouth. It seemed Linda had taken complete control over both of them.

Linda was pleased with the size of his hard cock and the nice upward curve it had. She grasped it with both hands and stroked the full length maltepe escort a couple of times. He closed his eyes when one hand dropped lower and cupped his scrotum, squeezing his balls a little harder than what was comfortable.

Linda held his cock as she pulled him close to Trish. She pushed their naked bodies together. “Put your arms around each other, look into each other’s eyes and listen to me.”

The feel of Trisha’s warm, bare breasts pressed between them felt good to both.

There was a look of uncertainty in their eyes. Linda’s voice was soft, caring yet demanding. “Shame on you two, shame on you for forgetting what’s important in you’re lives. Now hold each other, kiss each other. Trisha, apologize for neglecting him.”

They both felt a little shame from being naked in front of their friend but the warm nakedness felt wonderful. Linda watched them hugging, she saw the love, the desire. The shame and the obvious desire to fix it all.

They both listened to Linda’s voice as they held each other.

“Okay, this is what’s going to happen. The three of us are going to change the nature of your relationship. There will be no more lifeless sex. Think about how you feel right now compared to how you felt this morning. If you want me to breath some new life into your relationship then you both must agree to do what ever I say without question, agreed?”

Trish and Dennis looking into each other eyes, a smile spread across their faces.

“Yes!” Trish whispered.

“Agreed!” Dennis said as he kissed his wife’s forehead.

“Good! Now I want both of you to come over here and undress me. I want to feel both of you kissing and making love to me. Until things change, the three of us are going to fuck and fuck a lot.”

Linda stepped close to them. She took Dennis’s hand and pulled it under her loose tee shirt and to her breast. His cock twitched the instant he cupped the warm softness. He began exploring from one breast to the other with gentle fingers. Linda took Trisha’s hand. Trisha was surprised when her friend raised one knee and hooked her leg behind Trisha’s, pulling her close with her leg. Linda took Trisha’s hand and began rubbing her own pussy through the thin spandex material with it.

An unfamiliar excitement took Trish by surprise when she rubbed her fingers over Linda’s puffy pussy lips. It was so warm and moist.

Linda talked as Dennis lifted her tee shirt over her head. Trish listened as she dropped to her knees, working the spandex over Linda’s hips and pulling them down. She couldn’t help looking at the trimmed tuff of red hair as she held them down while Linda pulled her feet through the pile of material around her ankles.

“If either of you argue, if either of you even hesitate to do exactly as I say then I walk, it’s all over, understood?”

A soft “Yes!” was heard from both.

“I hope your balls are full, or did you masturbate this morning?” She asked Dennis.

“They are very full, in fact they kinda hurt from being so full.” He answered

“Trish, you should always make sure your husband’s balls are empty before sending him off to work, shame on you!” “As a punishment, your going to watch him fuck me and when he is done and his balls are empty, I want you to eat my pussy. His cum is a gift to you and will be treated as such from this day forth, understood?”

Trish, still on her knees in front of Linda, gazing at the silky, red patch of red hair that covered the puffy lips that she so desired to kiss. The thought of making love to Linda’s pussy was overwhelming. The desire to please her in any way possible. The thought of Linda acknowledging her lack of attention to her husband. The words “Shame on you!” replaying through her mind over and over.

“Yes! Yes, I’m so sorry for neglecting you my love.” She told Dennis.

Linda kept talking as she ran her fingers through Trisha’s hair. “That’s a good start Trish! But you need to look at Dennis, look at him and give him permission to fuck me. Or you, tell him you would love for him to fuck you, tell him you want him to use your mouth, or just masturbate on you, whenever he wants to. Tell him you would be grateful.”

Dennis listened to his wife do and say exactly what Linda had told her.

Linda raised one leg high and rested her foot on Trisha’s shoulder. Linda’s fingers in Trisha’s hair pulled her face to her hungry cunt. Trish planted her own mouth on the puffy lips and began searching for her swollen clit with her tongue. Trish had her first taste of another woman.

The smell of pussy began to fill the room. It was making Dennis’s head spin.

Linda told Trisha to stand up. When she was standing Linda only said, “Follow me!” as she turned and walked to the living room. In the living room Linda told Trisha to lay on the floor. Linda placed two pillows under Trisha’s head then stepped over her and squatted over her raised face. Linda, on her hands and knees stretched out on top of Trisha and pushed her raised knees apart. Dennis watched as Linda slid her fingers over the splayed pussy before parting his wife’s labia. Linda began pulling on the protruding inner lips. She pulled and stretched them until it looked painful. But the way Trisha arched her back it obviously felt good. It had been years since he had heard the moaning sounds that were coming from deep in Trisha’s throat.



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