Big Balls

Help from sister in Law Ch 5″Who wants to go in the water?” Tim asks, turning towards the waves as he stands up. Paul’s hands guiltily pull away from his sister’s ass cheeks as he considers the idea of using the waves to hide his erection.”I’ll go with you,” Paul answers much to Sharon’s dismay. Wiping his lotion-covered hands on his swimsuit, he joins his brother-in-law and they race towards the water.”Not me, I’m sunbathing,” Sharon says, smiling to hide her disappointment about her massage being interrupted. Paul’s hands felt so good and she could tell by the way he was touching her that he… that he… what? Wanted to fuck her again? Is that what she really wants, to commit i****t again? Does she even know what she wants? Closing her eyes, she conjures up mental images of her brother lying back naked while she shows him what she’s learned to do with her mouth.Paul and Tim plunge into the surf side-by-side, each with his own motivation. Paul dips under the waves to hide the bulge his sister created in the front of his swimsuit and hoping the cool water will help it subside. Tim wipes his fingers under his nose, breathing in Rhonda’s erotic aroma before plunging both hands into the water and rubbing them together to clean off the pussy juice.The two men spend the rest of the morning frolicking in the waves, body surfing and wrestling like teenagers. After lunch, with their wives settled in with beach reads under a big shady umbrella, they rent boogie boards and continue riding the waves most of the afternoon. Rhonda and Sharon sit in their beach chairs, reading, chatting and cheering on their husbands, while men of all ages try not to gawk at the sexy women in their pale yellow bikinis.After showers and a light dinner the two couples finish a bottle of wine while playing scrabble on the terrace. Rhonda smiles at Tim as she runs her bare foot up his calf, reassuring him that even though they haven’t had a chance to be alone, she appreciated the orgasm on the beach and understands what he’s trying to do for her.The night is nearly an exact repeat of the night before but this time as soon as the lovemaking sounds begin from the adjacent room, Paul rolls his wife onto her back and mounts her with an urgency she’s never seen from him. Still aroused from his morning encounter with his sister’s bare ass cheeks, he drives his cock deep into his wife’s willing pussy. With his eyes closed and the sounds of his sister’s moans penetrating the thin walls, Paul fucks Rhonda with a vigor that shows promising signs of leaving her well satisfied.Rhonda has no illusions about what’s driving her husband’s passionate behavior. Her brain quickly makes the connection between Paul’s earlier erection while touching his sister and his reaction to the lustful sounds from the next room. Although mildly disturbed by the i****tuous inferences, right now she’s more concerned with how he’s pummeling her pussy. Always good at compartmentalizing, she pushes her thoughts to the back of her brain, digs her nails into Paul’s ass cheeks and bucks her hips as she urges him on.”Oh God! Ohhhh God! Don’t stop! Don’t stop,” Sharon’s cries fill Paul’s ears and it’s just like she’s there in the room with him. He pounds Rhonda’s horny pussy while envisioning his sister’s naked body lying under him. The louder the sound from Tim and Sharon’s bedroom the harder Paul fucks his wife. He’s slamming into her like never before and Rhonda is responding with her own moans of pleasure.As Tim and Sharon lie on their backs catching their breath, he smiles at the faint but recognizable sounds coming from Paul and Rhonda’s room. Maybe his idea is working.”God what you do to me!” Sharon whispers as she snuggles up to her husband. Now it’s her turn to listen to the squeaking bed, tapping headboard and barely stifled moans coming from the other bedroom. Just before she falls asleep, her brain replays the day’s events, with special emphasis on her brother massaging her ass cheeks. What did it mean?When Paul rolls off of Rhonda, he kisses her gently on the lips before turning over. This is a sin!He admonishes himself. Even though I am not physically sinning with my sister, God can see my depraved mental sinning. Paul feels his wife’s naked body spoon against his back as he fights to hold back his tears. Why can’t he be stronger?Rhonda is up early the next morning and leaves a note on the table that she’s gone shopping for groceries so they don’t have to eat every meal out. Tim wants to boogie board some more before the 24-hour rental period expires but Paul begs off, claiming he’s too tired. As Tim heads to the beach, Paul and Sharon find themselves alone in the house. It’s the first chance they’ve had to talk alone since they arrived.”What happened to our vow, s*s?” Paul asks, not intending it to sound so accusing.A few steps down the beach, Tim turns back to get his sunglasses and sunscreen. Returning to the house, he walks in through the door from the garage and just before he calls out to Sharon, hears her voice rise in the living room. Freezing in his tracks, he listens to the building argument between her and her brother.”That’s what I’d like to know?” Sharon says.”What do you mean?” he asks, his face aglow with anger and confusion.”You come up with this great penance, but I’m the only one who has to live it,” she yells.”From what I’m hearing through these walls, you’re not living it very well,” he shouts. Tim stands perfectly still, listening and wondering what they’re talking about.”Well, I was living it until about a month ago. I lived it religiously and it almost ruined my marriage,” she declares. “I’ve been lying there like a frigid virgin, trying my best not to lose control and have an orgasm, while you’re climaxing every damn time you fuck Rhonda! Am I right?””What are you talking about?” he yells. “We took a vow! Penance for our sin of i****t! You can’t just ignore that, s*s!” he argues.What the fuck! Tim’s jaw drops as he listens from the kitchen. i****t? Paul and Sharon?OHMYGOD! That’s what this is all about. Oh-my-fucking-god!”Tell me you don’t climax when you fuck Rhonda!” Tim hears his wife yell. “Convince me you’re not getting off with your wife, every single time.””Of course I am,” he sighs, “but it’s quick and perfunctory and… and…””And what?” Sharon yells.”And it’s never like it was with you,” he says so quietly that Tim almost misses it.”I don’t believe you,” Sharon says and Tim realizes she’s about to repeat the lies that Rhonda told her. He backs farther into the kitchen, quickly opening and slamming the door.”Anybody here?” he yells, bounding into the living room. “I forgot my suntan lotion,” he says as he encounters his wife and his brother-in-law standing almost toe-to-toe in the living room.”It’s in the beach bag beside the dresser,” Sharon says, not taking her eyes off her brother. “I think I’ll join you at the beach,” she adds, quickly turning and following him down the hall.”Are you sure you don’t want to come with us, Paul?” Tim asks, coming out of the bedroom with the lotion.”No,” he says quietly. “I’ll stay here and help Rhonda put the groceries away,” he says, trying unsuccessfully to catch his sister’s eye before she and Tim leave the beach house.Tim and Sharon walk to the beach holding hands, each distracted by their review of the brief argument. Tim’s brain is in a fog; i****t, penance and a vow to never orgasm, what kind of fucked up perspective is that? He squeezes his wife’s hand and wonders what’s going through her brain.Sharon’s guilt almost overwhelms her as she feels her husband squeeze her hand. Tim is so good to her, but her impure thoughts of her brother keep invading her mind. Why! Why!Tim and Sharon boogie board the rest of the morning, laughing and playing in the water. Constantly catching Sharon and helping her stay afloat; his hands are all over her gorgeous body. Squeezing her ass, touching her thigh or even cupping her breasts from behind, Tim doesn’t miss an opportunity to show his affection for his wife. Without realizing it they’ve drifted away from the public beach to a less populated area. Tim wants to talk to Sharon about what he heard but not before he’s shown her that he’s not upset.With Sharon lying astride the boogie board, Tim starts caressing her firm, round ass cheeks. Much like he did with Rhonda yesterday, he lets one finger slide beneath the fabric at the crotch of her skimpy swimsuit bottom.”Mmmmm. Someone will see us,” Sharon protests as she enjoys the feel of her husband’s fingers against her moist slit.”There’s no one around,” Tim replies as he undoes the tie on his swim trunks. The water is hip level, which makes it perfect for what Tim has in mind. Pulling her swimsuit bottom to the side, he slips two fingers into her slick pussy.”Ohh!” Sharon moans. “We shouldn’t be doing this out here,” she adds without conviction as she spreads her legs, scoots her ass to the end of the boogie board and rocks against her husband’s hand. Tim finger-fucks her with one hand while freeing his erection with the other. Before she can protest any further, he steps between her legs and replaces his fingers with his hard cock.”Ohhhhhgod!” Sharon cries as Tim buries himself completely inside her hot, velvety snatch. Gripping the edge of the boogie board, he plants his feet solidly in the wet sand and pumps himself in and out of her by yanking the boogie board back and forth across the water. Sharon’s eyes are wide open and she looks fervently around for any would be voyeurs. Finding none, she settles down onto the boogie board, spreading her legs wider and rocking against her husband’s hard cock.It’s the first time he’s fucked his wife from behind and even though her ass is partially covered by her swimsuit bottom, he finds the experience incredibly erotic. Based on her moans and the motion of her ass, Sharon loves it too. It gives him hope that maybe she’ll agree to the doggie position in bed tonight.”Ohhhhhhhh!” fethiye escort Sharon moans as she grips the sides of the boogie board and bucks her ass up to meet her husband’s demanding thrusts. They climax in a torrent of heavy breathing and the sound of his body slapping against her ass as he jackhammers his cock into her inflamed pussy.”Oh God, Tim!” Sharon cries when her orgasm rips through her body. “We’re like a couple of a****ls mating out in the open.””You bring out the a****l in me,” Tim smiles as he extracts his spent cock from her pulsating pussy and draws her swimsuit bottom back over her opening. Turning the boogie board to the side, Tim bends down and kisses his wife, pressing his tongue into her mouth. Sharon lets the boogie board slip from under her while wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck and weaving her tongue around his.”I can’t believe we just did that,” Sharon laughs, breaking the kiss. You’d think we were a couple of sex-crazed teenagers.”Just the sex-crazed part,” Tim laughs, slapping her on the exposed part of her ass cheek. Tim retrieves the boogie board and leads Sharon to a secluded part of the beach where they sit next to each other, watching the waves and letting their breathing return to normal.”I overheard the argument you were having with Paul,” Tim says after a lengthy silence.”Oh that was nothing, really,” Sharon says trying to sound nonchalant. Tim puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close to him.”I love you more than life itself,” he says, kissing the top of her head. “I will always be here for you, no matter what. Do you want to tell me about the i****t, the penance and the vow?”I… I… don’t know where to start… it was all so long ago.” Sharon stammers. Tim turns her face to his and kisses her gently but passionately on the lips.”It’s alright,” he reassures her. “Start from the beginning and we’ll get through this together.”Tim is anxious to find out what happened between Sharon and her brother so he can discredit this silly ass vow of penance. It’s obvious that Paul has come up with some convoluted process for them to atone for their sins and until recently it has had a significant impact on each sibling’s sex life.With tears streaming down her cheeks, Sharon recounts the night of i****t with her brother, explaining how she was d**gged the first night but how she insisted they repeat the act the next morning when she was clear headed. Her face reddens with embarrassment as Tim listens intently to her rationalize how she was trying to free her brother from guilt. Tim hears the tremor in her voice and senses her heart beat faster when she talks about sex with her brother.Sharon feels like she’s going to confession after years of hiding a horrible sin. The tremendous relief of unburdening herself of her guilt keeps her talking about her brother and her dreams. Between sobs, she describes her dreams and how wet she got when he rubbed suntan lotion on her legs and ass cheeks.Tim is flabbergasted! Paul must have been rubbing Sharon’s ass cheeks while he was getting Rhonda off right next to them. What a mess! His mind is reeling with what he’s just heard. Sharon is undoubtedly still lusting after her brother’s affection and the way Sharon described his ass rubbing, Paul apparently feels the same way. No small part of this is how Tim and Rhonda’s relationship fits into Paul and Sharon’s i****tuous fantasies.”I won’t contest a divorce,” Sharon says, taking Tim’s silence as a condemnation of her actions, “but I don’t want to hurt Paul and Rhonda.” She pushes back from him and starts to stand up.”Wait a minute,” Tim grabs her and pulls her back down next to him. “I said we’d get through this together, didn’t I?””But… that was before…””No buts! I knew about the i****t before I said that. I knew about it before we made love a few minutes ago. Honey, the last thing I want is a divorce.” He lies down, pulling her down next to him and kisses her tenderly.”Oh Tim, I really don’t deserve you.” Sharon cries as she clings to her husband. They lie in the sand, holding each other as the waves crash along the beach. Tim is the one to break the silence.”Based on your dreams and what happened yesterday, I’d say you still have sexual feelings towards your brother.” Sharon starts to protest but knows it wouldn’t be honest so she just nods her head again.”It’s okay,” Tim reassures her. “With what happened between you two, I think it’s only natural.””You do?” Sharon asks incredulously.”Yes, everyone remembers their first love and especially their first time. Yours just happened to be with your brother.” Tim says with more confidence than he feels.”You make it sound almost normal.” Sharon whispers, snuggling closer to her husband.”Maybe not normal, but certainly not unheard of. I’m sure you’re not the only brother and sister who…” Tim leaves the sentence hanging as he tries to think of what to say next. He’s surprised to find himself wondering what it would be like if all four of them knew about each other’s feelings. Would they willingly share their spouses? Would Paul be okay with Tim fucking Rhonda as long as he gets to fuck Sharon?”It’s still i****t! It’s still a sin, no matter how frequently people do it,” Sharon stammers. “I can’t believe you’re trying to justify it.” Tim silently laughs at his fantasy being shattered. There is no way Paul or Sharon would ever agree to live like that. Their upbringing would never allow it. Hell, he doesn’t even know if Rhonda would agree to something like that.”Okay, it’s wrong.” Tim replies, “but so is how we’ve spent the first year of our marriage. I don’t believe you have to atone for the rest of your life for one mistake. Paul was wrong about the penance and he was wrong about the vow you took.” Tim’s mind is starting to question Paul’s motives. Was it really penance or did he not want his sister enjoying sex with anyone else? But then why would he adhere to it with Rhonda? Because the only woman he really wants is unattainable? God, what a mess!”It wasn’t some little mistake, Tim,” Sharon says quietly. “Shouldn’t there be some consequences to what we did? We can’t just say oops and then forget about it.””Apparently not,” Tim answers. “Neither of you has forgotten about it. You still dream about it and from what Paul said to you this morning, so does he.””What do you mean?” Sharon asks, surprised at how anxious she is to hear about her brother’s feelings even after all that’s happened.”When he said fucking Rhonda was never like it was with you.” Tim says, the words coming out more harsh than he intended.”Oh.” Sharon says, her mind wandering to her brother and the confused relationship they’ve had. She watches Tim stare out into the ocean wondering if he’s looking for answers or just trying to clear his mind of all the disgusting things he’s just heard.”I think you and Paul have unfinished business,” Tim finally says. “Neither of you will be able to give your all to a healthy relationship until you’ve resolved the sexual tension between you.””How do you suggest we do that?” Sharon asks, conflicted about what her husband is implying.”How do you think?” Tim asks, kissing his wife’s forehead for reassurance of his love.”You’ve got to be k**ding!” Sharon sits up and gapes disbelievingly at her husband.”As a matter of fact, I’m not,” Tim says quietly. “Think about it, Sharon. You lost your virginity to your brother, you still dream about having sex with him and you get aroused at his touch. Doesn’t that sound like some unfinished business?” Sharon stares into her husband’s eyes, searching his soul for some level of insincerity but finds none. He actually wants her to have sex with her brother.”Why?” she asks him quietly, “Why are you saying this? Do you want me to have sex with Paul?Do you think it will somehow improve our love life? I think we’ve made a lot of progress in the past month, don’t you think this could ruin it? This is unbelievable,” Sharon says, shaking her head.”You two are the ones who are dreaming about each other and have spent the last year abstaining from sexual enjoyment with your spouses,” Tim answers. “I think you may have created a mythical sexual experience that only exists in your memory.””What if it isn’t mythical?” Sharon whispers. “And what about Rhonda? There is no way I can do this to her.” Tim weighs the merits of telling Sharon about his relationship with Rhonda and decides this isn’t the time.”What’s the alternative?” Tim asks. “You and Paul continue to dream and keep believing in a mythical sexual experience that is detrimental to both your marriages. I honestly think you’d be helping Rhonda and Paul’s marriage in the long run.””Jesus, Tim,” Sharon says exasperatedly, “You honestly think that adding the sin of adultery to our existing sin of i****t is going to help their marriage? What have you been smoking?” Tim laughs and squeezes Sharon’s shoulder, pulling her down against him, before he answers.”Fine,” he says. “Like I asked before, what’s the alternative?””I don’t know,” Sharon whispers. “I just don’t know, Tim,” he feels her tears against his chest as he kisses the top of her head.”We don’t have to solve this right now,” he says. “This has been a lot to absorb. Let’s let it simmer for a while and see how it looks later, okay?”Sharon nods, wiping the back of her hand across her eyes.”No matter what, remember how much I love you,” Tim says.”I could never doubt that,” Sharon answers, hugging him tightly. “I can’t imagine any other husband being so… understanding or… open-minded? What you’ve suggested… I love you so much, Tim!””I love you, too, babe.” They lie quietly on the sand, each lost in their own thoughts.Although Tim sincerely wants to help Sharon, he also has the ulterior motive of making his affair with Rhonda seem inconsequential in comparison. It’s nowhere near what Sharon and Paul would be doing. If he’s honest with himself, in some small part of his brain he escort fethiye also finds the idea of his wife fucking her brother very arousing. He smiles as he contemplates how to help Sharon make her dream a reality.Sharon can’t even fathom what her husband is suggesting. He wants me to make love to Paul, to not only commit adultery but also i****t again. She feels the heat emanating from between her legs as she tries to come to grips with her internal struggle. Even if she wanted to, she can’t imagine that Paul would ever consider it.”There you are!” Rhonda and Paul round the sand dune and trudge over to where Tim and Sharon are lying side by side.”Have you two had lunch?” Paul asks, eyeing his sister for any sign that she wants to continue their earlier conversation.”No, have you?” Tim answers, standing up and brushing off the sand.”No, but I’ve got everything ready to grill burgers,” Rhonda says, turning Tim around and brushing the sand off of his back, spending a little extra time with his swim trunk covered ass cheeks. Tim gives Sharon a quick glance but her and Paul seem to be studying each other and not paying any attention to he and Rhonda.”Sounds great! Let’s go!” Tim grabs Rhonda’s hand and they start running down the beach, leaving Paul and Sharon behind.”Do you think we’ll get any time alone?” Rhonda asks as they run up to the house.”Tomorrow,” Tim answers with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. “You and I are getting up early to go visit lighthouses,” he says with one eyebrow raised.”Mmmmm. I can’t wait,” Rhonda says, pulling him into the beach house and rubbing her hand fervently up and down the front of his swimming trunks. Rhonda is wearing a thin sundress over her swimsuit and Tim slips his hand under the hem to massage her pussy mound through her swimsuit.”I wish we could fuck right now,” Rhonda whispers, looking through the window over Tim’s shoulder to see how far away their spouses are. Paul and Sharon have stopped about a hundred feet from the house and seem to be engaged in a heated discussion near the water.”You know the drill,” Rhonda smiles, “let me know if you see them coming.” She turns Tim towards the window, freeing his rapidly hardening cock as she kneels down and is stroking up and down its length before her knees even touch the floor.”You are insane!” Tim smiles as Rhonda pumps his hard cock in and out of her warm mouth. Tim grabs her hair and picks up the rhythm, fucking her mouth as he stares out the window at his wife and brother-in-law. His arousal is obviously heightened by the imagined dialogue between the two i****tuous siblings.While Rhonda is feasting on Tim’s cock, her husband is defending himself to his sister.”I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Paul says, exasperated at Sharon’s insistence that he’s broken their vow. “I did not break our vow!””That’s not what it sounded like last night,” Sharon retorts.”Well what do you expect when you’re moaning like a banshee and slamming the headboard against the wall?””That’s because I have finally become the wife I should have been for the past year!” Sharon yells, frustrated that her brother won’t admit that he’s broken the solemn vow they took.”Well, I’m sorry you don’t believe me,” Paul says earnestly, his voice uneasily quiet as he lets his hands rest on his sister’s nearly bare hips. “I’ve never done anything with Rhonda that even comes close to what we did.”Sharon feels her face flush as she stares into her brother’s eyes. Tim was right, there is unfinished business here. She covers her brother’s hands with hers, squeezing them gently against her hot skin.”We should get back,” she says, lowering her eyes and catching sight of the bulge in her brother’s swimsuit.”I mean it, Sharon,” Paul says as his sister turns towards the beach house.”I know,” she whispers.”They’re headed this way!” Tim says, driving his hard cock into Rhonda’s throat for the third time. “I’m so close!” he pants while gripping Rhonda’s hair. She caresses his balls as her lips slide down the length of his cock. She whips her tongue around his cockhead and drives him over the top.”Ohhhh! Fuck!” Tim nearly shouts as his cock erupts in a fountain of cum inside Rhonda’s tantalizing mouth. She pumps his shaft, sucking and swallowing his bursts of sperm, finishing just in time for Tim to tuck himself away.”Let’s let the guys start the grill while we get the meat patties ready,” Rhonda says as Sharon and Paul walk through the door of the beach house. She’s wiped her mouth and has just taken a big swig of diet coke.”Sounds fine,” Sharon says without much inflection and follows her sister-in-law into the kitchen.After lunch, Tim heads out to the rare bookstore, Paul settles in front of the TV and the women busy themselves in the kitchen, cutting up the fresh fruits and vegetables Rhonda brought home from the grocery store.After an uneventful dinner, they all watch a romantic comedy on DVD. Tim makes sure he and Rhonda are the only ones interested in the lighthouse tour and arranges to meet her early the next morning.Once inside their bedroom he and Sharon resume their conversation from earlier in the day.”I think you’re right,” she says quietly as she undresses.”About what?” Tim asks, climbing into bed naked and watching his wife disrobe.”Unfinished business,” she says, kicking her panties aside and standing naked at the foot of the bed. She waits for her husband’s reaction. He just smiles.”What makes you think so?” He asks, pulling aside the sheet invitingly. Sharon crawls in next to him before she answers.”Just some things he said this afternoon.” She moves her body against his and runs her hands down his sides. “I’m just not sure we should act on it.””I spent the afternoon doing research,” Tim tells her. “First, there is no such thing as lifelong penance. Second, there is no evidence of contemporary churches giving penance for i****t. I even contacted a local priest…””You what?” Sharon stares at him disbelievingly.”Don’t worry. I told him I was teaching a theology class and a question came up about penance for consensual sex between an adult brother and sister. The priest said that first of all, the occurrence isn’t as rare as people think and secondly, rather than penance he would recommend counseling to help the couple dissect their relationship and make a sound decision regarding their future.””Really?” Sharon lays her head on her husband’s shoulder and tries to absorb what he’s just told her. “So you really think Paul and I should…” her voice trails off.”That’s up to you,” Tim says, kissing the top of her head. “All I’m saying is that it’s okay with me if you do.””I don’t even know how I’d approach it with him,” Sharon says, unknowingly accepting her husband’s suggestion.”Rhonda and I are leaving early in the morning and we’ll be gone all day,” Tim says. “Paul usually sleeps late. I bet you can think of a way to wake him up that will stifle what little resistance Paul might have.””Oh you think so, huh?” Sharon smiles and rolls her husband onto his back. “Do you think I should practice a little on you first?””Wouldn’t hurt,” Tim laughs as his wife’s hand closes around his burgeoning erection and she scoots down on the bed. Tim still doesn’t understand why he gets turned on by the thought of his wife fucking her brother.****Tim finds Rhonda all ready to go when he emerges from his bedroom, showered and dressed, at 8 o’clock the next morning. Rhonda is wearing a pale pink cami and tight white shorts that hug her curvy hips like a second skin. Tim feels his cock reacting as he contemplates the day ahead. Pressing her body firmly against him, Rhonda reaches around to squeeze his ass cheeks.”Everyone else asleep?” she asks as she moves her mouth towards his.”Sharon’s taking a shower,” Tim whispers, letting his lips meet hers and gently parting them with his tongue. They linger, enjoying a passionate kiss and tight embrace until they hear the shower stop.”We’d better go,” Tim says, breaking the kiss and stepping back to catch his breath.”I hope you’re not taking me far,” Rhonda smiles as she grabs his hand and pulls him out the door.”Only to paradise,” Tim laughs and the two lovers speed off down the road, leaving brother and sister alone in the beach house.Sharon takes an extra hot shower, thoroughly cleaning herself inside and out. As she dries off, her mind is a jumble of contradictions but her pussy is tingling like a vibrator set on high. She dabs some perfume under her breasts and on her inner thighs, still not believing what she’s about to do… and with her husband’s permission… no, not permission, encouragement!She stands naked in front of the closet trying to decide what to wear to seduce her brother. She rejects several sundresses, her nightgown, a long t-shirt and finally… decides to wear nothing.The door to her brother’s bedroom is slightly ajar. She quietly pushes it wide-open and stands naked in the doorway, watching him sleep. Her heart is pounding in her chest and she’s holding her breath as she tries to convince herself to step into his room. Her cheeks are flush and her pussy is itching like crazy as she slowly walks to the bed. Taking a deep breath, she reaches for the sheet that’s covering him.She has no way of knowing that Paul is in the depths of an erotic dream when she carefully pulls his covers back and settles herself on the bed next to him. He’s wearing pajama bottoms with a snap fly and she’s surprised to see that he is already aroused. She briefly wonders what he’s dreaming about as she carefully undoes the snaps to reveal his hard, thick erection. Could he be dreaming about her?Paul is dreaming about his sister. It’s the same repetitive dream that he has been having off and on for years. The one night of sexual debauchery that has come to define him ever since – the night he took Sharon’s virginity. He regularly relives in resplendent detail the vision of his sister sitting astride his hard cock while he fethiye escort bayan fondles her luscious tits and explodes into her warm, velvety pussy. But this time the dream is even more vivid and he feels the moist warmth enveloping him in a way he doesn’t remember.Having freed her brother’s erection, Sharon licks it all over, leaving a thin coating of saliva up and down the sides before sucking the tip of it into her mouth. With her hand stroking up and down his slick shaft, she flicks her tongue around the head while sealing her moist lips around the tightly stretched skin of his manhood. Sharon’s arousal soars as she sucks her brother’s thick cock into her mouth and slides her other hand around his balls.Paul slowly emerges from his erotic fantasy and opens his eyes to see long blonde hair bobbing up and down around his cock. He initially believes that he’s still dreaming and closes his eyes hoping to extend the pleasurable feelings flowing through his loins.Wait! This was never a part of his dream. He blinks his eyes and shakes his head, clearing the fog and finding himself staring into his sister’s eyes. Their eyes lock momentarily before he suddenly panics and screams her name.”Sharon! What do you think you’re doing?” Paul yells, reaching to push her head away as he tries to scoot up on the bed. Her brother’s cry startles her and she reacts by increasing the urgency of her actions.Sharon jerks her hand more rapidly up and down his saliva-coated cock, teases his heavy balls with her swirling fingertips and fervently sucks his cockhead into her mouth whipping her tongue feverishly around it. Paul’s hands freeze inches from her head as the extreme pleasure of her motions overwhelm him and he starts bucking his hips with uncontrollable desire.”Oh Sharon!” Paul cries. “What are you doing?” His question comes out more as a sigh than a challenge and Sharon responds by sliding her lips farther down his stiff staff. His sister’s attack on his hard cock is like nothing he’s ever experienced and Paul thrusts his hips, vigorously matching her rhythm as he unexpectedly starts shooting his hot cum inside her warm mouth.Paul can’t breath… he can’t think… what the hell just happened? His chest is heaving as he tries to catch his breath. It started as just a dream but… Sharon is actually… her mouth is really…she’s swallowing his… oh God! And she’s not letting up.Sharon sucks and swallows her brother’s salty sperm, gulping it down as she continues to stroke his cock, milking out every single drop. When he is completely spent, she continues a gentle sucking motion while her fingers caress his balls and stroke the sides of his thick shaft. His cock begins to re-stiffen almost immediately and she works her tongue around it until it is fully restored.”Sharon,” Paul whispers, completely bewildered by what’s happening.Afraid to give him time to protest, Sharon pulls her lips from his cock and scrambles up over his torso. She quickly aligns her aroused pussy with his stiff cock and impales herself on him in one fluid motion. Before he even knows what’s happened, his dream has become reality and his sister is bouncing up and down on his recovered cock. He reaches for her tits exactly as he did before and gives himself over to the only erotic fantasy he’s ever known.Sharon is in seventh heaven! She’s fucking her brother! She’s bouncing on Paul’s thick cock, reliving her rocket launching fantasy of i****tuous love and it was all her husband’s idea!Suddenly everything is crystal clear. She knows this is right and, looking in her brother’s eyes, she sees he knows it’s right, too. She’s intent on making this the most memorable experience of his life.This isn’t about reliving a college memory. She shouldn’t just try to duplicate the out of control, aphrodisiac-d**gged sex they had before. She needs to give him something new… something better. Gradually, she slows her gyrations and starts squeezing her vaginal muscles around her brother’s throbbing cock. Undulating her hips in slow motion, she leans forward until her taut nipples are pressing into her brother’s chest and her mouth is close to his.”I love you, Paul,” Sharon says just before their lips meet and her tongue snakes into his mouth. She lets her tongue match the languid movement of her hips, sweeping its way around his mouth and gently urging his tongue to participate.”Mmmmmm,” Paul moans into his sister’s mouth as his hands close around her smooth, round ass cheeks. His fingers press into her flesh feeling the fluid motion of her hips ripple over his hard cock. He fervently returns her kiss, following her tongue back into her mouth like he’s trying to devour her.Sharon continues the slow, fervid build up, sucking on her brother’s tongue, grinding her nipples into his chest and teasing his cock with her frothing hot pussy. She hasn’t kissed him in years and she’s never kissed him like this… with this much passion… like her whole body is opening up to him.By the time she breaks the kiss and pushes herself upright on his rigid cock, they are both panting and gasping for air. Their arousal is at a feverish peak and they are grinding together with a****listic lust. Paul’s hands are mauling her breasts, squeezing and teasing as she slams her pussy down again and again. They are both lost in the frenzy of their i****tuous coupling.”Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Paul! Oh, Paul! Ohhhhhhh!” Sharon rides him with libidinous abandon, once again experiencing the insatiable desire in her inflamed pussy.”My God! Sharon!” Paul cries, thrusting into her and trying to match her feverish rhythm. Nothing has prepared him for the uninhibited pleasure of watching his sister’s jouncing tits. His cock is on fire as she rides him with a salacious fury. He wants to cum in his sister’s pussy. He’s never wanted anything or anyone so badly. To hell with the consequences… the penance… the sinfulness, this is everything he’s been dreaming about!”Ahhh! Ahhhhh! AhhhhrrrrgggggghhhHHHHH!” Sharon clamps her pussy muscles around her brother’s cock as her orgasm rockets through her body. Shaking and convulsing, she gasps for air as she rides out the seemingly endless waves of pleasure before collapsing on her brother’s chest.”What are we going to do?” Paul asks after they’ve both caught their breath.”What do you mean?” Sharon asks, squeezing her pussy muscles around her brother’s cock.”What are we going to do, right now?” She smiles as she kisses her brother on the chin.”No, I mean now that we’ve added adultery to our sin of i****t.” Paul whispers, his cock recovering quickly inside his sister’s overheated pussy.”First things, first.” Sharon says, pressing her mouth to his, while undulating her burning pussy on his rapidly hardening cock. Helpless to resist her tongue or her lustful movements, Paul again gives into the i****tuous desires that have been smoldering inside of him since that fateful night in college.He wraps his arms around her, feeling her hard nipples press against his chest and their tongues get lost in each other’s mouth. Oh God! This is so wrong! He thrusts his hips up and feels the moist heat of his sister’s pussy mold itself around his thick shaft driving him to an agonizing level of hardness. With Sharon on top he has no leverage for driving his cock into her and he needs to drive it hard.Without breaking the kiss, Paul squeezes his fingers into her ass cheeks, holding her tightly against him as he flips their bodies over. While she’s turning, Sharon wraps her legs around her brother’s torso to keep his steel rod firmly inside of her hot pussy. When her back hits the bed, she spreads her legs wide and stretches them almost straight up in the air. Paul pummels her pussy with a rapid jack hammering of his throbbing cock.”Ohhhhhhh Paul!” Sharon cries, pulling her mouth from his to gasp for air. Her pussy is on fire and her brother’s violent assault is fanning the flames, driving her to new heights of arousal.Paul is out of control, hammering his cock into his sister with unbridled a****listic lust. He can’t begin to understand that this fervent attack is the logical culmination of all the i****tuous hunger and craving that has been building inside of him for years. Sharon’s seduction has finally released the inhibited restraint that has kept his feelings for her buried deep in his subconscious. Now the only thing buried deep is his hard cock in her fiery pussy.Sharon has never felt anything like this! Her whole body is inflamed with desire. Her brother’s frenzied assault has ignited the deepest level of salacious hunger. She savagely claws at his back and bucks her hips to meet his violent thrusts, driving him deeper inside of her.”Oh Paul! Oh Paul! Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Sharon’s body stiffens, her pussy muscles contract and she shudders from head to toe as her volcanic eruption sends her hot lava gushing around her brother’s cock. This is it! Even as she’s in the throes of her orgasm, she feels it still building deep inside of her. Her brother is bringing back that elusive rocket-launching orgasm from her last time they were together. It wasn’t just a virginal memory of her first time; it’s Paul!Sharon pushes her feet against the bed, arches her back up high and throws her head back screaming while Paul plunges his steel rod into one final time. Their simultaneous orgasmic release sends them both into fervent fits of ecstasy. Paul convulses against his sister’s pussy, discharging his hot cum in wild spurts, while Sharon trembles uncontrollably beneath him, her pussy pulsating in time with her rapid heartbeat.They continue to spasmodically thrash against each other for several minutes before their sweat-soaked bodies finally collapse in exhaustion and they gasp for air. Paul is panting and Sharon is making little cooing sounds as her body continues generating pleasurable erotic pulses.”Oh God, Sharon,” Paul whispers, still panting for breath. “We’ve really done it this time.” His mouth finds hers and he kisses her with all the buried passion and lustfulness that he’s been suppressing for so long. Sharon hungrily returns the kiss, entwining their tongues and pulling their naked bodies more tightly together.



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